Bullets lands K500m Nyasa sponsorship: Malawi champions

After years of wilderness of sponsorship poverty, one of the country’s most successful football club Big Bullets and the reigning Super League Champions Big Bullets has secured a mega sponsorship -a five year K500 million deal with Nyasa Manufacturing Company Limited.

Nyasa officials and Bullets  done deal

Nyasa officials and Bullets done deal

Big Bullets FC....Photo Jeromy Kadewere

Big Bullets FC….Photo Jeromy Kadewere

The signing in ceremony took place in Blantyre, Friday where it was revealed that the sponsorship is classified at K100 million per year. Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President Walter Nyamilandu as present during the ceremony.

But other details are currently under wraps with Bullets Chairman Sam Chilunga, who Nyasa Times understands was influential in clinching the deal, only confirming of the deal.

“It’s true we have landed an Mk100 million deal per year for five years. We will announce formally giving you all the details but let me thank all who supported us in particular let me thank those who prayed for me,” Chilunga said Friday evening.

News about Bullets executive committee discussing with the cigarettes manufacturing company has been in town for some time back but an agreement is said to have been reached Thursday with the signing ceremony taking place the following day.

“I had to court FIFA on this deal just to get some clarity that’s why it took long to materialize but God has been good. God bless!” an excited Chilunga said without elaborating.

Chilunga also said applauded Football Association of Malawi President Walter Nyamilandu for playing a role by facilitating negotiations between Bullets and Fifa over the involvement of a tobacco company.

He described the sponsorship as a sigh of relief and historical since the team was formed in 1967 as an off-shoot from their rivals Mighty Be Forward Wanderers. “It is a strategic business partnership as they will finance us and use the team’s supporters base to enhance their brand,” Chilunga said.

“The deal requires the right mind, right attitude, right work ethics and above all accountability and integrity. It is not sponsorship per se it is work hard that’s it is a partnership,” he said.

Nyasa Manufacturing Company owner Konrad Buckle disclosed to Nyasa Times that the team will Maintain its traditional red and white colours but the name will be changed as they will be called NMC Big Bullets  or Nyasa Big Bullets.

For more than a decade, the Blantyre based giants have been playing in the top flight league without a steady official sponsors.

The last time the team had sponsorship worth mentioning was in 2004 when the then Head of Sate Baliki Muluzi pumped in millions that saw the team even participating in the CAF Champions competition.

Otherwise Carlsberg Malawi came in with an annual two year sponsorship which was also provided to Bullets arch rivals Mighty Wanderers before the company pulled out of the club sponsorship to concentrate on sponsoring a national Cup and the Malawi National Football team.

The Peoples Team as Bullets is commonly known has been surviving on gate collections and well wishers, although last year it took a bold step to once again join the CAF competition which records show has ended up in having millions of unpaid bills.

Less the outstanding debts and squabbles that saw the team’s performance dwindle at Chitowe in Dwangwa a fortnight ago, Nyasa has picked the team while it is swimming in glory.

Bullets are currently leading the Super League of Malawi with 43 points from 19 games, seven points clear from second placed Mafco FC. They have only tasted a single defeat from Salima based Army outfit, Airborne Rangers. Rangers who last week went down 1-2 to less fancied and relegation threatened Fisd Wizards pulled a surprise when they humiliated Bullets with a 2-1 beating.–Additional reporting by Loius Phiri, Nyasa Times

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85 thoughts on “Bullets lands K500m Nyasa sponsorship: Malawi champions”

  1. k.tambala says:

    apa nde zili boo.koma ndiofunika kukhala pansi ndikuka mbilana mayendesedwe a dola.chifukwa tavutika kwaka nthawi.

  2. AKIJA says:

    kkkkk Wankaka basi more fire more fire mawule , tikusambila nkaka kunyulira Keke basi.

  3. jacob mhone says:

    maule wamkaka basi komano payenera kuti board commitee yapadera yoyang”anira ndalamazo.osati 3 days tiyambe kumva kuti dollar zadyedwa, bisopu iweeee.maule woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. J.M says:

    im very excited with this breakthrough all the credits to CHAIR s.chilunga, ua a man ua have surpassed those greedy dat have destroyed bullets a team dat stands for so many souls here in malawi than any other team. To the management, + chilunga ahead of this deal you must sit down and take a leaf from the past n not repeat those mistakes dat made companies for so long not willing to help our team

    Ma pale!! Red Army!!! Champions 2015!!!

  5. J.M says:

    im very excited with this breakthrough all the credits to CHAIR s.chilunga, ua a man ua have surpassed those greedy dat have destroyed bullets a team dat stands for so many souls here in malawi than any other team. To the management, + chilunga ahead of this deal you must sit down and take a leaf from the past n not repeat those mistakes dat has made companies for so long not willing to help our team

    Ma pale!! Red Army!!! Champions 2015!!!

  6. chipungu says:

    zilibwino,mwina ndikukasewera CAF mtima ulimmalo,
    Ndalama zabwera zokha,chonde akumipando musapakuleko ma puleya azisangalala nawonso.

    Bullets for life.

  7. Wilfred Khuniwa says:

    Half Billion Big Bullets….mkaka tidakamwabe ndipo tiusamba mpakana kuthilira maluwa! welome nyasa manufactures compony mumakwana

  8. we have welcomed Nyasa with our hands, if GOD open the door indeed no m.an can shut,we have been in draught for along time now the LORD has answered and he have given us agood name NYASA..B a beaultiful name that i have never ever seen. my fellow nyasa..b lovers lets proud our team as HOW LORD LOVES US…

  9. mathias mtonga says:

    i love Bullets but when its pocket is full and healthy,disputes arise. Dear Lord please guide BULLETS. amen

  10. ishmael katawala says:

    Ma player a bullets ndi masapotanso a bullets ndi chifukwa for beta for worse mumaikonda team yanu,zathu zayela basi apa,tiyeni tisewele komanso tidye zimenezi

  11. Pearson malinda says:

    There is nothing we supporters can do apart from showing our happiness over the deal. For sure this sponsorship will bring a new era to the peoples team. Welcome nyasa, nothing wrong to add nyasa to our name

  12. Kaya ndi yafodya kaya yopanga mkalabongo bola ndalama enanu munazolowera kunyoza nsanje

  13. Kenkkk says:

    Bibo and others, the most important parts of the names are “Bullets” or “Wanderers”, so it is not proper to criticise the change of the pre-fixes as long as the main name remains.

    In other countries where teams have their own stadiums and traditional names of stadiums, some sponsors have changed the names of the stadiums despite fans not being happy. Money talks nowadays.

    I will only be unhappy if “bullets” is removed.

  14. Adzikupatsani fodya mukawina ma game kuti mudzisuta ngati bonasi. Kaya muisova.

  15. Keith Tiya boy says:

    Kubwela kwa cash kusabwelese ufiti ndikulimbanila maudindo,eeish ofunika ku samala ma biggy!!!!

  16. Chinthiti says:

    Koma ndalamazi pali chinyengo penapake nyasa ndi company yaying’ono kwambiri profit yawo pa cha mwati amapeza zingati Mr Nyamilandu tatiuzani musatimphimbe mmaso amalawi campain eti?

  17. Lets preserve history please!I hear Malawian we are poor when it comes to negotiating deals.whenever a new sponsor comes to sponsor teams here in Maalawi, teams change names which is a different change with other league in other countries. Both Manchesters in Uk has changed sponsors, look at Kaiser Chiefs and Orlando Pirates but thier history is preserved. Lets run away from changing names when we land a sponsorship, tell them you have money and we are a big brand with a big name and history to preserve we not change name!period

  18. WIN4 says:

    Nobody is happy about the news due to stiff competition is expected in those so called small cups with money at hand .Nyasa Big Bullets is entitled to clinch all these cups next year.Ndagha ba Nyasa ,we shall smoke all sort of nicotone you shall provide us to make the company propell in hardship and turmoil of economics in Malawi.

  19. WIN4 says:

    tidikile season ikubwerayi kuti kodi zitha bwanji makamaka kutimakapu tating`onoti momwe tititatile. ndagha fiyo ba nyasa

  20. Yeeeh! wth nyasa bb we w’ll nt b deafeted.go on nyasa campny we cant embarass u.

  21. ponyera salankhula says:

    ndye ndisamveso zoti mwayamba kusolola, kapena mwachosa technical panel, #no_cashgate muzipereka ma financial report every quarter year… mwamva?

  22. Thanduxolo says:

    By supporting Nyasa Manufacturing Company means buying more of their products-fodya. MK500 million sikuti ili phe poteropo. Iyi akuti ndi ‘business partnership’. Gulani fodya wambiri ndi kusuta kuti ndalama zipezeke. Kampani iyi idakukhala ngati idasintha dzina. Idali Nyasa Tobacco. Koma ataona kuti malonda a fwaka akuona zokhoma pa dziko lonse, adasinntha dzina. Ndiye akamati Nyasa Manufacturing Company mudziona ngati amapanga zina zake. Mmene mudzazindikire kuti amapanga fodya mpamene mudzadziwe kuti ndalamayi tiyidyera kuwawa. About the actual sponsorship terms, let’s wait for details as the devil’s in the details. Kodi wamachesi uja mudalepherana pati?

  23. G KAMPIRA says:


  24. Prisoner Monger AKA the observer says:






  25. palestine in manica province,mozambique says:

    kupata kwa ana elders are never b happy! umva mphiripili neba ife tikumwa wa condesed milk!

  26. Bibo says:

    Nyasa Big Bullets or Mighty Beforward Wanderers,what kind of names are these? It’s only in Malawi where sponsors dictate to use their brand names for the naming of the teams simply because Malawian teams are not professional and don’t have a solid financial base.

    Sponsors should just be partners in business and are supposed to respect the names of the teams.They can just have their names printed on the front of the team’s jerseys.How many times will Malawian teams change their names?

    I remember when I was the Tanzania vs Malawi game on television which was played in Dar-es-Salaam, a Tanzanian commentator was making(poking) fun at Big Bullets when he identified Yamikani Fodya as a Bullets player. He said Bullets changed names each time they changed sponsors;he mentioned of Bata Bullets, Bakili Bullets, and that now it is called Big Bullets. These names don’t sound appealing internationally and reflect the mediocrity of Malawian football. Not surprising,the mediocrity originates from FAM which supports such developments. Why can’t Malawian teams be like Tanzanian or Tunisian or Ghanaian or Egyptian teams, to name just a few, that have permanent names with a professional appeal? We have been hearing of successful clubs like Simba sports club, Yanga, Esperance,Club Africain,Asante Kotoko,Hearts Of Oak, Al Ahly, and Zamalek for a long time without these teams changing their names and yet they receive massive sponsorship from both kit manufacturers and product companies that advertise their products through teams. Why not have permanent names like Blantyre Bullets and Blantyre Wanderers or Limbe Wanderers. Those two teams are a disgrace to Malawian football. At least we have teams like Silver Strikers, Civo United, Moyale, Red Lions, Blantyre United, etc. with permanent names. I wonder why teams with the largest following don’t have the pride to have the financial base that make them become professional and don’t affect their names..SHAME! KEEP DANCING TO THE TUNE OF SPONSORS.

  27. Evance Mangani says:

    mwala wokanidwa mu 1967 lero wasanduka wapangodya.Nanga ndi sponsorship iyi munena nokha. olo mutandicheka mudzigotuluka reds ya ma ullets. kuno ku mandimba,mosco ndikuva kukoma.

  28. mishyck gwazani says:

    dats a big deal.de sponsership has com on time.congrants to big bullets.maule woyeee!!!

  29. Nyasa BB, dzina labwino, mafuno onse basi

  30. Miccateez says:

    Ziri B00, Sirver imakura mtima, B4wd sp0ser, Burets Sp0ser, utaimika pamar0 0sati pakamwa, maprea bwa, k0ma JA Ma, warema GAEZ,

  31. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    K500m is big monies and I wonder its coming from not so big a company. Are we not being hoodwinked by the impending FAM elections? Lets wait and see how it pans out. Otherswise congrats Big Bullets and please make gud use of the money. In Karonga they are about to construct a stadium with a similar amount. Its just food for thot though.

  32. DOLCANO says:


  33. kachepa says:

    haha! Caf tamenyanso… neba wamva kuwawa..

  34. Darton says:

    ZAnu izo nenani zanu a neba ifenso tinene zathu za Standard

  35. haha says:

    But Bullets have very bad financial management structures. Is the sponsor going to reform this? or to me this money will be cashgated.

  36. opportunist says:

    Ndiyo yake Maule.Wamkaka .Neba ukuva bwanji

  37. Angoni apaphata says:

    Neba zafodya basi

  38. Thermistocles says:

    If the team has had a spectacular display without any sponsorship and how about with sponsorship? I wish Douga was alive so as to enjoy this moment. He was a bonafide player and surely will be missed.

    One thing,the people who always milk an impoverished cow must STOP NOW BECAUSE THIS HAS BEEN SCARING AWAY POTENTIAL SPONSORS.

  39. Lure says:

    Congrats Maule zizoti mapale mube ndalamazo

  40. All the best my Team.hope more goodies coming!

  41. ndirande says:

    Ndiye mwati azipangisa mpikisano woti tiziwina ndudu

  42. thako la mmwenye says:

    is Nyasa Manufacturing Company clean on cash gate?

    what are their annual earnings like? what are salaries for their employees like?

    K100 million? jeees that sounds too good to be true for a company like nyasa to me.

    Food for thought, is Nyasa that big?

  43. Congrats Chingambwe Bullets fc kkkk koma ziwawa mumpira sitikuzifuna osati mukasuta fodya wanu uko muzitisokonezera magemu kuno.

  44. Gama says:

    That’s fantastic

  45. Nyasa boys says:

    I love NMC I know the boys at NMC they are my boys.. thank you guys I hope bullets appreciate this partnership. Lets support the brand 2010 so our sponsorship last for many years to come. Nyasa nyasa nyasa nyasa 2010

  46. Dokotala Mtabeni says:

    I will challenge this in court,is Nyasa not a protected name?

    1. kachepa says:

      start with NMC..

  47. Ezara says:

    Apa nde Neba aba zakezomwe

  48. Kalizaliza says:

    Thx to the Almighty GOD! To my opinion let it be Nyasa Big Bullets as it is the People’s Team.

  49. zangala says:

    Maule ndidilu 100 million pachaka nyere zilowa ku una basi

  50. jp says:

    All the best my team, use the sponsorship wisily and may the other teams now see that you are better than before ever, do not let some officials still the money for themselves.

  51. Waaawa ma uleeee
    APA ndiye neba adziwanso.okumwa t adzwanso.we dzev k100 m,and tmu ya mabg

  52. Mbolo Sidwala says:

    Mwati mpaka K100 metre per yr? Thanx NMC, kudos.

  53. Waakulu says:

    Bullets ha 44 points and not 43 points

  54. Dunderheads says:

    Tobacco money pays. Please take care of this money, be accountable zathu ziyenda. Neighbour ukuti bwa????

  55. Apa ndipamene philosophy yake sindimaimvetsa, tiyambe kuluza tsopano

  56. Attention Seeker says:

    How does this relate to a ban on advertising for tobacco products?

  57. Ma palesitina says:

    Muyambanako posachedwapa, dyera limachuluka ku Bullets. Ndalama zachuluka muphana wina tikayika posachedwapa

  58. Ralphael says:

    Lord you are mighty

  59. Kenkkk says:

    Fantastic, excellent. This was long overdue for a big team like Bullets.

  60. Mgoloso says:

    Thanx to The Almighty God,,Mulungu alemekezeke,,,,Mulungu dalitsani Maule,,,,,,,,,,,,maule 4 ever

  61. Mauleman says:

    Ayiyayiyayi! Ayiyayiyayi! Congrats team yafuko wankaka timwabe but i like NYASA BIG BULLETS

  62. I Thor cigarette manufacturing companies were stopped by FIFA that’s why BAT stopped doing this, how and why this vompany

  63. Mauleman says:

    Ayiyayiyayi! Ayiyayiyayi! Congrats team yafuko wankaka timwabe

  64. phillip banda says:

    This is a good news to my lovely team. Thanks to the NMC officials and staff for the consideration made to this team. Now it’s up to you Bullets officials not to mess up this deal by doing your nasty things towards this deal. Bullets has struggled more than enough. Let this be a turning point for all the troubles Bullets has suffered for a decade.

  65. Chigandu says:

    Congrats neibour that’s very good news but please please i beg you guys to behave.Big Bullets have struggled bigtime to get this deal done so don’t take it for granted mamemba.Apa mpira uzikoma sopano tasewera nthawi yaitali ndi amphawi lero umphawi wathano tizatibula zenizeni kkkkkkkkk.

  66. Ndaipalero says:

    Bola pamenepo maulle ambuye atiyankha pliz!!!! Pliz!!!! Amene muli kutsogolo kwathu chepetsani chinyengo we need transparency kkkkkk

  67. chisabwe says:


  68. Am happy for the sponsorship… As a big bullets fan nyasa ndi deal

  69. The Analyst says:

    I don’t wish them poverty but it was interesting to see Bullets win amid a plethora of financial quagmires.

    Since Malawians are proud experts at being forgetful, if Bullets continue to win (with money in their pockets); people will begin to say its their money playing, forgetting that Bullets has been winning even in the days of impecuniousness.

    Bullets is already associated with success. Now with the money, each and every good player in Malawi will want to play for them and competitiveness will eventually disappear and the whole scene will become more predictable hence boring.

    But one thing is clear from the Bullets story, “It helps to have hope and determination and never to give up in life.”

  70. kapy says:

    Good news. But please don’t steal the money.

  71. Issa says:

    paja fifa banned tobacco companies

  72. Hd says:

    Congrants big bullets

  73. yazula says:

    Malonda abwino amazitsatsa okha,Mulungu si John munakhalira sponsorship ya b4wd nde Yehova wa Maule wafuna kukuonetsani kuti iye safunsa, sachedwa, safulumira amapanga zinthu mu nthawi yake,chi sponsorship cha ndiiiii Maule ine kumva kukoma Maule moto kuti buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

  74. All Big Bullets supporters lets support Nyasa M C for coming to our rescue by way of sponsorship,lets be disciplined fans at any of our games as not to tarnish the image of this good company and let their be accountability and most importantly the welfare of our players should be priotised,well done to a truly malawian company and mr sam chilunga excellent work.

  75. musova says:

    Neba ukumva bwanji mthupimo

  76. Shards says:


  77. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    Congrats Bullets.Ma prophets onsewa osalosela bwanji.Ine ndinalosela kale chifukwa cha maseweledwe awo abwino kuti tsiku lina satana azachita manyaza mpaka BB kuzapeza sponsorship. Anyamata inu mumandisewelera bwino ndipo kuwina kwanu kumandikumbutsa M’mene Peter anawinila masankho a u pulesuidenti.

  78. ananveruwa akumalowa says:

    EEEEISH BB . komachonde musamabe ,mwayitu uwu, thanks mr .chilunga ,and all BB suppoters, .komandiye ndi zichi kwembatu chamba heavy.

  79. wodzichepetsa says:

    Nde mwati ikhala NYASA WIZZARDS?

  80. mbwangida says:

    Good news to the peoples team. I hope this will be used wisely for the good of the team not just officials

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