Blantyre residents advised to ‘own’ public services: ‘Stop blame game’

Blantyre City Council (BCC) has challenged Blantyre City residents and surrounding areas to take full responsibility of protecting and safeguarding public facilities that the council erects in the city.


Kasunda: Own public services

The council also urged the communities to report to law enforcers vandals and any suspicious so as to deal with criminals that vandalise the council’s public facilities, such as street lights and traffic lights.

According to the Council’s spokesperson, Anthony Kasunda, at one point, the city had street lights in most corners including the Chipembere Highway and the M1 from Kandodo Corner Shop through Chirimba to Kameza roundabout as well as the road from Clock Tower via Magalasi to Chileka Airport.

“The council has a mandate and responsibility to provide public services in the city, but in all fairness, people benefiting from these facilities also have a responsibility to protect and safeguard the facilities,” said Kasunda.

He said if the council and the residents can work together vandalism can be a thing of the past.

Kasunda further said they are losing a lot of revenue replacing these vandalised facilities instead of channelling the little available resources to new development initiatives.

“It remains a puzzle what the vandals do with the poles. The council tried to use concrete poles, but this did not stop the criminals.

“Some of the unpatriotic residents even sent an anonymous letter warning the council that they never allow a certain portion of the road to the airport to have lights because it is their hiding place at night,” he explained.

He also claims that the council has always endeavoured to have working traffic lights, but few days after fixing them, vandals come to break them.

“In some cases the vandals have even removed the poles that hold these lights.

“However, the council is determined to continue providing services to residents despite these challenges. But together, as residents and the council, Blantyre City can be a better place to live and do business,” he explained.

He therefore said there is need to stop the blame game and join hands to arrest this problem that is draining public resources.

“As a council, there is already a belief and conviction that its vision is slowly being realised of making Blantyre a city of choice in the Southern Africa Development Community (Sadc) region with a conducive environment where people shall take ownership, live, do business and prosper,” said Kasunda.

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Malawians love their country. There is no doubt about this! Koma umbava uli mma office a kwa DC sutithandiza ata olo pang’ono! Zili kwa GVH Kudooko uko.LDF funded Chikutu school project. Anganya akwa DC sakulola. They dictate kokagula katundu. As a result wheelbarrow yomweyi ili MK20,000 mtaunimu tikugula K43,000. Malata akuti osagula ku SAFINTRA. Matabwa osagula ku Sungwi koma ku Area 49. Zodabwitsatu zokhazokha. Chonchi titukuka? Sibodza ili pitani mukaone nokha. Mutisankhila bwanji ma supplier anganya inu akwa DC??

concerned citizen

mangani mabus terminal ooneka mmaso mwa anthu – spacious and clean ku Limbe and Blantyre . wenela ndiyomvetsa manyazi.


kkkkkkk True Patriot u r right! Kasunda looks Mphwiyosh! But he has a point. If only we could take politics out of development!


Put survailance cameras, the main streets should all have survailance cameras and they should be accessed by the media and police this would drastically reduce vandalism and crime……imagine all the bullshit crime taking place in the heart of the city and in broad daylight……put cameras and let people see this on TVM


That is Malawi I know, vandalism, government must do something.

True patriot

Is this man a Mr Anthony Kasunda really?If so,how come he is having Paul Phwiyolistic features?Bwinotu akulu tikukukayikilani ndi cashgate.

Jayilosi Ntedza

The issue is poverty and administration of justice, if the government can bring a proper policy to cater for a fair distribution of wealth among Malawians and also foster justice system focusing on Crime to equate its punishment, things shall change! Malawi was better off in this regard during MCP rule! These things were in place!

muona mukhwiri

Kamuzu never planned for the squatters along the Kandodo Zalewa road. He could have kicked them out South African style. The same for Kachere residents. They are an eyesore. Let us get to power we will create greenbelts around our cities Lilongwe style. Anthu osauka have no place near towns

Mr. Kasunda, have a good point. People should take ownership of these facilities. Please, make sure the residents of Blantyre receive your message and change their perception of these services. After, you have finish with BT, come to Capital Hill, tell the civil servants that govt finances belong them as well. They should stop plundering and that effects of stealing or abusing govt resources is retrogressive and barbaric. Politicians, should stop telling us lies and keep on dividing us into political parties yet we are one nation. This small country of Malawi belongs to all of and no one should… Read more »
where are the police and law authorities doing? Why are they not patrolling the streets to prevent such vandalism to occur. What kind of punishment those caught are getting? These re the type of questions we need to address. there no need to ask citizens to own and be patriotic if those vandalizing the facilities are left scott free or better yet given a slap on the wrist. We need to be serious and let it be known that any one caught will be severely punished. Lets set examples to prevent such occurrences from taking place. Corruption corruption is ruining… Read more »

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