Botswana pledges support to develop Malawi’s mining sector

Newly appointed Botswana High Commissioner to Malawi, Kenny Kapinga has pledged his country’s commitment in supporting Malawi to develop the mining sector.

Botswana High Commissioner presenting letters of credence to Malawi President Mutharika

Botswana High Commissioner presenting letters of credence to Malawi President Mutharika

Kapinga was speaking at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe after presenting letters of credence to President Prof. Peter Mutharika.

He said Botswana’s economy is dependent on mining which he described it to be at an advanced stage.

The High Commissioner then said since Malawi has been looking for partnership in developing the sector, his country is more than willing to assist.

“ There were a number of issues that we discussed with the President but our main focus was on how the two countries can help each other in developing the mining sector as well as improve the wellbeing of the people of the two nations,” explained Kapinga.

Apart from the mining sector, Kapinga disclosed to have also discussed with the President on the possibilities of enhancing and promoting the tourism and agriculture sectors which are evidenced to be the back bone of many African countries.

“We expect to have exchange programmes in the tourism, agriculture and others areas of investment between our two nations,” briefly the High Commissioner said.

Kapinga who will be residing in Harare, Zimbabwe also revealed that during the meeting, the Malawi leader assured of support to Botswana as it intends to vie for the position of secretary general of the Commonwealth Countries.

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14 thoughts on “Botswana pledges support to develop Malawi’s mining sector”

  1. mbani says:

    why botswana of all the countries poor malawi land of

  2. Chingolopiyo says:

    Mr Kapinga, Malawi’s mining is bringing the much needed forex but the problem is our leaders are selfish, they are reaping every thing for themselves and not for the country, even the much touted oil in Lake Malawi, will benefit those in power not Malawians on the ground.

  3. Mukharapwio says:

    to cut costs/and taking the significance of a country an ambassador/high commissioner can act for his/her country to 2 or more countries thats why

  4. ngongoliwa says:

    Malawians are fools. Other countries, do have one high commissioner or ambassador for three or four countries. So its up to the ambassador to choose residential country. In this case Kapinga has chosen Zimbambwe as residential country. Possibly he will be ambassadoring or commissioning Zimbambwe and Malawi. This is very common in developed countries. Jack up Malawi. Dont show your stupidity here by saying that its a surprise having an ambassador residing in Zim. Thats nonsense. Agulugunya wosazindikira inu. Pitani ku sukulu. Werengani kwambiri kuti muziziwa zinthu m’malo moonesa umbuli pano. Tikukuziwani kuti nonse ndinu a MCP ndi PP.

  5. Naliyela says:

    Kapinga? Dzina ngati mMalawi.

  6. kent says:

    i think zinthu za governance ndizovuta kwambiri.High commissioner for Botswana to Malawi residing in Zimbabwe very raughable.Is it not ma fellow friends?

  7. Malawiboy says:

    High Commissioner to Malawi residing in Harare?
    Was it something we said?

  8. ngongoliwa says:

    We dont need the government to move in for export. If you know that bananas are highly needed in Botswana just mobilize resources for export. AMalawi bwanji.

  9. Boyd Kilembey says:

    APM should have pressed for Botswana to import agricultural products from Malawi, beans, ground nuts, bannanas etc. The last time I was there one banana cost over K100 = R2.
    But I understand we are a failed state with our priorities upside down.

  10. nde mwati azikakhara ku zimbabwe bwanji mumalawi mulibe nyumba zoti angakhalemo?

  11. Shothe says:

    Why will he residing in Harare while the fact is that he is high commisioner in Malawi? Nosense

  12. bizzy says:

    Whatever, let’s jst hope it’s gonna work for Malawians

  13. mzunguwanzeru says:

    Mining is the only way that Malawi can develop

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