APM vows to intense crackdown on criminals as Malawi Police absorbs over 1,800 new recruits

The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has graduated over 1,800 new recruits to strengthen security in different stations across the country.

President Mutharika at the police pass out parade

President Mutharika at the police pass out parade

This year’s batch is the biggest number in the history of the Police recruitment drive which looks to beef up the strength of the police force and rein in crime.

Speaking during the passing out parade of the new officers in the commercial city of Blantyre on Thursday, President Peter Mutharika said his government is committed to provide safety and security to all persons, property and investments for the enhancement of national sustainable development.

“These officers will contribute to safety and security in the country.

“No country can prosper if people fear for their lives and property because of lack of security” he said.

He added that the country is planning to train 10,000 officers in line with the United Nations Guidelines for policing encapsulated under “one police officer to 500 civilians”.

According to the Malawian leader, he said, the ratio for Malawi is at one officer to 1.300 civilian which he said is unacceptable.

“I am very concerned by the state of security in this country,” said Mutharika.

“The country has been experiencing serious crimes, “ he noted and continued, “the killing and abduction of albinos remain a problem in our country.

Earlier, Minister of Home Affairs and Home security, Atupele Muluzi said the last 100 of the 150 vehicles which the government has procured for the police will be handed over soon.

In his remarks, Inspector General Lexton Kachama urged newly recruited constables to cling to their main objective of protecting lives and property of Malawians. He also urged them to be tough to criminals.

Just like Mutharika, Kachama cautioned the recruits against corruption and criminal activities, warning that the long arm of the law will not spare them.

Apart from the recruits, veteran police officers including Deputy Inspectors Generals Rodney Jose and Duncan Mwapasa received medals for their dedicated service.

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18 thoughts on “APM vows to intense crackdown on criminals as Malawi Police absorbs over 1,800 new recruits”

  1. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    siziteteza dziko izi zangolembana pa chibale a jce ambiri akatani kukanika kulemba statement!



  3. Oscar X-FU says:

    A big clap 4 APM.I think shoot 2 kill will not spare cashgaters!!

  4. mulalo says:

    Drop out or not what we need is to be safe at alltime these educated police they don’t attend in a serious voilence activetys around the city.

  5. Nkhedu says:

    BLAH BLAH BLA. …..Honeymoon is over MY FOOT!!!!!

  6. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Imagine, that man in grey suit is a crook. He is a theif and he is inspecting his work mates.

    He is involved the plundering of about k92b. All those people in uniform protect a theif,

    Weird indeed!

  7. ujeni says:

    Numbers will do nothing when they don’t have the armoury. After all most are standard 8 drop out and will join the bandwagon of those police personnel involved in robbery.

  8. mlomwe2 says:


  9. frank agness mandala says:

    bola pamepo apolisi azikhala ambiri

  10. Ana amuna a mphongo says:

    Mr. Nyirenda update yourself with what is happening in the country. This team of recruits was interviewed and selected during Joice Banda era. So there is nothing to do with DPP. If anything DPP is to be careful with the recruits coz they were recruited by PP before election and the process started October 2012.

  11. James Pondani says:

    APM Oh my God !! You’ve just unleashed 1,800 thieves on us poor Malawians. Remember it’s the police who have been terrorizing us with guns of late. Malawians would have been happier if you were at the Malawi Army Passing out parade. Not this bullshit.

  12. rudolf phiri says:

    Is it just the photo or is the president putting on too much weight?

  13. jarlure says:

    Police zinyengo kuno kumpemba mbava ziwiri zoziwika bwino zatuluka kundende zitangokhala miyezi five koma zampha anthu ambiri aliyense akuziwa figredo ndi jo mzukulu was Ta nsomba police zinyengo zokhazokha mpakana ku prison boma tithandizeni tizikhala mwantendere

  14. Nyirenda says:

    DPP CADET apatsidwa ntchito ngati chithokozo cha ntchito yomwe adagwila pa nthawi ya chisankho chija. Opposition please wake up and cross check recruitment process other wise we will weep again in 2019 these people will be used again to steal votes.

  15. Fathara says:


  16. Nanthala says:

    On monday, my mother who is 75 years old was attacked and robbed in her home (in the village), by 20 armed men. It took the police 2hrs to arrive on the scene. So this talk talk talk by government, i am yet to see how it will translate to tangible protection. It is the government’s responsibility to protect its citizens especially the most vulnerable in our societies. We have reported this to our local leaders and PM, we are yet to see anyone come round to the house, even to just offer sympathy.

  17. Friends of MALAWI says:

    Nyasatimes. Did you mean to write 1: 1300?
    A whole president attendIn pass out parade for police recruits?

  18. maximum prison says:

    Osawasiya okuba onse! Shoot to kill should come back!

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