Atupele says UDF supporting ‘Malawian agenda not personal one’

Malawi’s Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Atupele Muluzi, who is also president of United Democratic Front (UDF) has said he and the party are serving the people by supporting transformative leadership in working with the DPP administration.

President Mutharika and Minister Atupele: Malawi agenda

President Mutharika and Minister Atupele: Malawi agenda

Critics have accused Atupele of  selling the DPP agenda and sending UDF into oblivion but the minister has stated that it is a Malawian agenda not a personal one.

“Politics is a service, so it is not about personal benefits. We now have great opportunities to transform lives ,” said Atupele during an interview with one of the local TV stations over the weekend.

Atupele said he accepted to serve in President Arthur Peter Mutharika cabinet  n because he was inspired by Mutharika’s willingness to change the old ways of policy implementation.

He denied letting down the young generation that he excited during the campaign, saying, “The core values that I believe in are still intact.”

UDF leader in parliament, Lucius Banda on Monday also told Capital Radio that opposition role is not necessarily to take confrontation path.

“Politics of opposition anything for the sake of opposing has no value in the modern world. We will offer constructive criticism and as well suggest alternatives,” Banda.

Banda said UDF wants to contribute to national development by serving the people progressively than being adversaries to the powers that be.

University of Malawi political commentator, Simbarashe Mungoshi   of the Polytechnic said: “Normally, the trend in Malawi is that when smaller parties find themselves in a coalition with a bigger party, they get swallowed up.”

UDF spokesperson Ken Ndanga denied that the party will be swallowed.

“UDF cannot be swallowed. The governing pact between DPP and UDF is for the good of the nation,” he added.

Ndanga said UDF will oppose where necessary and would also be at liberty to support good policies.

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Mukuganiza kuti Saulosi angataye nthawi ndi kumachitira nsanje Atupele pa ubale wake ndi APM? Ndikukayika kwambiri. He is mature and happy. He is an accomplished technical person. I have no ties with him, rest assured for that.
I would like to bring in a fresh though, ladies and gentlemen. APM and Atupele have spent a greater time of their life away from the mother land. Ali ndi moyo wa”Chizungu”. Nanga a Malawi simumakonda moyo wachingerezi? That is their meeting point. Inu ndi ine tibatuwa nkumatukwana pa Nyasa pano……

Nonse ndakuwerengani. Choyamba, anthu sitikutha kuona kuti ubale uli apa si wa zipani ayi, ukanakhala ndi wa zipani akanasayinira mgwirizano monga ALLIANCE, kapena MERGER, kapena WORKING RELATION IN PARLIAMENT, ubalewutu ndi wa m’mabanja, banja la a Muluzi ndi APM, anthuwa chilipo chomwe a ku pepelerana. Ubale wa zipani at least timaudindo tiwiri titatu akadagawana, koma apa palibe, kupatulapo Atupere yekha, koma Exucutive member ndani wadandaulapo kupatula Ian kanyuka, yemwe tikuonaponso kuti ikanakhala funso lawo ndi la jenuwini akadafunsa pachiyambi chomwe, koma nawonso anali ndi nkhani yomwe sakanatha kutiwuza. Choncho anthu we are just chasing shadows coz the reality we can… Read more »

This is a classic example of conflict of interests. It rarely works.


Dts hw people wth stupid minds take t,that time you were saying Atupele is not supposed to rule this country because he dont have any experience,now he is a minister gaining the experience you were talking about and you are saying no wagulitsa chipani,mumafuna experience akaitengere kukhomo kwamanu?Akati chipani chotsutsa basi azingotsutsa ziri zose?shupiti zanu


Good move Mr President,we are living in democratic despensation where our core role is to serve thw whole Malawi…….Politics is aservice so let the Malawian Agenda prevail…..Dzuka,Malawi,Dzuka


@ Imraan, let me remind you my brother, Malawians are suffering today because of politicians like Atupele. Selfish, oppressors, they are not helping ATA! They are there to enrich themselves. Soon or later we will hear that Atupele is Second Vice president. Is that what you Malawi to be Mr. Imraan? Everything south? Mr. Imraan we want Malawi to be balanced and unified. To be ONE NATION, ONE MAlAWI. Osakokera chili chonse mbali yimodzi.


Time to make money no more politics. Lets love our country but for sure Malawi will never develop unless someone is deployed if not employed as CEO of the Republic of Malawi not president through rigged votes.


All parties in parliament are in government. The notion of an opposition must be understood in the context of offering alternatives as well as checks and balances. So the so called opposition firmly shares the blemishes in government each time they fail to provide counsel to government prior to failures.


Iwe no 23 kuphwisa mwano kwake kumeneko ndie kuli bwino dzikoli tigawane achawa mukhale ndi alomwe anuwo.

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