CCJP expresses worry over social problems: ‘Lives of Malawians at risk’


The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), a social development arm of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) has expressed worry over the continued food and drug shortage in the country’s Admarc deports and public hospitals, a development which puts lives of Malawians at risk.

 Martin Chiphwanya, Acting CCJP National Secretary

Martin Chiphwanya, Acting CCJP National Secretary

CCJP acting national secretary, Martin Chiphwanya has since challenged government and other concerned partners to ensure that the right to food and essential health services is grantee to Malawian citizens by making sure that maize is available in Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc) deports and that adequate drug supply is also available in all public hospitals.

He notes that at some instances, drugs could be available in hospitals but in most cases they are stolen and as a result poor people do not have access to medicine.

“People are dying to diseases that can easily be cured. Poor people are also feeling the pinch as they don’t have the financial muscle to buy the medicine from Pharmacies,” said Chiphwanya adding that “it is worrisome to note that in other cases, more especially in the villages, people are buying medicines in uncertified shops and pharmacies which is a big threat to their right to life”.

Chiphwanya said, so far there seem no any punitive measures given to those caught in the act of stealing the medicine and in an event that culprits to this malpractice are caught, not heavy punishment is given to them as the society expects.

“CCJP believes that life is very sacred and all efforts should be taken to make sure that people’s lives are not put at any risk,” he said.

On food shortage situation, CCJP calls upon government to take necessary measures to make sure that maize is readily available in all Admarc deports and that those who connive with Admarc deport officials should be brought to book.

“We urge the Police and sectors involved to perform their role by ensuring that there is safety for Malawians that go to Admarc deports to buy maize and that those vendors that buy maize dubiously should be arrested,” said Chiphwanya.

He also challenged politicians who are taking advantage of the scarcity of maize to stop conniving with Admarc officials and buy maize dubiously with the selfish minds to achieve their political ambitions by donating in various fora including hospitals and political meetings.

“For instance, in Chikwawa where we have received reports people are queuing up at Admarc depots for long hours, some even spending nights in order to buy maize grain. They are being allowed to purchase 20 kilograms per person. Currently at local markets a bag of 50kgs is selling at K13, 000 which is a pathetic situation to a poor person in the lower shire,” noted Chiphwanya.

Meanwhile, President Peter Mutharika in his state of national address on Wednesday this week has ordered the Police to track down and arrest all “criminal maize vendors” who connive with crooked Admarc officials to purchase subsidized maize at night and resell it to poor citizens at exorbitant prices.

Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (Cadecom), a relief and development arm of ECM is currently distributing relief food to hunger affected households in Thyolo as part of World Food Program.

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Peter Mathanyula

Mathew Phiri you’re a dander head. If Mutharika is brave enough why does he just do much of the talking??? He should act. He has the minister of Agriculture who was supposed to work but he is not working, why not suck him and chose me to be the minister of Agriculture, surely I can do much better than the so called Allan Chiyembekezo. Za ziiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JB Nabanda Domasi

Nthawi ya Kamuzu (MCP) njala mMalawi muno munalibe, mitengo ya chilichonse inali controlllled ndi boma. Ndalama yathu inali ya mphamvu. Mu zipatala munali mankhwala okwanila ndipo panalibe okuba mankhwala. Komanso chikhalidwe cha umunthu, kulemekeza oyenela ulemu chinali chikhalidwe cha mMalawi aliyense. Tawafunseni a MCP kuti kodi amatha bwanji zimenezi kuti mpaka nthawi ina kwacha yathu ifike pa 1 to 1

Only Truths

I just do not like the way you CCJP folks tell lies. Your Bishops who make quarterly visits to this president are the ones encouraging all this ineffciency and nonperformance by this man Peter. What is it that they do at state house?

Fatsani Palikanthu

Mr Martin mwamveka

Bwana Mathews Phiri what you are saying is a lot of bullshit. The post of Admarc CEO is one of the most coveted jobs under DPP leadership. The CEO is in turn supposed to ensure that the whole organisation is operating smoothly. He should be given the necessary support in order to do his work properly. The current crisis seems to be mainly the result of poor logistics; not just greedy vendors and corrupt Admarc officials. The vendors do not have enough cash to buy large quantities of maize. Admarc should be given adequate logistical support to transport maize to… Read more »

Ndinu amene inu a CCJP m’mati JB ngoipa. Izotu tsopano. Malawians abrogated their right to life by voting for DPP. You’ll complain of literally everything, because DPP is all about problems. In fact you’re just wasting your time complaining, you just need to enjoy your choice of DPP.


Gvt blames dry spell yet we have a lake 350km by 50km. CCJP should be worried with this lack action on irrigation by the DPP. We are like a headless chicken with no clue about where it is going. I am proud I did not cast my ballot paper for the president rest I could have been feeling guilty for betraying my Malawi.


peter mutharika you are very stupid with no clue to governance, why can’t you declare state of emergency and tell the price of maize that every body should sell ,so DPP did not see this coming shame .How can you only buy 20kg of maize ? a normal family in malawi eats 3k a day .we have no pension to older people in malawi how can the majority poor Malawians in villages afford MK l4000 where will they get this?
DPP must go that’s the first solution.

Matthew Phiri
There is a tendency in the arena of politics to blame the Head of state on such matters. Comments proliferate the online news media and social networks are without exception that the administration is overly flawly. I wonder if such comments recognise the fact that the head is not omnipresent. He may have good policies in place that safeguard the selling of maize in Admarc depots but during the actual selling the depots’ officials may decide to do it the other way round. Sometimes real corruption is with those who are directly in touch with the benefactor and not the… Read more »

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