Archbishop Msusa calls for oneness as Gogo Teputepu is laid to rest

Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa of the Blantyre Archdiocese and Bishop Peter  Musikuwa of Chikwawa diocese on Monday led thousands catholic faithful and other people from all walks of life including the member of parliament for Blantyre North Francis Phiso in paying their last respect to Gogo Steria Teputepu who died in the wee hours of Sunday.

Msusa at the funeral

Msusa at the funeral

A family member laying wreath

A family member laying wreath

Msusa speaking during the funeral

Msusa speaking during the funeral

Last journey for Gogo Teputepu

Last journey for Gogo Teputepu

tBefore the body of Gogo Steria  -who has been a long serving Catholic faithful, was interred, His Grace Thomas Msusa also led the people and mourners into a celebrant Holy Mass for the departed mother, who was a teacher and an adviser to many.

Speaking at the graveyard, Archbishop Musa called the faith and communities to remain united and to be of assistance to each other.
“We need to help each other to enhance our spiritual lives, we need to love each other and work together as people of God. In such a way there will be oneness.

“I am happy to see different faces from other churches who are here attending the funeral ceremony; we need to advance that spirit, lets help one another in good and bad times. If we continue to show such inspirations then there will be uniqueness and togetherness among us,” said Msusa.

While Fr. Jean Marie of Lilangwe Parish said Gogo Steria Teputepu was teacher, loving mother and a good adviser and that she dedicated her life to God.

“She used to encourage and advise me as her own son. She was conversant with roles of the priests could advise and we could always go to her to seek direction on important issues. She was of assistance to many. I ask God to receive her,” said Fr. Mari, before crowning his homily with mother Mary’s hymn ‘Ali m’manja mwa Maria’.

In condolence message, Fr. Simbota described the demise of Gogo Steria Teputepu as shocking and a big blow to him, the family and the entire congregation of Lilangwe Parish.

“She was supportive and I regarded her as my mum. I was no stranger here because everyone knew me here because of her. She continued advising me on my priesthood now and again. Today am speechless and I just ask God Almighty to be with her all the time,” said Fr. Simbota.

He further challenged the people of Lilangwe and those who attended the funeral ceremony to have faith in God saying it was God who offered free life to Gogo Steria and that the same God will receive her soul and lead her to internal peace.

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21 thoughts on “Archbishop Msusa calls for oneness as Gogo Teputepu is laid to rest”

  1. atate says:

    the way the story z written leaves alot to desire as alluded by some one area no backgrounding as to who was the Gogo and even poor wording ” internal peace” instead of eternal peace

  2. Omex70 says:

    I agree with Mwayi Lusaka, #14, the author of this story has not done a good job. This is poor journalism. In his head he think we know who gogo Teputepu was. The story needs to be re-written.

  3. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Mayiwa asiya amuna, ana ndi zizukulu zingati? RIP!

  4. Limbani Maxwell Teputepu says:

    Rest a in Peace Mom

  5. KARU UNITED says:

    Nkhani za m’mipingo.

  6. joe says:

    A reply to Nyasosera and Mwayi Lisaka

    Gogo Teputepu was the hub of Catholic in Lirangwe komanso she had a son who was a priest Father Teputepu but he passed away some years ago and was barried at Limbe Cathedral thats why you have seen huge gathering of priest


  7. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    Makolo kauseni mumtendere, tilimmbuyo mwanumo.
    Mulungu alandire mzimu wanu ndikuusamala podziwa iye. Tidziwa mzati wachoka koma chauta ndiwadongosolo.

  8. Mwayi Lusaka says:

    Poor journalism here. You are assuming that all your readers know who Gogo Teputepu was. You would have done better if you had described briefly her biographical life for the benefit of all readers who dont know her. Otherwise the reader goes home without knowing who she was other than knowing her being a teacher at some point in her life! Do not assume that all readers know all the details!

  9. Nyasosera says:

    Who and what was she. MHSRIP

  10. Angela chimtengo says:

    I knew her personally. She was a living Saint. RIP

  11. mbanjani says:

    kodi nde uti gogo ameneyu? nanunso tamalembani bwino nkhani ngati munalowa mkalasi?

  12. Bwande says:

    Can you enlighten some of us kuti Gogo Teputepu wa anali ndani kwenikweni nanga amapanga chani! enafe ndikoyamba kuwamva and yet this article just describes mmene mwambo unayendera. I should think a little background would have helped as her passing has been put in the public domain. All the same MHSRIP.

  13. Mbiyazodooka says:

    First tell us who was Gogo Teputepu and her link to the catholic church.

  14. UNECA says:

    Olo dziko lapansi mudaona atsogoleli awiri dziko limodzi.

  15. UNECA says:

    Komano mukamamwalira muzidziwa kuti mulungu ndi m’modzi osati awiri kapena atatu m’mene mumanenera muja mukawuwona moto kumeneko.

  16. lusungu says:

    I have read the whole story but I am still asking myself who was Gogo Teputepu? confused

  17. Wawa Phiri says:

    RIP Gogo Teputepu.

  18. kaka says:

    may his soul rest in pc

  19. Lydia Phiri says:

    Goodbye Gogo Steria Rest in Peace.

  20. Nathan Nkhata says:

    May her soul rest in peace

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