Bullets infighting: Malawi CAF flag carriers’ pictorial of Fomboni match

Bullets coach Nswazurwimo Ramadhan is convinced his side will go far in the CAF Champions League.

Supporting: Ministers Atupele Muluzi and Grace Chiumia at Bullets match

Supporting: Ministers Atupele Muluzi and Grace Chiumia at Bullets match

Ramadhan was not too disheartened with the draw

Ramadhan was not too disheartened with the draw

Supporters occupied every space of the stadium.-....Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere.

Supporters occupied every space of the stadium.-….Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere.







Bullets-Players-sharing-some tips...Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere

Bullets-Players-sharing-some tips…Photo-Jeromy-Kadewere





Malawi champions survived a scare when drawing 2-2 with visiting Fomboni Club de Moheil from the Comoros on Saturday afternoon to qualify for the 2015 Caf Champions League first round.

However, Ramadhan was not too disheartened with the draw.

He was happy his side built on their first leg 1-0 win to qualify 3-2 on aggregate.

Meanwhile, misunderstandings has engulfed the team’s executive and its trustees as reports indicate that the trustees were forcing acting treasurer for the team Henry Nkhoma to give them their allowances for coming to watch the game at Kamuzu Stadium.

When Nkhoma tried to reason with them that the team has no money,the trustees
showered insults towards the treasure and his committee.

Bullets chairman Kondi Msungama has confirmed of the misunderstanding ,describing it as worry some development as it risk disturbing the team preparation for their next encounter in two week time.

He said the trustees led by Mzuzu-based Grace Chenda Mkandawire were demanding K40,000 each as an
allowance for watching the game .

“Indeed it was sad incident, our treasure was forced to release the cash to avoid a lot of insults words which was being said against him ,” said Msungama.

Msungama disclosed that all is not rosy in Bullets camp.

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47 thoughts on “Bullets infighting: Malawi CAF flag carriers’ pictorial of Fomboni match”

  1. Libton Banda says:

    si bho choncho guyz

  2. Libton Banda says:

    muli bho

  3. Nyambitoni says:

    A professional CEO does not argue with his board members in public

  4. A Thini says:

    Zauchitsilu basi, ife kumavutika ndi ma sms inu zoona kumatenganso ndalamazo, tisiya!!

  5. Black Market says:

    Tipatseni maina onse a amene akufuna ma allowances for the reason they came to watch the game, kuno ndili ndilinawo ma allowances I will pay them on behalf of Bullets.
    Next game please refer them to me, I will sort them out. No more bothering the treasurer next time, agreed?

  6. Musa says:

    ichi ndiye chamba m’mene yikyvutikila BB Ena nkumayidyelaso, zimakusangalatsani mukamava kuti BB yayenda pa basi Ntunda wa uli? zochitsilu basi, wosapeza china chochita bwanji?

  7. Black Market says:

    It’s difficult to believe that the trustee was even insulting the treasurer for being denied allowance because she came to watch the game. Bingu is vindicated now that our problem is mindset. How can u do that? The reform must cover the entire nation otherwise such minds won’t change. The intriguing point is Bullets is on life supporting machine already and a real father or relative coming to remind the patient of debt, that’s witchcraft. Those people must be forced to resign immediately.

  8. A COMMONER says:

    A bunch of selfish trustees and cant they see how the club is struggling financially? Its the hearts of well wishers 4 the club outside there who are not sleeping finding means and ways 2 make the club survive and the bewitched trustees are busy destroying the club. Its true the monkey does the dirty work and the baboon cums 2 eat. May the stakeholders rise and stop these headless witches. If the house is not in order, BB wil travel by bus 2 Sudan.

  9. mukotakota says:

    These people do not deserve to be trustees!!! They are just but a bunch of dogs!!! Can you honourably resign please!!!!! We want people who can serve the team not to be served by the team…….. Stupid people and shame on you……Kondi, can you give us their names please!!!

  10. ngalonde wa ngalonde says:

    Malawian zombies at their best. Where does bullets get the comfort of giving allowances for you watching their gameslet alone VIP. Crazy

  11. Jacob Msofi says:

    What a shame to these so called trustees. You cant milk an arleady thin cow . This shows they are greedy

  12. murhukunya Phwinyu says:

    I was there and I petsonally hear what the so-called trustees were demanding. Not only 40,000.00 but also transport allowances that is above watching the game at VIP. How can we be sure that the money are contributing will be put in good use? Do not allow tje to watch the next gamed
    The team belongs to is all not you alone
    Do iy again will send you packing.

  13. kesterchipala says:

    Anthu inu mulibe manyaz team ikuyendera kuthandizidwa mukufuna mudyepo.shaaa ndiye tisiya kulemba ma SMS.

  14. George says:

    Message to our trustees if this is the manner bullets shall be ran to demand allowance for watching a match am sorry some of us supporters will stop our support to bullets through various ways we are enganging ourselves in you better not come to watch the match the team can not loose because you did not come and by the way did you pay at the gate.

  15. Sautso lungu says:

    Ndiye anthu owononga ngati amenewa mwangowasiya choncho?Ine ndiye nditangokumana nawo awona chomwe chidameta nkhanga mpala basi.GRACEyo akulephela kuyithandiza team akufuna kuwononga thandizo la ena athu amenewa siwa BB.Mbuli zophunzila.

  16. Kasenye says:

    Thats The Malawian Spirit! Milking An Already Thin And Impoverished Cow. Shame On You Grace Mkandawire And Friends.

  17. ujeni says:

    Before people throw the trustees under the bus, it is well known that Bullets have no sponsor, that means there are some people who are bankrolling them on daily basis, and on this successful day asked for some allowance.
    Many comments here show conditions of Malawi being a failed state.

  18. Inu ndinu makapedi eti kungowonela game basi tikufuna allowance ngati mkufuna ma allowance muzitolela mipila

  19. Jentle says:

    Hahahahahaha!! Neba pepani ndi matrustee anu adyerawo.

  20. chapotoka says:

    Anthuwa ndi Mapalistina basi asiyeni aziberana okhaokha mbava basi izi.Kulandira allowance chifukwa choti awonera game shiiiiiiiii my foot.Go aruond stadium campus today, njere za chamba, satchets, empty chibuku packs eeeeeeee timu iyi ndi ya mastreet kids base look at the executive yake my gosh

  21. Achimidzimidzi says:

    How can I become a BB trustee?

    Some people are not trustees and lets have modalities of electing trustees.

  22. Jose' says:

    Yona malunga, say something. The Benz

    1. wayne says:

      Forgive him alive kalikonse,he jus hv to concentrate with chiwaya shop.akhale ndi nyumba bwenzi akukhala mukhitchiniwake muka?

  23. shareef says:

    Makape amenewa ndichifukwa team yabwino ngati imeneyi sikupeza company yomatithandiza kamba ka afisi ngati amenewa,dyera basi

  24. skirt chaser says:

    Demanding K40,000 for watching a game? Surely this is very discouraging to us supporters of goodwill who are willing to contribute the little we have

  25. GAMPHANI says:


  26. alexander says:

    The Chenda nkandawire analemera kalekAle koma kuti athandize team pamene ili pamavuto ayi koma kukama ng,ombe. Yanjala nkaka. Leave my team alone WE. ARE. THE NDIX VILE TEAM.

  27. Think Tank says:

    Msungama should call for emergency meeting to sort out this nonsense. I have no doubt that the so-called executive members either work in government or NGO. They are fond of signing for attendance allowance. Males even sign at women’s meetings. The other group fond of allowance are jornalists who dine and wine after gate-crashing an event. In the end they demand allowance for eating and drinking.

  28. bobo says:

    they were on duty understand them please.

  29. Yazombe says:

    If they were on duty and team rules allow them to, then the had to receive their allowances. And these are the people who own the team so what the fuss???

  30. yuona says:

    Kuzaonera mpiri mpakana kupanga demand 40 pin? No wonder team iyi ikuphula njerwa zamoto.

  31. dyakit says:

    zisiru za anthu izo dyera basi uku tym ikuvutika kale ndalama.

  32. nyapapi says:

    Anthu amene samakonda ziko lawo mwawawona nokha pa stadium m’malo mosapotela timu yakwawo iwowo amasapota timu yobwela mukhala choncho kumangomwa masacheti shame on you a Noma kuchita kuwonesela chonchija ulendo wina tizapempha apolisi kuti akuthileni teargas chifukwa chimenecho ndi chipongwe kunyozesa ziko lanu anthu oyipa amakhala alephela nthawi zonse zimene amafunazo mulungu anawaseka asatanawa.

  33. heleba says:

    neba sadzathekaso basi

  34. Koma zoona allowance for watching the game??? Manyazi mulibe???Eeeee dyela lake!!

  35. isakisalaelo Mwanakaparamolo says:

    Not very happy with the results!!! Not at all!!! Lets not be carried away! We were supposed to beat this team BASI!!! Not what happened. Nde celebration ikanakhala yokoma. Coach and the TECHNICAL TEAM, please, don’t let the fans down next time! Otherwise people may not be encouraged to contribute what ever little through the SMS campaign or whatever. Nazo izi zoti tima MK50 tikusonkha pa ma SMS tomweti muzigawana MK40,000 for watching a game is very disappointing!! Why can’t we be patroitic!!! Paliponse tidyepo basi!!! Zachisoni. Kondi please put your house in order before it is too late.

  36. Prophet Justice says:

    This is the behaviour that is retrogressive and must not be condoned. They watched the game without even paying and claiming a whooping MK40 pin? This is trust gate. Bullets supporters must rise and demand this money back. The club needs it for the next game.

  37. Man to man says:

    Money minded, blood suckers trustees. For God’s sake, do you want to be given allowance for sitting phwiii watching a game? Is that reastic? Malawians!! No wonder. We are No: 1 poverty stricken nation

  38. Ndiyamba kuyenda kumayiko ena modzipopa kunyadila kuti ndine mmalawi weniweni.

  39. Mkanachigwada says:

    Allowance for watching a game??? Eeeeeeeee anzathu ndinu odala….

  40. nthanje says:

    Tikuvutika mwayambapo kubaso,mubweze musatisokoneze mitu ma red army mutiziwa

  41. wawaruh says:

    mmalo mothandiza team mukufunanso kumaiyamwa in that way .shame on u bb truseez.am disapointed.

  42. nkholokolo says:

    Instesd of giving they demand kaya

  43. Mzozodo says:

    Claiming allowances for coming to watch the GAME? My DICK!!!!! If you had not come, would the match be called off? Its very disturbing, am at pains to realize our football is going no where, not only at Bullets, but Wanderers and silver as well, this is a sick culture which these big teams need to curb as soon as possible!!!!!

  44. Red army mwativetsa kukoma

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