Cashgate convict Lutepo strikes ‘amnesty’ deal with State to implicate JB

It ‘s now done deal, prosecution has sealed a deal with Cashgate convict Oswald Lutepo, to testify against former president Joyce Banda and implicate in the K24 billion plunder of the public resources in return get amnesty.

Lutepo: No priviledges in prison

Lutepo:  Deal to testify against JB and get amnesty

Lutepo recently changed his plea to guilty in the K4 billion fraud and money laundering charges and was convicted by High Court in Zomba and now is in custody awaiting sentence.

His change of plea is reported to be part of the deal to be turned as a State witness to testify against the former president.

Lutepo’s lawyer Oswald Mtupila and Ministry of Justice spokesperson Apoche Itimu confirmed the meetings between the chief cashgate convict with he office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB.

“We met and discussed some issues. The ACB also took a caution statement from my client, but I am not in a position to divulge the details,” said Mtupila as quoted by Nation on Sunda.

The paper reported that Lutepo agreed to testify against Banda, but the office of the DPP had been expressing reservations on the move due to concerns about the credibility of Lutepo as a witness.

Before his conviction, Lutepo had on one occasion written the Attorney General  to withdraw earlier caution statements on Cashgate, claiming he was forced to implicate others.

The former Head of State in an interview with Mail and Guardian from Johannesburg, South Africa recently claimed Lutepo was used by some desperate quarters to implicate her in the ‘cashgate’ scandal.

“ Mr. [Oswald] Lutepo was indeed a member of People’s Party and he was only six months in our party (after defecting from Democratic Progressive Party) when the Cashgate scandal was uncovered … When it was clear that he was the main suspect after the first group was arrested, my government instituted an international search and extradited him from China.

“The statement that he gave when he came back has been changed four times. … In fact, I have evidence that he was forced to implicate me, or his wife will be arrested,” Banda told M&G.

Banda said following that statement on the radio by Lutepo, there was an announcement by government spokesperson Kondwani Nankhumwa that they had CCTV [closed-circuit TV] footage showing Banda and Lutepo conniving to swindle government.

“If you recall I established a commission of inquiry to investigate and find out how our former president [Bingu wa Mutharika] died in State House. That’s how we first discovered that there no way we could see it because the CCTV camera in the State House wasn’t working. So for two years that we were in State House, we didn’t have any CCTV that was working. So I don’t know where this footage came from,” said Banda.

Quizzed on what she thinks is the reason to implicate her in the Cashgate scandal, Banda said she was warned by her advisers to expect “abuse” because she was fighting “powerful people and they will fight you back and they will not stand there.”

She said: “They warned me that they [would] bring me down … its part of the deal of being a leader who truly stands for the people.”

Mail& Guardian asked her if she is not afraid that the ‘powerful people’ will succeed on their plan.

The former president said: “ I’m not worried. Even if they do, Malawians now are very intelligent people; they can see through whatever is going on and they know the truth. They know that I served them well.”

Lutepo is regarded a chief cashgate suspect and has been making media confession on his wrong doing.

A forensic audit report into the plunder of public resources at Capital Hill due to abuse of public finance management tools dubbed ‘Cashgate’ established that K24 billion was stolen between April and September 2013. However, Cashgate dates back to 2005 when the Integrated Financial Management and Information System (Ifmis) was launched.

Through various means, Lutepo allegedly got the second highest payments on the list of individuals amounting to K4.4 billion (US$9.8 million).

“Cashgate” erupted after an audit ordered by former president Banda found that $30 million in state funds had been looted by officials in less than six months last year. It is reported that cashgate started in 1995 and there have been calls to audit K92 billion which was looted within that period. Most culprits in the K92 billion looting also feature in the cashgate currently being pursued through courts.

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Let us not shield anybody. JB said she was ready to be put to jail if found to have stolen public money. She said not to hestae to accept anybody from her family to go to prison if again found in the looting of public money. Lets not make commnets based on speculations. If there is anybody who did not help Malawi were the investigators. They should have gave her name. But unfornately her name is not there. Should she be arrested by implication? Anyone with valid reasons to about her involvement in these matters of money looting, let him… Read more »
Issa Kabudula
The truth is too painful to accept – but no matter how long it takes, it will come to pass. Therefore PP leader if I was an adviser, I would advice her to go back home and face the consequences of the cashgate and wait for the part 2 of the K92 billion, where some DPP ministers are part of the deal to also face the music – easy. Staying away from home, not only is tiresome but also make one loss focus, and direction especially the leader of the party in particular. Olive branch I don’t know if it… Read more »

Why the fear of court cases? If Abiti Mtila is not guilty, the courts will clear her.

Selfish Mtumbuka

Mulopwana your head is full of mamina that is why its only you who cant get my point. I wont belabour myself repeating coz an imbecile like you wont still get it!!!


After seeing that his bro….is on the driving seat, this Mtchona lost no time at all but to pack up and run at a supersonic speed into matherland…. What next?…the Mchona was being seen with balooned breifcases enroute to Malasyia and onco….. And now after ursaping the seat … Jesu Maria, K577bn..? Cry my beloved country!!!!!!!

Joseph Moyo

a mc p maka ajesse kabwila kapasula mudamva ujo zotsutsa kungoitenga dpp hedon?Inu nde makape kip it up ngat simuziwa mukuipangira dpp kampeni.azagwirisa ntchito zolankhula zanuzo pakampen ask Bakili Muluzi

Nkhalamba wa kwa Lionde
Nkhalamba wa kwa Lionde

Politicians,the capable technical players in the ground of corruption.
They looted millions but their judgement is being punctuated with a regular tedius postponements,try you and me to steal a chicken,we can judged one day and given 5 years imprisonment with hard labour.
Lets try the leadership without cashgate(Jehovah’s kingdom)

By removing the forfeiture law, the govt and its MPs then criminalised malawi as a state and became free for all thieving. No civilised and democratic country in the world doesn’t have a forfeiture Act in its legal system. If Peter and MPs are serious about getting rid of corruption and self enrichment, then one of the main thing should do is to bring back the forfeiture law, it must be reinstated. Then you will see who the real thieves are as they have to account for their massive assets that don’t match their salaries or even their businesses. I… Read more »

selfish mtumbuka….go back to school……chakwera and jb ..what does your brain say .
alomwe osaphunzira inu..i
tnchito kubereka nga nyama.

Ambendera kutiyika mmavuto
Ambendera kutiyika mmavuto

That night you shed tears like Judas knowing that you were giving innocent Malawians for persecutions. Money is the route cause of evil. If you ain’t regretting that act on that night ,you are far gone in spirit. How could you after all that u knew. You acted In anger, tit for tat not thinking about the rest of the pple but just ur own. We are sinking and the water is up to the neck because of anger and hatred.

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