Baby-dumper convicted, escape jail sentence by paying K50,000 fine

The Nkhotakota woman who was recently reported in the media to have dumped a new-born baby in a pit latrine was on Thursday convicted and sentenced to a fine of MK50,000  or an 18-month jail term in default.

Kazukuku - fined  for dumping baby into toilet  - Pic. By Kondwani Magombo

Kazukuku – fined for dumping baby into toilet – Pic. By Kondwani Magombo

The woman, Naomi Kazukuku, 30, secretly gave birth to a baby girl on September 4, 2015 which she dumped in a pit latrine.

Neighbours heard the baby crying and alerted the police who rescued and took the baby to Liwaladzi Health Centre for medical examination where both the mother and the baby were found in good health.

The mother was charged with concealing birth, an offence contrary to Section 232 of the Penal Code.

According to Nkhunga Police Public Relations Officer, Sub Inspector Austin Kaunda, Kazukuku was staying with her parents at Liwaladzi Secondary School after divorcing with her first husband and she became pregnant.

He said the woman admitted to have concealed her pregnancy and upon giving birth on September 4, she thought of dumping the baby considering that she already had three children whom she was struggling to look after.

Passing the sentence, Nkhunga First Grade Magistrate Kingsley Buleya said the offence attracts a two-year jail term but the court minimized the sentence considering some factors.

“The court considered that the woman was first offender and that she voluntarily admitted the charge,” explained Kaunda. “The court also considered her mitigation facts that she suffers from asthma and that she had three other children to take care of apart from the rescued new-born who also needed her care.”

The convict paid the fine and walked to freedom with the new-born baby, according to Kaunda.

Kazukuku hails from Longwe Village in the area of Traditional Authority Kanyenda in Nkhotakota district.

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53 thoughts on “Baby-dumper convicted, escape jail sentence by paying K50,000 fine”

  1. Asiyeni azihula mwamuna sayenda ndi mimba koma akapezeka kuti wataya mwana, amangidwe basi.

  2. donors says:

    The sperm donor needs to take responsibility. Where is he?

  3. naini says:

    Zoona mwana kuti abadwe ndi bambo ndi mai, koma azibambo mukathira zanuzo stress basi yatha mwaiwala kuti ndi mbeu imene mumaika mwa mai. Chonde kumene muli a zibambo muzilangizana.

    Chigololo chimakhala ndi zosatila zake ndithu.

  4. Malekano says:

    Others are looking for children because they cant have their own due to some medical complications or they are just barren. Others are too fertile that they are having many children who they cant take care of, others, being pregnant is fun and can throw away the babies at will. THIS WORLD IS CRAZY. Mwina Boma lifewetseko lamulo lokhudza za adoption kuti opanda anawa azikatengako mosavuta.

  5. Jonas says:

    Bvuto ndi chilengedwe. If anything, akanangisiiratu kuchita chigololo. Koma zingatheke?

  6. KasaMbara says:

    I cannot figure this out. Some women are dumping babies and some are stealing them. Maybe we can work out a system where unwanted babies are give to those who want them.

  7. This woman has just been pushed into deeper trouble by taking away another MK50,000.00 from her.

    This woman has three more children she did not dump. It is all about the worry of how she would manage to take care of all of them. A fellow man did this and ran away and we punish the woman… too bad!!! The court could have instead given her the MK50,000.00 to help in taking care of the baby.

  8. galu says:

    Take pity on this woman as much the baby. The human mind is complex. Situations differ widely. Yes, what she done is terrible. But what prompted her to do that? She has three kids whom she did not dump. Perhaps she needs psychological treatment, which is not easy to comeby in Malawi. Let’s not jdge too harshly.

  9. Concerned health provider says:

    I agree both with the concerns about mental health problems in this mother and the suggestion of adoption for the infant. However, Malawians in general are very conflicted about both domestic (Malawian to Malawian family) and international (Malawian child going to international family) adoptions, and the legal way forward for this process is obscure. Social welfare is overwhelmed and gives different information on adoption based on which districts and social workers are used. This is a prescription for child trafficking and abuse, whereas there are many thousands of infants in need of care and good homes. Way forward please, Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare, CSO’s, concerned parties throughout Malawi.

  10. PHEREDZENGE says:


  11. apundi says:

    zonsezi ndi chifukwa cha azibambo mumasiya akazi mosaganizira tsogolo la ana, khalidweli silingathe ngati azibambo muzitero. chilango chizipitanso kwa azibambo

  12. nyambose says:

    ubony basi

  13. Jabulosi says:


  14. want that child says:

    Can i please adopt that child??? Poti awo sakumufuna ndipatseni ine nkalele ngati wanga ndipo i will make sure that evil sees no that child forever. Amai mwandiowa

  15. zione says:

    Let s/he who has never sinned cast a stone at her. Naomi, all is not lost. Just be repentant, pick up the pieces to the cross where they’ll be mend. Pray for forgiveness and get the heavy load of guilt off your chest. God, bless you, Naomi as you brave the criticism and move on with your nose raised high.

  16. Brazilian wax says:

    @15 don’t be too theoretical with cases that are criminal in nature . Postnatal depression ya chiyani? If anything, where has she sourced the K50,000.00 fine if lack of support is the justification to end the life of the innocent baby is to go by? Moreover, we hear that she already has three children. When she was enjoying unprotected sex didn’t she foresee the potential of unwanted pregnancy? Besides, all these emergency contraceptives available why not use one? Baby dumpers remind me what mother Theresa once said,” If a mother is able to kill her own child what is left in between to kill any other person? ”
    Stupid woman and stupid courts!

  17. Ambuye says:

    Mwina chigamulo chanuchi chili motero,mwina munaphatsa abortion bill nanga munthu kumupatsa sentence ngati ndi mkazi wako be ware mukulimbikitsa ndi inu mkhalidwe oyipawu.

  18. Let me adopt the baby,what should i do to adopt the child?

  19. Mfumu yachewa kumphoto says:

    Kaliat onetsani ncthito apa musakhale chete .Akanakhala mamuna zikhala nkhalaza timaudindo tongofuna kudyera azungu basi

  20. ngoma says:

    enafe tikusowa mwana koma kumangotaya chochi ngati agalu ahh panafunika ndithu wakundende bas osat kumulipilitsa

  21. nachisale says:

    Well done to the court. Government and parliament should quickly work on the abortion bill so that all women and girls can access safe abortion. It is not right to imprison and punish the woman or mothers when the man/fathers do not take responsibility. Men continue to abandon pregnant women and girls with impunity and they leave children with nothing.The woman had convincing mitigating reasons – she couldn’t look after the baby. This is the very reason men give when they abandon children. The father should have been revealed because he is equally guilty.

  22. nachisale says:

    Well done to the court. Government and parliament should work on the abortion bill so that all women and girls can access safe abory. It is not right to imprison and punish the woman or the mothers when the man/fathers do not take responsibility. Men continue to abandon pregnant women and girls with impunity and they leave children with nothing.The woman had convincing mitigating reasons – she couldn’t look after the baby. And this is the very reason men give when they abandon children. The father should have been revealed because he is equally guilty.

  23. Zanga Phee! says:

    It is doubtful if this lady will keep this new born she will poison the baby in one or the other in the process.See my name

  24. mbwindi says:

    weruzani ambuye dzikoli

  25. mbwindi says:

    signs of days

  26. Wadinkhula Wa Yiwona says:

    Is This concealing birth? I thought It was attempted murder!

  27. CHIBO says:

    Anthu otele akufunika zaka zambiri kuti asiye nkhaza

  28. Amosi says:

    Kaliati amabwata akakhala amuna nagaulikuti kupusabasi citapokanthu apa tione judge yo nawe so wumulage

  29. Bwatiko says:

    I agree with Chulu. Social Welfare Office was supposed to place the child on fostering with an intention to get adopted. Giving a child back to a mother is another risk for the life of the baby. This is so sad and strange. Take back the baby and give to a family that can truly support and care for it. Social Welfare is very passive in our country.

  30. Nkhawa biiii says:

    A Malawi chonde let us not judge this woman. God her creator will judge her. For now let us concentrate on her predicament. Azibambo mukamachinda akazi mumawanamiza zambiri. “Zizakukwatira ine” ali pakamwa. Mkazi akaima inu basi wautali kubwerera kwa akazi anu. I suggest that we should contribute K1,000,000 for this girl once she discloses the name of the man who could not use a condom. Bishop Kambalazaza, please pray for this woman. The lady is not ugly. In fact she is a black beauty koma azibambo kumuchimwisa basi. Please let me disclose here that I am a man and I don’t come from Nkhotakota

  31. Namu! says:

    Don’t we have adoption agencies in Malawi? That baby is at risk. The government needs to do something on this please.

  32. Anangozo says:

    we need to change this law, this is attempted murder

  33. shortmsango says:

    what will be the name of the baby?

    1. Prophet Ineyo says:

      Wamchimbudzi kid

  34. Naphiri says:

    Please give that baby to me!!!!!!

  35. short says:

    what wil be the name of the baby? and akazakula azamva.

  36. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    And you gave back the baby to her. I can not believe this. This time she is going to strangle it. You magistrates be sensible.

  37. redeemed says:

    I don’t supposed it’s fair to judge her harshly. Most new moms suffer from the do called post natal depression. That is why it is very imperative for new moms to be afforded a powerful support structure. I am currently on maternity leave and fortunate enough to have a very supportive husband, however being in a foregn country with few family relatives pause a huge challenge. I am not condemning her actions but I just want to shed some light as I don’t think she meant what she did but her state of mind pushed her. I mean how did she manage to keep the pregnancy for full term if she did not like the idea of being a mum. She is as a victim as the dumped baby.

  38. Zinja says:

    Asisi a anthu umbulitu sumaposa apa inuyo kukonda chisembwere kwambiri ma plain kunyekhulila bad mmene mwakulilamo zoti kuli kulera simmadziwa???? muchite nkhope ngati akukumetani apa… tikudziwatu kuti ngati mwana ameneyu akangokula pang’ono tikuonani mutakweletsanso mufa nazo izi kuli matenda………. mwanayo lelani zotsatira za plain ndi zimenezo musathawe inu ndinu wanyere kwambir mwanayo akakulako mubwere kuno muzakumane ndi nfazi yotha ku gaya muzachileka iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ndatha nanu mau mai ochitisa manyazi makolo inu.

  39. Tengupenya says:

    Social welfare Dept should come in and facilitate an exchange between this woman and the Nathenje woman who stole a baby in Lilongwe. Tis woman should give her baby to the other woman who stole one.

  40. Chenda says:

    If she is really poor, where did she get the K50,000.00 money for the fine? After taking care of the child, she has to be given another punishment and thereafter, she should be careful with these situations.

  41. i miss kamuzu says:

    chanco law at work, 50 thou the going rate attempted murder? and you then gave the ‘almost murdered’ baby back to the witch/bitch that ‘almost murdered’ it? amafuna kupha an innocent baby because of her nyere. mzimayi wanji wa ana kale atatu kukanika kutseka miyendo, kukamangitsa ma tube olo kugula ma condom? olo kukonda plain ndiye amatelo?

    iwe judge, just pray that one day it doesn’t happen to somebody close to you. god hates evil.

    over to you akweni, takamushatapuleni judge ameneyo.

  42. 666 says:

    This is the time to change the law to introduce stiff penalties for those who give birth out of wedlock. Punishment to go to both man and woman in equal measure. We will not handle this population explosion if we continue to tolerate this nonsense. Single Mother , Single Mother chani apa zamkhutu!

  43. Nyoni phiri says:

    Kumalera mnjira zambiri mai, azimai mphunzira kugwiritsa njira zolelera

  44. James Phiri says:

    The future of my country. At 30, single (by divorce not default ) with four children. Reason? Ma rubbish business.

  45. Cecilia Mapila says:

    Chemwali, mwanayo chonde mumusunge bwino, zakutsogolo sizidziwika. Akhoza kuzakusungani kapena kuzasunga anzake. Chonde yetsetsani kuzigwira ndi kupewa panopa. Mulungu akudalitseni.

  46. chulu says:

    That baby must be put up for adoption. There is no way she should be given back to her. What’s wrong with the social service in Malawi or does it exist at all?

    The reasons for her dumping the baby in a pit latrine has not changed and what makes you think that the baby will be safe?

  47. Cashgate1 says:

    Its not simple to raise children, especially when you already have 3. But deciding to end the life of one is a serious crime. Better be careful when you were deciding to make that babe. You had a choice to prevent that conceiving or otherwise. The fact that you decided to conceive, all that remains is taking care of the child. The father of this child need also to bear responsibility. He or they need to be charged with child neglect. Azibambo kungodziwa kupanga ana koma not support your own blood. eeeeish!

  48. Pichi says:

    Where is the man who divorced the woman and the new father of the newly born? Ma court you have the right to dig. Some men are dogs and its up to you courts to bring these people to justice. We men are pushing women to do the unimaginable sometimes.

  49. mpumulo wabata gc says:

    who is the father of this baby? my message to all young women please note that when you are enjoying plain sex the end result is pregnancy. if want not to get pregnancy then go for contraceptives that are readily available anywhere.


    Where did she get money from? MFITI KUDA NGATI KU MNYERO

  51. Njuli says:

    A divorced woman mimba inachoka kuti? sindiye uhule umenewo? maleredwe onsewa?the sentence is too lenient & K50,000.00 is very minimal ndiye manayo sakamusamira poti samamufuna ndikale.

    1. me says:

      To me this is attempted murder and she should have been given 14 years. And why give her the baby? And when this baby grows up she will live with the fact that her monster mother dumped her in a latrine.

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