Catholic to welcome gays as Bishop Zuza says ‘resist Western influences’

Bishop Joseph Mukasa Zuza of Mzuzu Diocese has spoken against the campaign to allow same-sex liaisons in Malawi, expressing concerns with some Western influences as Vatican document states homosexuals have ‘gifts and qualities to offer’ in unprecedented step to ‘welcome’ gay people.

Bishop Jospeh Zuza:

Bishop Jospeh Zuza: They are using money

The bishop, who was the Malawian representative at the two-week synod on family issues at the Vatican in Rome, spoke about the importance of strong families in an interview on Vatican Radio’s English Service for Africa.

According to the Bishop, some organisations in Malawi are using money to entice mostly poor young people to adopt un-African lifestyles and unions at the expense of marriage between a man and a woman.

“In Malawi, these organisations are using money to influence young people to promote same-sex unions,” Bishop Zuza said.

“They are using our poverty to get their agenda fulfilled”

He said the Episcopal Conference of Malawi is keen to see that children in families are nurtured and that they adopt lifestyles that are truly African and Christian.

But as the global synod on the family entered its second week at the Vatican, the bishops released a midterm document summarising the closed-door debate taking place between nearly 200 bishops and lay officials.

While the church reaffirmed its opposition to marriage and same sex unions, the ground-breaking document said homosexuality prompted “serious reflection” and was an “important educative challenge”.

“Are we capable of welcoming these people, guaranteeing them a fraternal space in our communities?” the document asked. “Often they wish to encounter a church that offers them a welcoming home.

“Are our communities capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation, without compromising Catholic doctrine on the family and matrimony?”

While reinforcing matrimony between a man and a woman, the bishops acknowledged that gay partnerships had merit, apparently taking their lead from Pope Francis whose “Who am I to judge?” comment about gays last year signalled a new approach.

“Without denying the moral problems connected to homosexual unions, it has to be noted that there are cases in which mutual aid to the point of sacrifice constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners,” they said.

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61 thoughts on “Catholic to welcome gays as Bishop Zuza says ‘resist Western influences’”

  1. BERNARD says:


  2. Michal says:

    The world apart,misundrstandng is stil at large,please God hear our cry,are these the last days

    1. gogo says:

      Give us Pope wathu Ku Africa.

  3. goody says:

    am listening and wil not comment now

  4. Kakweza says:

    If u hear about this stupid things, owelengawe khala maso the one who will judge the world is at hand

  5. Nthawi Yatha says:

    Akatolika tsopano kutiwonesa zimene amaziwa bwino.Nchito za thupi lawo.

  6. bishop zuza says:

    Pano nde taenjeza taposa sodom ndi gomora.Chinjoka chabvuuka sopano ndipo katolika waziwika kuti iye ndiye 666.

  7. Karen says:

    I agree with #19. There are more sinners in the church hiding behind the alter. Why throwing stones at gays? This single priest Fr M Useni a.k.a Chilemba is just worse with a serial of women he has fathered children with yet he stands at the alter preaching about repentance, and against gays? Has he repented himself? If so, what is bad about forging and welcoming a gay person into the church you commits his sins openly and probably seek God’s salvation and pretending to be holy while committing adultery? He will not change at all, the women Yasinta Nyaika I know her very well, she cannot change for she has even received blessings from her relatives and she will even have more children from this priest just like her co-women Cathy, Martha and others has. Welcome gays as humans and help them to repent and recognise their wrong doing, but also let these priest like Useni account for there actions please please.

    1. gogo says:

      Some sins are abominable to God that they provoke his anger against every one that’s the difference

  8. Andy Ndaonazino says:

    I would like to refute in strongest terms all ideas suggesting that the Catholic Church has endorsed homosexuality. Nyasatimes you need to verify facts before confusing the public. The Extraordinary Synod on marriage convened by Pope Francis ends this Sunday with the mass of the beatification of Pope Paul VI. This means that Bishop Zuza is still attending the synod meeting until the closing mass. All resolutions of the meeting will be communicated to the entire world by the competent authority. The Teaching of the Catholic Church is solid and cannot be in any way changed in as far as it is a divine law. The Church has no competence in changing everything which was designed by God and there is no way in can intervene in the divine sphere. They may be changes in accepting homosexuals as human beings with soul and body and not necessarily accepting the homosexuality. Most of the people who are making comments here are showing how easily taken up they can be with cooked up stories or lies.

    1. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

      Iwe namba 45: “…The church has no competence in changing anything which was designed by God and there is no way in (or is it “it”) can intervene in the divine sphere…” Really? Didn’t God design the Sabbath?Isnt it the same church that changed the Sabbath from the 7th day of the week to the 1st day of the week? You can google Cardinal Gibbons, he will tell you that! The church has so much intervened in the divine spheres to an extent that the head of the church blasphemes that he is God on earth! Tell us zina, osati zimene walemba apazi ayi!

  9. kanchenga says:

    Christianity is a relationship between Jesus Christ and man. When you pray, your are talking to God your relation. When you read the bible, you are listening to God talking to you. The two of you live in agreement. As the bible says no two people will walk together unless they agree. So the two of you must agree. This has nothing to do with the religion you belong to so my friends be careful who you listen to. Bishops are not necessarily Christians. What ever you hear should be measured against what the bible says. We should always love one another but trust only GOD. Even the Pope is but only human. Love him respect him but trust only GOD. Listen to God by reading the Bible and not trusting fellow humans.

    1. Redeemed says:

      Well said, it is delighting to know that even though the masses are in gloss darkness, there are still those with eyes enough to spot the light and refuse to be blinded.
      Our God is of an author of order and not confusion, people must strive to be zealous enough not to try to mock God.

  10. FC Club says:

    No worry ppo if dey sey yes 2 dat we will establish de new catholic church wch will not those nasty,foolish thngs.

  11. Mapuyamurupare says:

    Ooops! Thanks God for giving us Bishop Zuza. Amen
    Standing for the TRUTH without bias or fear or love for money.

    God Bless you my Bishop.

  12. Pius says:

    Mitima pansi abale anga. The Church has not endorsed homosexuality and there is no change in its moral teaching. Don’t be misled by media. Read–128116/

  13. Quota system says:

    I like Islam because of it’s discipline. They don’t waver any how. Cathlic has been rocked by controversies in the recent times like their men and women of the cloth defying their own doctrines of celibacy etc. No wonder this is coming up

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      Islam, most of the islamic states are fighting now, christians disagree but don’t kill. Moslems kill for petty issues. No one can say anything against islam because the kill for anything. We are all sinners but we must not kill for each sin.

  14. thika says:

    watch engels and demons and know what bonds this church together you will not get suprised.

  15. ANALYST says:

    The Bishops Synod has just re-affirmed what the Catholic Church has always taught – that the Church accepts sinners with compassion (guys/lesbians too are sinners like adulturers, thieves, killers, etc). Jesus also accepted sinners (tax collectors, adulterous women, the thief on the cross, etc); hence the Church is correct to accept gays for their orientation – BUT NOT same-sex marriages! This is what the Synod here (and Zuza in this story) are saying – that the Church will accept sinners – and not judge them [Jesus said dont judge, so that you too should not be judged]. Understand first what Zuza, the Synod and Papa Francesco are saying (the Church will accept people with people with homosexual orientation, but not same-sex marriages). Those who want further details should read the 2012 ECM Pastoral Letter on the Family; or Fr. George Buleya’s response article to Trapence & Mtambo – the latter was also published on Nyasatimes.

  16. Martin phiri says:

    Kodi mukunka nafe kuti Atsogoleri athu ampingo? kodi siinu amene mmatichenjeza manyengerero asatana? Nkhani yamubuku loyera la GENSIS ; Bwanji sodomu ndi gomola LOTI anakana matanyula womwewo? kodi tiziti mpingo uwu umayambadi ndi AMBUYE YESU? Ndizoona? Tikhulupipirirebe? zimene mulungu anakupatsani kuti mutiphunzitse ndizimenezi? Tikalowanazo ku Mwamba izi? Mwainu choonadi mulibe, mukanakhala nacho mukanatsutsana nawo mdima. Tembenukani mtima lero, MZIMU WOYERA AKUKHUZENI ndi MPHAMVU ya ku MWAMBA. Tikhala tikukupemphererani.

  17. exodus chenembu says:

    mr zuza akudyetsani banzi lokoma bwanji mpaka kuiwala mulungu ?,mwalephela kuima pa chilungamo pa dziko lino lapanse ,kodi mulunguso mukamudyetsa banzi?mukankha mulandu oskeletsa nkhosa zamulungu

    1. waa says:

      Did you read the sane story?

  18. syamboza says:

    ameneyo nde mkatolika nthawi yake yakwana kuoneka nagti nkhosa uli mmbulu wachabechabe. baibulo linanea kale usavutike papa ifenso tinakomzeka phycollogically sitiopa yambitsa 666 yakoyo apa usanamizile zamathanyulazo

    ife sitikunyoza koma tikukuuzani kuti baibulo linanena kale tsoka ukwanilitsa malemba

  19. The Roman Catholic church should trade carefully on this issue or else there will be massive exodus of its members.

  20. thunduwike says:

    Catholics are illuminati

  21. Ajijo Mapwiyamunlupali says:

    Pope Francis must resign as head of the catholic church becoz is now misleading the church.Which verse in the bible talks about guy marriage?He was to be the first to condem this satanism! Long live our beloved Bishop Zuza and do not accept this evil from the west in our church!

  22. chakhalira says:

    If what I have read is really what was spoken by the whole group of 200 Catholic Bishops, then time is very near. Did Pope Francis, Really say ” Who Am I to Judge?’ Judging what here? How I wish Malawi Catholic Bishops severed from this rotten Vatican world wide Catholic Bishops dull of understanding the word of God. May these Bishops take time to read and meditate Romans 1: 18 – 32 (King James Version). The heading in my Bible says ” The Guilt of Mankind” Please note that all these people advancing this same sex thing are Only, but Men, thinking that they are wise. Vs 22…” Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”. How do these corrupt ( Rotten) beings think will ever change the Uncorruptible God? Bishop Zuza maintain your stand. We are NOT against these people, but their un Godly act which is as a result of Reprobate Mind God has handed them over to it. We stand on the truth of God, that Unless they repent, they will perish!

  23. Me says:

    Its a shame

  24. Chifundo says:

    Can you read what is on Catholic News Agency, just search Catholic News Agency on the web, and have your comment.

  25. Achimtedza says:

    Majority of these Catholics Priests practice homosexual here in Malawi and there are many

  26. Mkangama Mos says:

    Homosexual is evil/sin lets not allow it in our country.

  27. Captain D says:

    Thank you Allah for making me a muslim,I thaught we muslims and the Christians are together fighing this dirty but now i have realised that Islam is standing alone.Islam is there to serve Allah and not the west.Sorry to RC xritians your pope has just said and is only bishop Zuza who is saying NO.The end is near.

  28. Chifundo says:

    The Devil is working so hard to destroy Our Holy Church,because we have resisted temptations for a long time, No matter what, Good will triumph over evil.

    Our beloved Bishop, you are our voice here in Malawi.
    No sin is Justifiable.

    Lord protect your children.

  29. Mbanangwa says:

    You are not getting facts right. The bishop has said that we have to respect families . He alluded that some people have homosexual tendencies and like Pope Benedict, who are to condemn God’s creation? Some people are born with those sexual deviations if you wish to call them so. Some people are born lame, some pele are born blind etc. who are we to judge them that they are born like that because their parents or they themselves sinned? Get the essence of the message. We have to welcome such people in the church. Their situation is not of their own making. Understand facts, school and education is important. Some commentators have just seen the tittle of the article and they have commented out of context!

  30. munyasa says:

    is this the church Jesus preached about? Is this the christian marriage teached about? R these the church doctines that we found? If the church wants let ther be a refere …ndume to hear the views of its members not those 2hundrend reps……ati bola pali zenje ntayilapo zinyalala…..maenje kusiyana………not here in my beloved country

  31. Choncho ana obadwa Lero adzadziwa kuipa kwa gay marriages (homosexuality)? if Catholic is already preaching its followers that there’s nothing wrong with ‘Chakumbuyo’ I doubt!!!
    Its just a matter of time you decide to change some verses in the BIBLE as well to suit your Chakumbuyo habit
    I am lucky to be a Muslim

  32. Rev Golong'ondo says:

    Akatolika tsopano. Ma father asiya masisitere nanga so Vatican yaloleza ujeni. But for me, I will stick to the word of God.

    1. Rafik says:

      Bazi ndi joina ohter churches apo bi ndijoina chizlamu. mwaounjeza. ndaalama yomweyi.

  33. che chisyano says:

    kodi iwe GUEST ukuthandauza kuti tiwalole azigonana akazi okhaokha pambuyo ndiye tizizawalalikira?. kodi you socalled christian bwanji mukufuna kubweretsa chisokonezo padziko. kodi mukufuna kuitanitsa QIYAMA thawi yake isanafike

  34. cinta says:

    mmmm there are more sins being committed by the so called priests than the gay thing being discussed here. Lets be accommodative. What is better hiding behind the alter while fathering children with different mothers and coming in the open as a gay? Mboni ndi uyu uyu wa ku Chikwawa anali ku Catholic secretariate yu, he is continuously fathering children with different women, Yasinta Nyaika, Cathy, Martha and the list goes on. ndiye mukati gay??? not just saying umboni uli pa

  35. Ndangodutsamo says:

    Malamulo a Mulungu samasintha chifukwa cha nyengo.Just preach what is in the bible.Its better to have very few followers who will enter into the paradise other than millions who will perish because of the church’s doctorines.Please GOD and not the West!!!!

  36. mwanamaziwe says:

    tsoka kwa iye okwanilitsa malemba.

  37. Amuna ngunda ngunda,wakumalowa . says:

    Yea satana wagonja, malawi tiyeni timenye nkhondo, molimbika mpakana tikapeze kolona wamoyo ,osati kolona wapakhosi lende rende ayi.

  38. Martha says:

    Hmm Bible limaletsa izi.. i dont which bible you catholics use inorder to allow this. Any country which does this is punished in one way or the other. dont mislead pipo….Last days indeed..Ambuye atithandize ndithu .

  39. Guest says:

    Munthu aliyense must have a chance to redeem himself before God. How can this be achieved if we do not allow sinners to come before God? You Pharisees, let God be the Judge, not you Sadduccees.

  40. Oheya says:

    I wonder whether the reporting is a true reflection of what is on the ground. If it is ndiyedi ndi masiku omaliza zedi!

  41. mwana wa anazimbiri says:

    uko kunali kuyankhula kwa chilombo chotuluka m’madzi

  42. Ineyo says:

    Zuza has said it, no gay relationships amongst Catholics, Christians and Malawians. He has said money is being used for this vice. And he has said we must be truly African and Christian.

    Gays are treated as any sinner and are welcome to repent, stop their bad ways and be born-again. That is what he is saying. He is not buying into allowing same sex relationships.

    Bravo Zuza the man who told Bingu the truth, too.

  43. tsetsefly says:

    The catholic has made a landmark step. A u-turn in what has characterised the Eccelesiastic church over hundreds of years. I am not surprised at all with this conduct. It is the end game. I urge strong minded Christians to hold on to the Jesus they have, to avoid conforming to the patterns of this world as advised in Romans by the Great Apostle Paul.

    To those that are campaigning for the gay rights please sit back and think twice. You will enjoy those monetory incentives but for a short while. These pressures are not long lasting. After all it is said ‘what shall man beneift after amassing worldly wealth and he loses his own life’. Just understand this that the wrath of the Almighty God awaits you. He never changes. He is the same one yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  44. Manachi mwenda says:

    Why should we accomodate gays, do those bishops supporting the idea born from a man. Sometimes we need sense, if some of my bishops want gays to be accomodated in Catholic then them must just left the church plz, where z our church going?

    I agree with Zuza. No gays for catholic church

  45. Prophet Knox says:

    Go deeper Bishop,ndinalosela kale za izi ndipo Mulungu akulangani ngati simusintha.

  46. DHILU says:

    Clement, ur comment is ambiguous…. clarify it…. u mean Akatolika ndi adyerekezi or u refer to some group else?

    1. Clement says:


      1. sello Mvuyane says:

        iwe ndi Mulungu , mbuzi ukhaula,, choyera chimayitana ma flies di ur that fly, kufuna kuudetsa mpingo

  47. Makito says:

    God, help us. While Jesus forgave the woman who was a sinner, he instructed her to sin no more. Welcoming the LGBTs in our midst is what Jesus did by mingling with sinners so that they may repent, but our society does not allow condemnation of homosexuality and such unions, hence no repentance. What should we do God?

  48. Smart namwali says:

    Don’t give them (same-sex marriages) space in our communities. Comrade from Blantyre Bangwe

  49. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Well spoken Bishop. We condemn the sin, the action, the influence and not the people. That’s what Jesus taught us. Let’s have the gift of wisdom to clearly understand the Pope and the church. The meaning here is: We cannot hate or condemn the sisters and brothers. They are still children of God no matter sinful they may be perceived to be. They are members of the society. We should be with them and pray that they repent, that the influences one day see the right of creation, impossibility of of bearing children as true nature affirms and family values prevail. The Babylon times, will one day come to pass.

  50. sello Mvuyane says:

    the headline itself is so stupid, kungofuna kutukwanitsa mpingo, ife tikuyitsata bho nkhani imeneyi watathauzila molakwika chikutumbwe iwe, we will still love the church no matter what,, mbuli iweti umafuna kuti anthu ambili awerenge nkhani yakoyi ait, mukuwaopa achina bushili mwati option b ndi eklezia, mudzaduwa yowawa

  51. Clement says:


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