Bamusi hits at Malawi CSOs for being ‘childish’ on attacking Mutharika’s ng’we-ng’we, ng’we attitude

Special advisor to the President on non-governmental organisations and civil society, Mavuto Bamusi, has accused the Civil Society Organisation (CSOs) of being “childish” by attacking President Peter Mutharika’s attitude on October 8 during a news conference.

Bamusi; Malawi CSOs need to mature

Bamusi; Malawi CSOs need to mature

Mutharika has attracted criticism for uttering words such as ‘ng’we, ng’we, ng’we’, ‘stupid’, ‘nonsense’ and also banged a table while responding to growing criticism of his alleged bloated delegation to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) amid a crumbling economy.

Over 16 key civil society organisations under the Civic and Political Space Platform (CPSP) through its chairperson Moses Mkandawire advised President Mutharika to watch his tongue and control his emotions to blend in Malawians’ sufferings.

But Bamusi said the CSOs should have established what led the President to be emotional.

“The President is ready to listen to people’s concerns, but not lies that the CSOs and other political parties were propagating.

“CSOs are being immature. They are taking a childish approach. CSOs in Malawi need to mature. Malawians were being fed with lies and the President could not tolerate that. The CSOs have to be responsible,” said Bamusi as quoted in the press.

The Civic and Political Space Platform insists that Malawians have the right to hold leaders accountable and demand their rights.

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76 thoughts on “Bamusi hits at Malawi CSOs for being ‘childish’ on attacking Mutharika’s ng’we-ng’we, ng’we attitude”

  1. Bamusinchitsiru says:

    I hate bamusi

  2. Praise says:

    A Bamusi mwasintha mawanga nthawi yomweyi. Koma ndalamazi ndi Satanadi.

  3. Mtavu says:

    Bamusi wife Gloria was among those that went to UNGA

  4. Okhrana says:

    James Kotoki, its true anthu aku Mulanje and Thyolo tizigulitsa ntchochi iwe ndi abale ako mukulephera kutukula mmadela anu ntchito kumaliiira u president. Ndipotu uwone tikamati mlomwe ndiwamzeru. Ana awiri kukhala ma president from one family. Tikagulitsa nthochi, tikumamanga nyumba mj and TO natotukuka kkkkk sunati kenako president wl be Ngolongoliwa hhhhh

  5. Wilhelm says:

    ‘I couldn’t help it your honour, I had to beat him up because he provoked me!’

    That is not a valid excuse for assault or threats in any court of law. Nor should it be used to excuse the honourable president’s own ‘childish’ behaviour.

    Beware of where you are pointing fingers at media and CSOs before looking at your own mirror Bwana Mutharika.

  6. Brother it’s true and the must according to the bible or our living God of Abraham,Isaach, and Jacob.But also dont forget that it must take God himself to fit you in that position for you to enjoy the gift of God himself as we pretty well know he is the source of all what we go through.Now are we true children of God?Do we follow the will of God?And is it true that all these big posts are indeed filled as the will of God?Who is the root of all these leaders?Brother am a strong believer all that is from God it has its fruits and that not of God you know the result.There4 we need to becarefull with Gods word as reference to our character/behavior.

  7. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    It’s people like you who mislead the president. You are constantly feeding him with lies. Malawians are fed up with the government’s lies and can’t tolerate it any more- not the other way round.

  8. hisbolla says:


  9. Matombodya says:

    If journalist are that resourceful; why are they failing to fish out the list of those who went to UN and how they were funded? Why have they stopped the search at this point? If APM cant provide why cant you find?

  10. Mr Bamusi Is Now Your Turn To Mislead APM

  11. Chidzukulu says:

    Hahahaha! Wina walira chokweza mukamuonjeza naye akuonjezani kumene. The president is just a human being. Mukumamtukwana ngati simunthu pazinthu za ziiiii! Kuzolowera kuombera mmanja pa zinthu zopusa, munali kuti mmene ndalama za nkhaninkhani zimagawanidwa ku capital hill ndie pano muziti ndife ma CSO zopusa! Kakolopeni lake Malawi ngati mwasowa zochita a nyapapi inu

  12. James kotoki says:

    What’s wrong with Malawians?you can see that the president is messing up and has no idea as to how to run the government but because he is your tribes man then you are busy defending him.You will continue selling bananas and cassava for a living.Friday markets in Thyolo and mulanje.

  13. cole j says:

    Being teachable in leadership is key and open to correction where constructive criticism is concern as an advisor Mr Bamusi you offer must sound counsel not siding with your endeavors.

  14. Ma says:

    Tetezani nchito a Bamusi koma pansi pa mtima chilungamo mukuchiziwa munamize ndani? Umphawi siwabwino

  15. The Bible which is the Word of God says says:

    What It Means and Does Not Mean to Honor Our President

    Bible Study Tools

    Fear God. Honor the emperor. 1 Peter 2:17

    A couple weeks ago I wrote in a post that we should never badmouth the President, but honor him. We are to honor him because God commands us to, not because we deem him worthy of honor. Peter told his readers to honor the emperor, who was Nero, a wicked murderer. But what exactly does it mean to “honor” our President? Here are a few thoughts:

    First, to honor the President means we recognize that God has placed him there.

    Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. Romans 13:1–2

    No matter how much we disagree with or disapprove of our president, we must realize that God has placed him there to accomplish his own sovereign purpose, as God did with Pharaoh in Moses’ day:

    For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, “For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I might show my power in you, and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” Romans 9:17

    Since God has placed our president in office, we should speak of him respectfully, not in a dishonoring, mocking way. We should also pray for him and bless him. God commands believers to pray for our leaders and all who are in authority (1 Timothy 2:2). We should bless our president. Hey, if Jesus commands us to bless those who curse us (Luke 6:28) (and I’m not saying our President curses us), then we can certainly bless our president.

    Remembering that God is sovereign should lead us to pray that God would move upon our president’s heart, as it says in Proverbs 21:1:

    The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will.

    Pray that God will direct and move the hearts of President Obama and all our leaders to promote righteousness, life, the kingdom, and glory of God. Ask Jesus to give our leaders wisdom. Ask God to turn their hearts like streams of water.

    Finally to honor the President means we should be subject to him and our government:

    Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good. For this is the will of God, that by doing good you should put to silence the ignorance of foolish people. (1 Peter 2:13–14).

    To “be subject” or “submit” to our government means to obey the government. We may not be happy about taxes or regulations we must follow, but God calls us to do obey our government unless it commands us to sin.

    What honoring our President DOES NOT mean

    To honor our president does not mean we must agree with everything he says or does or that we must commend it or condone it. Or that we cannot speak out for truth and righteousness. To honor our president does not mean that we cannot work within legal means to oppose him and change policies we don’t believe are righteous or helpful. To honor our president does not mean we can’t express where we feel he is wrong.

    To honor our president does not mean that we must obey laws if they require us to disobey God. If the President were to forbid us to proclaim the Gospel, we would have to disobey him. But we should obey and submit to all laws that do not cause us to sin, even if we don’t agree with them.

    Fear God. Honor the emperor.

    We seek to honor the President because we fear God. God is the only one we must seek to obey every time, without question. And this wonderful God we fear commands us to honor the President, who is in our God’s sovereign hands and subject to our God’s sovereign will.

  16. concerned citizen says:

    APM too is a human being. He can act to stupid questions and silly statements. We’ve alot of issues to discuss. APM was right to act that way.
    It’s us people who make a president, a dictator. Those questions and stories can.
    Koma ndiye tivutika nazo. All de time kukhalira zomwezo zo funa~funa tizifukwa? Ndiye tiwonda

  17. Patriotic malawian says:

    Galu uyu anamugula ndi Toyota carina. Achitdiru carina ndiye chsninso mxieeeew Shatupu imbecile

  18. Mapiri says:

    At 29. Lameck, you are just showing your stupidity like your president. Tumbukas are educated and don’t tolerate nonsense. We’ll demonstrate. Let us meet on the streets. Who do think you are? And who are you’re trying to intimidate? Mbuzi yachabe yachabe. We can chase you from the north if you want.

  19. Kalindilila says:

    The guru who coined the phrase”silence is golden” was an extremely intelligent Person. Please Mr. Bamusi keep your mouth shut. You are not a politician therefore don’t darken your future.You are young with a future ahead of you

  20. Mataka says:

    A Bamusi mwaziwa liti zoti kunena zolakwika zaboma ndikulakwa, akufumbatisani fupa, ndinu nomwe posakhalitsapa mumasusa Boma zati is tipiko of Malawians they will accuse Govt when they want money and they will always support govt doings when they get a piece of bread zikomo a Bamusi

  21. Peter Truman says:

    Bamusi must be suffering from mental disorder. If all the people say the president is becoming a dictator and Bamusi cant see that then take him to Zomba mental hospital.

    Peter Mutharika of late is behaving in the similar manner Hitler was behaving. Banging the tables shouting at people is not what a good leader is supposed to do. Grow up Bamusi and your leader Peter

    We cant go back to where we were before 1994. Humble yourself APM and lead the nation in the right direction.

  22. Chiyenda usiku says:

    Apa ndiye Bamusi waitha ma cso akumalawi amatumidwa ndi a opposition kuti adzisowetsa mtendere pamene akulephera kutionesa phindu lawo

  23. Good Citizen says:

    Bamusi just a mere boot leaker. Akungofuna Kudya nawo basi… anamuthothola mapiko.. mwakumbukira mmene amavutila masiku akale muja?

  24. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Ndiwe chindele chakufikapo. wadya zambiri

  25. jjj says:

    Mr bamasi be careful plz do not take malawians for granted & do you think Mr president is doing good and fair to Malawians by reacting like we’re his kids.pls talk like a patriotic Malawian pls Mr Bamusi

  26. Mabotcho says:

    Bamusi? is he the same who used to call a spade by its name during Bingu. Now it’s because you r advisor. Is it really u r advisor or hand clapper. U r stupid u should tell the president the truth on the ground. A real man stands firm, says the truth whether someone likes it or not. Mukakwera pa msana pa njovu musamati kunja kulibe mame. Muzatifuna

  27. Mwethu says:

    But I really don’t know what happens to Malawians of good repute when they join politics. From Hero to Zero, zoona Bamusi defending the blatant lies that were said by HE at that press conference. Where is the truth in Malawi. The CSOs have kept democracy flame burning here in Malawi otherwise by now we would have been back to one state era. And Bamusi knows all this. Sibwino for him to call his former colleagues as being childish. And HE should not treat the people of Malawi as his children, shouldn’t use words such as nonsense or stupid as he did. And his cabinet ministers should also stand up to him, when he says he doesn’t care about our money, is he not a malawian as well? We need ministers with attitude like of chipembere, chisiza, chibambo, and the like who could stand up and tell their president as it is not nduna kungokhala phwii yet zomwe akunena president akuwanena ndi iwo womwe, what sort of fathers and mothers are these minsiters.

  28. ODALA says:

    Magaye a kummwera pano timasulane mumationjeza 1. Simulima, 2. Ma presdent akummwela amene alamulila dziko lino ndiamene aononga chuma cha dziko, 3. HIV yambili ili kummwera, 2. Kubelekana kuli kummwera, 3. anthu odalila ma handouts ali kummwera, 4. kuba ndalama za pa stadium zimachitika kummwera, 5. Umphawi wambili uli kummwera, 7. Aanthu opita ku joni ambili amachoka kummwera, 8. anthu osaphunzila ndi a kummwera Mumakhala mukutokota kwabasi kunyoza achewa ndi nyau zawo u shud knw kuti nyau ndichikhalidwe chathu ndipo sitidzasiya, makobidi timadya athu ndipo tikagulitsa fodya ndalama zake timawedzela gule amene samakafika ku Mzimba kapena ku kumwera koma amakhala pakati pompano ndipo salimbana ndi munthu. In short Achewa timadya zathu ngati nyau zimakubowani samukani mubwelele kumwera kwanuko sitinakuitaneni mudabwela nokha kumadzapanga ma bizines kuchigawo chathu chino chapakati ife kwanuko sitibwelako tidzadyako chani! When the World Bank say that we are the most poorest nation on Earth its because of the Southern Region. All forms of poverty are based in the south! U vote for DPP but with this economic hardships you are the first to suffer! Mbuli! mukulimbana ndi mtundu wodzidyetsa okha! Timadya zathu! Inu mmadya zathu! FACE IT! ma facts ndanenawa ngati alipo oti angatsutse tiye nazoni!

  29. mtate mike rsa says:

    U look nice but stipit in mind a fool

  30. Dididid says:

    Are the spokesperson???

  31. Jp says:

    A Bamusi, all my respect i had for you has been lost. You think the president lost control because of the the negative coverage he received? Does Malawi need a President everyone must Praise? Mr Bamusi as a christian I know of SDA, are saying that from your heart and right conscious? Is there any President in Malawi minus Dr Banda who have ever ruled Malawi and never received negative coverage from opposition, cSOS, and media? Your major problem all of you hired by Mutharika there is that you do not prepare your Master well, to be in right minded leader, when facing tough times. You prepare him to be praised by every body, it is this type of situation his brother died of heart attack, your boss is on the same way too.
    Mr Bamusi or leave the stage and go back to church muzikaimba koteti munasiya ija, bola rather than defending the defendless useless profesor.

  32. GOOOO says:


  33. wika says:

    wake up guys!!!!! where on earth an employee shout his/her boss? PETER is our servant if he does not want to work lets fire him by …………..

  34. Mzungumbuli says:

    A Bamusi mubwerere pa Bible Class kuti akakubatizeni chifukwa ngati mungafe muli chonchi ndithu simudzaona m’banda kucha.

  35. Clement says:

    Whatever but that’s the point from Bamusi. Take it or leave it.

  36. losco says:

    True Bamusi ,keep on defending the President from useless and childish cretisisms.Thus being a leader! Malawi’s democracy is becoming abnormal.

  37. Sam says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Bamusi , Bamusi, Bamusi >. Now that you are taking part in ngwe-ngwe ngwe you have forgetten that you were very critical three years to the same government.

  38. Masiye says:

    Iwe Bamusi usatinyase usamaganize kuti ndinu ochenjela ndi president wakoyo Amalawi mudzawadziwa ngati mmene anawadziwila mkulu wake wa president umuwuze asakalipile atolankhani ngati ana akunyumba kwake zimenezo amalawi sadzalola nonse mukudya misonkho yathu

  39. Hehehede says:

    We ccan only learn from our past as we try to mend our future if only we Malawian cld forget about the past and start working together for a better Malawi it’s not too late. Tiyeni tisiye blaming each other, come together,reason together and come up with resolutions and recommendations koma zikuchitika zi a license afuna akhale wa nzeru dyera basi This will not take us anywhere soon tiyamba kumene ana. Oh Dear Lord have mercy!

  40. Charombanthu says:

    Mr Bamusi, you will not gag Malawians in this era. We have the right to question anything that seems out of order and all we need is explanations from those who eke a living out of our taxes. Intimidations and table-banging will not stop people from questioning what is rightfully their right to correct information. Learn to tell the president both sides of the story and not just the “good” side only. When he goofs, advise him that he has goofed and when he does something great, tell him likewise. It is people like you who create dictators in the name of protecting your jobs.

  41. Khodoba says:

    Machende ako Bamusi umati ife tizisekelera abale athu akufa bcoz of bad leadership. Mwasiya kupemphera a Bamusi chifukwa cha chikondi cha pa ndalama

  42. jedida says:

    DPP has worsened the poverty levels. Mavuto, open your eyes and see how Malawians are suffering.

  43. nanga ntani says:

    Amwene amavuto,,,, nanuso mwatani kodi,,,, inde ndikuziwa ndichifukwa cha mpando mwakhalilawo , komano mukanapeza njila ina yoponyelapo kandemanga , inetu ndimakugomelani kuti ndinu munthu wanzeru , koma apa pokha amwene aaaaa mufoila. i remember 2003 you were achalume koma apa pokha ayi ndithu sindikuikilani kumbuyo amwene. alangizeni bwino akuluwo, inde ndikuziwa ndipovuta koma pezani njila monga ndanena kale kuti ndinu munthu wanzeru. palitu madolo ena angokhala chete ku DPP komweko, ndipo tikumakumana nawo nkumacheza ukawafusa kuti mukuona bwanji guys akumachita kunena kuti mmmmm inu tamusiyani nkulu ameneyi ife tingomudyela adzsala nazo yekhanthawi akazafika. enaso ndi nduna.Amwene mavuto samalani pakamwa. inetu tikakumana ndizakuuzani pamaso mpamaso olo muzandikwiile. ndimakupasani ulemu amwene.

  44. SADRIDO says:

    Stupid Bamusi, don’t you know that Mr. Peter Muntharika akukula mtima chifukwa is one of the cashgate beneficiaries of the money Bingu stole from the government thumba.

  45. mwale says:

    Where were you Moses Mkandawire when useless PP leadership was in power? where were you when cashgate broke out when money was found everywhere , in car boot, roofs,etc? Where were you when Jb was just global trotting? Why did you remain quiet? If you Tumbukas you are democratic people why are putting the life of Karonga under panic like that as if she is a foreigner? Why dont you as CSOs executive get involved to solve the rights of other people there in Karonga?You mean you were quite during JB because there was a big ban in your mouth and you are jelausy because Bamusi is now enjoying it.Mphemvu yachabe chabe iwe eti.

  46. Nachi says:

    Its tru Bamusi. These CSOs ngotopetsa. Let Peter continue with his vision. A MOses nawo kuba ndalama za Dan Church Aid. Ndani sadziwa. cashgate ili thooo in their organisations.
    More fire Bamusi these CSOs are talkative for nothing.

  47. Mapwevupwevu says:

    HaHaha! You stupid Malawian CSO’s you talk to the president with loud voices koma akangokuyankhani in the same manner mumayamba ku uwa uwa! Why?

  48. lameki says:

    Moses Mkandawire you are very stupid. You should choose correct words when addressing the president. Dont communicate abusively to him and expect him to address you positively. Him is a human being too with feelings. Atumbuka mukuwonjeza chipongwe. Muzikapanga chipongwe chanucho kwanu kumpoto. Muwapezelere a Chewa omwewo muwayamba kumawathangitsa mumaofesi ku mpotoko monga Rose Moyo. Simungapangetu zimenezo ndi munthu wakumwera kuno. Ifetu tidakutoperani a Tumbuka. And Chewas are very stupid too. They are supposed to demonstrate against attitude of Tumbukas towards executives from central region like Rose Moyo. Muyese kuchita za ugaru zanuzo ndi mapwiya. Mpakana tithana basi.

  49. Noah says:

    Your name is bamusi stupidity

  50. bambo says:

    I think mr bamusi is extremely stupid,How can a big ‘bamusi’ like him to defend the president while even the president himself know the truth, that he made very big mistake by banged a table.I think we need people who are educated enough to tell the president the truth and not people from lomwe tribe.Mr bamusi mind u, that its we people of Malawi, we put him there.

  51. ANGITAU says:

    My friend Bamusi,you were intellegent when your head was small and oval but now that your head looks more similar that of your APM you have become a disgrace to your school mates, college mates as well as your family.Your days are also numbered.CHECK OUT.

  52. Njegame Syaosimo says:

    Not surprising because Bamusi and his wife were among the entourage hence defending his stupid president. Indeed your days are numbered bamusi. Watch out dont think that people do not know you and your family members. Indeed ndi bwino kungokhala pheee if you have nothing to say.

  53. wanthu says:

    mumafuna Muthalika akwere pick up kupita ku USA? mumva kuwawa mpaka 2019 wooooooooooooooooo. Anyau aku Lilongwe simungalamulire dziko inu

  54. Shame bamusi, turning a blind eye to your own people because of mnchona and money. Now thus your downfall.

  55. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Stupid person, indeed. Iwe Bamusi do you know that this government is running wholly on our tax.

    My salary is deducted every month to sponsor this government and you take my money to buy yourselves shoes in America.

    Stupid million times!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Ukakwela pa Njovu usanene kulibe mame

  57. Bulldozer says:

    Bamusi if you are riding on your master’s chariot nkumava kukoma nkumaganiza kuti aliyense akumva bwino mene ukumvera iwe, your perception must be wrong, akakuchinyila banzi kukamwa usayese kuti aliyense wakhuta … Koma iwe mxiiii … Usandichimwitse

  58. Wako wako says:

    Dyani masikono awo anakuberani Bingu . Takatani Bamusi very stupid.

  59. Mwanangwa says:

    Bamusi’s days are now numbered

  60. Akulisinga says:

    iwe. bamusi, bamusi kodi kulongolola kuja unkafuna ntchito? pano waipeza wayamba kukodza osagwirila? dzikotu ili!

  61. Truck says:

    You Bamusi your useless the President has no right to talk to his people like its him who give them food he must respect Democracy how can you Charter a Plane and pay 200 Million Kwacha while in Hospitals there is no Medicine and Malawi Government is Broke even a std 5 Pupil will never do that its a Shame some stupid Malawians your supporting that you don’t have heart for your own people to see them suffering.

  62. Mzaliwa says:

    Kkkkk funny wat a scone can do the once freedom fighter Bamusi. Shame on you

  63. Mo says:

    Kkkkkkkkk tazakuonana muli kuti biiiii kutinyelela,I see the problem here,anthu awawa amafuna azingotilalatira forgetting that we are the same pipo who voted them hehehe apa meanies heavy guys

  64. Mo says:


  65. Mo says:

    Bamasu,even though I don’t know the meaning of your name komait seem it means doom to pipo,wayamba liti?iwe kodi bwanji?can’t you see???am feeling likeswueezing your blood out usandichimwitse,just drive out and see how Malawians are living,you think you can fool us,tikumana pa 2019 mwajaila,Joyce failed coz she was not in terms with the police politically,and you will fail coz no one wants you guvamenti

  66. becks says:

    Bamusi you must be very stupid. So you are happy advising the president to be shouting at us like we are his kids? That is unacceptable. If we were angry with the president and you are taking the same path we are equally angry with you. You must rethink your strategy

  67. KALULU says:

    Chitsilu mavuto ukule ndiweyo, kapena akutuma kuti uwapepesere. It’s a must for the president to have confidence during any interviews, not with those attitudes. Himself the president need to clarify why he did that and apologise to the nation that’s all. So what are you talking about you idiot Bamusi?

  68. Mo says:

    Trouble!Trouble!Mabvuto!how many times have I called you?

  69. mphatso says:

    Let’s think and love our country,a Bamusi musaiwale dzana tinali lodzi

  70. Dido says:

    A mavute, mwabona liti? Mwasiya liti ng’we, ng’we, ng’we? Mufuna kupusisa a Malawi!

  71. Happening Boy says:

    Bamusi, Just sit and eat what You are given You can’t. Be intelligent than all thèse people Just shut and listen to the Wise. Don’t Just bark senselessly foolish man. You mean You can’t see the plight even your own people, stupid You are, i thought You were Wise but boot lickers club member. Galu! Wandinyasa kwabasi.

  72. dungulinya says:

    Spot on. Just noise and more noise from Hapless Ngo’s

  73. Stampycious says:

    Nanunso a Mabvuto zimenezi mwayamba liti? Siaja tinali nanu masiku ammbuyomu? Mmene mwayamba kulandira kulawa mcheremu basi mwati mutiwonetse nsana? Mutu kukula, opusa iwe eti

  74. bamusi says:

    Lero limenero a bamusi mwadya bans but God is watching chilungamo mwachikhalira nthawi ikubwera osadzapanga regret

  75. cadet 1 says:

    Bamusi sukumveka banz yakulitsa? Kupita anthu 106 as u said Ife tisekelele? Masangwi, Louis ngalande , kudontoni, sister wa kaliati and many more, were also sponsored my donors? Gwape iweyo bamusi

  76. joko says:

    A Bamusi anali kale awa akumatha kunena maganizo awo mwa chilungamo koma pano akuyendela maganizo a APM.

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