Chakwera accuses Mutharika of economic genocide in Malawi: ‘Poverty denier’

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Sunday gave a furious attack on “poverty denier” President Peter Mutharika, for taking with him hundreds of hangers-on delegates to this year’s United Nations General Assembly during the time when Malawians are experiencing social,  political and economic challenges.

Chakwera arriving at the rally

Chakwera arriving at the rally

Msowoya speaking on electoral reforms

Msowoya speaking on electoral reforms

MCP podium

MCP podium

Crowds at Mtunthama at MCP rally

Crowds at Mtunthama at MCP rally

Speaking during a political rally held at Mtunthama in Kasungu, Chakwera who was accompanied by his party’s deputy, who is also speaker of National Assembly, Richard Msowoya, Parliamentarians, and regional committee members,  asked Mutharika to explain what value has  hanger-on people added during this period.

“Malawi is facing numerous challenges such as hunger so it is unfortunate that instead of focusing on solving these problems he is diverting money to fund the delegation,” said Chakwera advancing values of compassion, of social justice, of fighting for the under-privileged.

Chakwera said it is unfortunate that some people who have gone there have been sponsored by government institutions including the Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) and the Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (Macra).

“Is MERA not government?” queried Chakwera.

Chakwera said it is unfortunate that the public is accusing the opposition of not speaking on issues affecting Malawians.

“You are accusing us for not speaking on different issues, let me tell you that we do speak but this is not a listening government: They are defiant, to all issues coming from the opposition,” said Chakwera.

On problems affecting health sector in Malawi, such as lack of essential drugs,  Chakwera said, it is unfortunate that Malawians are dying in hospitals on preventable deaths and yet Parliament passed the budget.

“This government is committing genocide. Malawians are dying in hospitals due to shortage of drugs, this is genocide, We approved billions of money for medical drugs but go to the hospitals  they are in a sorry state,” said Chakwera.

Speaking earlier,  Speaker Msowoya said it is unfortunate that Malawians are going through difficult times.

Kodi amene mulipano ndindani anganene kuti akukondwa pano akweze dzanja pano, palibe amene angakweze dzanja a Malawi tikuvutika ngakhale ineyo ndikuvutika nawo (Out of you who are here who can raise their hands and say you are enjoying, there is nobody here, people are undergoing difficult problems in Malawi,” said Msowoya.

Msowoya also called for electoral reforms to ensure Malawians vote genuinely for a government of their choice and not manipulation of electoral results.

“It is unfortunate that elections in Malawi are decided by courts at night this shows that there is a need for electoral reforms in Malawi,” said Msowoya in veiled reference to Mutharika ascendancy to power in 2014 controversial elections.

“We want reforms which will enable Malawians to know who has won at constituency level, and not waiting for Blantyre to decide, why Blantyre? Why waiting for results paper to cruise from Kameme to Blantyre,” he said.

Taking his turn, Member of Parliament for the area Madalitso Kazombo, accused DPP led government of crumbling health services in Malawi.

“Ambulances are grounded in Malawian hospitals  due to shortage of fuel, Dr Chakwera is the only answer to restore Kamuzu vision in Malawi,” said Kazombo, a relation to Malawi’s founding president Ngwazi Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda – ‘Alidzi’.

He said DPP is “impoverishing families” while their leaders are in comfort zone.

Prior to the rally, Chakwera and his entourage visited Kachere tree under the department of Antiquities where he was briefed about the place where former President Kamuzu Banda used to learn.

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77 thoughts on “Chakwera accuses Mutharika of economic genocide in Malawi: ‘Poverty denier’”

  1. Kaya says:

    Koma gentlemen and ladies, when is JB coming back i hear she gave Chakwera 10 mita but this so called man of God put it on his tongue. I won’t be surprised to see Chakwera voting for DPP in 2019 after seeing that road passing by his home from Kasiya to Santhe. Many myopic people think Chakwera is making a mark after addressing a crowd as large as that a DPP district governor attracts.

  2. akupha says:


  3. Stanly says:

    Mthawi yokwanirisidwa ndi Bible yakwana ngakhale chakwerayo akunama ameneyo sangakwanise kulamulila(muufuse Bible linamuza kale zamasiku osiliza).
    Ozaziwona,ukuwona ngati mavutowa azatha ndi munthu
    Ukunamatu iweeee!.

  4. Winston msowoya says:

    Candidly,Chakwera’s Malawi Confusionist Party ( MCP) ,is not in a position to run a progressive economy after 31 years of low profile economy ,highhandedness and one- man corrupt regime.Chakwera is parroting now that if Malawians put his party in the government seat,he will eradicate poverty and improve the national economy.What a fuss? MCP had been in power for 31 years and yet,the general economic outlook never resonated to the overwhelming majority of our people,alas,poverty among them was prevalent and barbaric that coerced thousands of our young people to go to Rhodesia,South Africa,Zambia and Tanzania to look for jobs which they could not get in their own country.Malawians from the North,must not be hoodwinked into jumping on the MCP bandwagon.It is lack of general knowledge to believe that MCP regime ran a modest economy.The fact of the matter is that Malawi regime under despot Banda for 31 years did not balance the budget and its economy was fundamentally funded by the Western masters who logically kept Malawi on its orbit for its betrayal of our brothers and sisters in colonized Southern Africa.It must also be acknowledged that by betraying the conscience of the Malawian people towards the liberation struggle in souther Africa,Malawi was the top most client in receiving gargantuan Western economic funds in Africa.Now how would the Holy Rev.Chakwera manage the dilapidated economy?It is a reality that all of the political parties that spearheaded independence struggle in Africa have succumbed to natural demise e.g.KANU ( Kenya),UNIP ( Zambia),TANU( Tanzania) just to name a few.MCP has very graffic memories of killings,torture,intimidations,tribalism etc.I hope Malawians will remember these in next general election.MCP had its chance and misused it and now it is for others.

  5. Step hens says:

    Mbuzi ya munthu chakwera useless person

  6. Muhilima says:

    A Chakwera chonde thandizani kutukula dziko nthawi yomanyozana siino ayi komanso nthawi ya kampeni siinafike ayi kodi ndi mayesa inu mumati ndi abusa abusa ake amtundu wanji zomwe mukuchita zikungoonetseralatu kuti siinu oyenera kulamula dzikoli ayi simunakhwime ndinu anjiru zedi

  7. Leckson .C.Phisi says:

    malawi woyeeeeeeee

  8. grivin kelos says:

    pta uzafa ifa yowawa.hw come ukuvutisa abale anga

  9. azonto says:

    Dis wat ur doing will never lift up our country always stealing money for government. If u call urselves well educated u were not on dat to be stealing money of people of Malawi but to build our nation. If politics u take like business dat u will be rich through it den ur an educated survage. Foolish boys, y don’t u take a good example of our Ngwazi Hastings Kamuzu Banda.shamm to u thieves u want ur doing rabish in my lovery motherland

  10. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    dont waste time with chakwera he dont hv qualities of bcoming a president he z fit being a leader of opposition anasauka kwambiri azatibera akakhala president….afta all chipani chake its fo chau pipo only ndiye chau zilipo zingati?

  11. Rev Lovemore Kachingwe says:

    Ndizoona but if u are areal malawian lets hold hands and focus our eyes to God thats our answer

  12. MCP MEMBER says:

    chi Peter Mutharika ngakhale kungodutsa kokha pa Kasungu/Central region pamakhala chigulu cha anthu chimodzimodzi Chakwera. pomwe chakwera kukachititsa msonkhano pa njamba pamakhala ti anthu tochepa ngati crowd imene amachita attract dpp shadow cancellor ku dedza centra constituency kkkkkkkk
    Wina nkumati MCP 2019 BOMA, ufiti chani? usawi, chichi?

  13. kkkkkkkkkkk says:

    Yes mavuto alipo but you are not the solution. Kuuma ntima kwanji kuthawa ntchito ya Mulungu kufuna ulemelero wa ma hammer. voting for you is like marrying a divorced man/woman. sitikufuna kuona mavuto ayi coz we have lessons for those ladies who cause catholic priests to leave priesthood just to marry them. mabanja awo amangokumana ndi matembelero, so we don’t want that for our country


    Mavuto ali choncho koma ife a Malawi tikuti inu a Chakwera ayi, bwelerani paguwa, sitithawa za Mulungu. if you want to contribute in gvt affairs do so while in the church just like livingstonia synod, catholic bishops, PAC, muslim association etc.
    you joined politics at the pretex of saving Malawians but we know your selfish ambitions.

  15. koma says:

    DPP ikulephera to be honest …malawians are going through hard times….ndipo sitinati…tiyembeze zambiri….DPP no proper plans for economical recovery…apa siza mtundunso ayi …koma BOMA LALEPHERA

  16. Kaya says:

    You mean the likes of Njovuzalema cannot advise Chakwera that he has a reactive politics not a proactive one? You mean this Chakwera always waits in ambush to see what is perceived as wrong in the mighty DPP in order for him to address a rally? Is this what I hear true that somewhere there in a nearby village people had to hide a dead person so that Chakwera addresses the rally, oly the body to be burried on the following Day? If it were Atcheya, he would have first gone to the funeral then address a rally. O president osapita mmaliro zoona?

  17. Chichi says:

    I just wanted to correct this other guy who is referring the former gvt of the late dr Hastings kamazu as a failed gvt,I don’t think. perhaps the most efficient gvt amongst all of these was Banda’s gvt. ofcoz they ruled the country longer than the rest but they managed to do most of the things which we are still using nw like universities,hospitals roads and etc.

  18. doctor says:

    koma 2019 kuchedwa .ine boma ili ndiyeeee ingawaposeso club yampira management. chonde abwana yendani palipose kafikeni palipose kuwauza zoona zokhazokha.dpp ndichizindikilo chamavuto okhaokha

  19. amfumu says:

    Talking about the poor while protruding on top of a hummer is hypocrisy at its best.Sell that expensive car,buy a corolla and start talking about the poor.Have you not heard about Thomas Sankara?
    Osamanamiza anthu bwana you people had 30yrs to fight poverty in Malawi and you failed.Ayatolla Khomeni and successive Botswana presidents are good examples of leaders that were there for the people.Mandela ndiye tisayambe.

  20. Umbuli ndi matenda says:

    Chakwela should offer Solutions to the problems. All what is said is just noise

  21. haward says:

    Kudzangoberanso chisankho basi tidzagawana, kumwera. Kumpota pakati basi. Tidzawone ngati mudzakwanitse si mumalima nandolo inu, pakati ndi fodya mwamva

  22. kk says:

    Man,this is not campaign wawa,kungoti simukunvetsa nkuluyu,chakwera akulankhula mmene zinthu zilili lero,mumafuna adzalankhule 2018 zinthu zo chitika lero? Inu ndiwogona eti? Kikkkkkkk

  23. mukhumpwa mkamwini says:

    mphwanga Peter wa Muthalika samala mano ako ungazazindikire ali pansi bcz bomali silikukondwa nawe ndi momwe ukuliyendesela walitengera pa mutu kwambili moti ndikukayika ngati ungazawine mu 2019 mphwanga. watikwana ndipo ukundinyasa zomwe ukuchita

  24. Waiyusufu mchinji says:

    Yeah,sitinafikepo pachimake peni-penipo

  25. These gondolosi using mlakho people will never develop this country. Taking 120 people to UN what for .May be others will be selling gondolosi to americans, za ziiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. clement says:

    If mcp doing campaign with anger never ever succeed. This is DPP rulling never ever shaken with mcp. You will just give us good run at the end crying kkkk eeh DPP rigged elections forever. Chakwera is not a threat to DPP believe it or not come 2019 will be landslide. But my advise to you nyau Congress party, this is not campaign period as Madame Mia seppo said.

  27. Kawonga says:

    Lets avoid dirty political games, no matter one is from the north or south or central,if he deserved to win let it be, chakwera woyeeeeeee

  28. Wakufuna Kwabwino says:

    I have always said that Chakwera is clueless on matters of economy and development. Theology is totally different from economics and development. Theology tells you that you deserve and that you are entitled to whereas economics tells you to earn, to sweat.

  29. Peter says:

    Abusa shows how even a man of God has no solution to Malawls politics

  30. Malawian dirty politics ….shame

  31. Having seen UDF, DDP, PP, and again DDP I dont know why Malawian vote for these parties again. But Malawians will do. Because of their mind set of tribalism and regionalism. Southerners are more than Northerners and central region. If people could look into political party not above mentioned. Malawi could have gone more far. We need to educate voters. Problem too much ignorance and un educated. I wonder which country Lhomwes live? Are they having good time with Muntharikas? Majority of Southerners are suffering like the rest of Malawians. I dont want to live if UDF,DDP and PP wins in 2019. These parties will continue protecting each other from Cash Gate and chasing opposions. Gondwe, Bakili, Kaliati, these are some of Cash Gates people there cases are dropped. So how expect corruption end. Also we need tell Asians to stop bribing leaders. Everytime a leader is elected. Asian busienessmen go and pay money. Why they do this. This is bribe.

  32. mapapaya says:

    Just agree and stay under APM

  33. Tili Chenene says:

    Nothing tangible in this noise!

  34. LIZULU says:


  35. Mweneku Muzi says:

    Give solutions Mr Chakwera wayambapo campaign mmalo mopereka nzeru iweyo chakwera ndalama ukazitenga kuti ,ndalama munagawana ndi Chemwali JB.ndichifukwa tikuvutika pano asakudziwa ndani?

  36. ade says:


  37. kapy says:

    Ochakwera or inu mutakhala boma lero ndalama mungakatenge kuti? Ngati muli ndizeru pangani zothekera muumirize boma livomereze umathanyula kuti azungu ayambenso kutithandiza. Koma mudziwe kuti a Malawi ochuluka sali okonzeka kuvomereza umathanyula. Osamangoyankhula kuti basi bola anthu awone kuti ndalankhula ayi… ochewa woyeeee

  38. YAYA says:

    I feel sorry for whatever is happening. I can even smell disaster in Chakwera because in most of the statements he make, seems he is not accepting that he is out of government. The way he is handling issues is as if it is a campaign period. Let me echo UN envoy by saying lets not politicize everything. I don’t like the way Peter is governing this nation, I don’t like too the way Chakwera is responding to the issues. Tikuyenera a Malawi kumuunika bwino otherwise we will end up in another mess.

  39. Che Ngana says:

    Achewa Anthu Oyipa Mitima Inu.Kuzolowera Nyau Anthu Osasutsika.Kwanu Konko Ku Centralko Koma Ku South Ng’ooooooo Mung’omboka.Umphawi Wa Nthawi Ya Mcp Sunakukwaneni Eti.Kamuzu Akamakumangirani Nyumba Mmakwanu Mmaona Ngati Zonse Ziribwino.Kumachotsa School Ana A Wanthu Osauka Chifukwa Choti Ayambana Ndi Mwana Wa Kazombo.Zauchitsiru Za Ziiiii.Munadya Kunakwana Anzanunso Nao Adye.Kumaweta Ng’ona Kumazidyetsera Anthu Anzanu.3 March Kumakhala Ngati Aliyense Waferedwa.Minister Aliyense Okusutsa Ngwazi Yanu Kupha.Innocent Souls Are Suffering Today Mutawaphera Bambo Awo Chifukwa Anasutsa.Mungochita Manyazi Kusamusowetsa Jumbe.Magazi A Anthu Onse Aja Akusatireni Pa Mitu Yanu.Mizimu Inakuphwisirani Abakha Inu.

  40. chatonda says:

    PAC is the best when it comes to impeachment. They can impeach any time even before the dead line.

    MCP please this is your time and enter into other regions as well. I will join you next meeting so that people can hear the truth about this government.

  41. Skenance kapinama says:

    This is happening because of some others stupid malawians who voted for chitsiru ichichi but lets wait and vote for chakwera my dear brother and it will be the end of all the squables that we are experiencing ,in addition to that chilima must be very carefull because you will no longer be taken as vice presdent due to presencee of muluzi and you must join chakwera immediatery

  42. blessing lipengs says:

    I totally agree with Patriot, put a motion of no confidence in the leadership of Peter and his DPP and impeach him .
    I see a lot of Malawians have irreparable brain damage ,this makes them think like chicken ,that last election Peter lost and DPP came in through the back door and clearly known MCP won . How come you keep saying MCP can not win because of the South factor! how did they win the last election then?

    people don’t be afraid when DPP lose its power in 20l9 ,MCP a reformed party now and they know the pain of being out of power so they will be very carefully not run the government as a kingdom or a tribal business .when I see the people in the south ,center and north I see my brothers and sisters mothers and fathers this is what will develop Malawi. I beg you please to give a chance MCP and if they will mess up again we will kick them out again .

  43. Stanley Mwale says:

    Thanks for the past 50 yrs stadium no floodlights for the past 50 yrs city streets in Blantyre no magetsi we need a visionary president like The Very Re

  44. chakwera says:

    Mr Lazarus Chakwera, is it true you are the answer to Malawi’s problems? Tell me one and only one thing. Do you have solutions for the country’s problems and not Jesus Christ? Chakwera, machende amako!

  45. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Iwe Nyapapi kaya ndiwe mbapapi ndiwe nbuzi ya mano kunsi ulibe nzeru. Ngati ulibe zonena just shut your dirty mouth ungatinunkhize mkamwa mosatsukamo. Uganiza kuti Chakwera angalamule kapena kusainira chilichonse ngati president. Chimanga chimene chagulidwa ku Zambia tikudziwa kumene chipite(kumwera) osati ku Central region ayi. Musatipusitse ife sindife ana tionana 2019. Musiye Chakwera azimwa tiyi wa mkaka. Chakwera Woyeeeeeeeeeee!

  46. ngongoliwa says:

    That is the reason why MCP did not tick in previous bye elections main in south. You are sueless and tribalistic . This is the reason why you only rally in center. Garu wachabechabe iwe. You cant rule Malawi because you running out of political formula or equation.

  47. This is the worst government Malawi has ever had. How can he take those two many delegates while school fees is being doubled every Term/Semester. How will a needy university Student survive and excel in his studies without even food in his stomach? Unemployment? My God? What fooled Malawians to vote back into power this kind of government?? We have 3 more years to languish in poverty. Fellow Malawians what wrong did we do to our God….Is this indeed the warm heart of Africa????

  48. commenter says:

    But Chakwera managed to go into poor areas in a hummer and didn’t feed the multitudes there at his rally!! hmmmph FUNNY!! I wish their actions could speak louder than words because he obviously has not made a difference for the poor people that we’re there!! Instead of teaching them ways to economically build themselves up he is there criticising the current DPP administration and how votes are done, clearly Chakwera has lost his mind!!

  49. Mlauzi says:

    As I have said it over time I will say it again. MCP, please extend your sphere of influence beyond the Central region. This entails extending your footprint to the Southern and Northern regions as well, whilst not losing your focus on the Central region. Watch out for the DPP in your own region, your Central region bastion. For instance, by upgrading the road to Kasiya, DPP is certainly entrenching its influence in that area.

  50. peter says:

    If you want Chakwera to provide and implement solutions make him state president, otherwise wapakaliyala sayimba belu!!

  51. MLOMWE says:

    black or white you are the next president in Malawi

  52. Nyapapi says:

    MCP is useless. It was in power over 30 years. If it was man enough, Malawi could be out of poverty by now. We can not bring MCP in a political circle again. Nonsense. Useless. You wilu die as Main opposition leader.
    You are wasting time killing the animal-MCP- that you have already killed. why not coming to south or north where you are unpopular. Ndiwe mbuzi zedi.
    If you are man enough go to the governement and talk to it not talking to people in the villages about political issues. What role can these people play. Miseche yakoyo will not help you at all.

  53. Joel says:

    Same old style politics. Change comes hard in Malawi. We need Kagame to clean up the mess!

  54. nobel says:

    Indeed this is genocide at its peak. How can people be dying in our hospitals yet parliament passed budget? If govt is broke then let it be impeached

  55. master piece says:

    chakwera ndi dhilu

  56. Zanga Phee! says:

    Good job Pastor there hope in you i think you can deliver,we need someone like you.See my name.

  57. the truth says:

    Chakwera shld present evidence of hangers not media gossip, Mcp you don’t need pipo to die first for them to vote you but take those issues of governance woth a sober mind at least pipo may believe in you .Funny for you Chakwera , MCP is the mother of all political parties we see so don’t fool pipo, you are the same.

  58. Patriot says:

    If he comes back from America, make sure that in the next meeting of parliameent he is IMPEACHED.

  59. mwana mulopwana says:

    Malawians need to take another approach on both election and on govt running affairs, Firstly we need to assist the govt to insure that reforms have been done and completed. My understanding is that even Chakwera will find it difficult to run the same govt with the same corrupted minds of civil servants because they are the one who steal govt money through creating bogus ghosts, enriching themselves with dubious trips and allowances
    My advice to the govt, please when doing reforms bring Technology into the civil service so that people performance can be tracked down even in hospitals

    1. What a well spoken educated young man comment 18.
      Corruption can not un less the government takes serious with government workers. And punishing meaures wihout favouing any one. What people forget CHAKWELA is a human being not just a pastor. Stop critising him. You have not even tried him. What Malawi need to correct Cash Gate is to put someone who is not involved in Cash Gate. This person will not fear to bring others to answer the Cash Gate. Who can that person be? Chakwela. Money stolen was for all of us. Look we are suffering punished by the donors. Not because of only PP BU DDP. BINGU stole more that any leader in Malawi history. A mini bus owner who became a billinaire. Build himself a Masoulium , not even Mandela has that. Fo what and whose money. Chooende Malawian dont let this happen 2019. Dont let family thieves continue. Do know where Bingu children ar to day? Abroad living n your money. No working. It not jealous but seriously not fair.

  60. chakhalira says:

    Inu mukuti nzelu No. 1, I think mulibe nzeru. If you and your family left Assemblies because of Chakwera, then you have a serious problem. Nanga pano mulikuti? Tiuzeni. You say Chakwera is greedy. On what issue? Nanga inuyo? Tangobvomerani kuti zinthu zayamba kuopsa. Moto wayaka!! Go, Gooooo, Go, Chakwera!!!!

    Akulu, ufiti mwachulawu uli ndi inu. Wina aliyense wanzeru akuwona kuti President amene angathandize mtundu wa Malawi ndi Chakwera basi. Akulu, kamfunseni President wa DPP kuti pa ma President onse a zipani muno mu Malawi, President amene sa gona naye tulo ndi ndani?

    Bweretsani yankho!!!!!!!

  61. Ndinunkha! says:

    MCP and Chakwera will do well confining their rallies in the South where MCP is non-existent. Stop expending your energies in the Centre where your support is guaranteed. If you entertain any hopes of clawing back into government in 2019 you should be busy diluting DPP influence in the South. Go there muwawuze aLohmwe wa kuti m’bale wawo Pitala boma lamulephela absinthe zohitika come 2019.

    Believe me these forays in the Centre will not add any value to your quest to wrestle power in 2019. You need to encamp in the South hold rallies week in week out while setting up party structures anawonongeka aja.

    Anything other that believe me will not help your quest for power come 2019 mapeto muziwona ngati mwabeledwanso.

    Where are MCP strategists?

  62. Concerned Citizen says:

    The problem is that we have politicise everything,,we can not do something out of our will but always involve politics,,,,Ndizovuta kwambiri kuti tikhulupilire zimene andalewa akukamba tsopano because they are jus cheating us pamapeto pake ndi izi tikuonazi zowawa zokhazokha…

  63. YAKI says:

    Dr Chakwela provide solutions not criticism and wait for your time do not confuse Malawians by false messages

  64. Sir Bentby says:

    its really heartburning to see a President spending money on useless individuals to USA, while in hospital patients are struggling without medics and eating one meal a day. i bet if donors are humans with reasoning capacities they will hardly fund his government. this President is a moron, he is here to swindle our already thin resources.

  65. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    The genocide claim is a wild one at best; and an ignorant one at worst. Parliament can pass any budget, but if the money was stolen by Joisi Banda et al, nothing can be funded. Simple as that.
    MCP is hardly a paragon for compassion, social justice or fighting for the under-privileged. What has o’Chakwera been smoking? Many Malawians still associate the party with nyakula and ng’ona – olo chipani cha kupha (a brutal, dictatorial and murderous party). MCP has nothing to teach other parties in this country, in that regard.
    And finally, what happened to the news about the prodigal son, Kandodo, who was coming back home to his uncle’s party? o’Chakwera may be just a caretaker of MCP … until Kandodo takes over? There is a reason many in the Chewa belt, even today, talk about Kamuzu as the founder and OWNER of that party.

  66. Veteran says:

    Signs of times

  67. Dominic says:

    Mtima wa ife ndife ndiye utipweteke a Malawi

  68. Dominic says:

    Palibe wolungama pa dziko lapansi. Each of us as individual Malawians claim to have solutions for this country’s calamities – Laughable indeed. Tonse ndi operewera pamaso pa Chauta.

  69. Inde ifeyo a DPP sitikukana talephela kuyendetsa boma komano tikupemphani a Malawi kuti chonde mungotilola timalize term yathuyi ndipo tikudziwa kuti MCP itenga boma. Mwina a MCP poti ali ndi maziko okwanila kuposa chipani china chiri chonse zimenezi zidzathandiza kuti dziko la Malawi liyambenso kuyenda bwino.

  70. malili says:

    @no 1 ndiwe nzeru kapena mbuli? ukufuna Muntharika akhale zaka zingati kuti aoneke kuti he can deliver???? iwenso ukudya nao eti? A mayi only 100 days she managed to bring fuel back uja anasowetsa achmwene ake a peter uja? we are also in Malawi and we are able to see and differenciate. Mavuto onsensewa osanenekawa sukuaona? are you a Malawian or a foreigner? agwire ntchito yanji peter, yotenga anthu 100 out pomwe anthu akufa nzipatala??? Mayeso a Form 2 ataletsa? akubwenza ma Nurse kuti abwerele kuulova boma lilibe ndalama??? Do you know that ndi misonkho yathu yomwe akuseweretsayo? ma fees ku TTC President uti anapanga zimenezo pa History yaMalawi??? Ngati ukudya nao zaboma ingokhala chete Chakwera 2019 BOMA!

  71. ngulenjet says:

    Thus my party my president and my government but Mr it’s time you started campaigning here in the north so That the party can gain full support do not only depend on the center

  72. clement says:

    Mukhalira zomwezo DPP ikulamura mpaka kale. Chakwera ndiliti unauzapo president chofuna kutsata pa mavuto apa Malawi? Ndiwe chitsiru wamva ndipo sukuyenera kutchulidwa m’busa. Tionana 2019 ngati mungachite kanthu, mukuchepa muuzane.

  73. I like that one. Bwana Chakwela kodi mukazatenga boma 2019 muzakweza aphunzitsi omwe adakazichita upgrade okha. Nanunso mwina mungonama. Pano ndikawona wandale eish

  74. Chita says:

    Shame on Chakwera. Nothing new. I thought the guy has genuine issues. After denying people their chance to attend church services on a Sunday, is this what was said? Desparate indeed!

  75. Big Men says:

    Big up MCP we are behind you.

  76. nzelu says:

    U president wanu ndi omweu a Chakwela. You are confusing people in malawi. You are greedy. You are not a man of God. That is why my family left Asseblies of God Church. This is a shame to the church. Ufiti basi. Let the president munthalika do his job. He has been in power for one year. Do not expect miracles over night.

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