Bamusi blasts CSOs as ‘noisy hypocrites’ with ‘sinister’ forum

Presidential Advisor on Civil Society organisations, Mavuto Bamusi, on Thursday blasted a group of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) who released a strong worded communiqué criticizing President Peter Mutharika’s administration as a network of “hypocrites.”

Bamusi; CSOs forum has sinister motives

Bamusi: They are noisy hypcocrites

On Thursday the CSOs launched a movement in Lilongwe dubbed the Citizens for the Defense of Good Governance.

They accused the Mutharika’s adminitration for turning to intimidation and threats on critics, attempts to divide the civil society through abuse of state resources and threats to the freedom of assembly

But in an interview with Nyasa Times, Bamusi said, they have no moral grounds to criticise Mutharika.

Bamusi said the communiqué which CSOs have issued has not touched on anything new, saying Mutharika’s administration is already addressing all matters raised.

The CSOs asked government to immediately revise the cement subsidy programme, address shortage on drugs, improve security, and quick criminal investigations into both the K92 billion ($168.9 million) and K20 billion ($36.7 million) Cashgate plus into the death of Anti Corruption Bureau official Issa Njauju and pass the access to information bill.

Furthermore, Mutharika must ensure state broadcaster MBC should cease unleashing propaganda against critics, adjust downwards the newly introduced fees in the education sector, and ensure public sector reforms are scrutinized by parliament while acting swiftly to assure the security of rights activists and the media

Bamusi said all the issues are being addressed .

“Recently the President mandated seven senior cabinet ministers to a roundabout discussions at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe in Lilongwe however, while other CSOs appeared and attended the successful dialogue, it is disheartening that some CSOs that continuously issue press statements and ultimatum to President especially those who have christened themselves, Forum For the Defence of Good Governance, continues snubbing calls for dialogue, as Government we view this as hypocricy of the highest order,” said Bamusi.

He said on power outage, Mutharika already addressed the issues through Kam’mwamba Coal electrification project.

“On the issue regarding the exorbitant fees in secondary and tertiary education the Minister of education addressed the issue during the dialogue with CSOs. All the issues that the Citizens Forum have raised are not new, some require long term while others have already been addressed,” said Bamusi.

On Access to information bill, Bamusi said the leadership of President Mutharika has already expressed commitment in passing the bill into law during the next parliament scheduled for November.

The CSOs, among them, the Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation (CHRR), the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives (NOMN), Centre for the Development of the People (CEDEP),  Malawi Health Equity Network (MHEN, Youth and Society, JONEHA, among others, also criticized Mutharika for failure to address other pressing public service delivery needs and social ills prevailing in the country.

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I have no single respect remaining for Mabuto Bamusi. His name tells the whole story about him. “Mabvuto” means troubles. Indeed he is a troubled person who has no sense of direction in his life. He is said to be an adviser to the president but he has assumed the position of spokesperson, defender, of DPP government. The guy is so confused to the extent that he does not know his limits. How stupid are you Mabvuto!


CSO love governments that gives them money. If it doesn’t they will fight that particular government. My advise is that all CSOs should form their own political party and campaign to run this country in the way they feel good. Let us see if they will win a single vote.
Peter campaigned in his agenda, if we want to question him, lets question him base on his agenda not CSOs agenda.
Peter would be foolish to listen to people like Trapence who are empty upstairs and paranoid apart from feeding their stomachs.


I have just come to note idiocy & stupidity of extreme order in this lad called Bamusi whom i had respect for. I never knew He is weak-minded…..Arent U the one who used to utter subsequent critisisms against some headless regime way back? pano u have been given CHIBANZI & u talk nosense. Just stay quite to refrain from disgrace. Zazzzziiiiiiiiii

Mr Bamusi is very right to call CSOS as hypocrites.when Bingu was in power a week would hardly pass without a criticism of Bingu economic performance from Mr Bamusi.Today Mr Bamusi is on governments payroll he can’t see anything wrong .can this man tell us that Peters economy is better than that of late Bingu he was criticising day and it wrong to call our CSOS fortune seeks.yes Mr Bamusi is right the are hypocrites .but th big hypocrite is th one who exchanged his passion for advocacy with government money not so Mr Bamusi

Kodi awa mukumati ma CSO wa, tingawanene kuti machende awooo, kapena chani? Chifukwa chimene akufuna ife sitikuchidziwatu. Mmalo moti muzingokwata kuntumbo agalu ma gay inu. Mavuzi anuso ndipo

selfish decision

Iwe Mabvuto slowdown anthu akukuonani manyazi bwanji. Muyaluka nazo izi and the way you are defending shows that you
you will never be a civil activist after you quit this post.
Manyazi bwanji

Jasitasi Chilungamo

This lowlife Bamusi should stop taking Malawians as daft.Csos are right to take Mutharika to tadk about accountability and transparency.What’s wrong with that?Cashgate has been happening since his deceased brother’s time and the victims are the ones who were involved during Amayi’s time.Csos are right to demand about where 92 billion kwacha went.We want all thieves prosecuted and clean the whole Malawi.We want a better Malawi for everybody,not just for a few thieves who are having their filthy hands in the public coffers.We have nothing to do with Bamusi’s sikono.


A Bamusi kani ndinu a Chitsiru motere! Basi munakwaniritsa maloto anu opeza udindo kuboma muja munkati tizipanga zionetsero kuti inu mutchukilepo! Pachinyazizi panu, a self-centred savage , non-creative fool!

munthu wamba

My understanding is that an advisor should not be in the limelight. He should always take a low profile while playing the advisory role. Sadly, in Malawi advisors usually want to also assassume the role of presidential spokesperson. By the way, would you ever expect such a ranting advisor to advise honestly and with impartiality? Malawi is horribly doomed. I cry for my country…


M.B is telling the truth. He loves his country. Not some of these bongololos who are executives for these CSOs like Timothy. More fire Bamusi.

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