Activists ask for Dausi’s head, Malawi parliament probe into spy bureau

Some civil society organisation leaders have called for the prompt resignation of State spy Nicholas Dausi to pave way for an independent investigation into the clandestine activities of the civilian intelligence body NIB.

Dausi:  Spy chief

Dausi: Spy chief

They are also calling for parliament to institute its own investigation on how NIB was snooping on leader of opposition in the House Lazarus Chakwera.

Dausi and NIB are accused of spying on Chakwera and some civil society organisation leaders and submitting a sexed up, erroneous report to President Peter Mutharika which suggests the politician and CSO leaders have committed a treasonous offence.

In an interview Saturday evening, some of the CSO leaders said they would be meeting soon to chart the way forward following the NIB report and high on the agenda will be the issue of Dausi and the clandestine activities of NIB.

“NIB is a threat to democracy. They have an allegiance to DPP (Democratic Progressive Party) not the state. They want to intimidate us and the opposition so that we dont do our role of checks and balances to government, this is uncalled for,” said one CSO leader who said he should not be named for fear of reprisals.

He said President Mutharika should appoint an independent commission of inquiry on the activities of NIB with a view to make drastic reforms to the intelligence body so that its role should be to gather crime intelligence for the police to act on than target politicians and CSOS.

“They should have been ontop of things, they should have detected and prevented the cashgate, the market fires,” said the leader.

Mutharika is yet to respond.

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30 thoughts on “Activists ask for Dausi’s head, Malawi parliament probe into spy bureau”

  1. Vwapuvwapu says:


  2. shii says:

    APM ‘s downfall will be caused by the people around make matter worse he seem to be scared of making changes of personnel around him.

  3. Thako la njoka says:

    Kodi inu magetsi ayaka?

  4. drzeus says:

    Dausi is Chiziko’s buddy he cannot be dismissed. They r using the same strategy which they used in the arrest of Bakili Muluzi in 2008. Their survival strategy is to implicate highly ranking politicians, government officials etc in order to hoodwink the President that they have foiled a regime change. Its a pity becoz these two r MCP sympathizers and they want to damage that trust bcoz they want their contracts renewed!

  5. Dausi is too old to b chief of nib

  6. Inu a Dpp ndinu mukumudalira tikanena mmodzi opha anthu mu nthawi ya Kamuzu ndi ameneyi ena Thambani mystrious deaths. Ameneyu ndiye ankayipitsa mbiri ya MCP lero akuyipitsatsd DPP. njokaluzu. VP ananena kuti Njoka saweta.

  7. waseme says:

    Kayombe Ku NIB kkkkkkk,

  8. MLOMWE says:

    Same Dausi knows well about Njaunju’s murder.

  9. Sam says:

    Nicolas investigative beraeu NIB

  10. mtochi says:

    Peter is a dead president. His brother was arrested by cardiac coz of the same people as Dausi yet he still accepts appeasement advices from them.Foolish president.

  11. Sapitwa says:

    To me as a neutral Malawian , I would want to see the report interrogated.
    All the wrongs in report should further be investigated and find if it is indeed true. If I was Chakwera and all the peaple mentioned in the report, I would demand my name be cleared of any wrong doing. I would then insist the Government take the matter to court before a certain time line. Failure to this, I would then instruct my Lawyers to start court proceedings against the government. This is a criminal issue not political and no one would want to have uncleared stigma on his head.

  12. Mary Manda says:

    Interestingly ma Activist are hiding their names now which ones…….apa ndiye zinavutatu basi after the money was eaten……osamatero ma activist be examplelry basi not eating money any how kkkkkkkkk MK 5 million…bambo kampaundi,Mai Martha Kwataine ndi A Ngoma zikomo pokudya ndalama A Malawi akuvutika

  13. ODALA says:


  14. Mafeel says:

    E eeeh mwamna, wayamba kududuluka ndi kudedeleka kukhala ngati khwesi chifukwa cha kaudindo kosakuyenerako?

  15. Mafeel says:

    E eeeh mwamna, wayamba kududuluka ndi kudedeleka chifukwa cha kaudindo kosakuyenerako?

  16. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Dausi is an idiot. If he dies, those alive will celebrate this fool’s death. Shortsighted Chitsiru!!!

  17. Wilhelm says:

    Resign? Good grief!

    Once anyone in Malawi gets on the government payroll, it is next to impossible to stop them from continuing to embezzle our tax-payers money.

    Any government or civil servant gets transferred or put on leave – leave which is fully paid for of course.

    In other words they sit at home still drawing their paycheck. This allows them to start their own businesses and go on holiday.

    There are many civil servants who are almost permanently ‘on leave’. Probably as much as 50% or more.

    They are trying to do a headcount now, but they are already failing.

    No one has any interest in improving our government service.

    At most Mr. Dausi will get his enjoyable paid leave or be transferred to another government post where he can continue to waste our hard-earned tax monies.

    Yet more corruption that will just be swept under the carpet. As usual.

    There are huge cockroaches hiding underneath that carpet. Maybe one day we will have real leaders willing and able to clean house.


    People, like Dausi should know that this is Earth and things do change therefore should watch their actions and tongues because people are watching.

  19. Tili Chenene says:

    Dausi out of NIB please!!!

  20. Patriot says:

    Ine ma cadets amandisekesa bwanji.
    Amangoti MCP sizalamuliranso
    kkkkkkk zoona?
    Kodi Dausi asanakhale DPP anali wacha?
    Sono wajoina DPP, kodi mtima wake ndi wa DPP? Kapena MCP?
    Ngati mtima wake uli wa DPP, nanga bwanji anaotcha warehouse ku LL, nanga Robert Chasowa anapha nda? Iye monga spy wamkulu wayenera kudziwa izi. Nanga Njaunju wapedwa ndi yani? A NIB wa akuziwapo kanthu.
    Lero amalawi we are living in fear ngati nthawi ya Kamuzu chifukwa cha Dausi.
    Dausi is not a democratic product but a dictatorship product formed by Kamuzu.
    The heart of this man is EVIL.

  21. Change says:

    We have said it several times that Dasusi must go and Peter is not listening; therefore, the bus stop at Peter and Peter must resign. Dausi will make Peter have a Cardiac-Arrest. Lets wait and see.

  22. Hansou says:

    Mr President, real intelligence or spies are somewhat non-existent to the public and yet they know so much surrounding all aspects of a country from social issues, security, economy… Etc.

    Dausi is nothing but that hangers-on and a bootlicker who wants some kind of celebrity status attached with his position. He is that loose end you really must let go of!!

  23. Kenkkk says:

    Peter’s handling of this very serious and important matter will determine whether or not he is fit to be president of this country or whether or not his judgement on this matter is that befitting a president.

  24. Malawiyano says:

    NIB , why are they failing to investigate the death of ACB most important man who is believed to have killed by professional killers , why not investigating the number of people who who went to UN with Peter even coming up with their names , why not investigating the amount of money spent by Peter with his group which went to UN , why not investigating the robbers who went to break in the building which was keeping the records for MWK577bn DPP cashgate documents, why failing to tell the truth to Peter the cause of fire in all the Malawi markets and why not coming up with cause of fire at the warehouse which was keeping ballot boxes in Lilongwe.

  25. nachisale says:

    CSOs need to help with solving economic problems instead of jumping on Dausi.

  26. pido says:

    Malawi cant forge ahead with such myopic and dullpeople. He was a Libralian kwa Kamuzu and was misleading him in selecting books. He failed to assist Tembo and wants to lie for mere favours. Ndemweyutu amakanyowetsa mavoti mgalimoto andiso amakataya dala ma ballot boxes mu mandala road pa chisankho. Zachikalekale basi

  27. Charombanthu says:

    Spy chief my foot! This guy is not fit for this job. It pains me that he’s living on my taxes for this crap. Please mr president, appoint someone competent enough for the job not this clown. I am not a spy myself but I have an idea of what the CIA or Mosad or M16 does.

  28. Malawian says:

    May I repeat to say that we don’t need NIB in a democratic Malawi. Intelligence issues are already in capable hands of security agencies!!!. Using state resources to finance party interests is abuse of state resources and must stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. KALULU says:

    Aaaaahhhh A Dausi mwayamba zibwana, mukapusa ife tabwera kumeneko. Ku LIBYA kuno tamphunzila zambiri komaso olo ya manja sitingaluze becareful

  30. Ma says:

    Fools like Dausi and mere Pioneers should not be heading anything unless someone appointing them is also half living! Dausi spy chief? Or foolish chief?

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