APM campaigns for his ‘replacement’ in Thyolo East

President Professor Peter Mutharika has urged people in Thyolo East Constituency to vote en masse for Democratic Progressive Party-DPP parliamentary candidate Gerson Timothy Solomoni during the October 7 by-elections.

Speaking on Saturday during a whistle stop tour at Mikombe and Chimvuu Primary Schools as well as Chipendo Trading Centre in the constituency, Mutharika described Solomoni as a energetic and development-oriented youth needed to develop the area.

President Mutharika hold hands with Solomoni at Mikombe Primary School Ground - Pic by Abel Ikiloni

President Mutharika hold hands with Solomoni at Mikombe Primary School Ground – Pic by Abel Ikiloni

Mutharika was MP for the area from 2009 to March 2014 and retained the seat during the May 20 tripartite elections.

However, the seat fell vacant when Mutharika won the presidential race in the same election.

And as constituents go to the polls next week Tuesday, Professor Mutharika urged voters to elect Solomoni.

Although Solomoni has to defeat three other candidates to win next Tuesday, Professor Mutharika argued people in the area would lose a lot if they decided to vote for a non-ruling party candidate.

“If you vote for them, who will they be speaking to on how to develop the area? That’s why am urging you to vote for this young man Solomoni who will have easy access to me. Those others won’t have that chance to talk to me. I am ready to help him (Solomoni) to develop this area,” said President Mutharika.

He then warned Solomoni against dumping his constituents if elected into parliament on October 7, 2014.

“I don’t want an MP who will just live in Lilongwe and drink tea there; You should come here and discuss various issues affecting this area with the people, and drink thobwa (sweet beer) with them,” Mutharika said amid cheers from the gathering at Chipendo Trading Centre.

Professor Mutharika also outlined some development projects he initiated while MP for the area between 2009 and March 2014 like construction of over 7 schools and Technology-MUST and boreholes.

The president then assured people in the area of government’s commitment towards uplifting the lives of youths through initiatives such as Community Colleges expected to open doors in January 2015.

Other candidates in the constituency are independents January Chewasi Bwanali and Elishah Joel Milanzi as well as Malawi Congress Party-MCP’s Florence Chisanga.

Apart from Thyolo East constituency, the by-elections will also be held in Blantyre North Constituency and five wards namely; Zgeba in Karonga Nyungwe, Mbalachanda in Mzimba central, Lifupa in Kasungu west, Kandeu in Ntcheu North East and Lisanjala in Machinga Likwenu Constituencies.

Figures from the Malawi Electoral Commission-MEC indicate that 177,843 people registered for the October 7 by-elections.

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baby iwe ndiye uiti wabwera liti dziko lino ukulidziwa komwe linachokera iwe samala ndimalankhulidwe ako ngati ndiwe mulomwe dzako izo

zotsatira banda

mbava za DPP convoy mpaka galimoto 40 koma yaaaa kuwononga dola zathu za misonkhoooo

The Country Chief

Zazii,wa opposition nde angamanidwe chitukuko,kusankha munthu ophunzira sikwabwino et,mesa wa opposition yo amakhala kut ali m’boma kale,cjimasiyana ndi chan,anthu aku Thyolo pliz sankhan wa independent kumeneko asachite kukupangiran zochita,chisankho chili mu mtima mwanu


Koma ashado akewa malaya akuchita kukhulumba, mutuwo ngati chikula mayembe koma kupaliament ko akayankhulako , kamwayo ngati afuna aziti,moseliwa khanyenekikikikiki.


Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! Ku nyasa patala plasdent walomw koma kuli anthu owoneka bwino kumeneku ku tyoloku

ndangodutsa chisale

MUST was shifted to Thyolo by your arrogant brother. There is nothing you did for that constituency save for what your brother did.


Koma ndiye APM anthu ena mumadana nayetu.


Yesterday, I saw the President’s convoy coming from campaigning in Thyolo and it was one of the longest Presidential convoys I have ever seen. It was probably 1.5 to 2.0 kilometres long. Much longer than any of Jb’s convoys. Literally hundreds of vehicles.
They say the more things change, the more they remain the same.
It appears once power is tasted, all values are thrown out of the window!


Convoy ya president imathera pa galimoto ya polisi imene imakhala pambuyo. Enawo amakhala ongolowerera kuti ayende nawo mwachangu. President Arthur Peter Mutharika amayenda ndi magalimoto khumi basi.

Yobe boo

Kanyani ndiwe waboza, ine ndinalikonko, anali ndimagalimoto ochuluka zedi, kuposa 20.
Musatinamize apa ngati mumadya limodzi ndikutionongera misonhko yathu.


This guy is so tacky are those notes in his right hand?????


Yes DA that is what he is saying. Oh and he is also hitting the point home that, if you are not an MP of DPP, the gvt wont help you develop your area( or hear your peoples concerns) no matter how ligitimate they are. And we wonder why the NORTH is taking matters into their own hands and why there is the “us and them” syndrome in Malawi. Thats is straight from the head of state!!

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