Bushiri in legal battle with Malawi Voice: Hires lawyer Kasambara as proximity war with DPP ensues

South Africa-based Malawian, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church International (ECG) is taking online publication Malawi Voice to court for allegedly reporting that the multi-billionaire prophet was involved in the death of Grace Chinga, among others.

Trial by error

Kasambara: Hired by the prophet

In a letter to Malawi Voice, lawyer Raphael Kasambara SC says he had been asked by Prophet Bushiri to commence legal proceedings if the online publications failed to retract the said stories that run from March 17 to March 19.

Malawi Voice editor Justice Mponda,  who is also President Peter Mutharika’s press officer,  is yet to respond.

Mponda is making the proximity war between the Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) and Prophet Bushiri now closer to the President and his government.

Kasambara in the letter says it was absurd to label Bushiri as a member of a dark forces cult known as illumnati and that he made several unsuccessful attempts to persuade late Chinga join the cult.

However, Llyod Phiri one of the people leading Grace Chinga’s funeral denied the rumours and distanced the family from such.

In the letter seen by Nyasa Times, Kasambara  said online paper alleged following Chinga’s refusal to join the cult, Bushiri allegedly organised the death of Chinga.

“We would like to dismiss the allegations as malicious, unfounded and defamatory. Our client and Grace Chinga were never friends. Our client (Bushiri) is not a member of any cult and no attempt was ever made to recruit her into any cult. Our client was not and is not in any way involved in the death of the said Chinga,” says the letter in part.

Kasambara refutes the allegations that Bushiri wanted to assist with a coffin and decorations of Robins Park for the funeral of Chinga adding that his donation of K44 million to the Football Association of Malawi was conceived way before the death of Chinga.

“Whilst we appreciate your contributors or staff writers’ right to enjoy the latitude of freedom of press, the allegations they reported on clearly crossed the line from reporting fair comment and news to defamation and character assassination,” says the letter in part.

Kasambara has there asked Malawi Voice, to write a letter of apology to Bushiri and retract the articles and apologise to the prophet through the online publication.

Minister of Sports Grace Chiume unsuccessfully failed to stop FAM from getting the K44 million donations from Bushiri.

DPP cadres on Saturday sang songs against Bushiri at the funeral of Chinga.

Bushiri has said he is not harbouring presidential ambitions and said he would not compete at the ballot box during the 2019 polls which Mutharika has declared he would win.

Followers of Bushiri have told the ruling Democratic Progressive Party to leave their man of God alone.

President Mutharika has also engaged with a fierce war Nigerian prophet T. B Joshua.

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57 thoughts on “Bushiri in legal battle with Malawi Voice: Hires lawyer Kasambara as proximity war with DPP ensues”

  1. Butan says:

    Dont Judge Only God Knows Abut Bushili ,let Her Soul In Peace Dont Confuse To Enter To Heaven .

  2. Do not jurge only God can we believe & knw tht bushiri is real man of God & mutharika is real sun of devil so no suprise for us to see jealous people talking too much of man of God

  3. Rustenburg says:

    The pastors and prophets of today surprising me and the others who know the words of God
    What is an ipad prophecy to my surprise?
    Ngati Yesu akuti njira yakujahena ndiyotakata samalani ndi chikhamu pakuti chinyenga koma njira yakumwamba ndiyopapatiza
    Kodi lero uthenga wanji opand chipulumutso koma omayang’ana munzinthu zadziko lapansi zakutha?

  4. kwazulu says:

    John the Baptist a country side preacher of the word got beheaded when he left the outskirts for town as he could not hold his lamentations over the wrongs of the executive . My advice to Bushiri is stick to the outskirts (SA) or come to town but keep quiet (though seemingly imposible ) or risk the obvious concequencies. I don’t expect a ” man of God ” like you to engage in legal battles with “unbelievers ” and so many are the verses opposing the course you have employed.

  5. Geoffrey Mighton says:

    Chakwera is surely our next leader osati chopanda mano mkamwa.I dont know how he chew beef @ the palace.God will punish him de way he did wth his bros

  6. Tasokwa says:

    Failure starts by battling with men of God. And there is a saying that says a died man hears no voice. APM’s autocratic behaviors shows that his grave is near. Otherwise he would have asked men of God to pray for him. David was a God fearing King he would always seek advice from God’s men that made him famous and known.

    Battling against men of God will never carry APM anywhere but ceasing power to a suitable person.

  7. Edward Jere says:

    Averyone has time when death will come upon. Don’t blame a man of GOD {bushiri} on such day to day phenomenons

  8. ellias says:

    Pamenepa tidziti tilidi mu multiparty?

  9. Mbuya says:

    Signs of ve end times

  10. Komala liva b says:

    Death of chinga is from God will..Man of keep it for Good work fof God inu mulibe pulobulemu or akambe??????

  11. chipalamandule says:

    30th April,2016 another Daniel Phiri is dead

  12. chiwa kogoya says:

    Malawi voice watch out !!!!!!!!

  13. Okonkwo says:

    # 38, kasambala is on bail and is therefore entitled to earn a living through his profession. If you are driver, then youe are arrested, once on bail you will continue driving to earn a living, so don’t be silly. If you are accused and have not been found guilty you still need to move on with life.
    # 40, Spot on. These churches have been there all along and were found wanting since amabisa dala choonadi for the sake of membership. People were not being born-again, they could not praise the Lord in truth and spirit kumangonena zoloweza every sunday. Now the Lord Jesus has revealed Himself through these new churches and people are being blessed. Only those that want to continue being backward and are resisting Christ have remained. To God be the Glory, Amen

    1. Emma says:

      Okonkwo Bullshit wamva!! Do you mean to say that if a doctor is indicted for malpractice,his trial is ongoing and he is granted bail.His license should not be suspended and he should continue operating on patients in order to earn a living?Should a driver suspected of manslaughter (hit & run)charges not have his driving license taken away until proven innocent? That’s highly unethical and dangerous .The law takes into account the nature of the crime and in this case conspiracy to commit murder is a very serious offence!

      The problem is that laws are not strongly enforced in Malawi and ethics are upside-down.Thats why its possible for an alleged murderer to represent a suspected wizard in an open court of law and no one even so much as bats an eye lid because they are both well-heeled and politically connected up to their ears!!

  14. Fbjk says:

    They is alot of defamation/character assasination on the social media especially the inernet,please let put to good use this new technology
    .Keep up the good work man of God Bushiri and be disuade we Malawian are only at gossiping&rumour mongering nowadays and calling those who are hardworking and successful to be satanic without proof instead of sharing business ideas in what ever field whether its trading,transport,media,promoter of arts if u cant sing,act drama or recite poetrty even frying chiwaya chips or farming, come on they is alot to do out there one just needa to be innovative and hardworking.

  15. Abacha says:

    Dont hate Bushire he is just taking advantage of the gullible and making money. Bushire does not force you to patronise his events you do so becauze of your desperation. Bushire did not kill Grace Chinga simply because he does not have any power to do so. If you want you can also start doing exactly the same tricks the world is full of fesperate people who want to be told that they will be healed or will be rich. Chonde dont talk about the coming of jesus nobody wants that.

  16. Its not good to say other things online which are different to the topic. God sent Jesus to die for sinners not the righteous. If your churches prove to be righteous why judging other people’s churches. Be careful for you will be judged if you judge others. The same rod you use to judge others will be used to judge you. (MATTHEWS 7:2). Koma cinsinsi cha Mulungu ndi ichi: Koma ndithu maziko a Mulungu aimika pokhazikika,ndikukhala nacho chizindikilo ici, Ambuye azindikila iwo amene ali ake; and must refrain from evil all those who call unto the name of Jesus Christ. (2 TIMOTHY 2:19). Therefore don’t judge. Its not CCAP,CATHOLIC, and other churches mentioned which registered in heaven. But those who were born of the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus. Don’t forget this. You deceivers!

  17. WESTON says:


  18. Emma says:

    Shouldn’t Kasambara’s license be suspended pending the outcome of his conspiracy to commit murder trial.Or has the guy been acquited? If it turns out that he is guilty,that could mean that a murderer was allowed to represent clients in a court of law!!

  19. Kokota says:


  20. kaDausiFool says:

    Welcome ada Kasambara to what you do best. You are a practical lawyer and you deserve respect for that. And please do not return to malawi politics. It is dirt and only suited for the idiots of South Region. See how they are now tarnishing Chikaonda’s name. Please stick to your profession only now.

  21. Chilicha says:

    Justice Mponda his not behind this cases there is someone behind it who is the honour of Mwv as you can see the author of the articles isn’t Mponda it’s a fake name so accusing Mponda won’t work accuse the Admin of Malawi Voice behind the computer.

    Justice Mponda Jail is not a bed of roses while taking a bullet for your boss who care less about you? Stupid boy.

    You can’t ask ransom from Bushiri by boycotting gin on the corner with rumours you can’t prove your actually accusing him of murder here.
    Police should investigate in this murder accusations and if Malawi Voice is lying how much are you going to pay Bushiri for compassion?
    Pray he be quilty.

  22. kholowa mkabudula says:

    But this world l can’t understand it anymore. Before, Judges and kings were looking for men of God to help them.Today men of God are looking for lawyers to help them,what is wrong today? Should we say we are serving the same living God who answered Elisha to send vicious animals to kill those boys who were mocking him? All these comflicts, do you men of God ask from God before doing anything?Gideon asked for a sign and God fulfilled it,what is wrong today?Is it the same living God that we are calling? Lord open our eyes we are perishing!

  23. kholowa mkabudula says:

    If Bushiri is malawian he has got a green card to participate in any presidential election as long as he wishes to do so. Our president is a coward! But all in all God knows everything!

  24. SYLVESTER says:


  25. DOBO says:

    The propaganda played by Malawi voice are dangerous and it has gone far beyond freedoms limits. Rwanda crisis which claimed thousands lives
    was fueled by such senseless irresponsible media as Malawi voice. You can defend you position in that way. Find alternative ways. Am saying this not only in reference to Bushiri story but other propagandas you have been writing on your online paper. It took no time for me to realise that Malawi voice is a DPP Mouth piece and mostly favored by DPP supporters.

  26. Alick D.Ayyamie says:

    mmmmmm….akudziwa iye mwini basi chirungamoco….

  27. Sir Vince K Chilenje says:

    Highly educated fools. Why are they against this innocent man? enemies of progress.

  28. happiness says:

    do not hate him he is good men

  29. Weniweni says:

    Bushiri is not interested to join politics, in fact its a demotion for him.

  30. Palwheki says:

    Only God knows..zapa ziko lapansi ndizovuta..RIP Grace

  31. Beatrice yamzy says:

    Maprophet ayamba ndale mpofunika kukhala tchelu tili mmasiku omaliza

  32. Kenkkk says:

    What can you expect from this trash dpp thugs malawi voice? It just confirms that the whole dpp machinery is trembling in fear of bushiri who is directly helping Malawians from his own personal money, a gesture which these very poor thieving dpp gurus claiming to be rich, fail to emulate.

    You apm and your dpp cohorts claim to be rich, show us your money by doing something to the suffering Malawians, help them with food from your so abundant private money.

    All you are doing is creating more cash gates at mers on the same lines as nacgate. You Are even stealing more supposedly to match bushiri’ wealth. You will fail. Cashgate money never makes anyone sleep peacefully.

    Tarnishing bushiri will take you nowhere. Honestly how can so called educated people in dpp believe in such nonsense. I forgot they are really educated thugs. Money follows money, you will
    make bushiri even more richer.

    It doesn’t matter whether or not bushiri aspires to be president. Is the presidency only for you? it is his right to run or not to run for presidency.

    If you want to be popular, just help people from your private coffers like bushiri. You have none but waiting for cashgating money to distribute to your MPs to bribe people with maize.

  33. Kabamila says:

    A dying horse is fighting a losing battle we will die for our Papa Major 1 Isaiah 7 verse 7

  34. Akulu akulu, zina kambi zina leko, ngati malemo a Grace adali pa umodzi ndi Bushiri it was her problem, komanso lets pray hard kuti mkulu wa majiniyo asadzakhale msogoleri wa dziko lathu lino la malawi lokondedwa. Sitifuna za dyasi ai, kuti adzabwerense muno ife toto komanso akamuvotera iyeyu mndani ndi ziwanda zakezo audhu bilaah mina shaitwain phushir

  35. Denguzman. says:

    I think 2019 ndizapange campaign yoti wina aliyense amene anatchona kunja kwa dziko lino zaka zambirimbiri asazapange nawo ndale mu 2019 coz matchona amenewa akutiwongera dziko lathu. Kasambala, no mercy with this stupid reporter ndipo Bushiri wapanga bwino. Ngati Yesu atatopa ndi chilungamo anakutumula anthu mu church, why not Bushiri? Koma Njoka za APM zikumuwonongera CV mutchona ameneyu ngati reporter ameneyu amazitsata kwambiri, bwanji osaliuza dziko munthu amene anamupha Njauju. ZOPUTSA……..

  36. LawJah says:

    There are lines you just can’t cross and malawivoice crossed it. They must pay for that!

  37. Nelson says:

    Adzauluradi bang a mpàka kumutero

  38. Wanzeru says:

    Analipo anzanu kalelo…adaesera kufuna kulimbana ndi atumiki a Mulungu koma sanafike nazo patali, Mulungu adawakantha…its just a matter of tym….

  39. MERCEDES says:


  40. golo says:

    very shameful behavior by Malawi Voice .How say this without proof .Shameful indeed .

  41. rest in peace grace,,,only time wil tel

  42. Phwisa says:

    I respect Bushiri koma asayambe ndale. Asatichimwitse chifukwa we are commenting on this social media.

  43. masa masina says:

    DPP fighting on two fronts: fighting TB Joshua and Bushiri. Unfortunately or fortunately, Bushiri could become our next president in 2019. He is playing his cards very well.

  44. fikile says:


  45. Pa Malawi mavuto sadzatha says:

    Amalawi jealous, kaduka dats why dzikoli lili lotsalila kamba kosemelana zinyau. Mumpakilanji matope munthu osalakwa. Kodi mmodzi waife akadalitsidwa ndi chauta timukokakoka chifukwa chani? Bwanji osasangalala kt ndi mwana wathu wa mmudzi? Shame!!!!

  46. Losambo says:

    All these, you ll see Peter biding bye soon, believe you me. Mark my words

  47. Tungwi says:

    No leader wins by fighting the church, says catholic bishop: surviving author of the Malawi historic pastor letter…emeritus Allan Changwera

  48. george says:

    Its true malawi voice must face the legal justice because of writting false stories to the man of God only to tarnish his image and I was very sad with ur todays publication . Go kasambala for that and they must pay for this , I love my papa very much and to u the dpp cadets its ashame to u and ur just bringing acase for ur self because ur competing with a men of God.

  49. brazaman says:

    munthu wamulungu osangowapempherera bwanji. ngati mukuona kuti alakwisa mulungu akaweruza yekha. dziko lapansi lavuta.

    yesu abwere azaweruze basi. ralph kasambalara kuimira prophet bushiri pa milandu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  50. Oversear says:

    Thanga nkunena Nanthambwe anazitengera. If you have credible evidence then bring it before the court of law. Character assassination or attacks against men of God will bring you more miseries than gains. For how long shall you continue waging war against annointed men of God. This is not only blasphemy,but also lack of respect to the departed soul and the deceased family. Learn to recognise your boundaries otherwise you will destroy yourself.

    I rest my case.

    1. Mary says:

      Thanga nkunena nathambwe anzitengela? Where did you learn this?

  51. We will never go forward with this behaviour.The more we speak of him,the more he move forward.Only God knowns every secret.

  52. unknown says:

    Munthalika needs to be go back to school and learn civics, why r a terrorist of two prophets, ayise Peter munthalica, we knw better tht ur the one killed ur brother in order to take a sit, we kept quiet, shame on u.

  53. Amwali says:

    Teach these let them pay millions and donate the millions to Charity. Idiots full of jelousy

  54. Munthu Wankulu says:

    Sue them pliz apeze polekera mumadana ndi Bushiri just because he is from the North, u useless DPP mouth piece paper. Nde muzigopezadi masokatu. I really wondered why all these pastors and prophets from the Southern Region are against their brother in Christ. you must know that tribalism is bad. Just because your Brother has been blessed with riches, a live Television and Aeroplanes basi mwakwiya. No wait upon the Lord zanu zizabwera. Am just waiting for the 27 of March to see either Mutharika or Mugabe to go.

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