Britain releases K2.6bn to assist Malawi flood victims : AU pledge support

A medic takes care of a child found wandering aimlessly at Sammy's Relief Camp in Chikwawa District, near Blantyre, Malawi. (Thoko Chikondi, AP)

A medic takes care of a child found wandering aimlessly at Sammy’s Relief Camp in Chikwawa District, near Blantyre, Malawi. (Thoko Chikondi, AP)

Aerial view of the flooded Nsanje district.- Photo by Jeromy Kadewere, Nyasa Times

Aerial view of the flooded Nsanje district.- Photo by Jeromy Kadewere, Nyasa Times

Relocating: Woman displaced by floods with her child.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere, Nyasa Times

Relocating: Woman displaced by floods with her child.-Photo by Jeromy Kadewere, Nyasa Times

Britain is  providing support to those affected by the floods in Malawi by releasing  £3.8 million (about K2,6 billion) through Department for International Development (DfID).

The rains have swept away roads, bridges and destroyed thousands of crops. An estimated 100 000 people have been left homeless.

President Peter Mutharika called for international assistance and declared 15 of the 28 national districts disaster zones.

According to DfID spokeswoman, Britain working with the UN, has provided emergency assistance to those in need.

A DFID spokeswoman said in a statement:“The close links between Scotland and Malawi mean that many people in Scotland will be particularly saddened to learn of the devastation being caused by the floods there.”

According to DfID, support from UK’s £3.8 million fund for disasters in Malawi is providing food and shelter to those affected by the floods.

“We are continuing to monitor the situation for potential further UK support.

“These efforts are complemented by others in Scotland including the Scotland Malawi Partnership. The UK government is also working closely with the Scottish government to provide advice on where their offer of support is best targeted,” DfID spokeswoman said.

Nyasa Times understands that the DFID’s funds are meant for rapid and effective humanitarian response to disasters in Malawi including Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee food response for the whole year and not this disaster only.

Food security has become a major concern as torrential rains are expected to continue in the southern African country where more than 200 people were confirmed dead and many were missing or trapped in inaccessible areas, following flash floods caused by days of torrential rains exacerbated by Tropical Cyclone Bansi.

Meanwhile, the African Union (AU) has said it will provide Malawi with humanitarian assistance as part of efforts to alleviate the suffering of the affected people with the unfortunate calamity of flooding that has killed many people and destroyed thousands of houses across the country.

AU Commission Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma  said in a statement  tthat the assistance will be availed to the government of Malawi as soon as possible

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41 thoughts on “Britain releases K2.6bn to assist Malawi flood victims : AU pledge support”

  1. Me, Myself and I says:

    Let’s not point fingers at each other rather, thank all countries that have stretched their hands to help our brothers and sisters in the affected Districts with floods.

  2. makonzo says:

    Thanks very much baba UK for the timely assistance.

  3. jimbo says:

    Comment No.3 Mr Chiwaya has the saying the wrong way round. It should read ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed!’ Where are those commentators who love to say that Britain should keep its aid, Malawi doesn’t need it? Those stupid people need to realise that Britain is Malawi’s best friend and is always ready to help when help is required. Has any aid come from the Chinese, the Russians, the Red Crescent, the African Union? You find out who your friends are when you need them. If they don’t show, they are not your friends.

  4. mlomwe original says:

    Britain let me warn you.if you give this money directly to malawi govt you will regret your tax payers money,i advise you to assist the victims through organisations

  5. frank says:

    Nanga inu aboma muthandizapo chiyani? Koma ndalamazo zikabwera iwe pitala ndi gulu lanko wosati upitise m’mathumba mwanu



  7. ujeni says:

    Nsanje should not be a human habitable place. That place should have been left for beds. Relocate everybody to Chikwawa and Blantyre and end this yearly waste of time and money evacuating and feeding people

  8. Kasenye says:

    Floodgate Iyendepo. Beam, Mulipo?

  9. wakukaya says:

    iwe number 2 zikusonyeza kuti amayi amathandiza nanga pano alipo nanga inu mwachita chani ? muzikhala ndi mtima wachikondi

  10. Citizen X says:

    What about that BEAM charity organization, how much has it donated, if fact all those fake NGOs in malawi we want to know about their donations?????? come forward please and inform us. there was also a 2seater little airplane donated to BEAM!!!!! is it in the air helping these victims or was it sold too”airplanegate”??????

  11. mbwaxe says:

    Dont worry ndalama zikafika!!! Alomwe amaba za ku treasury ndi ku malawi savings bank!!! MSB yagwa chifukwa cha mwanamveka!!!!!

  12. nsanje port says:

    Chonde izi zokha musazibe,kathandizeni anthu ovutika…please cashgate pa ma flood donation ayi,za edzi zomwezo zakwana

  13. APM says:

    We ask the donors not to put demands on their saying this because we absolutely know these whites don’t play the game to loose. They always at least demand something to be done in that country.

    1. paulo says:

      That is the reason of aid you idiot,for something to be done to help the affected people .

  14. Munthuwazeru says:

    Zikomo kwambiri Mayi wanthu koma ifeyo amalawi tionetsepo umuthu osati wina atalikitse ZALA AYI.

  15. wobeba wanga says:


  16. Maliseni says:

    Please include Phalombe is your direct response, people are dying of hunger now !!!!!!!!!! Andale onse anathawa alibe kangachepe.

  17. steve says:

    amalawi osadandaula pano chithandizo atipasa koma akumipandowa mmmmm kaya ngati tione chithandizo shem shem bola apange zotheka anthu awathandise akangobaso shem on u akumipandonu asaaaaa we waching u peps matayi mawa muzangila zingwe

  18. Nawaoo says:

    Thank u UK but please come up with strategies to monitor how this money is being utilised for its intended purpose, these pple r thieves otherwise only a few individuals will benefit.

  19. Charles says:

    please ndalamazo zigwile ntchito yake zisathele mmatumba invani chisoni ndi anthu amene akuvutikawo ,kodi ndinu anthu otani omasakaza ndalama pamene anthu ambili akuvutika ,Mulungu akuyankhuleni mwapadela .

  20. Big brain says:

    DollR yathu iyi Pls they are paying back


    Nde musolore a Gulukunyinda inu mxiew

  22. mike kamanga says:


  23. osborné says:

    Pichi! Chomwe waona ndi nsalu yachipani basi? Ife mmutumu ndale mulibe taona madzi ndi mmayi osautsika. Tasiyaniko ndalezo Tione mavutowa Kaye. Kaya akanakhala ovala ya mcp,udf,dpp,pp panalibe nkhani.

  24. Zanga Phee! says:

    DFID please don’t just drop the money monitoring is what matters we are sick and tired of reading stories of diverting resources i am 100 % sure in one way or the other pabedwabe zili mmagazi.See My Name.

  25. Thanks Britain, may God bless. Malawians let’s join hands 2gether 2 support de victims. Avoid evil minded of cashgate on this aid especially politicians. CSO pliz b our watch dog.

  26. charlie hebdo says:

    send food and medicines- no cash please! we are dealing with sub-human primates with no values and a pathological need to steal!! a hyena is a hyena!

  27. amunabawa says:

    mukadyanso muons cha anthu ovutika awa munya muona.latsala pang’ono tsiku lanu la kiama

  28. Gang'a says:

    Where’s Brazil, Russia, India?

  29. ujeni says:

    Look AU is still sleeping while Britain just does it. Something wrong with Malawians. Bo bo bo

  30. ujeni says:

    Where are local well wishers who have a pechant of buying seats to sit next to the president for K50m

    1. Etidi ….where are these assholes,buttlickers,nicompoops…galmonds.Machende awooo! And this money will be swallowed by stinking Beam and Mlakho wa stupid Lhomwe.Search me.Where are you ,you overbearded so-called well wishers?

    2. Where are the well wushers says:

      Where are they indeed, the so called well wishers! Where are you? Lives have been lost, we have no homes, talk about food and other basic needs. Please well wishers, come out. I do not need ma units to call u. U can see it. Come out please well wisher.

  31. panopa kukhosi kuli dyoko-dyoko ngati kwachule kuti muzipakula bwanji ndalama zimenezi.tikudziwa amfiti,athakati,ana anjoka inu mwazipangila kale maplan

    1. Clement says:

      Yes mapulani ake ndikuthandiza wovutikawo! wosatengelapo zifukwa apa,inunso ndinu akuba koma kusagwidwa

  32. KUKHALA says:


  33. malawiana says:

    DFID, make sure this money does not come as cash as the vultures are ready to pounce. If they can steal Aids money what more floods money.

  34. dyton Chiwaya says:

    A friend indeed is a friend in need

  35. pichi says:

    Takuonani a Nyasa kuti kuyambira masiku apitawo mukuika amayi ambiri atavala nsalu ya PP. Pepani pano sitikuona za chipani ndi miyoyo ya wathu poyamba. Amalawi akudziwa kuti kudali kuba ndalama za wathu for campaign materials, olo nsalu yanga yaku bafa ndi toilet ndiya PP.

  36. phwisi says:

    Koma dolla yo ifika kuma victims? I doubt too much kuba pa nyasa pano.

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