Archbishop Msusa clarifies on naughty cleric’s funeral ceremony: ‘He received sacrament of penance’

Archbishop Thomas Msusa of Blantyre Archdiocese has clarified on why the late Fr. Danasiano Kunkeyani was buried at Limbe cathedral and accorded a Christian burial despite being suspended by the authorities.

Clerics carrying the casket of late Fr Kunkeyani.-Photo Jeromy Kacdewere

Clerics carrying the casket of late Fr Kunkeyani.-Photo Jeromy Kacdewere

Fr Kunkeyani funeral procession

Fr Kunkeyani funeral procession.-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Fr Kunkeyani laid to rest

Fr Kunkeyani laid to rest.-Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Thousands of mourners gathered at Limbe Cathedral in the Archdiocese of Blantyre on Tuesday of 30th September, 2014 to mourn Fr. Kunkeyani who passed on early hours of Monday and was laid to rest the following day at Limbe Cemetery after requiem mass in Limbe Cathedral.

The deceased, who once served at Limbe Cathedral, Pius XII Minor Seminary, Muropwe and Namulenga Parishes, died at Mlambe Hospital after a short illness which started early weeks of September.

The deceased, who was suspended by the Archdiocesan authorities in 2010 due to inappropriate clerical life, became sick while he was in the process of coming back.

His sudden death raised a number of questions such as; where would he be buried since Catholic Priests in the Archdiocese are laid to rest at Limbe Cemetery.  How would the funeral mass be conducted in his present situation?

The mass, which was attended by three Bishops, Bishop Emeritus of Zomba Diocese, Bishop of Mangochi and Archbishop of Blantyre Archdiocese namely; Rt. Rev. Allan Chamgwera, Rt. Rev. Montfort Stima and Archbishop Thomas Msusa respectively, was celebrated by the Chairperson of Diocesan Priests in Blantyre Archdiocese Fr. Philip Mbeta.

It was mass that attracted so many priests, professed nuns and brothers and the Laity in Malawi.

During the homily, Fr. Paul Nampota of Carmelite Congregation, highlighted about the mercy of God to all his children and recalled that mass readings from the previous Sunday had been engaging people to ask questions about life. No wonder people were also compelled to ask many questions about the death of Fr. Kunkeyani and the events around it.

“We cannot run away from asking questions this week. In fact the readings this week and today are encouraging us to ask questions. And during this funeral service obviously many of you have questions in your heart and mind. God who is merciful has got the answers for all the questions we have,” said Nampota.

Notable things that were queer were as follows; the main celebrant was different, there was no chalice and stole on top of the coffin, the main choir was not engaged, just two eulogies in the Cathedral instead of normal five, only relatives and Catholic Women with wreaths laid the wreaths and the mass started at 1300 hours and not 1000 hours. Obviously to those who did not know the circumstances about this death or what was going on such things were to make them ask questions.

However, His Grace clarified on the whole issue in an interview with Nyasa Times. For instance, the Archbishop said proper procedures were followed and that it was a matter of understanding.

For instance, Msusa said the proper procedures were followed referring to the booklet titled pastoral directives on Christian burial which was produced in November1995 and signed by seven Bishops.

The bishops who signed for it then were: the late Bishop Felix Mkhori, the late Bishop James Chiona, the late Bishop Alessandro Assolari, Emeritus Bishop Allan Chamgwera, the late Bishop Gervasio Chisendera, Archbishop Tarsizio Ziyaye and Bishop Joseph Zuza.

Part of conclusion in the booklet  states that there is need for Catechesis and a call for renewed attitudes and vision.

“With the foregoing of our bishops, we your bishops intend to teach and give pastoral direction and guidelines in the area of Christian burial rites. We are aware that each one of us is our church community is invited to a change of attitude since a new pastoral approach is being presented to us. All of us; clegy, religious and laity are to be catechised,” reads part of the booklet.

“We urge our priests, our immediate co workers and all pastoral workers to draw a renewed vision from this. We ask you to consider funerals as very special opportunities and important responsibility of your ministry. These are extraordinary moments of grace when we can proclaim the powerful, consoling and hope giving word of God to our people.

“We serve a God, not of the dead but of the living and so let our celebration give living hope to our people,” it concludes.

His Grace emphasized that Christian burial is a right not a privilege and insisted that Fr Kunkeyani died while in the process of becoming back into priesthood.

He said Fr Kunkeyani’s relatives linked up with the archdiocesan authorities when the deceased was sick.

The Archdiocese took over from the relatives and started taking care of the deceased both at St. James House, where old and sick people reside, and later at Mlambe Hospital.

“All this happened because the deceased had insisted that he wanted to come back to the ministry and above all an archdiocesan priest. Fr Kunkeyani needed support physically and spiritually. Any human person needs love and care,” said His Grace.

His Grace said, when the late Fr Kunkeyani was discharged from the hospital he told him that he wanted to go back to priesthood.

“We continued to share and discuss a number of issues until he died while still in the process of coming back. Whoever is baptized as a Roman Catholic requires a Christian burial,” states His Grace.

He also emphasasized that burying  him at the Cathedral was fine because at the time of his death he was in the process of coming back.

Chipping in was Fr Boniface Tamani, who  indicate that that Kunkeyani was still a Catholic Priest by the time of his death because there was no application for laicization or special certification granting priests not to be bound by clerical obligations.

“This was never applied by the individual and the Archdiocese itself, hence he remained a priest throughout his four year absence of priestly services in the Archdiocese. I was at the hospital with him where he stressed of coming back into priesthood and we saw a strong willing in him,” said Tamani.

He also said Fr Kunkeyani received sacrament of penance, which is very important in the Catholic Church.

The deceased, who was charming, jovial, entertaining and original in his presentations, hailed from Butao Village, T/A Mlauli in Neno District. He was in the final group of priests ordained by late Archbishop James Chiona on 8th July 2000 after going to Pius XII minor Seminary in 1988 and then Kachebere and St. Peters Major Seminary in 1993 and 1997 respectively.

He was one of the brains behind ‘Machecks’ Programme on Radio Maria which became popular among the Youth in the country. He has passed away at the age of 42.

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26 thoughts on “Archbishop Msusa clarifies on naughty cleric’s funeral ceremony: ‘He received sacrament of penance’”

  1. Dr. Mango says:

    Mai mai, try to write substantiated facts and with sober mind. You can not call the man of God ‘Iwe Msusa’ He is our ArchBishop. How true is your statement that ‘All Nuns are on pills?’. Akakupangirani ma Novena muziti Chauta wakufulatirani? LET US BE CONSTRUCTIVE.

  2. Mu Eklezia says:

    My concern always has been the type of coffins our dead priests are buried in. They are sub standard. Not only there in Blantyre Arch Diocese, but all the dioceses in Malawi including here in Lilongwe. Our bishops, you need to do something about this, ist is shameful. If you cannot afford; it is better to ask well wishers they can help to accord our priests decent burials. If they were employed in government or pvt cos they would have been put in executive caskets…….eeeeiiish.


    ambuye msusa kumwamba kulibe kulowela dilu

  4. Its Good to follow the Bible, or to do things Biblically. Otherwise, we are cheating Ourselves.

  5. chekambewa says:

    But if such a thing was done by a mere christian could the priests be considerate in their acts? we have seen alot of chriatians buried in a pegan way yet they were babtised but upon committing an act contrary to the doctrine of catholics. Why beinf segregative?

  6. Nediek says:

    Go ye well, beloved Son of God. He only has unconditional Love and knows how best you lived your life on earth. Rest in Eternal Peace! Many thanks to His Grace

  7. Mbanangwa says:

    What is the fuss all about? You judge otherbpeoplevtoo much. 90% of you guys commenting here have spare wives or concubines. Do why attack the Ctholics? Azibusa athuwa akuchimwa ka ngati? Za mbiri sizimangothera ku session. The Catholics suffer a lot just because they have chosen a different life stle .SHAME, KUSOWA CHA KUKAMBA PA MALAWI. WAZELEZA . Talk about education system and what they have done at Nkhata-Bay Secondary School by not selecting boys from Nkhata. This secondary school should now be urned into a district secondary school. It Gould no longer be a national school. Mwavwa Ada imwi. Foseki.

  8. Magaseni says:

    Akulu akulu choonde musatisokoneze, aliense ali ndi malamulo ake. Chalakwika ndi chiani apa? munthu waikidwa mwambo wa chikhristu bwinobwino sanaikidwe ngati opanda mpingo ai.Kodi inuyo ABUSA kaya MUMATI NDANI zikatere mumatani? ngati panali zolakwika kaya panalibe akadziwa ndi MULUNGU. Why kulimbana ndi CATHOLIC??????

  9. Dyeratu says:

    Wasala FR Nkula,too much chasing women

  10. wangalusa says:

    Munthu akalakwa amazudzulidwa ndi anthu. Kudzudzula si kuweruza. Kudzudzula ndi kumuuza munthu kuti walakwitsa machitidwe a zinthu. Ndipo kudzudzulana ndi kwabwino. To reprimand my brothers & sisters is not to judge.

  11. dadaboma says:

    Catholic clergy you are wrong to discriminate between who deserves full christian burial and who does not. You should bury everyone in the same way. Judgement is not for you – it is for God alone, the only one who knows who is His and who is not. For you, and all other humans, you just need to treat everyone the same way. Do not quote documents written by humans to direct you on how to deal with people. Use the Bible and especially the example of Jesus. Let “wheat grow together with grass, only God will tell them apart when they come to Him”. All humans are sinners, even you clergy, you have sins of your own, some of which you may not know. So don’t magnify the sins of others; after all, the reasons you denied Fr Kunkeyani full christian burial is merely because he had chosen to marry. Now where in the Bible is marrying a sin? Even if Paul advised church leaders not to marry or marry one wife and have one ass or mule he did not say failure to obey this is tantamount to sin. Adultery and fornication and sodomy are expressly said to be sins in the Bible but not marrying, even if it means marrying more than one wife or marrying without church blessing. So why are shaming the dead like that? Are you without sin? Pls repent – you’ve done wrong to this late Fr and his family.

  12. MaiMai says:

    Catholics you seem to judge fr Kunkeyani because he was married. Why? Msosa iweyo witj so many Priests around the globe you abuse boys Not even girls BOYS So what can you tell us. ..

    All Nuns are on pills and hammered left, right, centre with you fathers but because you are not caught when you die you will have dignified funeral rituals. .idiots. .

    any priest who has not sinned or is not sinning throw the first stone on father Kunkeyani. ..

  13. eye eye says:

    The problem may also be with the understanding and interpretation of celibacy by these mundane ‘PRIESTS’: other priests take it that celibacy primarily means not to marry (asakwatile) but not necessarily to be sexually abstinent…

  14. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    It’s only the day of judgement which will determined the good and the bad. We are all waiting for that day.

  15. Prof Mathwes says:

    My condolences But do you know that at Press Corp and Nat Bank executives are getting K 8 million per month as Car Allowance 96 million per annum

    That’s Malawi one of the poorest

    1. Ma says:

      Mk7m per month or per year? If per month then thats wonderful! You need to join that bank my brother than crying here on papers. It’s a private company not government. ..after all banks makes billions of kwachas within 6 months as profits.

      No mercy

  16. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    Inenso ndikudabwa kuti wansembe akangofa mumakhala nazo bizy a Nyasatimes. Mipingo inayi bwanji abusa sakufa? Rest in peace alumni at Pius. A Njazi!

  17. Yobe boo says:

    An Article POORLY written, the author can hardly come to a point in his presentation. Facts poorly coordinated

  18. Young G says:

    He know what he was doing by having five children,its not easy these days to have children,
    God bless you as you left your legacy forever on earth and your children will always remember and thank you for that practically. RIP.

  19. Gad says:

    u shud publish all comments.musakhomelele coz mwaikapo nokha nkhaniyi.

  20. V1 says:

    He was a real father,mpaka 5 children + zizukulu mabi pompo,eeeh,..koma sikuti ndiyekhayi enaso tikukuziwani ndinuso ena mwa alamu athu…

  21. Achalume Aweje Galvanised Pipe says:

    What else does one need. I salute bishop Msusa for the bold stand he took. We have all sinned it is not for man to judge but God may the soul of Fr Kunkeyani rip

  22. Chikoko says:

    This is wake up call for the catholic church especially to young seminarians. Please if you have chosen this difficult life remember the consequences. Do not go to this life when u know you cannot manage. Mukumatipangisa manyazi kwambiri inu ansembe busy chasing women ma parishmu. If you cannot manage to be celibate do not go to priesthood study hard and become educated and good christians. There are people who are celibate not all of you.

  23. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Omwe asakumvetsawo ndi ana anjoka. Palibe comwe cinalakwikapo pamenepa. Amaweluza ndimwini wake mulungu. Takunyadilani ambuye msusa polimba mtima kuika maliro mcikatolika. Izi zipangitsanso amsembe ena omwe samamvetsa mkristu wawo wofuna kubwelera kumpingo. Mwaonetsa ukulu wonse ndimzeru zanu zakuya.

  24. Yes the image of the church and even the image of Christ is supposed to be cleaned. Remember Veronica ? Anasangula nkhope ya yesu, yoyipa ndi magadzi , thukuta ndi chitambaya chake ku nkhope ya Yesu iwoneke momwe inaliri. Chimodzimodzi mpingoso tiyenera kuutetedza nd kuyeretsa.

  25. Che Mb'wana Nkolokosa says:

    cleaning the image of the church he he he, am not surprised why nyasa times favours Catholic because your editor Thom Chiumia is a staunch catholic

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