2015 MSCE Exams results await President Mutharika’s endorsement

The much awaited Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) 2015 examination results are expected to be out in the coming few days, Malawi National Examination Board (Maneb) has said.

President Mutharika: MSCE results awaiting his endorsement

President Mutharika: MSCE results awaiting his endorsement

The results, according to the examining body, await President Peter Mutharika and Ministry of Education, Science and Technology’s confirmation.

Maneb while responding to queries through its Facebook page disclosed on Saturday that it will release the results very soon as all the processes for the results are ready.

”Very soon they will be out after the Ministry of education confirmation & the office of the president,” reads Maneb’s message on Facebook.

Maneb pleaded for patience from the general public, saying it will inform the nation when the results are finally out.

”We are receiving alot of messages regarding M.S.C.E RESULTS please just wait for the coming few days”.

The 2014 MSCE examination results recorded a pass-rate increase at 54.8 percent compared to 52.48 percent recorded in 2013.

Out of 130, 293 candidates who wrote the examination in 2014, 71,486 qualified for the award of MSCE certificate.

Only 26 candidates were disqualified for failing to adhere to examination regulations.

Female candidates managed to get 46.94 percent pass rate as 27,306 out of 58,170 candidates passed the examination while out of 72,123 male candidates 44,180 qualified for the award of MSCE, representing 61.26 percent.

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37 thoughts on “2015 MSCE Exams results await President Mutharika’s endorsement”

  1. Tengupenya says:

    Statutory bodies. Governance may be the answer. But honestly, we wonder loudly… What has state president got to do with national school examinations? Even the ministry of educationis remotely connected. The examining board must report to Parliament not to the executive. The state’s interest in the affairs of the examinations must be through the National Assembly.

  2. Bwambo a Shanty says:

    Peter Mutharika needs to be reformed as well as he leaves a lot to be desired in many aspects. Malawi, under his’wise’ leadership, is getting nowhere expect towards the ICU.

  3. Mariko says:

    It is very important that the President endorse the result for the following reasons
    (1) he has to make sure that all student from Thyolo have passed the MCE with flying colours
    (2) Therefore since they will have passed on merit, they will all be selected to the public universities .
    (3) It is his intention to populate all the universities with pure blood Sons and Daughters of Thyolo.

  4. chilikumpani chauma says:

    So if the president decides otherwise the results will not not be released?

  5. Dr Kaunde says:

    These are national examinations administered by legally instituted institution (MANEB) not lhomwe examination board yakwa Chonde. Whether president is outside or not MANEB ought to release the results coz you are backed by law to do that. Infact zomwezi mpaka State President not Minister? I smell a rat here. You want to physically engineer grades to benefit kamtundu kopanda nzeru ka Alhomwe. Cholinga muwapititse kuma university mwatsankho. Panyiiiiiniiiii panu mtundu wa alhomwe. F…..k u.

  6. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Kupusa kwenikweni. Waiting for chindere? Serious?


    Nthawi yingatalirike bwanji zinthu zimasintha ndithu tiyeni titiphee tione

  8. Attention Seeker says:

    Hahahaha last time it was merger of MBC newsrooms today it’s examinations and I guess next we shall require presidential to sleep with our spouses!

  9. nyamukani says: says:

    zili ku malawi kkkkk! mhuu!

  10. Young wizie says:

    What change will he bring on the results ???

  11. POLITICS AND EXAMINATION RESULTS: The case of Malawi School Certificate of Education results

    When MANEB tells you that MSCE pass rate was 54 % or whatever percent, the truth is that they are deceiving you. What they are saying is that at that pass rate about half passed, and the office of the presidency and Ministry of Education have to doctor the results. This is not acceptable for any one who is concerned to the growth of Malawi’s economy. This is an insult to Malawians because the kids/pupils pass at a lower rate. Unfortunately the ones who are made to pass at such grades are poor kids in the village and not kids of the rich in urban areas. Do not applaud these idiots with any pass rates once the results are out in the few weeks. Let those who do not think applaud the results but not you and me. LET US WORRY ABOUT THE FUTURE OF OUR COUNTRY. Love you my sweet Honorable Julie Lunguzi

  12. hisbolla says:

    Das Malawi have a president????? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkkkkkkkkkkkk

  13. Professor from Luanar says:

    Dont be stupid guys. It has always worked that way ever since in this country.Presidents have been endorsing msce exams. Lets not point fingers to the president, but rather the tradition.

  14. Mapiri says:

    This is nonsense. Why shud the president approve or endorse the results. Is this part of public service reform?

  15. all-i-can-say says:

    Malawi is indeed a country in decline. The whole president confirming MSCE results? Dziko ili mwalitani Amalawi? Mediocrity everywhere! This Mutharika guy needs to seriously think about his role.

  16. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Quota quota

  17. bulutu says:

    Say whaat? What’s the use of the vice president? Why wait for APM to tamper with the results? Mxiii

  18. Ichi ndie chibwana ife tizidikilila munthu oti ali konjoya uko? Mmayesa mwati akhala 3weeks? Iyeyo kuti watani? Koma ulemu wina ndi omwe ukuchititsa kuti aziona ngati Malawi ndi yake yekha mpakana kutenga anthu opitilila 100 pomwe zomwe akukachita zikanatheka ndi anthu 25 kapena 30. Akuzimva kukoma pineapple fisi ameneyu.

  19. akusipikana says:

    Indeed Malawi is a dead country. Is this true or just a joke. School ne on this one.

  20. mbimbi says:

    Is this in line with reforms? President has more serious issues to sort out. The Minister responsible will brief him.
    I direct that results are released forthwith.

  21. Additional Mathematician says:

    amzeru amangokhala pheeeh…mbutuma ndizomwe zimakuwakuwa…akuchedwa! akuchedwa! kenako basi timva mmmh apalatu ajawo….zaziiiih!!!!!

  22. Alex Likoswe says:

    Up to HE. Is he chancellor of MCE?

  23. chatonda says:

    Maneb/Malawi, are you sure you cannot release results just because the President is away? Can he change the results ? What red carper performances this? Is this part of the so called reforms by Chilima? Are you sure your hands are tied because the president is outside the country? This is very strange indeed> How can the country develop with such kinds of bureaucracy?
    There indeed need to change the way we do things. Too much yes bwana syndrome.

  24. Nasawathi says:

    Why does he have to endorse the results?

  25. Benson Chirwa says:

    Where on earth does the president append a signature even to secondary school exam results? Where’s the minister? ? What a sorrow is our country? Very saaaaad

  26. Tembo charley says:

    No say on it

  27. gramps says:

    nthawI Koma

  28. timba says:

    koma chipongwe chake.? Mayeso all processes done except paying invigilators.

  29. Austin says:

    Malawi way of doing things .Everything president !

  30. Dr Kaunde says:

    Cholinga akhonzetse alhomwe ambiri kuti adziwoneka ngati anzeru! Foolish. Alhomwe ndi mtundu onunkha kwambiri wa tankho through Mulhakho wa Alhomwe.

    Afuna kubera mayeso a MSCE ndi cholinga choti mma university mu adzadzize alhomwe okha okha. Alhomwe fucken tribe mboooollliiii zamanu

    1. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

      Dr. Kaunde, it is not good and normal say all those bad ways for Lhomwe tribe. If you don’t like the president because he is Lhomwe then you change that in 2019. Lhomwe is not a majority tribe, so why vomit all that nonsense.

  31. Dr Kaunde says:

    Cholinga akhonzetse alhomwe ambiri kuti adziwoneka ngati anzeru! Foolish. Alhomwe ndi mtundu onunkha kwambiri wa tankho through Mulhakho wa Alhomwe.

    Afuna kubera mayeso a MSCE ndi cholinga choti mma university mu dzadzine

  32. bantu says:

    Zimene timanena zija. Where is maneb’s independence so that it can be efficient, and why opc when we have a responsible ministry. Cut the red tape please. Is there noone in charge when some public officers travel? Can approval not be done by e-mail?

  33. Malawiyano says:

    Are they political exmanations ? All those people you say that you are waiting for in order to release the examinations results are Lhomwes and are DPP party bosses .

  34. Nyatwa says:

    A pass rate of 54% does not speak well of our education system. This is really pathetic.

  35. Dwambazi says:

    Where is the minister of education…..really so when Mathanyula is away everything is at a standstill what the F,,, is going on????

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