Black Missionaries add voice to Lucius anti-gay stance: ‘Mathanyula has no place in Malawi’

Malawi’s reggae kings Black Missionaries have added their voice of support to lawmaker-cum-musician Lucius Banda in disapproving homosexual acts, saying it isn’t “right”.

Ma Blacks : Homosexuality is immoral

Ma Blacks : Homosexuality is immoral

Banda has been making headlines for his standpoint against homosexuality- locally known as Mathanyula – after he saw two men kissing in the audience as he was performing at Zitherepano on Christmas Eve.

Black Missionaries manager Ras Ray Harawa said the reggae stars are rallying behind Lucius Banda, self-acclaimed Soldier of the Poor, on his anti-homosexuality stand.

Harawa said ‘Mathanyula’ is immoral and has no place in Malawi.

“We have better things to be worried with than discussing gays whose acts are immoral, influenced by Western powers,” said Ras Harawa.

He is quoted in the press also saying, gays “better do their stuff in their bedrooms than in public”.

Harawa said Black Missionaries can’t stop LGBTI people from coming to their shows but asked them to “behave.”

Banda, Balaka North legislator for United Democratic Front (UDF) who has proposed holding a national referendum to ask citizen if the country should decriminalise homosexuality, admitted that homosexuals do exist.

He, however, said LGBTI people should not be publicly showing their same-sex lifestyle as that would be tantamount to “provocation” to heterosexual people.

“They can do their stuff in their homes, just like they can come to our shows and enjoy,” he said.

Banda stood his ground, insisting that he has a right to express himself and that he is not homophobic or inciteful as branded by a leading gay rights NGO Centre for Development of People (Cedep) executive director Gift Trapence.

The musician said he even tells his children that he can disown them if they are homosexuals.

“We are all sinners but we don’t have to parade with our sins in public,” said Banda.

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu announced amid pressure from several Western countries—including the United States of America (USA) and Germany—United Nations and Human Rights Watch (HRW) that Malawi suspended enforcement of anti-gay laws, among them Sections 137(a), 153, 154 and 156 of the Penal Code pending a High Court review of their constitutionality.

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63 thoughts on “Black Missionaries add voice to Lucius anti-gay stance: ‘Mathanyula has no place in Malawi’”

  1. I GREE WITH LUCIUS AND MA BLACKS please don’t allow manthayula to happn here in Mw amene akupanga benefit ndi anthu ochepa akutumidwa ndi munthu m’modzi chonde atsogoleri change u r mind tikudziwa mwalandira ndalama ku choka kwa Donors MULUNGU MUWALANGE ANTHU AMENEWA mkukaniza INDIAN HEMP ndikuvomereza ZINTHU ZOYIPA KOMA AMALAWI SITIZATUKUKA TIKHALABE POMWEPA BASI.

  2. Sizoyenela kuvomeleza zimenezi ndizolakwika kaya azipanga kwawo komko

  3. Maseko says:


  4. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Not so long ago men in dreads or with ear rings were shunned by the Malawian society. In the mid 70s it was “prostitutional” for a woman to go to church in a “kelly kit”. The “justification” for such behaviours was also in the Bible. Maybe we should have killed them instead of fighting for their rights because they were not fitting the norm.

  5. Bwanali says:

    Disrespecting God’s nature will have its outcome when HE (JESUS) comes again.The problem is that we always respect and wants our wills to be accomplished than of our CREATOR. Its all about the “great controvecy” prophecied in the BIBLE. Woe unto those who fulfill the prophecy. Its not me but the Holy Bible

  6. Cay-tri says:

    Better To Legalise The Smoking Of Ganja Than Homosexual

  7. Aningo says:

    The descriptions ‘not right’ ‘immoral’ or ‘sinful’ are not reason enough to criminalize a behaviour. This is business for institutions such as the church or the family to deal with. There is nothing for the police or the criminal justice system here. The chamba that these guys smoke has worse consequences for the nation in the areas of mental health and the economy

  8. Misheck sibande kaitano says:


  9. Tengupenya says:

    chiri kwa mzako!

    smoking weed is immoral and is influenced by a foreign cult. we have better problems to discuss than to listen to suggestion to legalize possession and personal consumption of chamba.

    mathanyula is an expression of love between consenting men or an outlet for sexual desires by consenting men. when it is forced, then it becomes indecent (sexual) assault (Laws of Malawi do not yet recognize rape of a male). it is inherent in its practitioners without foreign influence. it is also practiced by male-female couples by the way.

  10. Bambo a Rahim says:

    Ma reggae kings aku Malawi ndi amenewa?

  11. Chopwichopwi says:

    Zoona ma blakks

  12. Captain says:

    Yes rasta

  13. Leopard Butchire says:


  14. Daniel says:

    The term missionaries means members of religions from outside Africa come to harm Africans with their Asian religions of Christianity and Islam. What a strange name for a music group that purports to be pro-Malawi. I’d be like calling a group the colonists. Also, perhaps the international LGBTA community should vote on turning Malawi into a parking lot since committing genocide against LGBTA people by violating their human rights to privacy and equality is a “provocation” against the 2 billion+ LGBTA people on the planet.

  15. Teacher says:

    They sing for legalization of Marijuana and at the same time speak against other minority demands. Confusion

  16. Alfred Chimenya says:

    Cirus Ibelieve now He is about to come who the Messiah !!

  17. Lets talk about real issues here like the impending hunger, blackouts, road traffic directorate problems etc izi mulungu adati (tirigu ndi nansongole zikulire limodzi tizaona pokolola)

  18. Mlomwe says:

    We stand strong NO GAY OR LESBIAN IN MALAWI

  19. Mayankho Kwagwantengo says:

    I fail to understand the gays issue. God created man to look after all creation and animals that are under man’s control know the difference between male and female. Malawi are we saying animals are wiser than ouselves? Yes, we are in financial challenges but let’s not undermine ourseoves for the sake of money. We are known to be a GOD fearing nation and as such what we need to do is to join hands to pray to GOD to ask Him to bail us out of the current financial difficulties and not to make ourselves inferior to animals. We have been hearing of men that have been arrested because they slept with animals and if we are not careful soon or later the Western will again tell us to give them their rights as a condition to have their aid. Please Malawi this is the time to prove to the world that we are an independent nation.

  20. kumangoni says:

    Mbamba mteladi Ameleka adzadzokodzela zenizeni

  21. kumangoni says:

    Tikadzagwira wamkazi tidzamkama ku mpheto mpakana kudzatuluke ukala.Wa mwamuna adzasamba (adzakha ku mwezi)

  22. Sibweni says:

    No wonder we don’t have rains in our country. Sinful nation.

  23. che MATIMATI says:

    Jesus said this will happen in the end times. Malawians can not stop it but those in Jesus will be save. asiyeni dziko ndilawo oyera mtima mwachikhulupiliro kwathu kumwamba.

  24. sam says:

    why do people like trapesi marry a woman and bear children,let them marry their fellow men and bear children,they arecheating others in order to get dirty money from the west

  25. Siki says:

    Heaven and earth will pass away, but the word of God will stay forever. No matter what man will do to paint a sin white, the truth remains that homosexuality is a sin and must not be accepted in any country. This is what led to the burning of sodom and gomorah.

  26. John K Black says:

    The story appears to be shifting: it is no longer that homosexuals do not exist and thus are unMalawian. It is now that homosexuals can act on their sexual orientation if done discretely. This is quite a move in the direction of gay rights.

    1. Siki says:

      Indeed, too bad.

  27. ANTI-GAY says:

    Kubwera kumeneko ma blacks. To hell with mathanyula. One Farook says Lucius will lose his support, how if I may ask? Now we support Lucius more than ever. Lucius does not need to buy support with mathanyula. Farooq Alubi, no one will stop supporting soldier because he speaks against evil. Reading your name you sound like a muslim? I could be wrong but I will be astonished to find out that even moslems support that staff? Bro, mathanyula is evil and there is no future in it. It is being promoted by people in the illuminati. They are looking for more souls to their gathering. Look at France shooting??????? The wanted blood and they got it. Be careful, because these people know what they are promoting. Look at David Cameroon doing rituals with a dead pig. What???????????? Who wants to sing a song for the devil? who wants to kiss the devil??????? Definitely not my beautiful Malawi. Leave FLAMES alone.

  28. ISMAIL says:


  29. Farooq Alubi says:

    Very soon Lucius Banda will lose his support

  30. pido says:

    To hell with USA and Germany. Even dogs know the difference between male and female. We are poor, yes, but we are neither stupid, naive or desperate. You can stay with your aid if it is attached to this satanism – after all, you good for nothing masters already left

  31. George Ngalawa says:

    We are going to deal with these People;let them come out and see what is waiting for them.We will not report tem to Police or any other authority; we will deal with it as Malawians.Period!

  32. Black Missionary Members, Be quite and respect yourself, Some of you might be gays, I do respect you guys so much and can’t mention somebodys name from your Group, Once again keep quite, I’m a Malawian gay guy myself, Thanks

  33. mbuli67 says:

    Koma chochitira zimenezo pa gulu ndi chain? Mtima ofuna kuyesa anzanu, bwanji a hetero sachitira pagulu? U mfiti basi!

  34. Ziggy wa manoma says:

    Zoona ma blacks ifenso takana mathanyulawo shame

  35. Chopwichopwi says:

    Enough respect to the blacks.. indeed gays dont have a place in malawi. Even those that lobby for gay rights know deep down their hearts that gays stink but only talk about it for reasons of getting easy money from the naive and stupid donors..

  36. Mfumu ya Luntha says:

    When morality, religion and Human Rights cross paths…the case of LGBTI in Malawi.

  37. Phinifolo says:

    Komanso chamba sichabwiono. Muzimva a black missionaries

  38. Pamajiga says:

    Those are Ma Blacks I know. Trapence ndi Mtambo zitsiru za anthu. Zololera kusangalatsa munthu mmalo mosangalatsa MULUNGU chifukwa cha dyera la ndalama. MBUZI

  39. Kunta says:

    Fire burn dem

  40. amfumu says:

    Even dreadlocks are for women.Munthu wammuna kumanga mangongo?

  41. chimwemwe says:

    Gays go to hell

  42. amfumu says:

    This time it is Black Missionaries agreeing with Banda on homosexuality.Judging others should be left to JAH.The same Lucius will hang you by your balls for ganja smoking.A matter of oil and water mixing where convenient.Gays have always been amongst us that is why we have a vernacular name for them.They just have been oppressed

  43. 2016 welcome says:

    Inunso muipira kukoka nyaope!

  44. sam says:

    Please can you also sing about Kwacha devaluation, as we need to show the government we are in pain, our salaries are eroded. IMF donors are contributing to Malawi being poorer Please sing about kwacha devaluation this is malawis largest enemy. How can 1 pound be 1000MK, is this government serious

  45. ka says:

    tiyeni nawo

  46. Chilesye says:

    @ bodza la n’nanu u can’t compare rastafarianism and gayism dat is utter rubbish yes de comparison. Should be should we embrace anything foreign just for de sake of it or is it in tandem with righteousness gayism is crime against nature in secular while and a sin in spiritual sense.Gays are worse dan dogs!

  47. No Laughing Matter says:

    Not many people like gays,but to ask that they get killed is out right madness and Mr Msonda should be censored and put to order. He worked for government full of thieves and he himself is an elder of a church and pretends like he has never sinned. What hypocrisy! And you gays know your behavior is dividing this nation. You can start all over God is a forgiving God.

  48. Tina says:


  49. Kabanga says:

    Yea, Malawi has a freedom of speech, indeed of expression.But leaders are so resilient to embrace it.Reason being, we are afraid of the criticisms which normally arises when one does so.Remember one register of Mwanza who openly proposed chamba and Gondolosi for export.How he was humiliated.Shame on our nation.

  50. insider says:

    Koma mid January wandimaliza. Inu ma blacks musatitopese mwamva. Inuyonso ndi ma minority ndiye muzikanyoza ma minority anzanu? Nditalikileni ndithu

  51. We would like to ask western countreis not to dectate Malawi on issues regarding Gays.

  52. BitBot says:

    Honestly, I don’t see why people should be bothered about someone else’s sexuality. We as a country already have enough problems to deal with and I don’t understand how this should be a topic of discussion as compared to more pressing matters.
    What two adults choose to do shouldn’t concern anyone else.

  53. Bodza la n'nanu says:

    Black Missionaries – is being a Rastafarian one of Malawi cultures. It is an adopted culture Malawians have adopted and accepted. Even in Jamaica, those who were seen associated with Rastafarianism were rejected by society because it was then deem as a sect. Those with dreadlocks were marginalised and ridicules. Children were kicked out of schools and adults dud find difficulties in finding jobs. Then practicing Rastafarianism and going about with unkempt hair (dreadlocks) were ac acceptable by the majority of the society – against the norms. Over the years however, it has become the norm to the point that the culture has been adopted far and beyond, Malawi inclusive – the Black missionaries in particular. We have embraced you, we regard you as part of the society, we listen to your music, we watch you performances and more importantly we see you as normal human beings. If we were to marginalise you based on your adopted culture of Rastafarianism, trust me you wouldn’t have gone far with your God given talent in music. The society did and don’t even look at you any different but do accord you all the respect that you decided to adopt a foreign culture.
    Homosexually is no different from Rastafarianism, it’s ones choice and preference. Those who choose to adopt foreign culture should be respected and treated equally with human dignity.

  54. The Analyst says:

    This is the disgusting act of gay-encounter. Kumuthanyula ndithu mamuna mzake munthu!
    Sadly many misguided people find solace in the fact that gay-encounter even has space in the vernacular dictionary.
    Interestingly, thievery, prostitution, witchcraft etc all have spaces in the vernacular language’s dictionary. But are they desirable hence acceptable acts? Not even a centimetre close!

  55. Chabwino says:

    Jesus said ‘Amene sanachimwepo ayambe kuponya mwala” Anthu onse balala!!!!!!!!!! The same thing today is happening kaya zanu izo!!!!!! ineyo anthu a gay ndilibe nawo nthcito.

  56. The Analyst says:

    It is very encouraging to see some ‘influential’ individuals and groups speak up and clearly express their opinion on this nonsensical gay non-issue.

    But what have we hear thus far
    . . . from the many people who call themselves gospel artists on this issue? A very loud and deafening silence! Kuti ziiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Very discouraging!
    . . . from the leader of opposition?; besides displeasure on lack of procedure when suspending the anti-gay laws? Nothing! Yet we expected and still expect him to make a stand on this issue and all he does is worry that parliament was bypassed in the suspension of the anti-gay laws? Not inspiring at all. What would be your stand if you were consulted? This is what we expected!

    And may other ‘influential’ people have taken a neutral stand on the issue and think they are safe. Mhhh, I have news for you . . .

    In many matters of life is only one choice/side: In mathematics – you know the answer or you don’t. In religion – you are for God or the Devil. In afterlife – you miss paradise, you won’t miss hell. There is no middle ground. The same with this gay issue. You cant be neutral. But if you insist on being neutral know that . . .

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in time of great moral crisis; choose to remain neutral.” – Dante Aligheri

  57. Mid January says:

    Dont forget chambaso has no place in Malawi. By the way a group of men ridding around in a minibus playing with each others hair nde zau gay zo… Nanuso a Lusiyasi…. Musiye kunyenga ma hule.

  58. Malipeya says:


  59. mapwevupwevu says:

    Kill all batty riders!

  60. Redeemed says:

    What is the meaning of MATHANYULA?, I left Malawi over seventeen ago, and from where I stand, the Malawi’s vernacular language sounds to have been modified.

    1. The Analyst says:

      Check the meaning @ 7. I thought I had posted it as a rely to you but realised it’s come as a separate comment.
      To save you the trouble of having to check, Mathanyula is simply the act of sticking sticks in the sticky stinking gay a**holes.

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