Blantyre business magnate robbed car, calls for help

A businessman of Lebanese origin, Jalal Jawad, plying plastic manufacturing trade in Malawi’s commercial capital Blantyre Monday night had his car – a VVTI Corolla registration number MJ 6648 – robbed by unidentified armed robbers and has since called on Malawians to help him trace it.

The car which was stolen

The car which was stolen

Jawad, of ATC Industry Limited in Limbe, told Nyasa Times that his misfortune is his second in barely two months.

“About a month ago armed robbers followed me at my home in Mpingwe during lunch hour and took away money amounting to K600 000 [which I had intended to deposit] and my car keys,” said Jawad.

He said he had reported the matter to the police but his money has not been recovered yet.

“Today [Monday] I was going home again when they followed me to my yard, pointed their guns at me and asked for money,” Jawad narrated. “I told them I don’t have money and they took my car, phones and wallet.”

Jawad, who has been doing business in the country for the last six years consecutively but his brothers have been in the country for over 20 years, called on Malawians to help him get his car back.

“Please help me publish the story so that the Malawi government knows that my car is missing,” he said.

Much as he had reported the matter to police in Blantyre, Jawad said, he was optimistic that the country’s citizens would be of greater help in providing leads that would get his car back.

He can be reached on 0999406080.

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36 thoughts on “Blantyre business magnate robbed car, calls for help”

  1. Amwenye kubisa ndalama mnyumba K600 000 imatani ku Mpingwe mmalo mokayika ku Bank? Kumubera ndikulakwa koma to be honest Amwenye alibe chitukuko cha dziko kwawo ndikutulutsa ndalama

  2. LABIA MOYO says:

    Alhomwe kuba kuwonera Pitara

  3. Earth Digger says:

    The man needs to be helped. He is our neighbour. Remember the good Samaritan parable.

  4. matako m'mwamba says:

    Uyang’ane wekha galimoto lako ife sizikutikhuza. Akanakhala wakuda nzanu posachedwapa ndikanakuthandiza. Munathawitsa misonkha agalu inu. Tizingokulandani tokha. Uisova

  5. cobra says:

    It is becoming too much now, everyday we hear about car theft what is going on in malawi

  6. waganyu says:

    Money theft then car is too bad somebody behind it

  7. mwiithotho says:

    APOLISI, shoot to KILL


    Ma Lebanese kunzunza antchito awo.zachita bwino mbava zimenezo.

  9. Redeemed says:

    These syndicates involve the police who are supposed to combat crime and protect citizen, reporting them is just a mere waste of time, I don’t blame people who resort to taking the law into their own hands as it seem to continuously to fail them. Lets put all our faith to the mighty God for his divine intervention.

  10. Chimwemwe says:

    The gap between the rich and the poor is just too much……

  11. Nohakhelha says:

    Ndipodi umafuna pakhale Nchawa kapena mbwenumbwenu? Unya, alomwe tili pano kulamulira!

  12. carseat says:

    Chilango chikumachepa nkona mchitidwewu sukutha.

  13. Penjaninge says:

    Akut galimoto yake yasowa,inu mukukamba za joyc nd peter,zikugwirizana bwa?kaya nokha pantundu panu guyz..komanso know this;jail is for poor pple

  14. cbk says:

    check yur staff….

  15. mgawadere says:

    Ndi alomwe omwewa akuba konse Ku Limbs uku akusausa kwabasi

  16. PETER says:


  17. Auph says:

    Poor country=poor security

  18. dungulinya says:

    Mpaka government should know my corolla has been stolen….. drama…..Ingo pitani ku polisi . Kapena munaluza ma US dollar? Inshuransi simunakhome…….nde mpaka boma? Umwenye ndithu. Kufuna special treatment.

  19. K-CHI says:

    Masten ndi more basi sizaenawa zomangopenta malo omanga anthu kenako azizaloza kuti ndi ntchito zamanja awo

  20. Chimboche says:

    These robberies will never end. When they get caught, they quickly get released on bail. They robbed me at gun point in the same. I helped police catch then after identifying their vehicle, but today I see them very free on the streets.

    Our courts protect rights of the armed robbers and not the rights of the victims.

    How safe is my life in the hands of these dangerous criminals. Ndikuopa dziko lathu lomwe.

  21. daud says:

    Kd tosay jawad turn tomorrow your turn

  22. Nyamkaka says:

    They are your workers. They know you and know track your movements.

  23. joe hart ndi dhilu says:

    pa town

  24. mphwanye says:

    Iwe UJENI you are a fool. Who told you not to be a Lhomwe. Ndiye sunati, ukwiya kwazaka 5 ngati kuli kudana ndi peter

  25. GUANTANAMO says:

    And Jawal is not a “business magnate”. A magnate cannot cry over a stolen corolla nor a K600m.

  26. GUANTANAMO says:

    Blantyre is Mw commercial city, and not commercial capital.

  27. Nkango says:

    Malawian the biggest thieves in this world and are quick at pointing fingers at others look at cashgate who was involved no foreigners it’s all Malawians so first put your house in order before you start pointing fingers at others .

  28. amnzeru aku mmawa says:

    iwe ukubakila a lwomwe, zochita ulibe?

  29. mbanga says:

    Guys we must take this seriously. I have also lost some property within two months. The likely solution is to get armed ourselves. Police are at the moment overwhelmed. They lack basic crime busting technics for example finger print taking at crime scenes. Telephone companies are also two proud to provide call logs where necessary.

  30. Comment plz malawians dont do that work hard than this plz.

  31. Nkhedu says:

    Lack of jobs.Anthu akusowa zochita

  32. ujeni says:

    Blantyre and other southern districs are at the mercy of robbers who are Lhomwes and easily disappear with their stolen items goods to Mozambique. Malawi police with the help of the army should look at this seriously even going to Lhomwe land and dig these robbers where they hide. Enough is enough please.

    1. Chipoya LJ. says:

      There is no tribal issue here as per your say. This only shows ur grave hatrage towards the Lhomwes. You must be a stupid fool who don’t use to reason before u utter your nuisance and nasty stupidity words.
      Do you wanna elude that all these criminals in Blantyre are Lhomwes? Haven’t you ever heard of others from the central, North or Eastern regions. Should I start mentioning their names here? What a lunatic and idiotic moron you are.
      Keep on crying you the seemingly son of prostitute and criminal while the Lhomwes are ruling over you and your fellow non Lhomwes.

      All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!!

  33. kd says:

    jawad these robbers are just poor Malawians just taking back what belongs to them, you foreigners have robbed this country several time’s, you dont pay tax ……musova

    1. Mwana says:

      it doesn’t matter wether you are rich or poor, these thing should not happen. Full of bandits…and blame the foreigners for robbing the country….any excuse…do your research and find out who don’t pay tax..Mr

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