BEAM official Nazma Ishmael pressing Malawi Police for a contract to supply 40 Land Rovers

First Lady Gertrude Maseko Mutharika is reported to have recommended to Malawi Police top brass to “assist accordingly” a member of her Beautify Malawi (Beam) trust, Nazma Ishmael in obtaining a business contract.

First Lady receiving the car from HTD

First Lady receiving the car from HTD

Before Peter Mutharika  government, HTD danced in glory with the Joyce Banda's PP government as good "well-wishers" as seen in this file photo

Before Peter Mutharika government, HTD danced in glory with the Joyce Banda’s PP government as good “well-wishers” as seen in this file photo

Ishmael, who was also a member of the Mudzi Trust of former president Joyce Banda, through her family’s motor company, HTD Motor City donated a KIA four tonner vehicle to the BEAM Trust.

She has been pressing Malawi Police to award her a contract to supply 40 Land rovers.

A source in the Police procurement office confided to Nyasa Times that they had already approved purchase of vehicles from Toyota Malawi but they are getting pressure from the Beam official to consider Land Rovers.

HTD are new Land Rover franchise dealer.

However, there has been resistance from Inspector General Rexten Kachama as the service does not require the said vehicles on an expensive tender being offered by Ishmael.

Sources say Ishmael has been using Beam Trust as her bargaining power and had pleaded with the First Lady to communicate with the Police brass to give her the business.

The First Lady is reported to have recommended to Police to assist Ishmael but the top cops are coy to go ahead with the deal.

The development is mirroring what is happening in the country that through business contracts for supplying services and goods to government, those in government and their associates outside government are enriching themselves.

The financiers of the President and the ruling party are invariably people doing business with government. They corruptly get a contract from government and then pay back something to the President, the ruling party and other politically well connected people.

HTD Limited is a private local Limited Liability Company incorporated in Malawi in 1993.

The company has been making political donations to the former president late Bingu wa Mutharika regime and went to be key “well-wishers” of the Joyce Banda administration bankrolling the People’s Party and continues their “generosity” in support of the current Peter Mutharika government.

The distributors of Kia motors in Malawi were among the companies under  probe by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), with the help of the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM), as Treasury paid out a sum of money estimated at K600 million (about $1.5m.)

According to Allan Ntata, the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s legal adviser, a Mrs Sadik of HTD allegedly defrauded government through the Malawi Police close to K20 billion on bogus purchase of motor vehicles like KIA Sorento and President Mutharika is “closely linked and associated with HTD and the bogus payments could be linked to him.”

Observers say the government procurement system has become extremely corrupt and a source of money laundering for those in government and their associates. And they say the rot starts from State House all the way down to the lowest civil servant, public worker or institution.

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Peter Mathanyula Wakuba

Wawa ma whistle blower. That’s how we get rid of dirty back door dealing. Expose it!

Poor Malawi
Thumb up our IG, why buy cars that are not fit for the intended purpose? Mr. Ishimayelia, I thought you donated a four tone to Kukongoletsa Malawi out of goodwill, not knowing the donation was chibanzi for getting contracts? Why entertaining foreigners to be infecting our country’s leaderships with politiciana corruptionosis, a deadly virus that cause corruption in my poor country. Of course the majority of leaders are already infected with politiciana corruptionosis in Malawi. There is need for all such people to be quarantined for good if we are to contain the deadly politiciana corruptionosis virus in our country.

dzikoli adagura kale ma chinese ndi amwenye.shame on our elders osati aku mpingo koma adziko


Dziko lero liri mmanja mwa agalu


altho the move is in cloz blacket but one day getu wil be underfire.waiwala kale ?


Zopereka ma contract kwa amwenye zimdiwawa. It’s better mupatsane ma contract kuchipani kwanuko ksya ku mtundu kwanuko kudiyana ndi amwenye. Amenewa kwao sangakupatseni contract mudzimva a Malawi assh. Kodi kick back mukufunazo a Malawi sangakupatseni? Mukuti a Malawi asanduka bwanji ma well wisher pomwe ma contract mukuwamana mcxii

Gutepo Mphwinyo

kodi mbuzi za amwenye izi ndi zimene zamanga chinyumba chokongola ndi ndalama zakuba cha pa queens apo. eeish koma kunamizila kupemphela anthu ndi afiti awa

malawi patriot

Unless Malawian are willing to fund their own political parties with their own sweat, it will be difficult to curb this practice. We want democracy without sacrifice, it is impossible. Let us see issues as they are, no hate or emotions. Everyone has a chance to participate in the running of this country but we need to understand what is at stake as a nation. I rest my case.


TINKANENA ANATHERA “MSIIZI” INU PA ANA KAMBUKU SIPANGAPEZEKE GWAPE KA,tinalira,tilira ndipo tidzalirabe na ngati kuvotakwathu nkopusabe


It is good that we work as a team to protect our own. The opposition parties are watching.

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