BEAM official Nazma Ishmael pressing Malawi Police for a contract to supply 40 Land Rovers

First Lady Gertrude Maseko Mutharika is reported to have recommended to Malawi Police top brass to “assist accordingly” a member of her Beautify Malawi (Beam) trust, Nazma Ishmael in obtaining a business contract.

First Lady receiving the car from HTD

First Lady receiving the car from HTD

Before Peter Mutharika  government, HTD danced in glory with the Joyce Banda's PP government as good "well-wishers" as seen in this file photo

Before Peter Mutharika government, HTD danced in glory with the Joyce Banda’s PP government as good “well-wishers” as seen in this file photo

Ishmael, who was also a member of the Mudzi Trust of former president Joyce Banda, through her family’s motor company, HTD Motor City donated a KIA four tonner vehicle to the BEAM Trust.

She has been pressing Malawi Police to award her a contract to supply 40 Land rovers.

A source in the Police procurement office confided to Nyasa Times that they had already approved purchase of vehicles from Toyota Malawi but they are getting pressure from the Beam official to consider Land Rovers.

HTD are new Land Rover franchise dealer.

However, there has been resistance from Inspector General Rexten Kachama as the service does not require the said vehicles on an expensive tender being offered by Ishmael.

Sources say Ishmael has been using Beam Trust as her bargaining power and had pleaded with the First Lady to communicate with the Police brass to give her the business.

The First Lady is reported to have recommended to Police to assist Ishmael but the top cops are coy to go ahead with the deal.

The development is mirroring what is happening in the country that through business contracts for supplying services and goods to government, those in government and their associates outside government are enriching themselves.

The financiers of the President and the ruling party are invariably people doing business with government. They corruptly get a contract from government and then pay back something to the President, the ruling party and other politically well connected people.

HTD Limited is a private local Limited Liability Company incorporated in Malawi in 1993.

The company has been making political donations to the former president late Bingu wa Mutharika regime and went to be key “well-wishers” of the Joyce Banda administration bankrolling the People’s Party and continues their “generosity” in support of the current Peter Mutharika government.

The distributors of Kia motors in Malawi were among the companies under  probe by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), with the help of the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM), as Treasury paid out a sum of money estimated at K600 million (about $1.5m.)

According to Allan Ntata, the late Bingu wa Mutharika’s legal adviser, a Mrs Sadik of HTD allegedly defrauded government through the Malawi Police close to K20 billion on bogus purchase of motor vehicles like KIA Sorento and President Mutharika is “closely linked and associated with HTD and the bogus payments could be linked to him.”

Observers say the government procurement system has become extremely corrupt and a source of money laundering for those in government and their associates. And they say the rot starts from State House all the way down to the lowest civil servant, public worker or institution.

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49 thoughts on “BEAM official Nazma Ishmael pressing Malawi Police for a contract to supply 40 Land Rovers”

  1. Wawa ma whistle blower. That’s how we get rid of dirty back door dealing. Expose it!

  2. Poor Malawi says:

    Thumb up our IG, why buy cars that are not fit for the intended purpose? Mr. Ishimayelia, I thought you donated a four tone to Kukongoletsa Malawi out of goodwill, not knowing the donation was chibanzi for getting contracts?

    Why entertaining foreigners to be infecting our country’s leaderships with politiciana corruptionosis, a deadly virus that cause corruption in my poor country. Of course the majority of leaders are already infected with politiciana corruptionosis in Malawi. There is need for all such people to be quarantined for good if we are to contain the deadly politiciana corruptionosis virus in our country.

  3. shaaaa! says:

    dzikoli adagura kale ma chinese ndi amwenye.shame on our elders osati aku mpingo koma adziko

  4. Mpho says:

    Dziko lero liri mmanja mwa agalu

  5. kawonga says:

    altho the move is in cloz blacket but one day getu wil be underfire.waiwala kale ?

  6. Hoitty says:

    Zopereka ma contract kwa amwenye zimdiwawa. It’s better mupatsane ma contract kuchipani kwanuko ksya ku mtundu kwanuko kudiyana ndi amwenye. Amenewa kwao sangakupatseni contract mudzimva a Malawi assh. Kodi kick back mukufunazo a Malawi sangakupatseni? Mukuti a Malawi asanduka bwanji ma well wisher pomwe ma contract mukuwamana mcxii

  7. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    kodi mbuzi za amwenye izi ndi zimene zamanga chinyumba chokongola ndi ndalama zakuba cha pa queens apo. eeish koma kunamizila kupemphela anthu ndi afiti awa

  8. malawi patriot says:

    Unless Malawian are willing to fund their own political parties with their own sweat, it will be difficult to curb this practice. We want democracy without sacrifice, it is impossible. Let us see issues as they are, no hate or emotions. Everyone has a chance to participate in the running of this country but we need to understand what is at stake as a nation. I rest my case.

  9. MALEPA says:

    TINKANENA ANATHERA “MSIIZI” INU PA ANA KAMBUKU SIPANGAPEZEKE GWAPE KA,tinalira,tilira ndipo tidzalirabe na ngati kuvotakwathu nkopusabe

  10. Mbanangwa says:

    It is good that we work as a team to protect our own. The opposition parties are watching.

  11. Bololo says:

    It is an open secret that these business men who cosy up to politicians at every event, whether it is buying an expensive seat next to the Ngwazi , or donating some flimsy demo vehicle to a trust are doing it for a good reason, namely “there is no free lunch out there”, and politicians know that it is a symbiotic relationship.

  12. Winston Msowoya says:

    I strongly commend the Patriot for his patriotic views.I very well recall what Masauko Chipembere told me in exile about Amwenyes: Winston,when you are dealing with these people,you have to be very bright and cunning otherwise,you will find yourself out of your own house.They are worse creatures that bite and soothe and never ever trust them.Yes it is pity and shameful for the so- called leaders to be put under their armpits allowing them to loot our very meagre resources that could help ease poverty among our overwhelming majority who fought tirelessly for our independence and freedom.Malawians,wake up and defend our dearest Mother Malawi for the bright future of our children,their children and the future generations.We must not allow Amwenyes to dominate our destiny in our own soil using our resources for their own greedy ends.The problem we have so far,is leadership.We are all Malawians and it does not matter where a leader comes from provided he is a patriot and an African.Let’s put aside this bloody nonsense of calling ourselves Names on tribal lines,we are all Malawians and above all ,Africans.

  13. Kadakwiza says:

    DPP ndi imeneyo munkayifuna, kodi mukulira chiyani? Simunati.

  14. Mclaren says:

    I will ask Chilomoni residents to deal with HTD House

  15. Game over says:

    That is the total foolishness of Malawians we had already such incidents during Bingu and we decided to elect from the same family and the same blood and expect the change, Malawians choose anyone no matter how foolish he/she is provided he /she is coming from my tribe or region Tiyenazoni mudasankha nokha musalire lero

  16. ujeni says:

    Now we know why someone who chose to protect his integrity and fear of God resigned as IG. He didnt want this nyasi pressure.

  17. Asset Declaration says:

    This movie will go on and on. We are now watching ‘Cashgate lll featuring Peter and Gertrude’…….after cashgate l featuring Bingu & Callista and cashgate ll featuring JB………

  18. Federalist says:

    Ndiye simukumvetsabe zimene akunena anthu a kumpoto kuti thumba la chuma ligawidwe kuzigawo. Kutelo, chigawo chili chonse chiziyendesa chuma chawo. Kulikulu kungokhala chuma choyendesela ntchito zazikuluziklu monga miseu yayikulu, ma university, malipilo ama civil servants a national offices etc. Ngati sittelo, inu nomwe muzalira mpaka mawa

  19. The Patriot says:

    Shame! The corrupt Amwenye will never stop until we deal with them once and for all!! Verily verily I say unto you, no country has developed with these vultures controlling the economy and corrupt politicians!! Solution : no more well-wishers for government projects! Abale Amwenye mpaka kupanga control state house???? Koma ntheradi tigulitsa dziko ndi dyera!!!!!

  20. namarokoro says:

    Palibe nkhani apa. If you want to attract investors you should be willing to give them contracts too. You cannot cry of attracting investors and yet you deny them opportunities to get tenders. What HTD is doing happens every where unless you want to live in a fools paradise. It is called marketing

  21. Charombanthu says:

    Why should Malawians suffer at the hands of a few corrupt officials? We are fed up with this nonsense. Poor Malawians in the village are suffering because of these useless directives and decisions. Leave the police to procure vehicles they deem fit for their work without interference from the first lady or BEAM please. Malawians are not stupid. We are watching.

  22. aurora says:

    luv u getrude

  23. VIYAZI TEMBO says:


  24. Tired says:

    Getrude do you want Civil Society Organisations to make noise again? Ndiwe Osanva eti?

  25. vendort says:

    Musamupweteke kachama because akukana za umve wanu mxiiiiiii

  26. T says:

    Same script, different cast.

  27. bus dem shut says:

    ma polisa akuno amagwiritsa ntchito TOYOTA LAND CRUISER. land rover inapita ndi kamuzu ok?

  28. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Sandasiya kuba anthu awa

  29. Zanga Phee! says:

    Yes i can see that, we have a long way to go.see my name.

  30. Benca says:

    Palibe wandale amene ali wabwino pa Malawi pano. They are all linked with these so called asians to destroy Malawi’s economy.

  31. Majid Aboobakar says:


  32. ujeni says:

    This old woman called Getecrash Mutharika is too corrupt. she looks corrupt anyway. Beam beam ndiyekuti chiani, just a conduit for stealing money.

  33. Michael says:

    its a shame to the first lady.I thought u fear God?

  34. GONANI says:

    This is incomprehensible! Disgusting! Mutharika should know better than allowing his wife
    to interfere with other govrnment arms with her corrupt behaviour. We need Malawi to get to work for real this time if we really have to develop. We need to leave no room for corruption.

  35. Nachipanti says:

    BEAM BEAM BEAM… Kodi ka chipani kameneka kachokera kuti??

  36. We made a bed and must be prepared to lie on it.
    Ndizomwe tinavotera tisadandaule.

  37. amina says:

    Lets stop this forthwith. Why dont people learn from other’s mistakes. This will cost this country millions of kwacha if we are not careful. The taxpayer is already thin and you are still milking that person. Shame on you in power who dont have any remorse at all.


    Asatitole choncho plis anthu obwelawa, tapatsani deal kwa a malawi anzanu bola zikhale mwa ndondomeko yake. ife tatopa ndi corruption plis, give us a break.

  39. Nyirenda says:

    Why do all articles published on Nyasatimes have no disclosed source of evidence? Do these sources really exist or the source is you yourself? Maybe you just sit down and cook this and claim you have a source somewhere.

  40. Denguzman says:

    We dont have leaders apatu tikuyendera ya wachiona ndani. Is this going to develop our country? Shameless woman(Getrude) nawenso wayamba khalidwe lonyatsa ngati la Calista.

  41. ben yasin says:


  42. Shams says:

    Munthu wakuda ndioopsya kuposa nfuti chifukwa cha umbuli komanso dyera ndi kuphangira that’s why azungu sadzasiya kutigwiritsa ntchito ya thangata, nzoona munthu wakuda ndi NYANI.

  43. Wachikond says:

    Dziko ndi anthu ake

  44. Winston Msowoya says:

    No doubt,Malawi has now reached the zenith of corruption on par with Nigeria,India,China and Pakistan.However,it is not a national inspired evil,but rather,a small and powerful ruling clique which has formidably amassed unprecedented wealth that could play a vital role in building Malawi’s hitherto despoiled economy.So far,the amounts being involved are unbelievably immense and that,actually,leads to many questions.How does this happen on daily basis?And where does this wealth come from?Why wouldn’t measures put in place to prevent such accumulation of peoples’ meagre resources by a tiny group of mafia? unfortunately,it is a combination of Presidents and their so- called First Ladies who are supposed to be in the forefront in the fight against economic saboteurs.For instance,J.Banda connived with Malawi Police for a better deal on vehicles she wanted to purchase from a company.This is a grave misuse of executive powers that could lead to impeachment.What we can see again,is that our so- called leaders are easily vulnerable to mortgage our country for their personal interests.Ostensibly,this is a wake up call for Malawi and Africa.

  45. Zileken says:

    monopoly and greed at its best

  46. Kachindamoto says:

    Business as usual

  47. chintotho says:

    Malawians were fooled. They were promised three things. CHIMANGA, CHITETEZO and CHILUNGAMO. Tell what have achieved out of the three? Maize is in short supply, ofcourse we may buy from Zambia. And please don’t tell me its because of the rainfall pertain. They spoke as if they produce their own rains and look now! . Where is Chitetezo? Don’t tell me your eyes cannot read between the lines. Where is chilungamo? When an audit reporting that was touted to be ,is not even anywhere close. Malawians were fooled and because they forget easily, they may be fooled again.

  48. Khamani!! says:

    Slaves in your own country! Why do you even have the need to associate with Indians ? Hahahaha … Man …

  49. Kapolo wa Mulungu says:

    Malawi politicians at it again leaving the poor man in the village hopeless.

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