Atupele says UDF supporting ‘Malawian agenda not personal one’

Malawi’s Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Atupele Muluzi, who is also president of United Democratic Front (UDF) has said he and the party are serving the people by supporting transformative leadership in working with the DPP administration.

President Mutharika and Minister Atupele: Malawi agenda

President Mutharika and Minister Atupele: Malawi agenda

Critics have accused Atupele of  selling the DPP agenda and sending UDF into oblivion but the minister has stated that it is a Malawian agenda not a personal one.

“Politics is a service, so it is not about personal benefits. We now have great opportunities to transform lives ,” said Atupele during an interview with one of the local TV stations over the weekend.

Atupele said he accepted to serve in President Arthur Peter Mutharika cabinet  n because he was inspired by Mutharika’s willingness to change the old ways of policy implementation.

He denied letting down the young generation that he excited during the campaign, saying, “The core values that I believe in are still intact.”

UDF leader in parliament, Lucius Banda on Monday also told Capital Radio that opposition role is not necessarily to take confrontation path.

“Politics of opposition anything for the sake of opposing has no value in the modern world. We will offer constructive criticism and as well suggest alternatives,” Banda.

Banda said UDF wants to contribute to national development by serving the people progressively than being adversaries to the powers that be.

University of Malawi political commentator, Simbarashe Mungoshi   of the Polytechnic said: “Normally, the trend in Malawi is that when smaller parties find themselves in a coalition with a bigger party, they get swallowed up.”

UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga denied that the party will be swallowed.

“UDF cannot be swallowed. The governing pact between DPP and UDF is for the good of the nation,” he added.

Ndanga said UDF will oppose where necessary and would also be at liberty to support good policies.

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38 thoughts on “Atupele says UDF supporting ‘Malawian agenda not personal one’”

  1. alpha says:



    Mukuganiza kuti Saulosi angataye nthawi ndi kumachitira nsanje Atupele pa ubale wake ndi APM? Ndikukayika kwambiri. He is mature and happy. He is an accomplished technical person. I have no ties with him, rest assured for that.
    I would like to bring in a fresh though, ladies and gentlemen. APM and Atupele have spent a greater time of their life away from the mother land. Ali ndi moyo wa”Chizungu”. Nanga a Malawi simumakonda moyo wachingerezi? That is their meeting point. Inu ndi ine tibatuwa nkumatukwana pa Nyasa pano……

  3. KUNGOTI says:

    Nonse ndakuwerengani. Choyamba, anthu sitikutha kuona kuti ubale uli apa si wa zipani ayi, ukanakhala ndi wa zipani akanasayinira mgwirizano monga ALLIANCE, kapena MERGER, kapena WORKING RELATION IN PARLIAMENT, ubalewutu ndi wa m’mabanja, banja la a Muluzi ndi APM, anthuwa chilipo chomwe a ku pepelerana. Ubale wa zipani at least timaudindo tiwiri titatu akadagawana, koma apa palibe, kupatulapo Atupere yekha, koma Exucutive member ndani wadandaulapo kupatula Ian kanyuka, yemwe tikuonaponso kuti ikanakhala funso lawo ndi la jenuwini akadafunsa pachiyambi chomwe, koma nawonso anali ndi nkhani yomwe sakanatha kutiwuza. Choncho anthu we are just chasing shadows coz the reality we can just imagine, what was the BOND they made To cut corner, to upset the upright? No. sanagulitse chipani koma chipani chizigulitsa chokha ngati otsatirawo angozitengera osaonetsetsa kuti chikichitika ndi chiyani. Save Your Right, You Brought it.

  4. Sibonda says:

    This is a classic example of conflict of interests. It rarely works.

  5. zachibwana says:

    Dts hw people wth stupid minds take t,that time you were saying Atupele is not supposed to rule this country because he dont have any experience,now he is a minister gaining the experience you were talking about and you are saying no wagulitsa chipani,mumafuna experience akaitengere kukhomo kwamanu?Akati chipani chotsutsa basi azingotsutsa ziri zose?shupiti zanu

  6. Aseleka says:

    Good move Mr President,we are living in democratic despensation where our core role is to serve thw whole Malawi…….Politics is aservice so let the Malawian Agenda prevail…..Dzuka,Malawi,Dzuka

  7. Kadakwiza says:

    @ Imraan, let me remind you my brother, Malawians are suffering today because of politicians like Atupele. Selfish, oppressors, they are not helping ATA! They are there to enrich themselves. Soon or later we will hear that Atupele is Second Vice president. Is that what you Malawi to be Mr. Imraan? Everything south? Mr. Imraan we want Malawi to be balanced and unified. To be ONE NATION, ONE MAlAWI. Osakokera chili chonse mbali yimodzi.

  8. Azijo says:

    Time to make money no more politics. Lets love our country but for sure Malawi will never develop unless someone is deployed if not employed as CEO of the Republic of Malawi not president through rigged votes.

  9. Tengupenya says:

    All parties in parliament are in government. The notion of an opposition must be understood in the context of offering alternatives as well as checks and balances. So the so called opposition firmly shares the blemishes in government each time they fail to provide counsel to government prior to failures.

  10. Litongo says:

    Iwe no 23 kuphwisa mwano kwake kumeneko ndie kuli bwino dzikoli tigawane achawa mukhale ndi alomwe anuwo.

  11. What I know is people rejoice when enemy falls, you would rejoice if Atupele has really fallen—-the difference between Dpp/McP and UDF is that “we” don’t let jealous overcrowd our judgement,the word jealous does not exist in Atupele’s vocabulary
    Come on “neighbours” the love of our country should be supreme here
    When donors decided to withhold aid we heard different tunes of ulutation from McP/PP cadres,i sat and wept asking myself in the process if these guys really loves their country
    Leave UDF and its leadership alone and mind your own business

  12. Gog says:

    Musiyeni akokere kaye adzadana 2018, at same time he is gaining experience and sping DPP weakenesses and strengths

  13. Imraan Sadick says:

    All those who are saying bad about Hon. Atupele Muluzi , we know who has sent you . Saulosi Chilima is having sleepless nights because of the good friendship between APM and Hon. Atupele Muluzi . No matter what bad things you say here, we genuine UDF people will continue supporting APM and his government . And thats why UDF MPs will support the Bill to amend Section 83 of the constitution which is coming very soon in parliament so that VP does not automatically take over as president when the President dies in office . Mulira mutopa but Malawi’s presidents will only rotate between Yao’s and Lomwe’s basi . Achewa, Angoni, Atumbuka, you will never smell the State House .

    1. Sub T/A says:

      M’jomba chesadik awecheteje chenene most of us are udf die hard supporters from central region let me tell you that we don’t vote for someone just because he or she is my relative,friend,tribe or religious.We vote for one who we feel is wise with leadership quality and let me tell you that after the announcement of votes that day we were shocked.Today I see honourable Atupele making friendship with the same man he was accusing he stole his votes.honestly this is the end of my party.I must now get another party because I can’t afford to follow dpp style I didn’t know your plan I am sorry

    2. Disclaimer: this is not real Imraan Sadick

  14. Malawi wa Lero says:

    If u cant beat them, join them. Thats Atupele style. The way he miserably failed on past election, he shud not have rushed to join DPP. He shud have looked at what went wrong and worked on that. It will not be easy this time around to go back to electorates and say i can be a President. At what point will he star getting prepared for next elections? When he is booted out as Minister? Atupele has shown that he is not Presidential material.

  15. Msadane says:

    Koma mkulu ameneyi tsogolo la UDF lilipo? Titelo kuti kumene aliku nkusowa pogwiratu eti?

  16. Kalekeni Kaphwise says:

    The problem here is not political . It is financial . The Muluzi family is dead broke . Muluzi Snr squandered all the money he made when he was State President . Now they don’t have any businesses to talk about, not even a grocery shop to point at . So , young Muluzi has to survive by joining any government of the day . It is a simple matter of personal survival . The UDF Party is simply used as a tool or vehicle for personal survival issues .

  17. Malindima says:

    And if it happens in UK with the Conservative party why would it be wrong with Us here?

    1. ujeni says:

      Do you know how UK is governed? In general elections do they vote for a Prime Minister or a party? Know this then come back and reply to my comment. Ignorance baba.

  18. BalakaGuy says:

    UDF and DPP did alot of damage to this country?aaaa ok UDFmay be yes but DPP aaa no

  19. kaukonde says:

    UDF ndiwakazi wathu.

  20. Matako says:

    what policies is Atupele espousing? If anything this young man whom I once admired has become a boot licker. He is more of a hand clapper who is stuck up APM’s ass so deep that you can not even see his shoe laces. What policies has he implemented since he became a minister? Which policies can he tell Malawians that he even helped develop? If anything he is towing the line with a hope that Chilima will be side lined thereby making him a potential successor. Yes the political analysts are correct. The plan is to have the young Muluzi take over as soon as there are treason tramped -up charges against Chilima. Mark my words don’t say I didn’t warn you so.

  21. Nkhombokombo says:

    Atupele must trade carefully or else he is paving his own way out of politics like his friend Enoch Chihana. Learn to listen to peoples cries. They from experience and facts.

  22. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawians are suffering today because of UDF and DPP governments. Atupele is selfish. So this was agenda for change he were talking about. If you lose, you join the winner. He is CHANGE GOLO number 2. He was a PP member, and now, he is DPP member. Like father like son. Malawi politics, taking advantage of the poor.


  24. UDF is dead and buried. Ayao did a lot of damage to this country and we are failing to recover from the UDF mess.

  25. Pule says:

    Politics is essentially a game of human interactions, and let Atupele do just that. A MCP ndiye musayerekeze kukambapo coz your candidate will never rule this country as far as I know……let Atupele learn the trade from APM himself. Jumbe,Mpasu please stay mute coz you have nothing to offer to Malawians. Our leader will bounce back with his sizzling campaigns when time is due but for now let him serve Malawoans

  26. Kashitigu says:

    Kodi uyu wa mutu ngati ma TV screen akaleyu akutinso chani apa? Osangovomela kuti chipani chinatha bwanji?

  27. Apa bola kumapanga ndale zopanda chibale. Kumagwetu kumangochi tosope tumbesile namwe. Mtunjelele pangali. Agamba kuileka indui nikuwapa achalume wamachili. Atende yawoyo yausiluyo mbikene?

  28. Pule says:

    Atupele watani?

  29. GONANI says:

    As a matter of fact, I agree with Atupele. It doesn’t mean that when you are in opposition you must be against everything that the government is doing, no! You must be constructive in your opposintion. That means ” helping the government to build a nation based on as best and sound ideas as possible – at the same time keeping the government in check on every move that they make.” This is what M C P does. I think most people have to learn from M C P.

  30. M'Malawi weniweni says:

    God forgive us. Just because Atupele is in government doesn’t mean his party has been or will be swallowed by the DPP. Tha’s old kind of thinking that has not helped Malawi. Let’s for once try to be patriotic. The “Pull Him Down” syndrome will not take us anywhere. Democracy is what Malawians voted for and inclusion is what can take Malawi forward and not “me, myself and I only”

  31. vatata kalemba says:


  32. Che Jumo says:

    Zaziiiiii chakukanikani kuendetsa chipani chiri chinali cha mphanvu kwambiri,pano chiri mkhwapa mwa DPP ndipo palibe chanzelu chonse munganene Atupele,Luscious ndi Ken,mphanvu zatha bola inu mukudya nawo,pano munawina aphungu 14 okha Ku eastern region kokha zaka zikubwelazi muyembekezele aphunguawili kapena atatu kenako UDF idzathelatu ngati AFORD. Chifukwa cha dyela munaononga chipani kusiya ndi kunyoza anthu omwe anamanga maziko ake Malewezi,A Banda,Thomson,mpasu,jumbe,Banda,ndi Ena ambiri kuti Atupele akhale president komano chomwe ndingakuuzeni ndi chakuti Atupele sadzalamulila dziko la Malawi ng’oooooooooooo!

  33. The Truthful One from the West says:

    Atupele Muluzi just say the truth that UDF inatha ngati makatani. UDF is not an opposition party. There is no way UDF can be an opposition party when its leader is a minister in Government.

  34. Akulisinga says:

    we are malawians and malawian politics means “kugwetsana ” lets wait and see ati agwe ndani? elder brother anagwetsa bambo wa munthu, kodi munthu akwanitsa kugwetsa wamng’onoyu

  35. Not in Malawi. Here politics is about serving private interests. Don’t cheat up. You promote tribalism to achieve unknown goals. Does Kyungu really serve yhe people or his own plate?

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