27 guards suspended over Mugabe fall – report

Media reports in Zimbabwe indicate that heads have started rolling over President Robert Mugabe’s embarrassing fall at Harare International Airport last Wednesday.

Mugabe falling over (AP)

Mugabe falling over (AP)

Zimbabwe’s online publication The Standard said up to 27 members of the presidential security and advance team who seemed immobilized as Mugabe tripped and tumbled after addressing hundreds of Zanu PF supporters who had been bussed to welcome him on his return from the African Union summit, have been suspended.

The publication said the guards were handed their suspension letters on Friday.

Officials at Munhumutapa government building said an investigation was launched on the night that Mugabe fell at the airport on his return from Ethiopia where he had just taken charge as the new chairperson of the African Union.

But Presidential spokesperson George Charamba dismissed the reports of a shakeup in President Mugabe’s security team as a fallacy.

“There is only one hand that shakes up and that hand has not shaken up [anything]. What is there to shake up? The last time you heard about a shakeup it was from us and not from media reports,” Charamba said.

At the State House on Friday afternoon where President Mugabe was meeting newly-elected Zambian leader Edgar Lungu, new faces could be seen on his security team.

After the meeting that took almost five hours, Mugabe escorted Lungu outside the State House with both hands in his pockets. The two did not address journalists who had gathered.

When Lungu was departing in his motorcade, Mugabe stood for a few minutes outside before walking back into his office at State House.

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36 thoughts on “27 guards suspended over Mugabe fall – report”

  1. thako la phalombe says:

    am always proud of the guy. He is the true son of africa.


  3. ndadabwa says:

    watchout mugabe, something big is following you/ even if you sack everyone, soon you will dance to your own tune

  4. Jimbo says:

    Did you hear about the time Kamuzu Banda tripped and fell down some steps in front of all the assembled members of the British Commonwhealth? It was shown on British TV, but I doubt if any pictures appeared in the Malawi newspapers. I can well believe that Mugabe has sacked members of his official guard. Even though his fall was accidental, he will be greatly embarrassed and his pride will have been hurt. Dictators do not like to take a fall even when it is accidental.

  5. William Chirwa says:

    Guys who between you and me has never tripped and hit the ground. Kuphudwa is an african word for tripping and the end result most of the times is you fall. The problem with us povo is that Comrade is superhuman therefore cannot fall, no he is like you and me and falling is not an issue some of you aged 50 years young that him have fallen hundreds of times did it signal kuti wasakara go tell hell you imperialist bootlickers. The guards had a duty to perform which they miserably failed. Remember how some president was shielded by his bodyguards when shot at and this was mere tripping and they behaved as if they were watching a Chuck Norris movie.

  6. chims says:

    being surrounded by bodyguards does not mean not falling. he is very Lucky because someone could have pulled a trigger and finish him off. next time he falls don’t touch him or pick him up.leave him alone and he will not fire you.eeeeeeosh!

  7. Mwama Du says:

    Still more I like Comrade!!!

  8. Denmark says:

    why falling on a carpet? he must be going

  9. onanana bank says:

    Kungolakwa uyu watha basi

  10. diesel says:

    The guards failed their duty for sure

  11. Harrison makoza says:

    Their perception is that Mugabe cannot fall kkkkk.The guards shld worry not they will compeseted once the gvt changes.

  12. yollam says:

    two bad

  13. yollam says:

    mfiti imene ija.

  14. roots says:

    I wish kugwaku kukadakhala ndi kugwa kwa mphwake wa Big Kahuna!

  15. Yankeez says:

    Nyasa comeon Nyasa!!! Bvuma wasakala m’dala, it is like this when pple of your own origin are tired of your leadership, more especilaly opposition members, wazuza anthu ambili iweyo, so Ghosts are hunting for U, your friends here in MW, amapita amoyo sibola iweyo mwina ukudwala?? Yakwiya ndi Mizimu!!!!!

  16. Simie says:

    Its about time for him to go….let’s keep praying!!

  17. utamewakwe says:

    Zamanyazi …….wasakara mdala uyu

  18. kachikho says:

    Well these incompetent security guys deserve to be given the boot. They should have been alert and should have caught the President before he hit the ground

  19. anthony says:

    He slipped as anybody could slip so why suspending his guards? This shows his true colours of haterage period

  20. Amos kwadzanji says:

    The president is ahuman being like me.his falling down is normal.dont suspend the guards its not them who made him fall

  21. Peter says:

    I will not comment anything.

  22. yungsai says:

    blame nobody,mr mugabe is old now and he is complaining for notng,

  23. Edwin Nkhoma says:

    Jesus Christ fell three times because of our sins an being humiliated for us to be saved but I heard nowhere in the Bible that He suspended anyone. Mugabe fall once coz of his evil and sins desires but suspended innocent pple, shame on you comrade. Think twice before your last hour bare in mind that God is watching.

  24. Ulaha Observer says:

    kkkk. To die in office

  25. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Should they hold his legs so that they don’t wobble? This granny is showy when in public; he wanted to show that he is fit, his mind and body do not cordinate. His wife should be susupended too for allowing his mind deceive his body. Old age signs and symptoms should not be blamed on innocent people. Vuma.

  26. Gimbogo says:

    This is the first fall but certainly not the last

  27. tatha says:

    Not there fault. Wagwa yekha anakalota ma guardwo kuti Mugabe agwa titchezekere kumuwankha. Sizoona awabwezeretse Ku ntchito magadiwo

  28. tuvitwana says:


  29. the northern speech says:

    Why delete???mbuzi!!!!

  30. Truth says:

    The problem there is no way you can reverve the past. He fell and thats it but there nothing to celebrate about a big man falling. it seems Nyasatimes is owned by Tumbukas who also celebrated when Bingu died. Unfortunately you will never rule Malawi . PP failed because it had an overdose of this rejected tribe. stupid.

  31. Aidgate says:

    Kamuzu Banda also fell on an official trip to Zimbabwe. It was top secret but he was never the same after that. Hold on Zimbabweans time is coming soon

  32. Bwitoto says:

    Why suspend the innocent ones when the president really fell? This man and his ruling clique are really stubborn lot. falling is falling not so? This is just the start of the many fallings to come. Sorry to say so but we have had similar scenarios b4. Kamuzu had it, Castro of Cuba had it,Yertsin of Russia had it big time so what’s so special with this man? Vuma wasakara mdala!!!!

  33. Zina kambu zina leku!. Nde a Nyasa Times simunadilite the embrassing pictures, Why? Musova nokha

    1. yamikani says:

      Why delete the picture? Wagwa basi deleting will not change a damn thing. Report the truth and not ptotect bastards like him. Bravo Thoko Banda, bravo Nyasatimes.

Comments are closed.

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