Bushiri responds to Mzuni students plea, pledges to pump K60mil for library

On Friday last week, students from Mzuzu university went on their knees asking for intervention from the South Africa – based Malawi Prophet and billionaire business icon Shepherd Bushiri.

Major 1 Bushiri : To help Mzuzu University with 60 million

Major 1 Bushiri : To help Mzuzu University with 60 million

The students through a grouping dubbed ‘Friends of Bushiri’ organized a presser where they expressed dismay over what they termed ‘unjustifiable criticisms’ and malicious allegations against Prophet Bushiri by some ‘love – deficient’ Malawians.

In their statement, they requested Prophet Bushiri to consider reaching out to Mzuzu University to assist in bringing back the shape of a library which got razed down by fire reportedly induced by electric fault.

The students’ action was an additive to an already launched initiative whereby alumni of the institution have teamed up to mobilize funds towards the refurbishment of the damaged library and its stocking.

In his response, Bushiri has pledged to assist the situation by donating money which will be used to renovate the building.

“We all appreciate education to be very important. We also know that education is made possible with availability of resources, chief of which is the library and its stock. I have heard the plea from the students and I have been concerned and compelled to render a helping hand,” Bushiri said in a follow up query.

“Education is a capable instrument to turn mirrors into windows through which the young generation can view and build a better future. I find it to be my corporate responsibility to help these students with building that window,” said Bushiri.

Prophet Bushiri who consistently pledges his patriotism to Malawi also said: “Malawi is for us all and we need to build it together if we have to prosper. We need education for all and resources must be provided to those in school. I believe the school authority and government alike will make sure that there are no obstacles”.

When asked whether he is endorsing the grouping which is going by his name, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri expressed approval saying he felt humbled that some youths feel duty-bound to help in promoting gospel and charity works.

“I took time to read their press statement. I am pleased to note that they are establishing themselves in the precepts of gospel and that they are willing to be instrumental in spreading my charity initiatives,” Bushiri said before pulling a shocker.

“I am prepared to give them about MK60 million towards the refurbishment of the library. All I want, as an important step, is for Mzuni management to consult with the Ministry of Education and when they confirm and give me a go ahead, I will do that.

“I just don’t want this to turn political. I am not a politician; I am a man of God doing nothing but God’s mission on earth.  I love my country and I love our president for trying his best to take care of our country’s affairs. He needs a helping hand,” Bushiri said.

Bushiri, who has helped over hundred students with educational funds global wide and has evidently provided global impacts, is set on providing extensive aid to his home country whether it be through educational, humanitarian or spiritual means.

The pastor had since categorically established that his charitable acts are by no means a campaign for the country’s presidency as speculated by rumours that he intend to stand for Malawi presidency come 2019.

Substantial sources reveal that the economic state of Malawi has hit rock bottom, with inflation rates proliferating by the hour and hunger strikes taking toll of over 75% of the entire nation. This economic backlash and financial boom has induced the Prophet to aid the nation in all various sectors.

Despite mixed reactions as to the intent of his donations, Bushiri has announced that he is going to fund the Mzuni students with finances to build and establish the university library.

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43 thoughts on “Bushiri responds to Mzuni students plea, pledges to pump K60mil for library”

  1. binoni says:

    true. poverty will rake havoc: aid for homosexuality… now its the Biblically questionable prophets…marana-tha…come back, Lord!

  2. komled says:

    kupwetekesa ndichani azombwe?

  3. azombweee! says:

    Umphawi utipweteketsa ndiiiithu!

  4. azombweee! says:

    Mwanjira ina iliyonse tikukana mphamvu ya satana, mu Dzina la Yesu!

    Tikufun inu Mzimu oyera muyake ndi psyeleza mphamvu zones za satana, chifukwa tikuzikana mu dzina la Yesu.


  5. azombweee! says:

    Padafunda padajiwitsa galu!

  6. azombweee! says:

    Mayeselo oti tichimwe salephela kudza kwa ife, koma tsoka kwa iye abwera nawo, kukanakhala bwino chimwala chachikulu chikanamangidwa mnkhosi mwake ndikuponyedwa mu Nyanja… atero mau.

    MZUNI seek Lord first before getting the MKW 60M, ndi mavuto mukuwaputawo! Pempherani kolimba Ambuye akutetezeni kuzowawitsa/zolemetsa

  7. azombweee! says:

    Pempherani kuopa kuyesadwa ndi zonyenga!

  8. january says:

    we will continue loving u major 1 osabwezera choipa amalawife nsanje inachuluka

  9. peter mtimbula says:

    the support is welcomw if in good will

  10. peter mtimbula says:

    the support is welcome if in good will

  11. Tombolombo says:

    please,dont view him as an enemy,take him as an ally,this goes to those in authority,and journalists dont fuel fighting through responsible writing,one can note that the prophet is exercising both respect and love towards those in authority although it is understandable that they do have their own short comings.

  12. Timothy Grant says:

    l love you our own prophet’,please osalowesa ndale APA siyeni munthuyu athandize. tavana major one help our nation we are looking forward from you. osandada major 1, even yesu anakanidwa kwawo komabe anavomerezabe out he is the son of God. even you prophet ur also . iiiiiieeeeeh

  13. henry phiri says:

    thats powerful

  14. saguga sadzatha says:

    the truth will be reviewed whether it so or not becours we dont have concret avidence about his money.if want to help let it be

  15. Glory be to Hod says:

    Prophet of God!!! I’m very humbled. May God bless you a thousand times more for this timely donation.

    To those that talk trash about the man of God, may God forgive you if you need repentance. Otherwise, may God deal with you as it pleases Him.

  16. A servant of God says:

    Wheather he is true or false,,, wheather the money is from satanic or not but what i know is that he has helped us with 60m,,, how many satanic people do we have in our country and how many are helping like him? Lets say thanks for good things the man of God is doing,,,, i believe if he is really a satanic then wow!! He is a good satanic,,, because he is able to help distributing maize to the country again he is able to reach a hand at mzuni library upon listerning the request from mzuni students may God bless you more major prophet bushiri.

  17. Bambo Shuazi Bwabvale, Pangani Zanu, Musalimbane Ndi Munthu Wa Mulungu. Takudziwa Chimene Muli, Mulungu Akuchitireni Chifundo.

  18. Shuazi bwabvale says:

    Ma member inu a mzuni musalandire ndalamazo mugawa usataniki, simukudziwa kodi. Ndalama zonsezi iye wazipeza kuti mukulalikirako mzabodza zimenezi, bwanji anthu ena akumalalikira koma sakulemera chonchi. Amagwirizana ndi majini amene uja. Afuna kukhazikitsa sataniki ameneyu Bushiri, tikaonana kwa Mulungu.

  19. Bonney Phiri says:

    Bushiri Ndiwakulu Mpaka Kuposa Boma

  20. Gift Tsoca says:

    Major do something……….

  21. BABAZULA says:

    A man from Ntheu mostly mistaken as a Tumbuka because of his commitment towards projects ……yegho dada

  22. Victim Sankho says:

    Why should we be stopping such a good cause?

  23. opportunist says:

    Major 1

  24. Dpp_supprter says:

    God has answered the prayers

  25. Nganali kombweke says:

    Eee! Koma ana a school! Kupepha mabuku kwa bushiri kuduna miracle pass, mwatopa ndikulemba ma supp eti eti? Munya muona

  26. Thoccozany says:

    comment 2: really? really? are you honestly saying that the Catholic, CCAP, Adventist, Muslims are just sitting on their behinds while Bushiri is DOING ALL THE WORK? Really Really? The fact that you are breathing, reading and education is somehow a contribution of one of these churches – they have schools, hospitals, nursing homes, feeding centers, universities, ACTUAL church parishes and structures. You have the nerve to dismiss all that TIME Honored service just because a new prophet is doing charity work and publicizing to the whole world! Try putting a price tag on the work these churches are doing, you will realize that what Bushiri is doing is child’s play. We wish him well, hope his ministry lives beyond his lifespan, and that it will grow and do good in the universe for centuries to come .

  27. Tendai Marsters says:

    Prophet Bushiri Major 1,you are truly the child of God and a vessel to our nation Malawi.I thank God for making you able to connect and watch your services nationwide. Its helping people to see and understand fully what you are doing on behalf of the nation….May our good God bless you papa for the job well done of helping our future generation.I wish if we had more people like you in Malawi ,with God given hear of helping the poor and those in need ,Malawi would be a nice country to live forever.As you have done it ,its now a challenge to us.Students at Mzuni University ,continue praying for our vessel Major 1 and thank him for his help.Now you now know where help come from? Our good God has led you to His vessel
    and He knows Him from his mothers womb.To Jesus everything is possible ,I am also coming to do voluntary lecturing there ,using same books and resources don’t forget to buy computers please !!!!..I am above the moon with happiness ,its one down to our future generation .A university without books or resources is like going to work in the fields without a hoe during summer time .”God,s blessing and protection be upon you papa Major 1 ,mama,and your ministry in Jesus name we receive the donation in Jesus Christ name.” Amen

  28. MERCEDES says:


  29. chete says:



  30. tchingo says:

    Kodi zomati my father/dad zi bwanji kodi masiku ano? Ena abambo anu simumawalemekezanso mwina. osangoti my mentor, or my pastor, or my prophet etc bwanji? Anthu muyamba nazo kupanga replace dzina lamulungu ndithu.

    such pipo ndi aja mumkafika popanga refer kwa Kamuzu Banda kuti messiah…mukakhuta.

    u know what, stupid heroe worshipping is what makes religion and politics become controvesial institutions because men easily lose their heads akamamufila munthu kwambiri.

    Munthu akapanga zabwino, in this case Bushiri, let’s commend him for that without losing our heads lest we might sin against God for hero worshipping him.

  31. Kenkkk says:

    We know the usual thugs touched the library for being unhappy that the north university received donations and many up to date books from the USA and the wider world. Every fire in malawi is electrical fault, really?

    And you call yourselves patriotic. Those students will benefit the whole country not only the north. Stupid dogs.

    Thanks bushiri.

  32. Chitsiru chiri ndi mwini says:

    Man of God please do the work of God athandizeni ana a sukulu awa! koma e!e!e!e!e ndikuda nkhawa boma la Pitalali silitchinga ngati mmene amafunila kutchingila ndalama zopita ku FLAMES. Chonde a mene mukudzitcha kuti ndinu a bomanu musatchinge chonde!chonde! musiyeni munthu wa Mulungu athandizepo apa.

  33. mlauzi says:

    No 2, please be informed that religion and charity are not about competition. The churches which you choose to scorn have all made bigger contributions in Health, Education, Agriculture and other sectors globally and in this country. I don`t have to make specific references to individual institutions because it is pretty much obvious.

    Again your utterances are a clear manifestation of your ignorance of the gospel and history of the church.

    Zinazi muzingochita comment without scandalizing other religions, lest you provoke the wrath of your Creator. Kapona is this ignorance which results in tunnel vision and obsessive behaviour on your part?

  34. golo says:

    We love you Major 1 for your life-giving and giving hope to the hopeless.Keep up with spreading the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the Lion of the tribe of Judah, our redeemer.

  35. therere says:

    Ntaila watch out with your words, most of these born again originated from these churches, you went through schools by these churches, these churches have built schools, hospitals and colleges in malawi, mupeza nazo tsoka izi

  36. Samuel Lwara. says:

    Thanx man God. Next time give scholarships fo T/As from Mzimba. They need to go back to school to understand some developmental dynamics as the district will soon have another university. Good bless you.

  37. Davie Mulongeni says:

    Help me how to get money not giving money. i asked to help but you didn’t respond mr Bushiri.

  38. john phiri says:

    The difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Students asked and he responded while those calling him all sorts of names are preparing to write their usual trash. Ena anayimba kanyimbo konyoza Bushiri kaya kathera kuti? Munthu wanzeru salimbana ndi munthu wolemera, umangopita kukafunsa kuti ndiphunzitseni nane kuti ndidziwe mawezedwe a nsomba

  39. detergent says:

    That’s recommendable let us recognise his effort to develop this country we need to honour him with at list a high way. Bushiri highway. Here their is nothing like false prophet because that’s what God need fro us.

  40. MAENDAENDA says:

    Big Up Major 1.

  41. CHIGO says:


  42. Ntaila says:

    Munthu wa Mulungu kuthandiza koma ma satanic a ku Malawi a Catholic, CCAP, Seventh day, Anglican, Baptist, Assemblies busy kudya ndalama zampingo ndi zigololo kapena miseche kulimbana ndi Major 1 munthu odziwa kuti ambuye anati amadalitsa dzanja lopereka kuposa lolandira. Go on with your blessings Man of God ansanje achitebe manyazi

  43. Shalom Mvula says:

    That’s my Father, God has blessed him beyond measure so that he can be a blessing to many

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