Atupele articulates Mutharika’s vision for Malawi ‘rebirth’: Launches Escom service charter

As if to add credit to reports of a ‘governing pact’ between UDF and DPP,  Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Atupele Muluzi  – the UDF president – used the launch of Escom customer service charter at Crossroad Hotel in Lilongwe on Thursday to articulate the vision of President Prof Peter Mutharika.

Atupele: Set out to deliver on Mutharika’s overarching vision

Atupele: Set out to deliver on Mutharika’s overarching vision

Muluzi, said the government is set out to deliver on Mutharika’s overarching vision, which he said is to bring about people-cantered economic growth at the rate of 7.5 % in the next 5 years.

“Our President speaks of inaugurating the rebirth of our nation, the lost dreams of our forefathers and fallen heroes. He speaks of pursuing our dreams that know no limits, no boundaries, and no skies. He has asserted that we declare ourselves ready for the next 50 years,” said Muluzi, adding “we therefore, cannot miss the opportunity to do so.”

In the same mode and delivery he made when he touted an ‘agenda for change’, Muluzi said over the past months, the Mutharika administration has had the opportunity to listen hard to what ordinary Malawians want and are saying.

“Malawians care for their country and they want it to prosper as well as assume its rightful place among other giants and economies within the region and beyond.  Secondly, Malawians (especially the youth), want their economy to grow inclusively and to be guaranteed jobs, access to services, among others. Third, Malawians want inclusive and transparent institutions that ensure that resources invested in key sectors such as energy are used for their intended purpose,” he said.

Muluzi said his Ministry will soon unveil its four year energy plan which amongst others seeks to upgrade the transmission and distribution systems to reduce energy losses and improve both energy efficiency and transmission interconnections to diversify supply sources.

It will also increase the efficiency and capacity for electricity generation through the construction of new power plants.

He said the plans seeks to stay on course to meet maximum demand of 700 MW by 2018 and cater for needs of domestic customers expected to rise by 1 Million in 2030 and this includes extensive roll-out of the Malawi Rural Electrification Programme (MAREP) across the country.

Muluzi said the plan will establish critical fuel reserves in major cities of the country.

It will also reform power tariffs and address inefficiencies such as by ensuring 100% collection of bill payments, better recovery of costs, maintenance, distribution losses and capital budget execution.

“The Energy plan, once launched, intends to ensure that my Ministry delivers on its priorities within the context of the plan and delivers them well. Demonstrates results and that it is held to account for those results,” said Muluzi.

Muluzi said public services are not a privilege but they are “a legitimate expectation” that is why government recognizes the need for institutions to optimize access to their services to all Malawians, within the context of fiscal constraints and competing needs.

He said ESCOM has developed a Service Charter at a point where its installed capacity is just enough to meet its demand.

Muluzi said with high urbanization and growth in the housing and construction sector, ESCOM needs to embark on its expansion and rehabilitation programme for both transmission and distribution networks to be ahead of the game.

“My Ministry will give ESCOM all the support required to supply reliable, quality power and to improve its service delivery.  The energy sector is a catalyst for economic change and transformation,” he said.

Muluzi said government longs for a day when ESCOM will eliminate blackouts or load shedding, a day when customer connections to power is done within 24-48 hours and indeed a day when the country will have “Power all Day every day” and Not “Moving towards Power’, saying “that is the day when the citizens of Malawi will have enhanced confidence in the services of ESCOM.”

He acknowledged efforts ESCOM is undertaking to improve service delivery and in its quest to supply reliable power to the country, saying the efforts will significantly contribute to the growth of the economy.

“I am delighted that ESCOM has embarked on this journey to improve service delivery and promote accountability to its stakeholders through the introduction of the Customer Service Charter,” he said.

However, he said the improvements in ESCOM’s service delivery may not happen overnight as it is a process that requires patience and support from all stakeholders.

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41 thoughts on “Atupele articulates Mutharika’s vision for Malawi ‘rebirth’: Launches Escom service charter”

  1. Usher says:

    Ung”onoungono womweo chalakwikanso mchani go ahead baba tili pambuo panu

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  3. Thanks Atupele. Zisankho zikatha anthu onse a dziko limodzi amayenera kubwera pamodzi ndi kutukula dziko lawo. musamvere ma devil enawa ai.

    Ma germans ndi ma British anamenyanapo koma lero akugwirira ntchito limkdzi ngati EU memberstates bvuto palimbe.

    lekani mabodza. muluzi go konko mwera ituykuke ndi dziko lonse la malawi lione kuti APM ali ndi mtima wachizungu osamvera mabodza.

  4. The Patriot says:

    There goes “Agenda for Change”!!! Gone with the winds of greed! Have you Atupele that some poor soul in Mangochi died because he strongly believed that DPP stole the vote and was shot while demonstrating the May 20 results? How do you repay such a martyr? Joining with fraudsters to develop what? Your pockets and family ambitions of course! Zavuta ndi ngongole kapena za campaign?

    1. A baby dyera ngati mwadya

    2. mill says:

      Nanunso a Number 31 Nzeru mulibe eti? inutu ndianthu aja oyambitsa ziwawa zandaletu pano zinatha chatsala ndichibale basi ngati ukufuna za milandu kampute J.Kabwila uone nyekhwe . APM go AUM go izi nde ndale zachizungu izi.

  5. Wggondwe says:

    Mzuzu towards getting darker by the day,search me if am wrong

  6. Jelbin mk says:

    Atupele us simply known as a political prostitute

  7. hotlips says:

    Those who understand the Agenda for Change will note that now UDF is starting to implement its policies within the government framework. Keep it up Atupele.

  8. WISDOM MWANZA says:

    My fellow Malawians, it is organisations like ESCOM which are helping the establishment of corruption in this country. This organisation has forced Malawians to become corrupt people because if you need services from them, you have to oil the palms of their workers. Unless their bosses are very blind, they know what is happening. Most of leaders for ESCOM are not fit for purpose. Rather than boring us with what his boss is thinking, Muluzi should be busy cleaning this polluted organisation. If we Malawians are serious about corruption, we should look at this organisation very seriously rather than conforming. We should not pay for the services twice Malawians because as you can see, we are not rich people most of us.

  9. Chipapwiche says:

    An agenda for change that had no agenda and brought no change!

  10. GONANI says:

    Kodi a minister, nkhopeyi yafiira ndi chiyani? bwinotu! Kuchokera nthawi yomwe munakwatira yija mpakana pano sindikukuonani bwino. Komanso mbonga chimeteleni – kodi mumabisa dazi kapena chiyani?

  11. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Well said Atupele. But work for the government and the nation and not as a president’s ‘boot-linker’. High tarrifs on already weeping Malawians is very bad. You are very very rich from what your father had stolen. Malawians are poor and need cheaper electricity, period. ESCOM staff get high, high, high salaries and allowances. They don’t care, need even more money!!! We need more and quick electrification the poor township and rural dwellers. That’s the only way our trees, rivers, mountains and forests will environmentally survive – Not the flowery language of praising the president and theory you read in your speech to keep your personal income flowing.


    Ndiye!!!!! Kungofuna kuti belapo apa!!

  13. peter says:

    Chipani cha UDF chathapoapa.

  14. tsamba says:

    Uno’ono ung’ono, mwana wa kuchitekete. Achalume. plus APM ndiye moto kungoti buuuuuuuuuu

    This country is destined for progress and prosperity. Olo mutukwane chotani. zinthu ziyenda basi. Ask Lucius Banda pa Balaka.

    Ife nganganga pambuyo pa APM ndi D Phi phiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  15. Kanyimbi says:

    Mwana ndiwochenjera uyu. Ngakhale ine Kanyimbi ndimamupatsa ulemu. Kumachenjera pa tawoni.

  16. Chilima wa tuma change says:

    DPP & UDF marriage is a bad omen to this country. This is a marriage of two armed robbers 1.7 billion & 92 billion articulating programs of defrauding Malawians. Its only mediocres that will believe them I for one am not convinced. Boko haraam versus backbencher what a combination of sins

  17. tsetsefly says:

    congratulations Escom for the service charter. It remains to be seen if you will live by it. One of the most inefficient and corrupt organisations in this country is you Escom. To get power connection is still a tallest order I have never seen before. If you were not a monopoly you could have been dead and buried by now. So please wake up. How I wish this service charter had an element of reorganisation. Your biggest challenge as a compnay is the fact that you intertain dishonesty and lack of integrity.

  18. Rodney Moya says:

    enough of the politics we want development

  19. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I agree with all those who have labelled Atupele’s speech empty. It is full of platitudes and generalisations. I am not surprised that Atupele allowed himself to be swallowed by DPP. I again challenge Atupele and DPP Govt of Peter Mutharika to initiate critical non partisan debate on how to develop Malawi in the next 50years. The truth is that while few people are enriching themselves the majority are getting poorer and poorer. What is the DPP Govt doing to address the skewed income distribution?

  20. Oops says:

    I don’t want a leader who is easily influence by power and the desire for the lime light like Atupele.. What happened to agenda for change? I’m so dissappointed

  21. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Corruption, even petty corruption, is rampant in many of our quasi-government organizations, like ESCOM. The minister knows this; and he should call out the leadership on this issue. Why should I have to palm someone’s hands just to get power connected to a new house or business? This is absolutely illegal, but is done openly. Why? Hear me out, ESCOM executives!

  22. Bololo says:

    Ung’ono ung’ono is my indirect relation from mother’s side, Msinja, koma aukazinga mmafuta a transformer. Ndalira.

  23. MMALAWI says:

    Waste of space and my time. I thought the function was for launching ESCOM Customer Charter! Yet all I get is govt energy policy with no articulation of what is contained in the charter. And when will we start to attribute policies to the government of Malawi and not Presidents as individuals? Small wonder then that the policies disappear together with the vacation of the office by the individual. Shame, shame and more shame

    1. Hyphen Tambala says:

      Up to when will u be deceiving innocent Malawians about a better change?; good visions for development tend to be sweeter when they are, eventually, taken into action. The governance is said to be good when the costructive promises you make are fulfilled. No man is greatful for the sake of a word but for the fulfillmen of a word!

    2. EEditu eeh. this guy is full of paper talk, nothing practical. during campaign he couldnt come out clearly what agenda for change was all about and how he was going to achieve it. I also hate personalising government policies or projects to individual presidents

  24. marin says:

    Atupele betrayed the youth of this country and its obvious that peaple will never side with him again. He could have allowed the his party joining government without him accepting any post.
    By mapiko

  25. Kwame says:

    A ung’ono ung’ono tazingodyani ma bans akufumbatisani a dpp. Magesi akungozimazima apa. Bola nthawi ya jb kuzima zima kwa magesi kunalibe. Ma tariff a magesi too high koma magesi chizilenicho. Osaukafe tikuvutika kupeza ndalama zolipilira magesi. Fosek

  26. Patriot says:

    I don’t like politicians, all they do is talk talk talk but fail to deliver on their promises. I think it’s clear these guys are just more about fattening their pockets than developing the nation. It’s high time we allow the private sector to play a huge role in developing this country, the government is clearly failing to fulfill that task

  27. Anjiba says:

    Abale inu don,t politicize every issue. This issue is of national importance. Inu aPP munalephelesa Magesi durinf Bingu’s era simply because of politics. You do not wish our country well. All you need is power. Koma ndiye Amalawi anakuonetsani zakuda pachisankho. Panu mwayamba kufuna chitaganya ndi a Congress. Kodi ndai mayesza Kamuzu amati chitaganya ndi conunkha. Mulibe ideaology you will in opposition forever. The only eelection Munawina inu aCongress ndinthawi ya asamunda. You have no strategy at all. Ndiye mungayendentse Dziko?

  28. Clinton says:

    Waste of time. The only honest leadership that we had in Malawi since the inception of multiparty politics is the years between 2004 & 2009. Zinazi kungofuna kupusitsa anthu basi.

  29. chipwayira says:

    Good to be back where you belong your Coalition has a hiden agenda.

  30. saulos washala says:

    We still have people who post comments here and they completely fail to differentiate between party politics and government business. We all need power and all these visions we have for sme’s growth into big business will remain a pipe dream if we have such warped thinking.
    Atupele is spot on and we should not criticize for the sake criticizing because he is UDf.

  31. ujeni says:

    Stop telling us poems, you think we all kids in Malawi. You jump from one bed to another every election cycle you greedy selfish boy

  32. Kuphwisa says:

    Basi,agenda for change yathela pamenepa. Tikuyamikileni a UDF mwachita bwino nambala ya zipani ichepe,bola tikhale ndi DPP yomwe yameza UDF ,MCP ndi PP zipani zitatu.

    1. Nyasa says:

      PP yakutinso nanu apa? You mean you don’t know kuti PP inanyamuka kalekale pano tikambapa yafika kale kumpumulo wabata? Believe you me PP idatha pa 20 May, 2014.

  33. mkotamo kandere tc says:

    its nt time to articulate but to boost economy

  34. Pichi says:

    Akulu akulu pholoso linali losathandiza anta. What Atupere is saying here are energy policies for Malawi, they may carry political names like APM koma its for Malawi. Whats wrong with this? We cannot advance if we keep on attaching names to Malawian policies, If you have issues with the policies voice them up and contribute positively to Malawi.

    1. Patriot says:


Comments are closed.

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