Athletes chase away Luanar students from Kamuzu Institute

Irate athletes who were training at Kamuzu Institute for Youth in Lilongwe on Tuesday chased away students from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) as misunderstandings over the place deepens.

Kamuzu Institute for Sports

Kamuzu Institute for Sports

One athlete told Nyasa Times that the students arrived at the sports facility around 10am for inspection but kept on disturbing athletes who were doing both indoor and outdoor training.

This annoyed the athletes who chased away the unsuspecting students and they never returned.

This is just a symptom of huge misunderstanding between Malawi Sports Council and Ministry of Youth and Sports following government decision to take away the sports facility from the sports council to the sports ministry.

Ministry of Youth and Sports Council spokesperson Christopher Ngukwa confirmed the incident.

“Luanar wants to use two of the many rooms at the institute. Others will continue using the other rooms for their indoor and outdoor sports activities. We will make a well laid down program on how to use the facility,” said Ngukwa.

Luanar officials could not be reached for comment on how they intend the rooms at the institute as classes with noise coming from training athletes.

But minister of Youth and Sports Grace Chiumia hinted earlier that the athletes will now be allowed to use the facility on weekends only.

The institute was constructed during the reign of first head of state Kamuzu Banda for both indoor and outdoor sports activities and was mainly used by the former paramilitary wing of the Malawi Congress Party, the infamous Malawi Young Pioneers which was forcibly disarmed by the Malawi Army soldiers who also torched and damaged the institute as it was regarded as a mini base of the MYP.

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6 thoughts on “Athletes chase away Luanar students from Kamuzu Institute”

  1. cross says:


  2. chimus says:

    iwe welesike upange zako isitute ndi ya mcp ukachita masewela udzafa osadwala madandaulo awanthu fodya akugulidwa mwakuba azungu udawakwezela msokho ukufa ndinthenda ya DPP YOMWE IDATENGA WELESIKE WAMKULU UJA . ZIKOMO NDINE WAKO WODYA MANGO MMALO MWASIMA KOMA IWE YO KUKAMWA KOPHWANYIKAKO UDADYAPO MANGO?

  3. pido says:

    Reporters o not mislead people. The Kamuzu Institute for Sports was solely built for sports issues in 1970 by Israeli People. The 1978-9 Eastern Central Challenge Cup was played there thus way back before M.Y.P came to the place. In fact MYP people came to Kamuzu Institute for Sport in 1984 to occupy only two offices for their operations. I have said this because the beginning of the problem was that Mwandidya, Mfune and others distort the infromation by saying that Kamuzu Institute was for Youth and not Sports. This is what prompted Minister of Sports and Culture to chase away M.N.C.S with a mind that M.N.C.S and the then PS and Director were eating money realized from the institute yet its not. Minister of Sport forgot that implementation of government policies requires parastatals that are enabled infrastructurally and in Human resource. What the Minister of Sports is concentrating is in an area of money forgetting its operational needs. She forgets that she is well known because of sports and not youth as the used to say with her confused and in experienced called Chief Director. Youth activities in the name of their insignificant programs are nowhere to be seen as having impacts. Also the Minister is mislead by saying sports is a small component of youth activitues. She has to be taugt that sports is not only for the youth but the entire society and community for commercial, health fitness, entertainment and international solidalities. The youth as she calls are just the destructive elements in the country as one may puts through requesting for handouts, pouncing on people andf vis avis. Let the Minister reflect what she intends to do to sports if its not killing the sector whose benefits are enjoyed by her self. Sometimes its pity that the people working for the same Ministry would like to kill the Ministry through their myopic administration and politics. Also there are some officials in the same Department of Sports who claim that they do not know what M.N.C.S does yet they are in senior positions. If such an officer exists in the Dedpartment it means he is wrongly placed as he does not know what he is doing. It is either that he does not know his work or he is a free rider who doesn’t know why he is there.

    All this is just because the Minister for the Ministry is wrongly place, the Chief Director doent know why he is in the Ministry of Sports and some Officials for the Department of Sport in senior positions do not know their job and the reason they are there.

  4. WAMISALA says:



  5. chimanyisko says:

    Bwampini akutsegulira ka nseu ka 13km kaja anati 31yrs mcp sinapange kalikose. Koma Bunda + NRC Zose za mcp. Likewise Kamuzu institute. DPP 3terms failing jst to build additional classes.

  6. mogasa club member says:

    kukanganilana katundu okusuyilani kamuzu. what a bunch of faliures we are. so sad to see kuti tikulephela kupitiliza pamene anasiya amunamuna hastings. RIP alidzi

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