Case of Fumbani Mhango stalls: Arrested over ‘faclitating Cashgate’ at Malawi Financial Intelligence Unit

The corruption case of Fumbani Mhango, a manager at the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is not making progress  with fears of ‘money exchanging hands’.

Fumbani: Facilitated Cashgate

Fumbani: Facilitated Cashgate

Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) lasy year arrested Mhango for allegedly leaking intelligence information to cashgate suspects.

Accoridng to ACB, Mhango was conniving with suspects that plundered the economy through money and information facilitation.

“Mr. Mhango, (Manager, Monitoring and Analysis) at the Financial Intelligence Unit abused his office by leaking sensitive financial intelligence information to some suspects and facilitating some of the transactions,” said ACB spokesperson, Egrita Ndala in a statement when Mhango was arrested..

The arrest is in connected with the complaint the bureau recieved on 12 September 2013 alleging that Government Officers at Capital Hill were making illegal entries into the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) with intent to defraud Malawi Government.

Malawi lost billions of Kwacha through illegal transactions in what is commonly known as Cashgate. A number of people have so far been convicted while others are still being tried in court.

Mhango was  slapped with four counts of misuse of office, aiding and abetting, improperly disclosing information and money laundering which is contrary to Sections 25B (1), 35 and 25C (1)(a)(b) of the Corruption Practices Act and 35(1)(d) of the Money Laundering, Proceeds of Serious Crimes and Terrorist Financing Act and tax related charges.

However, his case has been warehoused in mysterious circumstances.

Sources also said Mhango continue to have access to information of all payments being made at Accountant General where his wife works and is disclosing informations.

Malawi lost billions of Kwacha through illegal transactions in what is commonly known as Cashgate. A number of people have so far been convicted while others are still being tried in court.

The theft of public funds forced donors to suspend budgetary support to government.

FIU is an autonomous central national body reporting directly to the Minister of Finance. It was established under the Money Laundering, Proceeds of Serious Crimes and Terrorist Financing Act of 2006.The unit collects information, substantiates it and forwards it to investigating authorities such as ACB, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Fiscal and Fraud Police Unit (FFU), National Intelligence Service (NIS) and the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

FIU also coordinates and strengthens efforts of national and international intelligence and enforcement agencies in pursuing the global efforts to fight money laundering, terrorist financing and related crimes.

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Inu mudabwa bwanji kuti the case has stalled. The culprit is tumbuka, the prosecutor is tumbuka and the judge most likely Mtambo – tumbuka! If he was a Tonga, they could have locked him up a long time ago.

Tangowasiyani nthawi ino, nafenso yathu idzafika.


I feel sorry for Monalisa Masepuka Mhango, a Chief Accountant at Accountant General who is being destroyed because of her unruly husband. Her image is being dented because of this Fumbani. If she has been forced to release information to her husband its because she is just trying to protect him. ACB must arrest her and put her in custody so that she does not interfere with this case. Minister of justice should investigate the story which is an open secret that Reyneck Matemba received k10million from Fumbani for protection. Let these people repent their sins.


The problem with ignorance and jealous. What information does he need from Accountant General? The man has been to court 6 times and all the times ACB have stated that they are not ready. By bringing in Matemba in your comments it shows that you have been sent by elements that don’t want him at ACB. The due process will happen.
You have shown your ignorance by suggesting that the wife should be locked up. On what grounds? Fumbani Mhango will be heavily compènsated


Mkuluyu akalowa basi. Nanga anzake sapita kale monga chikondi chimutu, maxwell namata ndi wena. Mlandu suuwola. its just a matter of time.


Seems like the writer has nothing to say. It could be ACB have realised that they don’t have a case.


Ngati mdziko muno muli anthu akuba koopsya ndi atumbuka!


ACB please dont let this thief go free roaming about in town .Uyu ndiye anabadi including with help from his hule wife .He is corrupt to the core Malawi why why?This man needs to be locked up problem is he has connections and aliyense wadyapo ndalama arrest all of them.


Ntayeni ngati palibe umboni.


The writer seem to have something important to say but the presentation is poor thus affecting the credibility of the whole story.

I totally agree!!!! This guy was arrested and humiliated last year. Everyone who was associated with this case is behind bars or in court…not him…mysterious nde kuti chani…Palibe nkhani apa!! ACB and our Media in Malawi should be extremely careful with these politically motivated stunts… I smell a rat at FIU…Amponya myamata uyu ku Moto. Bottom line, due dilligence must be observed by the ACB and also Nyasatimes..this is becoming a tabloid…tiyaluka nazo zopanda pake. Rubbish!!!!! If and only IF there is no case, the man should be acquitted and through the same publicity the STATE should compensate him and… Read more »

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