Better Malawi is possible in 2015: Nyasa Times New Year editorial message

The year of Our Lord 2014, which has just gone by, will go down in our national collective memory as one when some ruthless and evil-minded Malawians connived and decided to screw us all of our hard-earned tax in a conspiracy and plunder dubbed the Cashgate.editorial op

The year will also remembered in our history books as one in which the democratic aspirations of Malawians were mercilessly crushed under the weight of the mismanaged and chaotic elections that gave a still birth to a government whose legitimacy will always be questioned.

But Malawians are a resilient lot and thank God the nation rode above the two blight spots of 2014 and can now look to 2015 not with trepidation but with hope and courage for things to be better.

We, at Nyasa Times, can only wish Malawians all the best in the New Year and make a solemn promise to contribute to its national development as we continue our role to be the searchlight of society for its sustenance and well-being.

Ours is a pledge to continue this role that journalism has placed on our shoulders and one which we carry with stoic pleasure and determination knowing the difference it makes in the democratic processes of our beloved nation.

To our leaders in the DPP government our message is simple: Our people have suffered enough and they deserve a break in 2015.

There are a lot of evils that beset out nation in the year just gone by and caused excruciating pain in the wrong place for our people.

They range from blatant tribalism lamely justified on DPP’s popularity in the Southern Region to living in an economy that is tanking due to the withdrawal of donor aid as a result of the selfishness of few evil individuals who thought lining up their pockets is more important than using taxpayers’ money to buy aspirin for our grandmothers in the most of rural Malawi.

The general infrastructure is a constant state of disrepair and most of it needs attention. School children especially in primary schools in the rural are still learning under trees in this day and age and that too needs fixing.

Our hospitals have of late become mere waiting rooms for death as they have no equipment and drugs to cure anybody and that too is a long held problem whose solution has evaded our leaders.

These are a just a snapshot of the problems that Malawians have had to live with for the past 50 years and no leader or set of leaders have decisively dealt with.

But 2015 offers a chance of a new beginning and new way of doing things and the Peter Mutharika administration has their work cut out for them. Our hope and that of Malawians is that they are up to it and time will tell.

We wish you a happy New Year.

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15 thoughts on “Better Malawi is possible in 2015: Nyasa Times New Year editorial message”

  1. alukosyo says:

    Fwefwe fwee athe ziyenda

  2. chabwino a Peter awerenge zimenezi

  3. Nankungwi says:

    Has it occured to you writers on this topic that while APM may want to resolve cashgate quickly ;there are tools of the govt he has to use like the courts, the lawyers, the law itself to make sure that fair and honest trials are held. Why do you people think this man simply because he is the president can manipulate this machine to work to his speed? The bloody judiciary is on strike for heavens sake! The man has no money to hike their earnings and yet he urgently needs them to be working on cash gate! Does it occur to you that this president is stuggling too?

    When you say the votes were stolen I have heard this for so long and yet I was in Malawi at the time of the elections! even met some of the overseers who actually confirmed that apart form a few organisational short falls the election free and fair! Yet you continue to say the vote was stolen! How can a gvt work in this atmosphere? why don’t you prove that the vote was stolen so that if you want to over throw Mutharika you can show the world why?

    The elections are long gone but Malawians are still fighting about who should be president and wo should not! That is why we are static in our development.If we dont change we doomed even if there is a new year!

  4. Political Analyst says:

    A Better Malawi in 2015 is very very very possible indeed!!! However our political,civil,religious and traditional leaders have a crutially vital role to play in this by instiling a sense of right purpose and direction into our national leadership.
    To move forward,Malawi needs a genuine fusion of all those constructive opposing views from all the political and apolitical citizenry nationwide. May I humbly ask President Peter Mutharika therefore to,once, rise above mere party politics and take up the rightful noble and fatherly role he is yet to manifest to the expectation of Malawians regardless of his political background and affiliation.He has to be his own man…Hit the ground running towards good governance without revenge,favour or bias and turn the economy around as he himself pledged in an interview with BBC soon after the election results.Otherwise he must voluntarily step down because this Mulhakho/BEAM/Nacgate thing will do us more harm than good…chifukwatu mabala anasiya Bingu aja sanapole!


  6. Wa Nzeru Wa Kum'mawa says:

    Indeed a lot of things need fixing in this new year.

    We have seen how slow cashgate has been handled. It is doubtful if at all we shall see justice.

    But I have a suggestion going forward this year.

    By now we all know all cashgate suspects either from official reports or other investigations.

    Another side of law states: “guilty until proven innocent”

    For a long time we have applied only the law of…..innocent until proven guilty.

    Remember the ‘occupy whitehouse’ campaign?

    We must also occupy the cashgate suspects houses, businesses, vehicles and bank accounts.

    This way without wasting further taxpayers money and time, we shall recover all our lost money.

    Once this money is recovered, let the courts formally determine the suspects innocence at which point we shall reimburse what was recivered from the suspect.

    As we occupy the cashgate suspects I am not encouraging that they should be killed lest some of them will be found innocent.

    If we can not do this, I have no reason to wish my fellow Malawians a happy new year.

    1. kondwani says:

      When they are acquited the Government wil spend taxpayers money repair and replace all assets damaged during the violent occupation plus all money abused. What is the logic here?

  7. Big brain says:

    Iwe kasi hi Inuyo osapanga contest bwanji ndi kusintha Zinthu very myopic

  8. Malawianah says:

    Malawi lacks unity…our leaders are all the same..atsankho…adyela…achiphuphU…i mean all of them rulling n opposition.

  9. chakwanuleka says:

    The government is being run by an illegitimate government therefore nothing can improve. The DPP owes Malawians 92 billion which German government has provided funding for forensic audit but I bet we will get to end of year without any progress. If anything that money will be stolen too.

  10. Chikopa says:

    The elections were organized by pp administration mining pp was worst administration ever they also presiding over the worst rooting of taxpayers money ever

  11. John wa Chilungamo says:

    I tend to wonder why some people think they know better all the time. Just a little wonder that Nyasa Times calls Malawians its people. How do you own people. When somebody has the same problem as yours then they fall under your ownership.
    I wish Nyasa Times to mature a bit and be able to respect other people even if they have a different way of seeing things and running a country. If these problems have been there for 50 years, probably your lifetime and you expect that because somebody beat your team at the polls then they are not good enough then probably you need to revamp your way of thinking. I am sad that I most of the time see hatred, anger and tribalism seething through the articles that you choose to publish and I inadvertently measure your intelligence and wisdom capacity.
    I wish the Nyasa times to mature and swim above the murky waters of jealousy, hate, tribalism and on the thin line separating professionalism and taunting your subjects for fun.
    I sometimes wonder if you go to church at all

  12. chioolo says:

    I agree with you Yosefe Gambatula….
    I don’t understand why Peter Mutharika does not think there is that urgency to solve the Cashgate cases yet the donors have spelled it in black and white that they will only resume aid IF they show seriousness dealing with those cases. Peter Mutharika thinks it is as business as usual, while poor masses are dying everyday.
    Peter Mutharika thinks it is business as usual, raising his and ministers salaries yet denying poorly paid teachers even their own monthly salaries.
    Even in these rich countries of The US of A, nobody, and I mean nobody can blatantly steal that amount of money and yet the Barack Obama govt. can keep doing as if it is business as usual. Those people would be in federal prison rotting right now. Peter Mutharika, people are suffering mightly over there and it is not due to politics that people are telling you this. Why can’t you take charge especially for the cashgate issues yet you are pretending that you are doing nothing about the cashgate cases because you want the judiciary to be independent? Are you for real? The judiciary if one arm of your government and if they fail, know that you are the one to blame. You are the government.

  13. yosefe gambatula says:

    Malawi will never be the same with this kind of substandard kind of leadership where politicians are picked on regionalism basis.To say the truth,Malawi has been churning trash kind of leadership who r only self serving.They do not care about the ordinary people.You can look the way they r handling. Cashgate cases.Billions were and nobody seems to do nothing yet Malawians r in stinking poverty.What these leaders know is self praising and pomposity to docile gullible Malawians.its time all Malawians woke up from this useless slumber.Nothing seems to be moving at the moment.

  14. Kasichi says:

    Without fear or favour,Malawi will never be de same ,if our country continue to hv people lyk bingu&peter mutharika,joyce banda as our president.

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