Cashgate convict Lutepo strikes ‘amnesty’ deal with State to implicate JB

It ‘s now done deal, prosecution has sealed a deal with Cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo, to testify against former president Joyce Banda and implicate in the K24 billion plunder of the public resources in return get amnesty.

Lutepo: No priviledges in prison

Lutepo:  Deal to testify against JB and get amnesty

Lutepo recently changed his plea to guilty in the K4 billion fraud and money laundering charges and was convicted by High Court in Zomba and now is in custody awaiting sentence.

His change of plea is reported to be part of the deal to be turned as a State witness to testify against the former president.

Lutepo’s lawyer Oswald Mtupila and Ministry of Justice spokesperson Apoche Itimu confirmed the meetings between the chief cashgate convict with he office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB.

“We met and discussed some issues. The ACB also took a caution statement from my client, but I am not in a position to divulge the details,” said Mtupila as quoted by Nation on Sunda.

The paper reported that Lutepo agreed to testify against Banda, but the office of the DPP had been expressing reservations on the move due to concerns about the credibility of Lutepo as a witness.

Before his conviction, Lutepo had on one occasion written the Attorney General  to withdraw earlier caution statements on Cashgate, claiming he was forced to implicate others.

The former Head of State in an interview with Mail and Guardian from Johannesburg, South Africa recently claimed Lutepo was used by some desperate quarters to implicate her in the ‘cashgate’ scandal.

“ Mr. [Oswald] Lutepo was indeed a member of People’s Party and he was only six months in our party (after defecting from Democratic Progressive Party) when the Cashgate scandal was uncovered … When it was clear that he was the main suspect after the first group was arrested, my government instituted an international search and extradited him from China.

“The statement that he gave when he came back has been changed four times. … In fact, I have evidence that he was forced to implicate me, or his wife will be arrested,” Banda told M&G.

Banda said following that statement on the radio by Lutepo, there was an announcement by government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa that they had CCTV [closed-circuit TV] footage showing Banda and Lutepo conniving to swindle government.

“If you recall I established a commission of inquiry to investigate and find out how our former president [Bingu wa Mutharika] died in State House. That’s how we first discovered that there no way we could see it because the CCTV camera in the State House wasn’t working. So for two years that we were in State House, we didn’t have any CCTV that was working. So I don’t know where this footage came from,” said Banda.

Quizzed on what she thinks is the reason to implicate her in the Cashgate scandal, Banda said she was warned by her advisers to expect “abuse” because she was fighting “powerful people and they will fight you back and they will not stand there.”

She said: “They warned me that they [would] bring me down … its part of the deal of being a leader who truly stands for the people.”

Mail& Guardian asked her if she is not afraid that the ‘powerful people’ will succeed on their plan.

The former president said: “ I’m not worried. Even if they do, Malawians now are very intelligent people; they can see through whatever is going on and they know the truth. They know that I served them well.”

Lutepo is regarded a chief cashgate suspect and has been making media confession on his wrong doing.

A forensic audit report into the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill due to abuse of public finance management tools dubbed ‘Cashgate’ established that K24 billion was stolen between April and September 2013. However, Cashgate dates back to 2005 when the Integrated Financial Management and Information System (Ifmis) was launched.

Through various means, Lutepo allegedly got the second highest payments on the list of individuals amounting to K4.4 billion (US$9.8 million).

“Cashgate” erupted after an audit ordered by former president Banda found that $30 million in state funds had been looted by officials in less than six months last year. It is reported that cashgate started in 1995 and there have been calls to audit K92 billion which was looted within that period. Most culprits in the K92 billion looting also feature in the cashgate currently being pursued through courts.

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73 thoughts on “Cashgate convict Lutepo strikes ‘amnesty’ deal with State to implicate JB”

  1. George says:

    Let us not shield anybody. JB said she was ready to be put to jail if found to have stolen public money. She said not to hestae to accept anybody from her family to go to prison if again found in the looting of public money. Lets not make commnets based on speculations. If there is anybody who did not help Malawi were the investigators. They should have gave her name. But unfornately her name is not there. Should she be arrested by implication? Anyone with valid reasons to about her involvement in these matters of money looting, let him or her come out. She is not above the law and is not in another world. Lets not advance personal hatredhere. National issues concern us all and it is the citizenary who bear the brat. Joice is a brave woman. munthu kulolera kudzimangitsa yekha si chibwana abale amzanga. Amuna enawa angozilemerela palibe odziwa

  2. Issa Kabudula says:

    The truth is too painful to accept – but no matter how long it takes, it will come to pass. Therefore PP leader if I was an adviser, I would advice her to go back home and face the consequences of the cashgate and wait for the part 2 of the K92 billion, where some DPP ministers are part of the deal to also face the music – easy. Staying away from home, not only is tiresome but also make one loss focus, and direction especially the leader of the party in particular.

    Olive branch I don’t know if it is still valid due to many bickering’s which has been witness by many of us from both sides DPP and PP. But I know APM will make it easy for the Ex-president if she is to be a woman and mother again in her life, for me she is acting the other way round – be a mother who feels pain and regard others better – change the ton of speech and talk one good sentence of the current government and tell the nations that Malawi is in the hands of new government which require funding for its people to be cared. Is that DIFICULT?

  3. BigMan says:

    Why the fear of court cases? If Abiti Mtila is not guilty, the courts will clear her.

  4. Selfish Mtumbuka says:

    Mulopwana your head is full of mamina that is why its only you who cant get my point. I wont belabour myself repeating coz an imbecile like you wont still get it!!!

  5. Dido says:

    After seeing that his bro….is on the driving seat, this Mtchona lost no time at all but to pack up and run at a supersonic speed into matherland…. What next?…the Mchona was being seen with balooned breifcases enroute to Malasyia and onco….. And now after ursaping the seat … Jesu Maria, K577bn..? Cry my beloved country!!!!!!!

  6. Joseph Moyo says:

    a mc p maka ajesse kabwila kapasula mudamva ujo zotsutsa kungoitenga dpp hedon?Inu nde makape kip it up ngat simuziwa mukuipangira dpp kampeni.azagwirisa ntchito zolankhula zanuzo pakampen ask Bakili Muluzi

  7. Nkhalamba wa kwa Lionde says:

    Politicians,the capable technical players in the ground of corruption.
    They looted millions but their judgement is being punctuated with a regular tedius postponements,try you and me to steal a chicken,we can judged one day and given 5 years imprisonment with hard labour.
    Lets try the leadership without cashgate(Jehovah’s kingdom)

  8. Kenkkk says:

    By removing the forfeiture law, the govt and its MPs then criminalised malawi as a state and became free for all thieving. No civilised and democratic country in the world doesn’t have a forfeiture Act in its legal system.

    If Peter and MPs are serious about getting rid of corruption and self enrichment, then one of the main thing should do is to bring back the forfeiture law, it must be reinstated.

    Then you will see who the real thieves are as they have to account for their massive assets that don’t match their salaries or even their businesses.

    I would like to see opposition and other honest MPs start the ball rolling on bringing back the forfeiture legislation.

    It will significantly reduce thieving if we follow and implement the law.

  9. mulopwana says:

    selfish mtumbuka….go back to school……chakwera and jb ..what does your brain say .
    alomwe osaphunzira inu..i
    tnchito kubereka nga nyama.

  10. Ambendera kutiyika mmavuto says:

    That night you shed tears like Judas knowing that you were giving innocent Malawians for persecutions. Money is the route cause of evil. If you ain’t regretting that act on that night ,you are far gone in spirit. How could you after all that u knew. You acted In anger, tit for tat not thinking about the rest of the pple but just ur own. We are sinking and the water is up to the neck because of anger and hatred.

  11. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    Instead of spending our energies on someone who is already convicted, our attention should be on the Mk92 billion, now grown to Mk577 billion. If we lose sight of this,then we are doomed as a Nation. JB did her noble part in exposing those involved in the Mk13 billion and we need to see real progress on the revelation of those involved in the Mk577 billion figure. There must be no attempt to draw people’s sharp attention away from this massive economic sabotage.

  12. Selfish Mtumbuka says:

    why isnt Lutepo implicating Lazarus Chakwera a more credible political opponent? its not implicating!!! It will be testifying against that self exiled thief. Remember the 22 cars Lutepo bought on behalf of PP? Chickens are coming home to roost!!!

  13. Nganga says:

    Kodi mutati implicate ndekuti chiani? Bwanji mupange implicate John Tembo?

  14. mdk says:

    Muisova.muzingolalata pa nyasa pompano basi.not to implicate but to testify against JB ngati zili zopeka without evidence the courts will throw it out koma ngati pali umboni kuti amapangila limodzi ndi achina mphwiyo you should be worried indeed.Lol

  15. ndagoma ndidziko says:

    All Malawians of good will please let’s look at this looting soberly. Lets clear up this mess and clean up our act. This can only be achieved by not favouring anyone. Everyone involved should be answerable regardless of which political party or government. When it comes to this evil lets all stand as one and fight this.. pakupha nyani osayangana nkhope. All involved must answer.

  16. Kwateni bolosa says:

    Very unfortunately Malawi will still cry forevermore

  17. Kapoli says:

    Agalu Inu Fotseki

  18. beza says:

    tatopanazo nkhani zanuzi

  19. Patriot says:

    Tikudikilirabe CEMENT ndi MALATA munapulomisa aja.
    Nyumba zathu zinagwa nthawi ya mvula ija, inu nkutipatsa ma jumbo a black amvekere tichingire makhoma athu. Zoona?
    Anakakhala masteni bwezi atatimangira nyumba zabwino malo mowononga ndalama ku court to cover up K577 billion ija nkumalimbana ndi JB.

  20. Boudicca says:

    My friend, ‘cashgate’ started in 1964, and even well before that!

    Kamuzu stole all the nation’s money and built Press Corporation – it continues to this day to be run by his cronies and their friends in government and ‘civil society’ – the elite Malawians who continue to rape and pillage this wretched country whilst the average man on the street almost starves him and his large family to death.

    Muluzi continued this ‘cashgate’ until he couldn’t run for office any more, although he tried his damned hardest to get another term to continue to plunder this country’s resources.

    He handed over to his crony Bingu, who promptly grew a huge head of his own, stabbed his former mentor in the back and then continued to steal all the money for himself and his cronies in his ‘new’ party.

    Of course this ‘new’ party – DPP – just consisted of the same old member of the UDF who had defected from their former party so that they too could continue to steal from the taxpayers whilst they were in power.

    The UDF of course, was just also defectors from the MCP, when they realised they were going to lose in multi-part democracy and were scared to lose their opportunity to steal the country’s money.

    Same story with the PP, defect from DPP when they lose power, then defect back to whoever is in power at the current moment. Anything that allows you to continue to steal our money and enlarge your already monstrous bellies with stolen food from the starving Malawians!

    This is why our political parties consist of old men like Peter, Goodall and Patricia, all well-experienced individuals in the art of looting money from government coffers. They are all well into their 50s, 60s, and even 70s, whilst most of the Malawian population is much younger.

    They have been stealing since they started in government in the young days, when it was MCP, UDF, and now DPP. Tomorrow it might be yet another badly-named party. It will still be the same old horrible faces.

    Now they have convinced one of their members to ‘testify’ against another one they’ve come to hate, so they can play their petty games and satisfy their personal grudges.

    Meanwhile, the poor Malawians are suffering on the street. And you talk of ‘justice’ for cashgate suspects! What a farce!

    Wake up Malawians!!

  21. Mpini Walezala says:

    Please do your work. You cannot get someone off the hook hoping to dismantle your target. Let Lutepo pay for his crime and start a different investigation if you believe Joyce Banda stole some money.

  22. Khonsolo says:

    Kamba amamunyera amene wamtola.tiyeni nazoni!!

  23. Signora Banda says:

    The stage we have reached Britain and German needs to assist us to corner these thieves masquerading as our politicians.These politicians have become overnight billionaires and are busy shielding each other.We are being provided with fake reports of 92 billion.Aid has been stopped to ordinary people of Malawi.Malawians are suffering because of very few who benefitted from cashgate.Malawi needs to be cleaned of all these thieves.We need a new Malawi.We didn’t even vote for them.These are crooks.Please Britain and Germany help us.We are in fire here.Life has become unbearable for a common Malawian because of these cashgate thieves.Everything has become into a halt because of these cashgate thieves.We need all of them to get arrested.Please smoke them before it is too late.Some are keeping the money into foreign accounts.

  24. Sekani Okonda Zadama says:

    First of all it is erroneous for the state to trust Lutepo, wat assurances does ruling dpp have that by going to bed with lutepo he wont renegade again? The man has serious mental issues and you him to be reliable? We will meet in court.

  25. Mkango says:

    To hell with Looterpo. You will languish and eventually die in jail. You are goung down alone. JB had nothing to do with your long fingers. It will be a case which state cant win against Joyce Banda find something else.

  26. MMALAWI says:

    Kamlepo namwe, do the unmusking, we are eagerly waiting.

  27. Prudence Ndi Getu Wathako Ndani? says:

    How many times has Lutepo changed statements in last one year alone? Almost five times. Henis hostilw witness. Defence lawyers will have field day on him. He cant be trusted. Whatever he did he did it alone, Joyce Banda was never part of such madness.

  28. Kelsi Binanda says:

    Has anyone else seen the Anti Cashgate branded T Shirts, Polo Shirts and Uniforms by Voters are getting their message across Malawians have had enough!

  29. MASO A GULU says:





  30. Atcheya says:

    Another addition to the list of stupidities of this DPP government!!

  31. Professor Seyani says:

    Kkkkkkj mpwerere wayamba kuti shuuuuu

  32. kaya says:

    Isnt too late he is bargainingt aftet conviction and just before sentence wachedwa kaya bargaining timapanga before conviction hshaha tikakuonani ku maula kaya ku zomba jb mwamlephera kikikikikiki

  33. Future Watcher says:

    Kulimbana ndi JB will yield nothing coz the Government will spend a lot of time and resources trying to organize the facts forgetting that Mk577 billion awaits themselves too. Shaaaa palibe wabwino apa. Flesh elections basi

  34. Kes says:

    Mukumwa limodzi tea wa mkaka anali “Well wisher” today you have forgotten him.
    Akunya mu bucket ku Zomba prison inu la cante menu my Manhattan….
    This lifeeee ooo!

  35. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    In the court of public opinion, an important forum in politics, JB is already tried and convicted. And the sentence: never again to be elected to any office in this country.
    With of without Lutepo, the case should be a slam dunk for the prosecution. Even for a rookie lawyer. Asa!
    How can a reasonable person, with reasonable intelligence, accept “gifts” of that many vehicles, without even a hint of their source or origin? Especially and specifically here, when the recipient is the President, and in this age of money laundering?
    Zachibwana izi baasi (Are you kidding me, ardent supporters of JB?).

    1. JJB says:

      Malawi is full of Nitwits, half wits and dumb wits, who do not think beyond K50 that was being thrown at them by politicians.

      Is it not Lucias Banda that was lamenting about the “Yapita kuti fifity” timkalandira pansonkhano, in a song refering to MK50 that Bakili was handing out at meetings.

      Journalists in Malawi are the same. The deal with Lutepo was before he was convicted, but they want to convince people the deal has just been made.

  36. Moya says:

    Lutepo lost his credibility to be a witness however if he has some info with evidence we are open to listen “paja wamisala anawona nkhondo” give Malawians the data and we shall process and see if we can extract any tangible info. otherwise if he just made up a story with DPP then forget it and dont waste our time and more tax payers money just sentence him since he pleaded guilty already.So what ever deal he strikes it does not take away his criminality in him.He is a thief and we simply want him to reveal the rest of the gang!

  37. Madam President, you are a true leader. However, some of us Malawians are a disgrace. MAY GOD FRORGIVE US>

  38. OMalindi says:

    Lutepo tiyenayo ameneyu pa dzana paja munali limodzi, kubera limodzi, kumwera limodzi.

    Lero asathawe chifukwa zayangana kungolo ayi.

  39. Maam says:

    Be still and know that I am God. Thus says the Lord. Haman wass horribly punished. Was hanged onv the same gibbet he had built fir Mordecai. Exodus 3:19″ but Iknow the king of Egypt will not let you go unless a mighty ha d forces him. This stubbornness is not good at all . There comes a point whereGod will give us over to our own hard heartedness. There is a spirit of hatred which is a sin. Hatred is poisonous. It affects the haters, killing them slowly. Hatred is like drinking poison and expecting someone you hate to get affected. This disunity and hatred is not good for Malawi. This tit for tat won’t solve a thing. This is just bringing down the Country already strained. People in Malawi are struggling. The hospitals lack resources, now there is hunger. Wisdom is the principle thing. Someone needs to wise up and choose to work.

  40. Zombahure says:


  41. JB shud not get worried! Truth will always out. it may not b tiday oe tomorrow but it shall stil come to pass. If lutepo says JB was part of the deal (cashgate) then we shud again expect someone to mention another big person behind the scam.

  42. Ndanena says:


  43. Ozisata says:

    Ha ha ..amayi woyeeeee. Munaba ndalama Mai .
    On a different note. Why don’t you go back home? Your argument that Muluzi stayed outside malawi after his term of office is absolutely amateur. You won’t be arrested at all for no reason at all….”muchitokosi simwamasewera chemwali!,,,, ask Peter, Msaka, Dausi ..akuuzani chemwa……

  44. Chikopa says:

    Mulandila bwanji ma galimoto 22 kwa openga inu anthu abwinobwino

  45. Mathews makuteya says:

    Kaya zanu izo ifer timapanga zanthu malinga ndi umphawi wathu

  46. Kapenandiye says:

    Not to implicate but to testify what was going on in the cashgate scheme. I say a scheme coz it was a plan and a syndicate and those involved and benefited should face the law don’t distort the facts here. To implicate means she was not aware and did not benefit. Lutepo is not Jesus to suffer for many people including jb who enjoyed and are still enjoying the cashgate money but everyone should be responsible for his/her actions, period!!!!! ngati mwadya zake zambiri mumbwezera because ur writing all along shows someting or the side u r.wolakwa amathawa yekha. Akukakamira kunjako why? Akanakhala osalakwa sakanaopa implication coz sangamangidwe ndi zopanda umboni.

  47. Charombanthu says:

    It looks like it will be Lutepo’s word against JB’s and going by the way Mr Lutepo has shifted goal posts since “cashgate” was exposed, he’s treading on very thin ice. Concrete evidence has to be produced for Malawians to believe Mr Lutepo’s story that JB was directly or indirectly involved in the looting, which up to now, does not seem to be coming out clearly. We are watching and very anxious to nail the culprits who plundered our taxes.

  48. jean jella says:

    Lutepo is lying. No court will trust him. He has implicated everybody under the sun. Jb wasn’t involved in cash gate. She wouldn’t have carried out the audit if she was

  49. tionge says:

    Dont divert peoples attention inu ADPP zakulakani basi,infact lutepo started stealing with you way back.munya muona come thursday

  50. tsetsefly says:

    DPP is bullshit

  51. The fact remain the same, there’s no way he could manage to Cashgate that amount single handedly

  52. kenkkk says:

    The prosecution is making the worst move,Lutepo can never in any credible court of law be considered a credible witness.Using Lutepo as a witness will convict no one even if they are guilty.

    Just follow the money or asset trails that will lead to jb without using Lutepo. Use alternative evidence or witnesses that will pin jb if you have such evidence or witnesses.

  53. mwaranthumu says:

    Kugwila manyi ako omwe apa. Isnt it lutepo that told tge world that he was forced to implicate innocent people? Who will believe in his new gullible gimmicks?

  54. The real Ujeni says:

    This Lutepo was in PP for only six month. The rest of the period he was in DPP, who is fooling who? Kodi aMalawi akagonabe mphaka lero? Attorney general naye ndi mbava yotherathu.

  55. Patriot says:

    DPP is biter bcoz JB EXPOSED THEM by calling a forensic auditing on the K92 billion, oh sorry I mean now K577 billion they stole.
    So in order to divert peoples attention on DPP akufuna tizikhala bize ndi JB uku akupitiliza kupakula, kuonjezera pa K577 billion aba kale ija.
    Dzikoli LIRIBE NDALAMA wina akufuna kuononga misonkho yathu ma bwalo a milandu.


  56. vendort says:

    It will not work. Thou shall not bear a false witness

  57. Ndatero ine says:

    Mayi bweraniko basi mudzidzalankhula tikukuonani ka lutepo nkandaninso.inu mungabe ? U were just a beneficially basi zibwerani .kodi ku joni anakupasani masiku angati ? Joni nayo paja bashir Waazemba konko dzana dzanali.

  58. Gasten says:

    Just Come Here Mayi And Prove Ur Innocent To Malawians Through Court!

  59. Bigimani wankulu says:

    We are watching n waiting

  60. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mr. Lutepo was only six months old in PP from DPP when the MK24b cashgate looting was discovered. He joined PP to teach them how to do it.

    Trust me, Mr . Lutepo will be used as a state witness in both cashgate scandals, (MK24b for PP and MK577b for DPP). He is a master.

    Mind you, am not interested to know who did what becuase all the two parties are full dishonest people and they are trying to outplay each other at the expense of justice in Malawi.

    Records indicate that MK24b missed during PP rule and MK577b missed during DPP rule. So let these scandals be persued at the same.

    So my interest is to see justice done according to records. Actually it will make sense if we can start with the oldest scandal because files can go missing as their good at deleting records. DPP had delelted records before, so what stop today.

    At Zomba prison, Female ward, cell# xx will be JB and the same Zomba prison, Male ward cell#xx will be APM. That will be justice.

  61. Biggie says:

    Mayi uyu ndi chitsirudi. The worst leader Malawi has ever had. Mxiiiiiiii!

  62. Biggie says:

    Mayi you ndi chitsirudi. The worst leader Malawi has ever had. Mxiiiiiiii!

  63. The real Ujeni says:

    DPP is truly a party of thugs. All these blackmail deals are signs of thug mentality.

    Who is the president of Malawi, this country is been run by dogs. We have more important issues, chronic poverty in rural Malawi, yet the party agenda is to beat Joyce Banda down, mxiiii idiots.

  64. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi need revolution. Honduras way. We must do night vigils until Peter Muthalika and his government steps down. The whole system of Malawi government is corrupt. And even those in opposition many of them are involved in corrupt activities, therefore it is difficult to end corruption in our country.

  65. Tilibemau says:

    Very stupid move by the a party of thugs and brutes.How can you implicate a so loving mother who was there to save malawians.If I may ask what has bububu done so far after stealing the votes.Just dare you will regret know that malawians know the trueth .Cash gate started with DPP.You can’t fool us.To hell with DPP.GOD rescue us from jews of these lions.They dont have any vision to take this country to another level.So far the performance is less than 20 percent.

  66. Pray there shouldn’t be a revolution in this country. We will hang all of you including the queen of cashgate. Afterwards we will introduce Federalism.

  67. Omex70 says:

    Everyone who is not pretending to be mayopic knows very well that the DPP is spending sleepless nights with JB eveidenced by what the stupid mouth of Nankhumwa has been bubbling. But it will not work but we know the truth of the matter.

  68. Kizito says:

    its not a strange thing for government agencies to use convicted criminals to pursue suspected criminals by agreeing these kind of deals. if government has to prosecute people it can use valuable information from confessed criminals like Lutepo to corner those who were involved. it has happened with FIFA where a whistle blower has actually been used to reveal the exact depth of the malpractices innside FIFA in return for linient punishment. Malawians should not listen to polititian who will use the media to tell us lies. Mrs Joice Banda was in government and during her time over K 350 billion was stollen. I have a feeling that she is manuovouring to gain public sympathy. lets let those tasked to prosecute criminals to do their job. if anyone feels that they are clean then they will prove their innocence in court.

  69. Thokozani kalomba says:

    Ithink now is the time ,,kut JOYCE BANDA,,abwere ,,,muyeso umene iyeyo anayesa ena nayeso ayesedwe the same.

  70. Nyaulembe says:

    How was Lutepo stealing government money when he was not working for government and yet he was PP financier with Joyce Banda?
    How come they had joint businesses like Naming’omba?
    All reporters who are busy defending Joyce seem to have a stake in this and it’s the same reporters through and through.
    We have no sympathy for Joyce the thief.

  71. bingu says:

    zaziii wasting everything for nothing

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