APM urges Malawi universities to focus on research and innovations

President Prof. Peter Mutharika has challenged all universities in the country to engage in extensive research and publication arguing that a good university is recognised by its innovations.

Toasting time conducted by the high table at the fundraising dinner and dance at BICC - Pic by Stanley Makuti

Toasting time conducted by the high table at the fundraising dinner and dance at BICC – Pic by Stanley Makuti

Mutharika made the call Saturday evening at Bingu International Conference Center (BICC) in Lilongwe where he presided over a fundraising dinner for the golden jubilee celebrations of the University of Malawi (UNIMA).

Addressing an audience which comprised of UNIMA alumni including Vice president, Saulos Chilima, Mutharika said “I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the lecturers of the University of

Malawi and all other universities to engage in rigorous research and publication for the development of this country.

“A good university is known by its research and publications so it’s high time we put our universities on the world map through our research and innovations.”

The Head of State further advised university lecturers to focus on research and publishing in international journals rather than wasting time writing and commenting on trivial public issues.

“You may recall that during the 50 years independence celebration for Malawi, I emphasised that Malawi must take its position in both the regional and global economy,” further said Mutharika adding;

“To this end, my government’s transformational agenda can only be successful if the University of Malawi and all other public and private universities play their roles.”

Speaking as one of the alumni of UNIMA, Vice President Saulos Chilima encouraged all alumni and well wishers to donate generously during the fundraising campaign saying the university needs support to educate more Malawians.

“Let’s not forget the giants on whose shoulders we stood to go through the UNIMA corridors,” Said Chilima, a graduate of Chancellor College adding; “Now UNIMA needs the giant in us so that our children can equally go through the same corridors we did.”

Also present at the banquet was Minister of Health Dr Jean Kalilani, one of the first ladies to graduate from UNIMA.

In her speech, she praised UNIMA as an on key to many doors of opportunities citing herself as a one example of those who furthered their studies overseas with an UNIMA qualification as a spring from which she sprung.

Official celebrations of the 50th anniversary will be held late September this year according to UNIMA arrangements.

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19 thoughts on “APM urges Malawi universities to focus on research and innovations”

  1. Pewani Joza says:

    Mother fucker, for the first time Malawians have shown that you also have the right to speak, despite being the president of Malawi. Nevertheless, here and there people are talking nonsense against you mother fucker, I mean APM. It shows cleary Mf, that you are running this government well, voti yanga sindinabetse. Fuck kanyongolo, fuck the haters of DPP, and fuck the cashgate founders, fuck JB.

    Its high time my fellow fucking Malawians knew that the president has the right to speak, osamangotsutsa chilichonse.

  2. mtumbuka 1 says:

    The drunk professor is as drunk as he comes. One year in government but nothing to speak of, are you not ashamed that you are likely to go down into the book of Guinness as a useless professor propelled by one ben phiri who after stealing the presidency he decided to bring it into disrepute? I can’t imagine you at the helm as the leader till 2019 you are just a clown of a professor.

  3. Nyodola says:

    Some of UNIMA Lecturers are good at undertaking consultancies for NGOs where they know they won’t publish in journals provided they deliver to their clients. In some instances their works leave a lot to be desired. Unfortunately they do this at the expense of supervising students to complete their studies. It is disheartening to pursue a Masters program with UNIMA because the period for completion is extended beyond reasonable limits. Before one enrol for Postgraduate studies with UNIMA has to think twice whether he/she wants to graduate or learn forever hahahaha!

  4. Ndi ndi says:

    Did he say world map????

  5. Dwambai says:

    Your definitely not helping by increasing tax on internet

  6. Chikangawa says:

    Easier said than done. You were once education minister Sir what did you do??? Hmmmmmm

  7. Danivelo Banda says:

    Unimas creativity is in bottle stores during weekends calling each other mesho when they used to drink kachasu at Chikanda.They are only contented with papers and getting a job to buy them beers and mang’inas at bwandiro and grow some tummies like pregnant women and having a Harlem of prostitutes around.Unima has not helped this country.Some of us have much more respect for William Kamkwamba the guy who harnessed the wind using modest tools to generate electricity in home village in salima and the nkhatabay guy who electrified his home village also using modest tools out of his own creativity.Unima should change the mindset otherwise it will keep on ranking the 99th chisekakhomo in Africa.

  8. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    APM’s advice is timely; it may even be overdue. But it may amount to nothing: we may have to wait for the next generation of academics to achieve desired outcomes of advanced education. Why, we may ask?
    a) the academics do NOT really have the advanced thinking capacity required.
    b) they are obsessed with being known as dolo wa kachenjedwe(?) (prof!) by the masses
    c) they are too intertwined with petty politics, and want to comment even if they area
    concerned is not their specialty (see b)
    d) they do not have the backing of the necessary intellectual and physical infrastructures
    e) they are NOT interested: they just look forward to collecting their pay, baasi (only)
    f) they spend much of their time trying to live “big”, like they are successful
    g) all the above.
    They (the academics) really need to change their mindset; and that is what APM and VP Chilima are trying to do. Some detractors will dismiss these appeals, and try to attach some irrelevancies to their arguments (like alleged corruption by political parties): but we need to take heed, even if we just want to barely survive in this competitive world. Our advanced educators need to act and work like they are morethan glorified secondary or high school teachers. Asa!

  9. Professional says:

    All the key personalities from UNIMA mentioned in this article also happen to be politicians.

  10. ujeni says:

    Party after party, hour after hour is all you are good at. Show us the tangible works. A year is gone all we see are photos with people dancing and making merry.

    1. Chikangawa says:

      Easier said than done Sir, you were once Minister of Education what did you do??? Hmmmmm

  11. buyuni says:

    How long does it take for the Malawi research council to respond to the applications. With our slow Internet how boring it is to have literature review,lastly remove tax on sms and Internet

  12. mbuyuni says:

    Improve on internet. Our Internet is so slow remove taxon sms and Internet

  13. buyuni says:

    How does it take for the Malawi research council to respond to the applications. With our slow Internet how boring it is to have literature review,lastly remove tax on sms and Internet

  14. paulos banda says:

    Ma president aku Malawi good at dinner dances. Komaaa mukatha dinner dance imeneyi timvanso yina posachedwapa.

  15. commentator says:

    I wonder why people must be treated to wine and dinner before they can give to a good cause. It really baffles me. Philanthropists world over give to charity based on what they believe in, out of conviction.

  16. Dr Moo Tha Leeker says:

    I have never came accross a single academic paper by this clueless Professor.

  17. akilen says:

    Our learners can carry educatinal research,but sex rearch;that’s what they know best,mahule asukulu.

  18. A Cuthbert says:

    Innobation and creativity is born and cannot be instilled by rote learning. Thinking outside the box os just dorbthevwey few even in most advanced dispensarions

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