Atupele reconnecting with voters: Says UDF agenda is ‘Malawi first’

The United Democratic Front (UDF) president Atupele  Austin (AA) Muluzi  says the UDF party  agenda is “Malawi first”and  that  the rest  comes  secondary.

Atupele Muluzi: Rejuvinating UDF party

UDF officials at the rally in Chikwawa

Atupele Muluzi motorcade in Chikwawa

Crowds that attended a rally by UDP president Atupele Muluzi in Chikwawa

The UDF leader, who is also Minister of Lands in the President Peter Mutharika cabinet, said this  on Sunday  at Mitondo Primary  School  ground  in Chikwawa East  Constituency.

Atupele,  who was  accompanied  by  a contingent  of  UDF members  of  parliament  told thousands  of jubilant  UDF  supporters  that  as leader  of the UDF  party , his priority  is to make  sure  that he  preaches  unity  and  development  pledged  that  he will  make  sure  that  all the  members  of parliament  who  won on the party  ticket are  given  the  necessary  support  so that  they  should  deliver  in their  constituencies.

“Our agenda is  Malawi  first  and  rest  is secondary,” said AA Muluzi.

“We want  development  in the areas  where  we are  coming  from  and is  what   we are  going  to  do and  not waste time  on petty politics,” said  the UDF leader.

He told  the supporters  that  members of  parliament  will be  judged  by  what  they  delivered in their respective  constituencies  and  nothing else.

AA Muluzi added: “Some  misguided  people   will talk negative  things  about  us  but  that  should  not  make  us lose  our focus. We need to be united  and  make  the UDF  party  mighty  again.”

The UDF president said  the  country  can  not   develop  if  political  leaders spend  more  time  castigating  each  instead  of being  united  and  plan  on how  the  country  can attain  sustainable  development.

He told  the  gathering  that  much  as ” we can  not  all belong  to  one  political party  at least we must  talk the same language  when it comes  to  develop “.

However,  he said  that  can  only  be  achieved  if  political  leaders can set  aside  their  egos  and  put  Malawi  first.

At the rally,  the third in a series this  year,  Atupele  took  time  to thank  the  people  of Chikwawa  East  for  voting  for  UDF  member of parliament.

On his  part  the MP for the area Rodrick Khumbanyiwa thanked  the  UDF president  for  visiting  his constituency saying  that  will  honour  to him  and the  people  the voters.

Khumbanyiwa  told  Muluzi that  with the support  that  he is getting  from  him as  a leader  he was do certain of returning   his seat come  2019 general  elections.

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Zander mutiuze

If in Malawi think Atupele van be a leader then we better ask Britain to rule US. Malawi can be better with Britain than Muluzi, Munthalikasand Bandas. NO more familj leaders. DDP and UDF is family parties we dont want them anymore. Who can trust Atupele? A man Who does not know where he belong. He goes where money is. Empty head like his father. Malawians are not stupid anymore.

Thako la Nkhuku

Mwana wopusa kwambiri!

Mikonga -Sebo
OSADANDA BWANA, DZIKO KAPENA KUNENA KUTI CHISANKHO AMAWINA NDI MMODZI NGAKHALE CHOBELA. ZOONA NTHAWI YOTANGWANIKA NDI NDALE SIINO INOYO NDI NTHAWI YOTUKULA MALAWI KUTI IPITE CHITSOGOLO…….Let then talk their trash don’t bother with these hyenas they Will never appreciate the noble duty you are doing to these poor nation. These hyenas were expecting from you doing trash politics against the APM so that Malawi should trail behind because politics,envy and jealousy but alas what these hyenas achieved is zero out of 10….. Keep telling them that malawians do not eat politics…. I salute yyou the noble, respect, humble and patriotism… Read more »
Madunvi Khovani
Presidency is not chieftancy that it goes via blood relations, NO. If your father assisted by time and events became a president it does not mean you too should expect to become one. No it does work like that, the dynamics then and now quite different. Firstly, you were not a politician your father forced you but you’re failing miserably. Secondly, associating with DPP you killed udf. Thirdly, you got educated, though with lots of supplimentaries, in UK and we fed up with Matchona ruling our country. The distance is so wide with the ordinary Malawian and immigrants do not… Read more »

Who are you fooling Atupele? Grow up. You are DPP to the core


Mr.Muluzi, you are totally wrong and misguided. You say UDF’s agenda is Malawi first in terms of development. What development have you witnessed under DPP government? Look at the mess with FISP, high price of maize at ADMARC, the maizegate, poor health services delivery in hospitals etc. Is this the agenda of UDF? Frankly speaking, you have taken a wrong path with no hope at all for Malawians.

Padambo Njobvuyalema
Atupele’s main problem is that he is more of a DPP member than a UDF president. Frankly speaking, this young man can be rated as the biggest crowd puller when it comes to politics in Malawi. He is a human magnate, pulling along even those who do not like him. People just feel excited to see him close. All Atupele needs is a good strategy and a clear path he is walking. Whilst he is busy with his national ministerial duties in the DPP -led government, he must empower and allow his party (UDF) to continue operating at all levels.… Read more »

leave Lucius alone .

Ibrahm wa ziyambo sanudi

Abwana apatu NDE zikuvuta Ku kumva kupilira ni kwake,,,sinanga mukumakasewela ndimikango ,kudya nayo limodzi,,NDE mukabwera kwa ife tikumaopa kuti ,,nsangala izi,,za UNAMI ,,I think tsiku lina mudzakhala serious, mudzakatipelela kwamikango,,chonde bwana ganizani bhobho,, ng’ona sitidzimangira khola,,zikuthira ziweto yooo


Hmmm, so you can’t even think of your own slogan! Donald Trump used “America First” and you copy and come up with “Malawi First”, you can do better than that UDF!!

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