4 Malawians killed in Mozambique

Four Malawians have been killed in Tete Mozambique by people dressed in military attire and police say they are investigating the motive.

Malawi and Mozambique Presidents at-Kamuzu-palace-talks-0305

Malawi and Mozambique Presidents at Kamuzu palace where they held talks including security issues

Eastern region police spokesperson Utilia Kumanga said the four, including the driver of a four tonner lorry William Chowe and his brother Twaibu Idrissa were on their way to South Africa with other passengers.

“We are investigating as to what really happened, who killed these people and why they did it,” said Kumanga.

She said the bodies of the four are yet to be repatriated to Malawi and those that sustained injuries and the other passengers on board the lorry are still in Mozambique.

The incident happened barely a day before Mozambique President Filipe Nyuse came into Malawi where he discussed with President Peter Mutharika issues of security among other matters.

Kumanga said the people were going to South Africa through Biliwiri in Ntcheu.

There is insecurity in Mozambque as Frelimo is battling Renamo whose leader Afonso Dlhakama is rejecting the 2015 presidential polls through the gun.

Malawi is hosting close to 12 000 Mozambicans who are seeking asylum following the skirmishes

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14 thoughts on “4 Malawians killed in Mozambique”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    There are some idiots who encourage their clueless President Mathanyula to send troops into Mozambiue.In the first place Mozambique has one of the battle hardened armed forces in the Continent having its troops on battle fields for 26 years ( 10years in the fight against Portuguese imperialist forces backed by NATO allies and 16 years against RENAMO thugs backed by South African racist regime and surrogate Malawi regime under Mphonogo Banda)You send troops into Mozambique to kill who? Yaos,Senas,Lomwes,Ngonis? There is no need of fighting with our blood neighbours for stupid reasons and mind you war is not Nyau or chasing rats in the bush. Since independence 52 years ago Malawian armed forces have never fought real war apart from Mwanza-Neno skirmish against Yatuta Chisiza’s highly trained insurgents and you heard what it costed.What also you must comprehend is that,how Malawi would go into war with non-existent economy while Mozambique runs a modest economy.Think before you leap you fools.

  2. Redeemed says:

    The current situation in Mozambique is worrisome. Many Malawians residing in RSA will be deterred from visiting home this festive season due to security concerns. This development will also have a negative impact on air transport as the demand to fly will increase significantly hence push the prices to sky rocket.

  3. kadanzi says:

    very pitiful.Truly no security in MZ.

  4. Dzikwanje dzakuthwa says:

    Pitara tawauze asilikali akamenye revenge kupanda kutelo impechment palibe kukambirana

  5. Moses says:

    Mosambique nd dziko losokoneza heavy, tye nazon

  6. I Namwewe says:

    Nanga tsopano tikadzere kuti?

  7. Azonto says:

    fuck the country I hate to share boundary with Mozambique its a kaki country

  8. Ifeso tiyeni tipha ma refugees aku mocambique onse

  9. A Fat Mosquito says:

    Nanga bwanji mumanamiza wanthu kuti amakambirana za dooko?

  10. MEGAMA says:

    Please, educate me on the current Malawi population. 12million Mozambicans?? then the whole country in filled up with refugees, kkkkkkk.

  11. KALANZI MBEWE says:

    12 million people ndiye tikusunga dziko lonse la Mozambique.

  12. pido says:

    Chase away all the refugees from Mozambique

  13. therere says:

    its 12,000 not 12million

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