Blantyre sets ball rolling in purchasing Mayoral vehicles from HTD

Blantyre City Mayor Noel Chalamanda has been the first to fly a Mayoral flag after  the City Council  acquired one for him last month, and his Deputy Mr. Ndippo is likewise the first to get a Deputy Mayoral vehicle, both Chauffeur driven.

Mayor Chalamanda: BT 1

Mayor Chalamanda: BT 1

The Nyasa Times understands that Mayor Chalamanda has been provided with a state of the art vehicle seven seater which has both manual and automatic transmission modes and has a flag fixed on its left hand side right at HTD Limited where it was bought.

This has put to rest speculations that Vehicles for Mayors and Chairpersons and their Deputies will be purchased by the central government.

“Each council will look into its affairs that is why the Blantyre City Council has bought vehicles for its Mayor and Deputy,” said at the City Council, who indicated that vehicle for the Deputy Mayor is yet to be fixed a BT 2 number plate.

“It has a BU 808 number plate but shortly it will have the official BT 2 number plate when certain issues are sorted out at the Road Traffic,” said an official at the Council who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Nyasa Times could however not establish the real cost of the vehicle which  -some suggested could be in the ranges of K 29m to K 52m but a source at the council confirmed that the Mayor’s vehicle has been on the road- for the past four weeks.

“It is true that the Blantyre City Council has purchased vehicles for the City Mayor and his Deputy at HTD and Toyota Malawi, respectively.

“The first payment was made two weeks before the vehicle was delivered while the second payment is to be before this month ends while the last one will be made before the year ends,” said another source at the Civic Centre.

The two have been using personal vehicles for the first two months but the council hired a Toyota Fortune for the Mayor who has used it before the purchase of the KIA Sorrento. The Fortuner was later handed over to the Deputy for temporary use before his official was bought.

According to  Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MoLGRD)  Public Relations Officer Muhlabase Mughogho,  Section 7(3) of the Local Government Act gives powers to the mayor to provide leadership in councils, performing ceremonial roles, representing the council on public and civic functions and ensuring that the standing orders are followed, among others.

“Mayors will be receiving a monthly ward allowance of K80,000, this is not a monthly salary, it’s more or less like an allowance, plus a monthly honorarium of K30,000,” she said.

Mughogho said mayors are also entitled to housing, executive saloon vehicle (councils will be providing a 4 x 4 car when the mayor is on official duties); airtime, medical aid and councils are responsible for their welfare.

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31 thoughts on “Blantyre sets ball rolling in purchasing Mayoral vehicles from HTD”

  1. namagagula says:

    Only in malawi is a KiA Sorrento a luxury. SAD!!!

  2. kambwali says:

    Mayor wa lilongwe should go to bt for civic education. Koma ngati Pali mwayi Kupanga impeach chitani zomwezo . Nganga imeneyi ayi

  3. ANALYST says:

    You (meaning APM/DPP/Govt) open the HTD showroom last week, this week we hear Blantyre City Council has bought such a vehicle from HTD! Kickbacks have been given here for HTD to “win the tender” to supply vehicles to ALL mayors in this country!

    Cry my Country……….

  4. Loadmaster jimmy says:

    Blantyre munasankha mbambande sizathu ku Lilongwe kuno zaziiiii zenizeni

  5. fkr says:

    Simple stop paying city rates. If this is what they are going to use your money for with so many open issue. The mayors don’t give a shit is all about themselves and how much they can get. If they were serious they would buy a second hand Toyota corolla add i have done because i, like the country can’t afford luxury. Now you know why the donors ate sick and tired of giving us money

  6. Namacherenga says:

    Malawians, we really like to complain. When the previous Governments were avoiding Councillors, one of the reasons was that it was very expensive for an economy like ours. We were all up in arms demanding this democratic tier in governance: it is here, and now we want the Mayor to be an ordinary person, driving a corolla like you and me. Why do you think they were campaigning?
    This is a lesson even to those advocating for Federalism. When this tier is created, it will demand resources from the same bleeding economy and they will be the first people to complain. If we were all thinking soberly we would realise that Democracy is not cheap and the more democratic governance institutions, the more our economy bleeds. Simple fact.

  7. innocent says:

    A KIA indeed costs far less than people think but they are very comfortable and beautiful vehicles than the very expensive luxurious ones you know. Unlike just building a warehouse for cars these guys have built something for the city to be proud of.

  8. AntDpp says:

    If you are calling a KIA Sorento a luxurious car then I think we have a big problem. That’s a very basic car and doesn’t even last who is making these decisions?

  9. bubug says:

    gud comments kupwtula 17, ndiwa mng’ono sadziwa zambiri

  10. Tidakukwezani anyani inu!time will tell

  11. Zion says:

    Wat about BRIDGE YA PA BLANTYRE MARKET MUKUFUNA MUNTHU AGWERE MUMTSINJE KAYE? Timadutsa munseu kuopa kugwera mumtsinje Matabwa anaola kalekale U dont care zaanthu.2019 Ndipowmpano.

  12. Charo Bombastic says:

    Please sort out the mosquitoes. Please

  13. l says:

    Poti ndi a Chalamanda mwati zalakwika. Anakati a Mayor ndi a Chirwa bwezi mukuti zili bwino. Shame. Noel You just do your work.

  14. Agalu inu says:

    The city has money to buy cars but no money to fix lights so its save for citizens especially women at night? Garbage all over the city and streets that are not repaired even important ones like the one to Dr Kampondeni’s clinic in Limbe railways. Black people, we can be learned but have no idea how to prioritize use of scarce resources. That’s why I don’t pay my city rates

  15. Kanyimbi says:

    Zachamba basi?

  16. kukukuki says:

    Is that what you call development. shupiti.

  17. Anonymous says:

    author so what are you trying to say i dont get your point you are mentioning the cars that BT mayor driving so you want him to walk woth his feet work up here in SA do know what kind of cars most mayors drives its Q7 Audi and BMW X6 so what are you saying here

  18. ECONOMY says:


  19. Maria says:

    The vehicle that the Mayor has been seen “rolling” in is a mere Kia Sorento they are going at around K22 million for a brand new duty free executive version where in the world did you get the K52illion PRICE TAG????

    1. Geofrey says:

      Why buy expensive car when u fail to employ casual labourers to clean the city even using low priced materials?kupupuluma!

  20. Malawian says:

    I can not complain looking at how Mayor Chalamanda is dedicating himself on this job! He is an interested party to see BT back to it’s past glory which is rare nowadays to get such dedicated people. If these are within Mayors’ benefits let him enjoy them. He is working more than some cabinet ministers who are just eating our money without seeing what they are doing. Can we have a quarterly ministerial appraisal please since they were elected?

  21. Koma ndiye says:

    Keep Blantyre clean and its associated funding streams may have bought the cars, but we still need to know if these are not central government funded. I was wondering really at what was the main purpose of the keep BT a clean, now we know. BT residents, are you happy that your taxes are going towards these multimillion cars for the Mayor and his Deputy, with their own drivers, when cost of living is going so high by the day? How will that put food on your tables?

  22. Zale P says:

    Mzuzu city council why r u not takin good care of our Mayor? He has no official car,no official office,no official house infact he has no official anything apart frm his title! Pliz emurate what your counterparts have done.

  23. loveness says:


    1. FKS says:

      Wayiwala atumbuka sakondana

  24. fedrevolution says:

    Yesterday HTD donates a vehicle to the family NGO (Beutify Malawi)of the president days later the city council buys a very exepensive vehicle from HTD.The majority of police vehicle are KIAs from HTD.ABC what are you saying this is clear corruption

  25. Patriot says:

    Mwaonatu ndalama mumapereka ku ati phwando loti mukiline BT, ndalama zija ayamba kugulira ma galimoto.
    Musova. A BT City simungagule ma galimoto a second a Be Forward?

  26. DRAKE says:

    Yes he deserves a good car for the discharge of His duties there is nothing wrong with it. Now he must start to be seen that he is working, first I would like him to check the hygienic side of BLANTYRE as a whole. There are a lot of mosquitoes in all the locations in Blantyre this is so because of careless disposal of rubbish that creates more bleeding spaces for mosquitoes, broken sewers that remain un attended to for long periods. I would like him to authorise the City health Dept to procure chemicals to be sprayed all over the townships on a weekly basis, this is very important because it will reduce the issue of Malaria attacks to the populance

  27. Payements for the purchased vehicles are jeopardising our increaments as ordered by parliament,so do something before the likes of alaila start the dumping.I believe we are doing this to silence the mayors eagles eye view in our malpractice and filthy dealings.If somebody is in disaproval,make a snap survey and audit,then can be able to figure out relics played by the civicians

  28. Eish says:

    Hahaha and after spending this much the Mayor goes out to solicit funds for clean up campaign! Where are the Council’s priorities?

  29. khamani!! says:

    Did I read that right ? A KIA for about $60K-$100K? Are we villagers that we don’t know these things? Overpriced vehicles….

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