7 killed, dozens injured in Ntcheu bus crash: Malawi Police say driver was dozing

Seven people have died in an accident on Thursday morning involving bus that was travelling from Blantyre to Lilongwe  at Mlengani Trading Centre in Ntcheu while several others have sustained injuries.

The wreckage of Premier Bus involved in Ntcheu accident

The wreckage of Premier Bus involved in Ntcheu accident

The bus belonging to Premier Bus Services had over 60 people on board, according to Gift Matewere,the police spokesperson for Ntcheu.

He said, the  bus Scania registration number NA4430 overturned when the driver failed to negotiate a corner

“It is believed that the driver was sleeping while driving due to fatigue and failed to negotiate a corner,” said Matewere.

Matewere has since said:  “The driver Richard Nyirenda (40) h of Katolola village T/A Kyungu in Karonga will be charged with the offence of causing death by dangerous driving contrary to section 121 of Road Traffic Act.”

Several other people with internal injuries have been referred to Kamuzu Central Hospital  in Lilongwe and several others are admitted at Ntcheu District Hospital while others were treated as out patients.

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20 thoughts on “7 killed, dozens injured in Ntcheu bus crash: Malawi Police say driver was dozing”


    Buses driving at night must have two drivers. One will be driving while the other is resting ( sleeping) .Change over at half the distance of the trip or when the driver currently driving feels tired. Katangale wa vehicle fitess; vehicles pass fitness while were never tested.This should stop!!!!. Most of the buses and minibuses in Malawi are not road worthy by international standards.Talekelera kwambiri. Its common to see a public transport vehicle which is in tatters but still on the road. With seats that injure passengers, broken windows covered with plastic sheet etc.

  2. Chilu says:

    Problem is that these drivers think that they are machines. They know that they will be driving at night but they dont give themselves a chance to sleep during the day. The body needs rest and if u are on duty during the night have some hours of sleep during the day prior to going to work. These people must be severely punished. They are killing people!

  3. Lord have Mercy says:

    Amangeso mwini Basi . Why use an already tired driver to carry lives so dangerously?

  4. Three Angels Messages says:

    Kunena zowona pa Malawi pano kuyenda ulendo wautali ndipo kufika ndimoyo, its a must kugwada pansi ndikuthokoza Mulungu otherwise travelling in these unregulated buses is like a death trap. WHAT IS THE GOVT DOING ON THIS??????????

  5. Costly Gochisale says:

    Gone are the days when buses used to depart according to their time schedule. We now have to wait for hours to be loaded like sardines in a tin. Most of the drivers are overworked because bus owners are looking for money……. What we need are structural changes in the road safety in Malawi.

  6. Chelali says:

    So sad….

  7. observer says:

    it was just a matter of time for a premier bus to be involved in such an accident .. too much speed in these buses. this is not a surprise at all

  8. CHIMBANO says:

    In Tanzania, the government banned buses travelling at night and it really worked out. Why cant Malawi govt borrow a leaf from Tanzanian counter parts.

  9. Khima says:

    We need to revise our National Road Safety Policy. Buses and all other public transports must have defined speedlimits (80KM/HR) with full monitoring systems (Remote Car Tracking systems). Monitoring data must be always presented at any occassion needed. Driving Syllabus and Tests must be revised, lacks crucial factor of defensive driving. Capacity loading must be strictly enforced no standing passangers. All buses must go through weighbridges. Vehicle and driver fitness records for buses must always be available and audited. Any accident must be investigated where there was violation on the part of the driver or vehicle fitness, consequetial actions must accordingly follow. All dangerous points on our roads must be identified and necessary preventive measures installed and keep reviewing their effectiveness. SIMPLE….otherwise a Malawi we keep complaining same problems now and forever!!! ambuye atichitile chifundo

    1. synod says:

      i fully agree to what you have written in this comment.

      1. Lompha says:

        accidents are inevitable but can be minimized. Sleeping too is natural and involuntary what matters most is what you do once noted. May the departed souls rest in peace. casualties God is with you I believe He has already taken control

        1. Khima says:

          Mmbale wanga Lompha, all “man made” accidents are avoidable but you need exceptional safefy oriented mind at all times and understand what driving is not pushing cars.

    2. Three Angels Messages says:

      Koma kuno zingatheke??? Ndimatchona omwe akuti lamulirawa. Munthu akakangopereka ndalama kuchipani basi wapeza license yopanga what ever you want.

  10. Adzonzi says:

    Lost workmate in the accident, very charming young guy. MHRIP

  11. Kond says:

    So Sad.

  12. [email protected] says:

    He has to be jailed. No fine. Secondly, government must wake up. Overloading must be stopped. Why does government allow buses to be overloaded on long distance routes. This only happens in Malawi.

    1. all buses traveling at night are overloaded, travel at high speed knowing that there are no traffic policemen, no speed cameras and no annoying roadside markets. Sizodabwitsa izi.

      1. Not only speeding at night but even day time. I was travelling in one of these buses from Lilongwe to BT last January. I was very scared at how fast the Bus driver was driving and numerous careless overtaking.

        1. Davie G says:

          I am a qualified Bus and Truck driver.Gone are the days when Buses were driven by highly trained PSV drivers.Most of these are minibus drivers and are not qualified to drive big buses.They hold EC PGD instead of D or ED PGD which is PSV for big buses surprisingly RTD Police turns a blind eye.An accident can happen to any one but this could be a contributing factor.

    2. Che otis says:

      We shouldn’t rush blaming the driver here, I think the owners of the company might be the ones at fault, if we dig deeper we will find that maybe this wasn’t even his first trip for the day, it was maybe his second or third, these drivers like us are also human beings, they get tired also, but most of the times they are overworked,but they keep silent in fear of losing their jobs. May they rest in peace

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