APM welcomes Jumbe, Katsonga in DPP

Malawi President and ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika on Wednesday stormed the eastern region district of Balaka  where he addressed a rally  where he pleaded with all Malawians to be united and work together to ensure there is development taking place in the country.

Friday Jumbe (r) and Joseph Kubwalo: To DPP

Friday Jumbe (r) and Joseph Kubwalo: To DPP

This was the first time for Mutharika to hold a rally in Balaka- a district where his wife hails from-since he was elected president on 20th May 2014.

Mutharika urged Malawians to forget whatever happened during the 2014 general election and forge ahead.

“Election period is over and this is time to develop Malawi” Mutharika said.

Mutharika dropped the hint that former president of New Labour Party, Friday Jumbe and former Chipani Cha Pfuko  (CCP) president Davies Katsonga want to join the DPP.

“All those who want to come back [to DPP] are very welcome” said Mutharika .

During the elections Jumbe  obtained an injunction restraining Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) from conducting a voter recounting process.

Months after losing miserably in the tripartite elections Jumbe stepped down  as NLP  leader and expressed interest to work with DPP.

Jumbe, the former finance minister who once held an acting presidency of United Democratic Front (UDF) said that he resigned from active politics to concentrate on his private life outside pressures of politics.

Former CCP president Davies Katsonga announced of the deregistering of his party saying he decided to support president Mutharika’s government which has ideologies similar to those of CCP.

He eventually joined the government side in parliament after notifying the Speaker.

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35 thoughts on “APM welcomes Jumbe, Katsonga in DPP”

  1. Wen zikhale ngoma was rebuffd,,,,,de dpp were qouted as sayin,,,,,,,,,,wi dont want political oppoturniusts,,,,,,,so aint jumbe nd his friend kasonga opportunists in dix case? Nasty politics

  2. manthu blantyre says:

    These pple r money hungry they r looking for money God will punish u. wait for the results from God.

  3. Issa Kabudula says:

    Katsonga n Jumbe kumeneko ndiye kubwela, for Malawi to develop we need people who come to a stop street and double think; Can I Make it Alone? If the answer is no, then plz dont waste time work with those you see can bring change to you and others, dont waste peoples time join the moving car – and I can advise that those who had their parties and failed elections must be the fielrst individuals to be apointed as Diplomats followed by our own party members, and this must be based on their campaign manifestos. A very good conglatulations to both father and son of Muluzi family to stop and think development – Halala Malawi halala!!!!

  4. Bwitoto says:

    Accomplished professor “MY FOOT”

  5. Saga says:

    Komanso umphawi ndiwobvuta zedi

  6. darkhorse says:

    Democracy. What? absolutely stinks – our political system allow such things to happen, under the very noses of “us, halfwits. This only happens in Malawi where incompetency, daylight robbery, fraud and corruption are rewarded. Politicians know that we are a bunch of dimwits (apologies for some of my language – however I can’t find better words to describe us Malawians). Politicians take advantage and capitalise on our persistent dormancy – unless we do something, this trend will continue for another 50 years. we need a Paul Kagame in Malawi – someone who would clean our political system of this chronic viral infection – as system choke-full of bunch of people who only have personal items at the top of their agenda, they shove the needs of common people low on their priority lists.

  7. matako says:

    Tsamba who cares whether he is a professor or not. A professor of what? A professor of corruption has become. no worries though, Sata is gone and we know who is next according to the trend and similarities between our two countries. GOD WORKS MYSTERIOUSLY SOME TIMES.

  8. matako says:

    Nothing new here the typical political prostitutes looking for greener pastures. No loyalty to their morals and political ideology. They are a bunch of opportunists that need to be done away with. They are a disgrace to our young democracy. Corrupt bastards!!

  9. Nkemu wanguo says:

    #22 you are an idiot!

  10. "A NATIVE OF NOWHERE" says:

    We fought 4 freedom and we got democracy. Recycled, failed, opportunists, greedy, selfish old politicians are exercising their democratic lunatism. SHAME INDEED.

  11. I wish some of MCP top brass could do the same.

    I am but an Independent Observer !!!!!!

  12. tsamba says:

    Remember, Freedom of association is enshrined in the constitution. APM is a democrat and cannot go against the constitution. If anything he is the champion who upholds it. Remember he is an accomplished Lawyer and Professor

  13. fisi Gammar says:



  15. Prophet Knox Nank. says:

    Ayi ayi ayi awa akufuna kuzithandiza okha osati kuthandiza boma,chifukwa zikadakhala choncho sakadathawa/sakadathesa tizipani tawo.
    Anzawo akuwasatawo avutika nthawi yonseyi okha iwowa akadabwera mmbuyomu DPP’yo ili pa opposition kuti athandizane poti mfundo zawo nzofanana.
    Izizo izi asokoneza kufuna awapatse mpando ku boma chifukwa chofuna kuwasangalasa kupanda kutelo muona atapanga zomwe amadziziwa zija zogawanisa band zida ulendo kukayambisapo china chipani amvekele new DPP.
    Nsazati sindinanene malangizo ndagawa aulele awa.

  16. Jumbe failed to get even mpando wa phungu,katsonga waste of time,mahule andale ,mwauponda u think u wil b nduna,iiiiiiii mwalemba m’madzi

  17. JAYJAY says:

    muzilamulira nokha

  18. Those are useless politician and are thieves mbava zakumana you take people for granted but one day you will finish misarably

  19. jack mabaso says:

    same old story, shupiti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mfwethu says:

    I thot APM said that he doesn’t want politicians who move from one party to another when he took over the presidency, now what is this? Esp on the likes of JUMBE!!!! The fall of APM has started.

  21. Ife masapota achipani cha DPP tawakana amenewa alibe tsogola labwino pa ndale.Mbiri yawo inayipa nthawi ya UDF Cashgate

  22. Lipupa says:

    Sindikudabwa nazo

  23. Skelo says:

    here we go again. Edisode 5! another old peoples home in the making and you expect Malawi to progress!

  24. stanicious says:

    I wonder why would someone with his senses intact could welcome these 2 tried, tested, failed political prostitutes who keep on revolving on the political scene for ages without a grain of substance but greedy for money and power? Peter you promised us that government will be run as an unusual is this what you mean? We read in the paper that this junkie called Katsonga could not afford to pay a bill of MK. 70’000.00 at a filling station during campain period don’t you think he is up to fattening his stomach or what new thing will he bring to a common man in the village? am told he was only voted as MP coz people have no instinctive choice, as Dausi he was graded as madeya GF 10. Friday Jumbe is the reason why ADMARC was brought to it’s sudden death bed, a man hanging on the hoover with corruption cases, a man who proclaimed himself as President of a featus party that died before seeing the light, a party that is likely not to send one of it’s members to parliament in it’s tiny entire life. The worst finance minister Malawi ever had, perhaps he is looking for small mercies from you bwana Mutharika kuti tima meeting ting’oting’onotu should be directed to Superior hotel, a hotel born out of swindled returns of ADMARC. But it’s the same thing “A PERSON WHO LEADS ASSASINS IS ALSO AN ASSASIN” i mean “A PERSON WHO LEADS THIEVIES IS ALSO A THIEF”

  25. Peter Benga says:

    Anthu opanda nzeru ngati awa i have seen in life.Thats why you miserably lost during elections.Be like kamuzu chibambo a never shaken politician

  26. peter says:

    mpaka ajumbe koma ndiye chipani chaphweka eeee dyera basi

  27. Nabetha says:

    “Election period is over and this is time to rob Malawi”. Mutharika said.

  28. MFUMU YATHU says:

    These people are next to join new dpp chakwera j.kabwira ken msonda uyu mayi uyu mumamuti ndani uyu uyu walamulira 2yrz uyu walephera pachisankhoyu uyu alikunjayu mumvaso kuti akubwerera ku dpp THEN ONE PARTY SYSTEM YATHEKA PAJA TIDATENGA KALE MULUZI

  29. galu wa galu says:

    Why is he recyclin? Come on maaan! Your late brother fired some of these people! You will end up in a mess!!

  30. geedy nd recycled politician who jst wants to inrish den selfs thru political prostitution pliz grow up shame urs

  31. chefourpence says:

    Chakwera is next! DPP woyeeeeeee! Mpakanatu 2045. 2 terms for Peter, 2 for Saulos, 2 for Atupele. Iiiiiiiii koma ndiye titopa ndikulamulira!

    1. khesha says:

      Paja prophet analosera kale nde bwino nazo zimene mukuchemersazo after all u are not God

    2. mboma says:

      wutopa ndi kulamulira koma ukugonabe kusi kwa bridge this world is very funny!!!!! me am just changing jobs yet am not lomwe and yet most lomwez akuswa khasu ku nyika republic uku, how funny this world is akulu!!!!

      1. nkhedu says:

        kkkkkk nzake wa ma seventy yuu wasogola kale kunjaku

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