Bushiri defamation case: Justice Mponda, Kakande deny links with Malawi Voice

The heat keeps escalating in the court of law between Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s lawyer Ralph Kasambara who is pressing defamation charges  for two journalists and online publications against the man of God for their “false publication”.

Lawyer Chancy Gondwe defending the case

Lawyer Chancy Gondwe defending the case

However, in a twist of events, Justice Mponda and Austin Kakande, through their lawyer Chancy Gondwe have denied being the hands behind Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent – apparently known as  ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) mouth pieces.

“The 2nd and 3rd defendants deny working for the two online newsletters,” reads part of the defence prepared by private practice lawyer Gondwe.

Mponda is press officer of  President Peter Mutharika and claims he handed over his Malawi Voice editing role.

Gondwe is defending lawyer for Malawi Voice, Malawi Independent, Justice Mponda and Austin Kakande defined as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th defendants respectively.

In the statement, Gondwe further suggests that Malawi Voice and Malawi Independent are not legal news websites despite using the protected name Malawi.

“The 1st and 2nd defendants are not legal entities capable of being sued,” reads part of the defence paper.

The two news sites are heavily used by government and DPP to defame their critics and political competitors.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has been a constant punch bag of the two news websites trying hard to defame him for his humanitarian work which according to DPP machinery, its campaign for 2019 presidency.

However, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri keeps on refuting eying the hot seat of the nation, saying he is already a ‘President’ of   Enlightened Christian Gathering  with branches around the world and of Shepherd Bushiri Ministries international in Africa.

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13 thoughts on “Bushiri defamation case: Justice Mponda, Kakande deny links with Malawi Voice”

  1. Dyson kasamba says:

    Still in blindness my fellow malawians

  2. Little Bwana says:

    I don’t know what Major One’s political views are, and I don’t really care. It is not illegal to provide humanitarian relief in Malawi, nor is it illegal to have presidential aspirations. Even I, Little Bwana, have done nice things for people AND hope that one day I’ll be president (don’t we all?). And don’t we want thoughtful, compassionate, generous people as our elected officials? I wonder how many of our elected officials ever gave of their own wealth to people in need BEFORE they were elected. If they have, that says a lot, but it says much more if they haven’t. -LB

  3. zankalewa says:

    Ndikanena kuti amuna akumphoto ndionyatsa nkhope , muyamba kunditukwana !
    Chabwino , ndabvomera machende anga ..

  4. Juanky says:

    I respect every Man of God because i read the bible and listens to it carefully.Prophets were there as we read in the Bible, we have them right now and they will be there.These people are anointed by God to speak for him since God is a spirit.They have that anointing to heal the sick,deliver those that are possesed and to bless there sons and daughters.They have the authority to decree what ever is good to Children of God.I warn you fellow Christians, never attack a man of God for you not to be cursed by Jehovah.kaya mukundimva abale anga! remember we are in end times and the lord has poured his spirit so that men and women of God should show the presence of him on the earth,this is written in the bible,if you are a Christian pls take time reading it,you shall hear and know the truth and this will take you to prosperity.I feel very sorry to see you people of God attacking fellow men of God,this is very shamefull indeed,ngati sizikutigwira mtima za utumiki wawo its better to keep silent because Mulungu ali ndi njira zake zimene akufuna kupulumutsira nazo ife,lastly take note that Satan alibe mphamvu ina iliyonse yopanga zozwizwa pano pa dziko and if you are amongst those who believe so then you are not a child of God but a child of satan.Its only God jehovah who performs miracles through his servants,so take your time attacking Major 1 as if he is the only prophet in the wolrd ,you are just wasting you time,there are so many prophets on this earth that are performing Miracles,so many why wasting your time attacking your gift from God? lets change our mind set and god will restore our lives.

  5. santana says:

    You people stop being dull on simple things. You Thyolo Thava(no.3) what are you talking about? What punishment can a person receive from God after saying the truth about your god bushiri? You think God is a playing thing? God is already angry with you by worshipping a human being in the name of Bushiri. What is DPP doing to deserve a punishment from God? Bushiri is being criticized by individuals all over the world for his tricks which only fools like you can not detect. There are many people in this country who have opened their eyes and can not accept to be fooled in a so stupid manner. Give me any single proof to show that God speaks to your Bushiri. Or where is the evidence that God chose him to be His prophet? Can God APPOINT A PROPHET JUST FOR A CERTAIN ORGANISATION? God choses prophets as his mouth-piece to the whole nation not to a certain congregation. It is high time you wake up and see the truth my brother.

  6. pido says:

    If the two news papers are not liable for suing and fake what is MACRA doing? Zitserekwete za anthu

  7. Mavondp says:

    A DPP kusowa zochita mulinazo ndalama zomulipira munthu wa mulungu hahahaha

  8. Chikopa says:

    Kodi Lawyer oti has a case to answer in a conspiracy theory can be able to be representing clients in court? Izitu ndiye zatudzi! Za pamsundu. Ikakhala milanduyo inde ikambidwe ndithu.

  9. Addicted to Jesus says:

    Ine nkhani za Bushiri zanditopetsa – People please mind your own business. This is the time to make money. Stop using your productive time for insulting and defaming each other. Chonde pulizi

  10. Jahan says:

    Are you fucking kidding me! They use our hard earned money to their propaganda? This gvt never ceases to amaze me!
    If the two papers can’t be sued, good for them! Sue the asses of the individual writers!

  11. Thyolo Thava says:

    DPP you can be clever ..but cant escape from God …judgement comes on the arrogant

  12. True Citizen says:

    Kodi osanenako zambava Dr Yusuf Aufi,yemwe wakhala akuba ndalama mmabungwe ndi kwa anthu mwachinyengo.pano akungothawa osapezeka.a Bushiri asiyeni athandize anthu.

  13. MOKOWA JANE says:

    MORE FIRE !!


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