By-elections: MCP retain control of central region

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has outclassed the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Tuesday’s Parliamentary and Local Government By-elections, according to unofficial results.

Mcp president Lazarous Chakwera:  MCP has maintained its grip on central region

Mcp president Lazarous Chakwera: MCP has maintained its grip on central region

Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) held by-elections in Zomba Chisi Constituency, Ngala Ward in Lilongwe Msozi North Constituency, and Mtope Ward in Mchinji West Constituency.

The elections faced low voter turn-out although about 68,000 people had registered to vote in the Tuesday’s (December 22nd) polls.

According to unofficial results, MCP has won both Local Government seats in central region but has performed miserably in eastern region where DPP has won the contested Parliamentary seat.

Unofficial results compiled by Mec stringers, indicate that in Ngala ward in Lilongwe, MCP candidate, Master Rodgers Chazama is leading the race with 1,381 votes with DPP candidate, Regina Sululu on second with 717 votes.

A total of 2,128 votes were casted in all polling station, 30 were null & void.

In Mchinji’s Mtope Ward, unofficial results from all polling centres, show that MCP’s candidate Aureliano Kalemba leads with 2,444 votes while DPP’s Benedicto Tsele has 2,071 votes.

And in Zomba Chisi Constituency, a DPP Parliamentary candidate, Mark Botoman is on lead with over 1,439 votes while MCP’s Blazio Namakhuwa has got so far about 71 votes.

PP’s candidate Asima Mponda has over 426 votes while independent candidate Felista Sumani has over 441 votes.

MEC is expected to announce official results on Wednesday afternoon at Mount Soche Hotel in Blantyre.

The by-elections experienced low voter turned-out with less than half of registered voters casting their votes in almost all polling centres.

MEC Media and Public Relations Manager, Sangwani Mwafulirwa on Tuesday attributed the situation to rainy season as people were busy tending to their gardens.

“While some centres had warm turnout others had less people trickling in the morning. This is not uncommon with by-elections more especially considering that this is farming season,” explained Mwafulirwa.

”Some voters would want to go to their gardens first and come for polling in the afternoon”.

Mwafulirwa could not admit on fears that the by-elections might have experienced voter apathy as witnessed by the number of people turning out to cast their votes.

In Zomba, MEC held Parliamentary by-election following the death of legislator, Chidzaro Peter Mangulenje who was, until his death, deputy secretary general for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). In Lilongwe Ngala Ward elections were held after its councillor resigned while in Mchinji Mtope Ward it is due to the death of the councillor.

Only the ruling DPP, the main opposition, Malawi Congress Party (MCP), the Peoples Party (PP) and independent candidates contested in the by-elections. The United Democratic Front (UDF) did not field any candidate.

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51 thoughts on “By-elections: MCP retain control of central region”

  1. The Dreamer says:

    Musadzlimbitse mtima ndi %age, yagonja yagonja basi, even if margin was 1%, komabe izi oyenera kusangalala nde eni ake dpp osati inu ndiine palibe titapindulepoz,zisiyeni ndi zawo

  2. savimbi stevovo says:

    MCP yawina two Wards without vote buying while DPP won using vote buying
    .The DPP was distributing maize the day b4 voting day and during Campaign ,they ve been using Govt vehicles and if we add all this up ,you will see kuti they rigged the Election even b4 voting begun.The MCP did report malpractice happening in Zomba constituency,but Mbendera’s Electral Commission didn’t bother to investigate the vote buying by DPP.No wonder 2014 Elections you did steal the elections kumalumbilitsana midnight ku Court ngati amfiti kumanda.Indeed you RIGGED THE ELECTION,BUT YOU ARE FAILING TO RIG THE MALAWI ECONOMY.Dziko lafika powawa chifukwa cha inu a GALU A DPP.Tsono
    tikuwonerani MUSOVA Zimenezi.

  3. prince says:


  4. Caddon Mann says:

    AN interesting which confirms that if these were presidential votes, MCP will lose again. Total votes are as follows: DPP 4227 while MCP 3896. You dont need a rocket scientist to tell you that DPP will win come 2019.

  5. look at slight figure differences where DPP is loosing in central region to MCP and large figures in south where MCP is loosing to DPP; these really can tell a story.

    MCP workhard!!

  6. The Patriot says:

    MCP is the only hope for Malawi, the only party associated with significant development in Malawi.In 31 years MCP built all the main roads one can see in Malawi, all the UNIMA constituent colleges, all the airports, all Presidential palaces and there was discipline.
    Contrast the 31years and the 21 years of the so called multiparty democracy of UDF and DPP! What have the Muluzis and Mutharikas to show for their time in office? Ndata farm , BCA mansion and what?
    Every Malawian leader (after Kamuzu) has successfully left Malawians poorer than he found them when taking the office of President! The irony is that the leader comes out obscenely richer than he or she was before attaining the Presidency and they shamelessly flaunt the illgotten wealth by building obscene blood stained mansions and riding expensive limos not suitable for their old ages!!

  7. Y says:

    Akuti outclassing …aah ma figures ake amenewa ndikumati outclassing? Atolankhani apa Nyasalande paja amalephera kukhala politically neutral hahahah.

  8. MCP says:

    Why not having a headline: ‘DPP defeats MCP again’. If u observe the figures clearly, u will see the same trend as it was in 2014 genera elections. Eg, where an MCP candidate wins, a DPP candidate is following closely, but where a DPP candidate wins, MCP is far on 4th position. MCP BEWARE! U may miserably lose come 2019.

  9. BigMan says:

    Looks to me like the DPP performed better than the MCP.

  10. kadyaudzu says:

    nothing good here zikapitilira chonchi tizingovutikabe magetsi kuzimazima kukwera mtengo madzi nawo mbali inayi tiye nazoni dpp oyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. munyapa says:

    DPP katundu omanga chokhala….check the differences in the central region, then compare with that of the eastern region….kkkkk….MCP mavuto akadalipobe ndithu….

  12. zimkambani says:

    Do not rule out voter apathy the communities have not yet started to see the need when things deteriorate instead of rise

  13. mp says:

    Look at the narrow margin btn dpp anf mcp in the central region. Then look at th wider margin btn the two parties in the southern region. If u add up all votes fir mcp and dpp by simple maths, u willbser why dpp wins in presidential elections. Thats the magic.

  14. Okhrana says:

    Lilongwe mcg 2 444 dpp 2 071 zomba dpp 1439 mcp 71. Mukaona zikuth bwaa? Dpp motomoto ku central kungosiyana pang’ono hahaha ku zomba mcp kutali = dpp is still strong everywhere kkkk

  15. Maseko says:


  16. Kwa ife ozitsata kungetsera ndi ma figures tikuona pansipa tawona kuti Dpp ili ndi support yabwino pa Central region ngakhale yaluza,pamene MCP ilibe support yabwino kuno ku South_apa zasonyeza kuti South olo atayifaila Doom nkamwa koma na MCP sadzayivotera
    That means
    MCP (AKA) Ng’ona Party will never rule this country again
    Tidzingolandirana UDF/Dpp

  17. Safari Wakumudzi says:

    Congrants to MCP. We still hope that you’ll remain royal to the general masses other than political/personal gains!

  18. ndirande says:

    Zija mumkanama kuti munabeledwa mavoti 2014 ndakhulupilira kuti ndizabodza. Nanga central region map 2444 votes dpp 2071 (small difference).Ku south dpp 1439 mcp 71(what a difference).its obvious an the 2071 ndioti president atha kuvotera wa Dpp. To kappa tibia ma figures wo munthu sanganene kuti wabeledwa koma kufuna kulowa cha mutu

  19. angoni apaphata says:

    Anthu akumavoterabe dpp? Mavuto akanalipo

  20. Mwenda Gondwe says:

    What about DPP has it lost control of its southern region?

  21. yadaman says:


  22. drogba says:

    Nanunso a nkawihe atumbuka akukupepelesani, is winning councillors Nde muziti MCP regains control of central region?? u councillor?? I thought u will tell me u MP

  23. Gule Wamkulu says:

    Will Chakwera, Kabwira and Kongelesi dispute these results? If this has been in doubt, let all MCP supporters know this. As long as MCP performance in the Southern and Eastern Region is two-digit votes while the DPP runs away with four or five digit votes; and as long as DPP performance is neck to neck with MCP in the Central Region in the four-digit or five digit votes; then the Chakwera and his party of death and darkness should simply forget ever winning a national election. This is the start reality and it is high time that the MCP focussed its energies rebranding its image in the Southern and Eastern Regions. Apo bii, ku opposition mpaka imfa!

  24. Walks-By-Night says:

    Kwaachaa ! Kwaachaa ! Kamuzu
    President wamuyaya ku Malawi !
    Chakwera ! Bomaaa ! Chakwera !
    Bomaaa !

  25. SONG says:

    This is good litmus test, we need to work extra hard to turn this country around as the current administration has completely failed.

  26. Cholopi says:

    MCP u hv alot of home work otherwise DPP will continue ruling.

  27. KenyanMalawi says:

    Malawian in the southern region will never vote for any party that is not from the south. FACT. They have proved this time and time again. From the results it seems central region can still vote for DPP and DPP might win again in the next general elections. This is a good thing because at the rate we are going DPP will make Malawi so miserable and poor and this should be even worst for the poorest because they are found in the south. When it get’s to the point that life has become too hard that they can’t take it anymore, then they will start reasoning in voting. For now things are bad but bearable for them. They are the most illiterate in Malawi and they do not reason. The only thing to change their mentality is severe problems that their DPP will bring

  28. MCP 2019 BOMA okana akakolope nyanja ya Malawi.

  29. George phiri says:

    Inu Dpp yabweretsa yakumbuyo koma mukuyivoterabe????? Manyazi. Ndiye kuti anthu aku zomba nonse ndinu a yakumbuyo?????

  30. Beast Msonda says:

    -In Mchinji: MCP = 2444; DPP = 2071; Margin = 373; Percentage Margin (373/(2444+2071)) = 8.26%
    -In Lilogwe: MCP = 1381; DPP = 717; Margin = 664; Percentage Margin (664/(1381+717)) = 31.6%

    IN DPP’s HEARTLAND (in Zomba)
    MCP = 71; DPP = 1439; Margin = 1368; Percentage Margin (1368/(71+1439)) = 90.6%

    The story is in the percentage margin. MCP should be very much worried now. In their own land, they are winning with 8% or 31% relative to their competitor (DPP) while DPP is winning with a margin of 90% in their heartland relative to their competitor. If this is a gauge for 2019 general elections, then I am really sorry for MCP. They are losing popularity even in Mchinji. What a shame!

  31. levelheaded says:

    The secret for success on elections in Malawi is that you should have a stronghold and a better number in other regions. From the results we see the ruling DPP doing that which means DPP shall be there until Doom’s day.

  32. Girl says:

    Khani yabwino anayesetsa kubela koma NG’ooo zakukanikani inu a Dhii PHI PHI mudzibela kwanu komweko kuyibela PP

  33. mbuzi iwe says:

    Nanga chipani chija cha CHRR/CEDEP chapeza mavoti angati???? Kikkkkkkkkkkk

  34. Kaseche says:

    DPP’s performance in the elections just gone by in the central region, which is believed to be MCP’s stronghold, is something they (MCP) must study carefully to really gauge their much talked about popularity in the region. DPP scooped almost half of the votes that were cast in the two constituencies for the ward councellors. If these were presidential elections, surely DPP would have gained a lot of ground in the centre if these figures for the ward councellors are anything to go by. Look at how MCP faired in the eastern region: so poorly indeed. MCP must do their home work very carefully if they are to come out victorious in the 2019 elections. These figures are worrisome.

  35. Sapitwa says:

    These continue to be indications of voting based on your Regional Party. It will be the same in 2019.

  36. Malipeya says:

    DPP has broken the record of 2009 when it lost both the By-elections in Zomba and Ndilande. This was after the then head of state had campaign for his party candidates but it was in vain. Congrats Botomani

  37. Zadziwika says:

    TAKE a look at the MARGINS! DPP has more respect in the Centre than MCP in the south.

    Ndangoditsamo ine.

  38. Mwamwitu says:

    A repeat of 2014 election results,we should expect the same in 2019

  39. Nyaulembe says:

    2019 DPP will sweep the whole southern region and share the Central Region. PP was buried in 2014.

  40. Mtondoli Jonasi says:

    Malawi should be declared as Christian state
    like Zambia.

  41. thinktankmalawi says:

    Nyasatimes and mcp eishhh…….why highlight only mcp wins in their backyard while downplaying dpp wins in eastern region..??????

  42. Kumpwepe says:

    The TITLE is misleading kkkkk it is DIPHIPHI gaining the ground as the margins in central region are very narrow. These results infact show doom for MCP 2019 roadshow. If I were MCP I would start strategising and not celebrating with pomp.


  43. Clementine says:

    Mmmm are you serious that mcp outclassed DPP? Well, lets start with Zomba results. People shown mcp that they don’t exist in south. Imagine DPP 2421 while mcp 70 this is unfair. Central region though mcp won but the difference not big as we have seen in zomba wait 2019 DPP will take half of central region parliamentarian seats. Congrats DPP for retaining Zomba chisi constituency.

  44. The Analyst says:

    Sadly, in an election, its either you win or you lose – there is no middle ground. No matter how close.
    . . . But in an area where it’s some party’s stronghold; what matters is no longer winning or losing; but by how many votes you beat your opponent.
    . . . And looking at the results with eyes that understand the concept of a bad and good loser, would palpably see one, that MCP was more generous to DPP in Mchinji, than was DPP to MCP in Zomba. So mean was the DPP to MCP in Zomba.
    . . . With this trend, shouldn’t anyone who is compos mentis easily understand and thus cease to wonder why they find themselves in opposition while others easily understand why they are declared govt?
    . . . Only the devil in men, knows!

  45. musova says:

    Apa zaonetsa kuti ngakhale central region DPP ili ndi oitsatira ambiri

  46. Morris says:

    It shows voters are not happy with economic policies of dpp inflation and kwacha fall of not in control then mcp will take power in 2019

  47. HEHE YAAA says:


    DPP MBOLA !!

  48. Apa zikuoneka kuti dpp iri ndi mphanvu zigawo zonse eti nanga kuZombako si nambala 2 ,3, 4, 5, 6 ,7, 8 palibetu pamenepo kuli kusukulutu kkkkkk

  49. Truck says:


    1. Beast Msonda says:

      … and ma results enieniwo akuwonesa kuti MCP izalephera mochitisa manyazi in 2019, and DPP will win with more than 60%.

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