Nyasa Times Online is an award-winning newspaper and online community that aims to inspire action and advocacy on issues that matter most to Malawians. Since its inception in December 2006, Nyasa Times Online has grown dramatically to keep pace with the public demand for independent news currently receiving over 8 million hits per month.

We have developed a unique model of journalism to confront the failures of corporate media, as well as the vitriol and disinformation of government media, especially “hate talk” media propaganda.

We offer our readers comprehensive information, a positive vision for the future, and concrete action steps towards development. Nyasa Times Online believes that media must have a higher purpose beyond the essential goal of keeping people informed. We insist on playing an active role in helping our community funnel its energy into development.

To achieve this, we will continue to practice tough and visionary strategic journalism. We’ll focus on the most compelling news on each of the issues in a coordinated and constituency-oriented way. And we will do it as a matter of fundamental organization, drilling deep into policy, developing constituencies, and engaging the best thinkers and writers.

Our relationship with the readers is second only to the integrity of our information sources. Through our comments feature and discussion forums, we hope to give our online community a meaningful voice in Nyasa Times Online’s ongoing evolution. We welcome you to the Nyasa Times Online community and hope to earn your trust and support.


Nyasa Times Online was named Malawi Best Online Newspaper Award for its coverage, usability, interactivity and use of new media technologies by the readers.


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  1. Blantyre, Malawi. But online stuff you dont need citation of cities at least for the major citation systems I know

  2. I am writing an academic journal article about Malawi and I want to cite your article on the increase in the minimum wage. You are an on-line newspaper, but my citation needs to include a physical place. In what city are you located?