Autoposy report on suspect’s death faults Malawi Police: Relations to sue

Malawi police brutality and excessive use of force to a suspect has been faulted  after an autoposy report conducted by pathologist Charles Dzamalala concluded that cops in Ntcheu assaulted Zakaria Malata, 49 to death in a bid to obtain a confession of guilt.

Pathologist Dzamalala issued the report

Pathologist Dzamalala issued the report

Malata was arrested on June 8, 2016 over allegations of stealing 12 bags of maize and was caged at Senzani police station.

His relation Lawrence Chakakala Chaziya told the paper that before his death at Ntcheu District Hospital, he told him that he was assaulted by police officers identified as Sub-Inspector Chimoto, Constable Tonza and Constable Kachigamba.

In his autoposy report dated  July 11, 2016  Dzamalala stated that Malata’s death was unnatural.

“Death was due to respiratory failure due to some pulmonary congestion mostly probably following episodes  of suffocation…. The Traunatic injuries demonstrated in different tissues of the body further render support to this opinion,” Dzamalala stated in his report.

He indictaed that Malata’s body  had remarkable fresh injuries in different tissues and parts.

The deceased, according to Dzamalala’s report, had a fracture-dislocaton of the left wrist joint with other injuries like bruises and scratches to the left and right upper and lowe limbs.

National Police spokesman Nicholos Gondwa said he was yet to peruse through the report and declined to comment.

When Malawi flagship daily newspaper, The Daily Times reported about the death of Malata, the paper  published an editorial comment  condemning  police brutality, stating that the  Ntcheu matter is a “tip of the iceberg” as similar incidents might go unreported across the country.

The paper said police brutality was similar to mob justice, saying every person deserves a fair trial and that it is only the courts that prove one guilty or not.

The daily described  the development as “worrisome”, saying police officers must conduct in a manner in which every member of the society can trust them.

The paper urges authorities to crack down on police brutality and punish those suspected of torture or ill treatment of suspects.

“We cannot afford to have a country where police officers  are happy to eliminate the lives of the citizens,” the paper said.

Spokesperson of  Ntcheu Police station Gift Matewere is quoted saying the police officers mentioned were called for “interrogations.”

Meanwhile, Chaziya said the deceased family will sue police.


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Scotland Yard

Winanso wakuba ndi Mafosha Lilongwe Area3 police Station

Petre Mathanyula

Vuto ndilakuti amalemba ana awo ndiye samaona kufunika kosunga mwambo. Akudziwa kuti their superiors will protect them monga momwe Mr Ibu is protecting the rotten 7 ministers.


Police spokespersons are just useless. They do not their work. How can someone say he has not seen the report therefore he cannot comment. Where do these mick mouse spokespersons receiving their training? The police who killed this person must be arrested.


Transfer all the police and shudnt stay in one police office for more than 3 years. Limbe police we dont want Mr Banda mtumbuka wachabechabe apite kwawo tione if he can beat suspects the way he does.

Peg boy

Police headquarters please assist us. ya and mukapita ku court milandu mwina yakukomela and akumenya kale tithandizanapo bwanji. Thats why our Army amawakwapula amenewa. Apite pa Limbe Police, Mzuzu and Lilongwe to see how suspects are suffering. Koma iwowo katangale nde number one,.


Go to Limbe Police and see how people are being beaten. My brother was beaten and yet he already had rib fractures. I pleaded with them not to, but they insulted me also in the presence of my children who escorted me there. They need to be transfereed asamakhalitse pamalo akuzolowera.

Okey tamva
Yes i support that, family must sue the police. Almost all policemen tortures us in their offices. I saw m,yself one Policeman called Obrieva Banda of Limbe Police and his friends beating one suspected thief. That time Obrieva was drinking beer right there at Limbe police. I tried to ask one policeman whjy they were beating a suspect instead of taking him to court and also why beating whilst they are warned not to. He bragged to say…yes we are told not to beat BUT WE BEAT. PLEASE GOVT ASSIST US. WE HAVE NAMES OF THESE BRUTAL POLICEMEN. I WILL… Read more »
poly police

Our men and women in uniform are untrainable. How many more billions do you want donors (paja zonsetu ku Malawi ndi donor) to spend to reform the police? Incidences of cruelty, killings, armed robbery, drug trafficking, human trafficking, political manipulation, fighting in public while in uniform, corruption, bribery and sexual immorality characterises our police. Can you for once give the Malawi nation some breathing space? While some of the officers are good citizens the leadership in the police service must work hard to root out the bad apples.

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