An albino woman attacked, chopped off a hand in Chitipa –  Malawi Police launch hunt for attackers

A 51 years old woman with albinism was   gruesomely attacked by unknown people, who chopped off her right hand, in the process, in Chitipa District, early hours of  Saturday.

Attacked woman

Attacked woman

The thugs who targeted  Lucia Kainga’s head and her  two hands, only managed to speed off with one hand.

An eye witness, Yohane Mfungwe,  81,and a husband to the victim,   said  the attackers armed with machetes and sticks invaded his house at 2 am.

The couple met their  fate when they opened the door to rescue a man who was crying for help at the couple’s house.

“Some one was crying for help at the door of our house. It was when I opened the door to find out what was going on when I landed in the hands of the four men who attacked both of us,”  Mfungwe, whose head was caked with soil, narrated the ordeal.

The victim a lone rushed to Ipenza Police unit to report the incident where, in company of the husband and a big crowd that trailed her, she was referred to  Kameme Health Centre where again she was referred to Chitipa District Hospital.

After losing one hand, the victim was in deep pains as the attackers also nearly  cut off her left hand and the head.

You need not to be Lucia’s relative to shade tears just after taking a glance at the victim in a hospital bed.

Meanwhile, going by Lucia’s situation, Chitipa District Hospital management has further referred her to Mzuzu Central Hospital for treatment.

Mfungwe who sustained  serious  wounds in the head said he recognized the voice of one of the attackers which may serve as  excellent clue for the police.

The victim and the husband come from Village Head man Mweneipenza 5, in the area of Senior Chief Kameme, which borders with Tanzania.

Chitipa Police have confirmed the incident and have mounted a manhunt to apprehend people behind the attack.

“It is true, unknown people have attacked an albino woman in Kameme and  have cut off a hand and living her seriously wounded,” said Chitipa Police Publicist, Sergeant Gradwel Simwaka.

This is the first time for a person with albinism to be attacked in Chitipa District, apart from a rare exhumation of the remains of albino old lady at Upiwu area in the area of Chief Mwaulambia way back.

The incident in Chitipa comes at a time when  government and people of good will towards the welfare of people with albinism are trying to work out a strategy of laying down a stern  penalty on those found to abduct, kill and exhume the remains of people with albinism, to completely stamp out the vice.

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Charlie Hebdo
Sometimes it amazes me how people are easily fooled. Look at the idiots telling people albino body parts will make one rich. They are all poor, misguided, superstitious beings. Give them credit though for their ability to fool even the learned and respected in our societies. If their supposition were true, wouldn’t they be rich themselves? On the contrary, they are poor, miserable bastards. This also reminds me of Islamic extremists. They brainwash people including the learned, encourage them to fight the Holy war or Jihad, become suicide bombers promising them a better after life with 70 virgins when they… Read more »
Petre Mathanyula.

When Amnesty International speaks that Malawi government is doing very little to protect these people, the minister of justice thinks otherwise. So in this scenario who’s right?


when will we learn that no matter who you are, you’re beautiful be if black, white, Indian, Albino so on you’re beautiful.

Burton Navicha

Weep weep weep! I pray in the name of the Holy Trinity- Father, Son and the Holy spirit that the culprits be identified speedily and brought to justice. I pray for the innocent woman for recovery though her life will not be the same. I condemn evil practitioners may God’s light shine upon them and leave a life of righteousness.

The Analyst
O………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..O When Madise sentenced that idiot to life; people called it a victory but some of us weren’t satisfied. Coz we had a feeling that . . . . . . As long as people who mercilesly take away other people’s lives have their lives spared; . . . So long as the perpetrators know – the worst punishment they can get is a life sentence; and not always, or based on some law; but on the judge’s mood (a recipe for abuse and bribes); The perpetrators will not stop hunting and/or mercilessly killing or harvesting parts of our colleagues.… Read more »

I agree with u Issa, let people cut the head of Peter and Kaliat.


Winiko spoke the truth and u all trashef him as insane. Ok wat r u pipo who are sane doing abt this. I am so sad abt my country and u cant even be proud to b a malawian. An ethopian guy i meet in a restaurant in dublin asked me wat type of pipo malawians r. We r now being compared to pipo who eat human flesh. A few pipo r now damaging the image of our country. So instead of retorics can govt take action.

The Oracle

Now we can link the genesis of battles against Bushiri and the challenge to TB Jushua. Winiko was right. Wamisala anaona nkhondo


Winiko was and DDP wrong. Kill them the albino attackers

Anal Nemus

What the f Malawi?

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