APM says Malawi focus is on investment and trade not donor aid

President Peter Mutharika has said his government’s priority is attracting huge investments and trade as time for donor aid is up.

Mutharika: Focus on trade and investment and not aid

Mutharika: Focus on trade and investment and not aid

Mutharika said this Monday at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre when minister of Foreign Affairs George Chaponda briefed journalists on his trip to India where he represented Mutharika at India Africa summit.

President Mutharika said the only way out of donor freeze is to attract foreign investment that would create more jobs for Malawians.

In his briefing, Chaponda said India has pledged a lot of aid to Africa, including Malawi.

Chaponda said the India aid package includes 50 000 education scholarships.

The India–Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) is the official platform for evolving negotiations and monitoring parameters of the African-Indian relations.

Malawi is going through serious economic problems because of donors decision to withdraw budgetary support.

Chaponda said he took the opportunity to remind the Indian government of its aid pledges which are yet to be fulfilled.

“Malawi’s participation at the India-Africa Forum Summit was important as it showed Government’s commitment to enhance South-South Cooperation, and specifically its appreciation to India’s cooperation.

“It also presented an opportunity for bilateral discussions at which experience was shared on ongoing partnership activities, attention was drawn on lessons learnt; follow up activities and future needs. Furthermore, Malawi benefited from being considered New lines of credit and grants,” he said.

Malawi has thousands of Indian investors although some of them run huge investments creating thousands of jobs, most of them run shops highly competing with local Malawians.

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23 thoughts on “APM says Malawi focus is on investment and trade not donor aid”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Just to let you Mr.APM know that your strategy to solicit funds from China and India is well known to bright Malawians and that is : BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHERS FLOCK TOGETHER.In short,there is no human rights in China and there is no accountability in India everything is free for all.By all means, the Western Financial and economic orders are second to none in the World,this does not mean that they do not make mistakes,but they are transparent and considerate.For Muthalika’s information,India is reported to have bought a piece of fertile land in Northern Ethiopia occupied by black Africans for millions of years has been condemned by the progressive world in the sense that,black Africans are forcefully removed from their ancestral land and in case of China just look the way our wild life has been devastated killing elephants and rhinos which has become a lucrative business in Asian nations.What Malawians must know is that this so- called trade alliance,is one- sided venture and we have the rights to defend our rights.ALUTA CONTINUA!!!

  2. Amir says:

    Nobody will come and invest in a country that fails to meet with electricity demands..even Unilever had to close down…

  3. adyauleje says:

    Foreign investment!? In Malawi really? With all these blackouts and insecurity?? Cum’on Mathanyula u must be dreaming dude, please tell us another joke kkkkkkkk!!!!

  4. This government will never change the image of our country. Kuba basi!

  5. Sapitwa says:

    Donor Budget Aid, not the whole Aid in totality! Open your minds get the points; don’t overlook because of anger.

  6. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    Zovetsa chisoni amalawi tikukonda ndale mmalo mokonda dziko. Pakufunika kupeza njila yoti Malawi ituluke ku msinga za ma donors.njila yake ndi nkhani ya investiment and promotion ngakhale ngati dziko tikukumana ndi mavuto zisatilepheletse kupeza njila zokhazikika kulowa mmalo mwa ma donors.

  7. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    You can not focus on trade and investment with no infrastructure, unreliable water and electricity supply, deteriorating security, a weakening currency, and no commodities to trade. Keep on dreaming dude!

  8. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr.Muthalika,who would come into Malawi to invest his finances knowing pretty well that the outcome would be affliction.First and foremost,.corruption has become a culture of the DPP regime.powergrid is among the notorious occurrences in the region,water cuts are part of life in the country and finally,Muthalika’s poor leadership,has drastically plunged the nation into political instability.The fact that Malawi’s economy,is in total shambles,the only saviours,would be the donor nations who are reliable and committed to help poor nations like Malawi and others.51years of nationhood,we have never balanced our budgets,live alone maintaining economic stability.To me,it seems Muthalika is a confused man,right now is busy dividing our people ethnically in order to create national pandemonium on one hand, and extending his tentacles into State coffers on the other.Malawians,Muthalika has no notions to develop our country economically and politically,hence,creation of deeply rooted Mhlako wa Alomwe to divide our people and finally rout us,for he has nothing to loose.Malawians,wash your faces we have a long way to travel.One Malawi,One Nation.

  9. Chabwera says:

    lets stop supporting tribes but lets all join our hands together to support the better Malawi.
    to be honest before God this government is taking us no where. no vision no direction no leader. any body can work up to say what ever he want and do anything. and you hate honest people that malawi needs like viola. lets pray for mother Malawi now. but now we dont have a leader in this nation i voted for him thinking that
    he have the same capacity to deliver as his elder brother and coz he is my tribe. God forgive me ndinasankha olakwika.

  10. Zanako says:

    We are sinking who will deliver us certainly not MCP mmmmm

  11. Dr Haswel P Bandawe says:

    Foreign direct investment without an investment policy will result in mortgaging the county’s future. The overriding policy must be that Malawians (indigenous citizens, not naturalised citizens)!must retain control of the country’s industrial, commercial and other activities. Such a policy must cover the following key points:
    1. Industries/ activities reserved for indigenous Malawians:
    must clearly identify sectors/ industries in which only indigenous Malawians must get involved. For example, retail and wholesale trade, domestic transport, agriculture (animal husbandry, fishing, crop farming and holtculture); bureaux de change. This is important because indigenous Mslawians are still disadvantaged 50 years after independence. There is need to deliberately uplift them. No country in Europe, Asia or the Americas is dominated by foreign investors in its economic life. Any growth that is to be generated by investment must be inclusive. It must enrich indiginous Malawians.

    2. Activities where joint ventures should be welcome with foreign investors , indigenous Malawians and naturalised citizens (mining, forestry, manufacturing, international transport, tourism and 4-6 star hotels, telecommunication, financial services including banks, insurance, and brokers.

    3. Activities where foreign investors can fully own their businesses. These would include activities requiring high-tech manufacturing/processing that involve a threshold of a certain minimum capital.
    4. It should be stressed that control of wealth via investment has far-reaching implications for political power in any country. Malawi should not run the risk of being run by foreigners due to their dominance of the economic life of the country.

    Already one can take stock of wealth distribution in major cities in Malawi. Indeginous Malawians are not dominant.

    To implement this strategy prospective Malawian investors need supportive financial and other institutions. Therefore, a development bank must be established together with a revived role of the Press Group. Press Group and a development bank would be ready-made partners with foreign investors.

  12. Winston Msowoya says:

    Peter whom are you trying to cajole? Are you really committed to develop our nation? You have entered into a friendship alliance with India,what you must know is that,India,China and Nigeria are the leading corrupt nations in the world.Having said that,Malawi is inclusive.One wonders how will you create or rather put Malawi on a strong economic footing without the participation of our long time partners,the Donor Nations? Better the devil you know.To me,I think that Muthalika is confused in that he does not know where to start or to finished.As I have said,Muthalika has handed himself into the mouths of wolves by the time they finish with him,Malawi’s resources,will be completely imbibed and our nation will be exposed to the international malevolent mafia operators.Right now,Peter is facing enormous pressure from unplanned commitments viz:Mlhako

  13. WAKUDA KAMANGA says:

    Munya simudatibela ma vote ife a MCP mzimenezi muchisaza iwe PITALA ndiazizako

  14. dadaboma says:

    This man called APM is not fit as president. “The focus is not on aid but trade” is an inconsistent, contradictory and unfortunate statement. What can you trade if you don’t have money to produce tradable products and services with? Before one is fit to do meaningful trading, you need money (or aid) to build capacity for productivity. Malawi needs AID for electricity, water, agriculture, education, industry, etc – sectors that can help produce tradable goods. This man just wants to run away from western donors who insist on good governance, prudent, transparent, accountable and corrupt-free financial management. This man is wasting our time. I’ve never admired suicide bombing but the idea keeps crossing my mind very often nowadays when I notice the desperation APM is putting Malawians in.

  15. malawi says:

    wat muthalika is saying is that the westen donor age is over! can’t u mcp pple get it! we have been with these pple 4 over 50yrs only to b # 3 poorest country..wat else can they give us! these are our enemies ndipo amakakamira heavy they even fund terrists to put ur gov down.stupid donors

  16. BrownMan says:

    Don’t ever say that Malawi is going through serious economic problems because of donors decision to withdraw budgetary suppor. Rather,say Malawi is going through…………………………….becoz of our actions.’Kusololasolola”aaa agwape enieni.

  17. Patriotic Citizen says:

    Why run away from smart donors like IMF, World bank, UK, EU and opt for for mediocre ones like Indians and Chinese? Clean your house that has been filled dirty? Remove all thieves, cashgators, corrupt civil servants and MEC devils and you will see how smart donors will come back. Hoping that you too will not be affected like the self exiled run- away woman of high repute. Mr President act now or never rest you face the same pressure like your later beloved brother.

  18. Chingolopiyo says:

    We are focusing on trade, “BUT INDIA HAS PROMISED ALOT OF AID TO AFRICA INCLUDING MALAWI” what is the president and his ziphwisi minister trying to say to Malawians and the world as a whole? Statements contradicting on the same day, same press conference

  19. haward says:

    Donor aid mwati ayi, koma mukutuma a Chaponda kukakumbutsa India kuti atiganizireko zavuta kuno, Dpp imandimvetsa chisoni kwambiri. Ngati India idachita ndikuyiwala komwe ndiye pali zomawerengeranso pamenepa?

  20. Chingolopiyo says:

    We are focusing on trade, “BUT INDIA HAS PROMISED ALOT OF AID TO AFRICA INCLUDING MALAWI” what is the president and his ziphwisi ministes trying to say to Malawians and the world as a whole? Statements contradicting on the same day, same press conference

  21. The Professor says:

    This is just day dreaming Mr Bwana and I urge you to quickly wake up from that very deep slumber and face the realities of our Malawi. Which investor can waste time and money to invest in a country which has no Electricity, Dry taps each and every day, thieves in Power. What I know is, Huge Investment from foreigners will come into Malawi after 2019 when MCP is in power. Vote MCP In 2019.

  22. Masanje a DPP says:

    The president says the age for donors is over. Chaponda goes to India to beg for the aid India pledged. MASANJE ENI ENI

  23. JIHAYE says:

    The President said the focus is not on donor aid but investment and trade and Chaponda is briefing him that India has pledged a lot of aid to Africa including Malawi. Does that make sense or is the aid from India a different kind of aid? and kuchita kukumbutsa unfulfilled pledges by the Indians hahaha.and the lines of credit you get from India are just being wasted and a case in point is the YEDF equipment.

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