Bingu Stadium to open April: Malawi to start watching football under floodlights again

Malawians will for the first time in 25 years watch football under floodlights when Bingu International Stadium opens in April.

Inside Bingu Stadium

Inside Bingu Stadium

Government chief architect in the ministry of Transport Night Munthali said there are few areas that need to be done before the multibillion multipurpose stadium opens its doors to the sports fraternity.

“The sewer system needs to be completed, there is no power, the electricity we have there is just temporary and we need to install communication systems for internet, we are expecting MTL fibre cable,” said Munthali.

Minister of Sports Grace Chiumia said her ministry  has written treasury of the problems.

“We have written the ministry of Finance to release the money so that we finish the works there,” she said.

She said installation of eletricity, water and communication was the responsible of the government.

The Chinese government handed over the stadium to the government on November, 2015.

On security, Chiumia said a room will be made available to police for a police post at the stadium which has already suffered vandalism by vandals from suspected crime prone area of Mgona.

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19 thoughts on “Bingu Stadium to open April: Malawi to start watching football under floodlights again”

  1. therere says:

    the first game should be Wanderers and Bullets

  2. Ophiri says:

    Osangoyamika bwanji? Mwazolowera zilizonse against,and yet we call goverment including u, so y blaming Govt? Lets point ur fingers 2gether Malawians

  3. gongonyeke says:

    Mukufuna adzidzatifwamba eti? Zinakanika kale pa CIVO nthawi ya a Ngwazi eni eni.

  4. Innocent Malowa says:

    Kkk is 2 far

  5. Mkanda says:

    The stadium in near Mtandire and Mtsiriza and far from Mgona as it has been portrayed in the last sentence.

  6. Chintemwende says:

    Malawians for the first time to watch football under floodlights???? You r not serious. Ena kunja amalawi awoneraonera mpira under such scenario. Muzilemba ngati mudapitila kuschool. Nanga ine wazaulimi ndikuposeninso queens language. Mwina Mukadalemba kuti “malawians will for the first time watch football under floodlights in MALAWI AT BINGU INTERNATIONAL STADIUM”

  7. Ed the Toddler says:

    You’re kidding, right? You think Boscom will let that happen? Hehe…

  8. Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Politics and selfishness down. This should be Joice Banda Stadium. She brought it to Lilongwe and built it to almost complete. Do not show hatred on such developments. bury your hate and hard heartedness.

  9. Big Man Wamkulu says:

    Kkkkkk Peter , please don’t think like a chicken….really simply because there is hunger government should abandon such important projects? Technically that’s impossible as the project funds are a package in the loan agreement. If you talk of utilities that are remaining government has to fulfil that obligation as it can’t abandon the project at this point.

  10. Abwenzi says:

    “…which has already suffered vandalism…”

    This statement should have read “which has already suffered theft” we need to know how to define vandalism and theft. Public asset damaged with nothing stolen is vandalism. Public asset with some components stolen…is theft. If one is caught in theft case…proportional laws should apply in tandem with theft.

  11. Matandani says:

    Vandals not from Mgoma as per article but Mtandile/Mtsiliza, this has been written many times. Bravo JB for relocating this stadium to LLW

  12. iyawm says:

    the stadiumhas no proper and well designed parking space for motor vehicles,why is this minister and his foolish team nopt able to see this rather obvious need, do you want to tell me that cars would be expected to just park on dirt and anyhow on that magnificent structure? shame

  13. khal drogo says:

    lol. should have done all that in tandem with the chinese construction crew so that everything was ready on hand-over day, but who am i to think ahead? i’m just a lowly taxpayer, a non-entity….

  14. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    This is Bingu’s legacy basi (to be sure); and nobody can take it away from him.
    And apparently, opening day will mark the first day football is played in Malawi under flood lights, in twenty-five years?
    Bingu will continue to cast a long shadow of development, amangwetu (everyone take note). Even if some detractors try to sabotage the efforts towards some of “his” projects – the ones still in the pipeline.
    If Bingu was still around, we would not be having the major problems; certainly, not the ones bordering on existentialism. He was a competent enough as politician, and an economist, hands down.

  15. Ku Dowa says:

    This is not Bingu Stadium,it is Joice Banda Stadium since Bingu build his Stadium in Bt,
    Zinatengeral JB kulimba mtima ndikuyisintha kuti ibwele ku Lilongwe, khazi khazi ikanapitanso kwa Molele, kumagulisamo Nthochi ndi ma Peyala kikkikkkkkkkkkk!

  16. Ndiye akatsegulira muyambeso zanu zija zomabwera ndi chithumba cha miyala muona polekera

  17. 2016 welcome says:

    Another high level portrayal of gross incompetence by the line ministry. I mean when the construction process was progressing you completely disengaged? So there was no project succession plan until the Chinese finished and you had to wake up from the slumber? Kodi mu cabinet mumakambirana chiyani mukakumana kwenikweni? Does each and every ministry during meetings present progress reports on developments? Komatu utsi siuposa. Leadership zero!

  18. Chilombo says:

    Escom yake itiyo iziyatsa ma floodlightsyo?

  19. Peter says:

    Pet projects. We are investing in the wrong things. Chaka chino kuli njala, yet we are pouring lots of cash into these non-productive areas. Dziko ili tingomusiyira Magufuli basi

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