Chakwera blasts DPP as Malawi Police block MCP supporters at KIA

Malawi Police Services on Monday barricaded Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Supporters from welcoming their party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) where he was coming from Portugal.

Chakwera: DPP is anti-democracy

Chakwera: DPP is anti-democracy

During his trip abroad, Chakwera was unanimously voted Vice President of the Portugal based Political Parties grouping, Christian Democratic Institute (CDI) International.

This is the first time for Malawi to receive such recognition by this high profile political institution.

However, while returning from the trip, Chakwera faced heavy resistance from the Malawi Police who closed all entrance heading to the Kamuzu International Airport.

Police declared a no go zone to all vehicles having symbols or flags  of the MCP, saying they e received orders from above.

But when one of the NEC members MP  Lowe called Ministry  of Foreign Affairs, it was transpired that the ministry was not aware of the arrangement of blocking the MCP members, let alone Chakwera from using the mini stadium.

When the Police were slowly being overpowered by the angry MCP supporters, the senior officers called for reinforcement.

This was when Police  dispatched the armoured vehicle locally known as Chimbaula to quell the situation.

At this time Chakwera had already alighted from the plane and his convoy drove straight outside the Airport where the members had gathered.

In his brief speech, Chakwera accused the DPP led government of being anti-democrcay.

“ DPP government using Police to harass and intimidate  the unarmed Malawians. They should use police to fight criminal gangs,” he said.

Chakwera said DPP is fearing the unknown that is why they are even fearing the ordinary party members.

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32 thoughts on “Chakwera blasts DPP as Malawi Police block MCP supporters at KIA”

  1. ndebvuzamwayi says:

    Kodi Atupele alipo? That mini-stadium was built by mighty MCP and no one has any right to use it apart from Chakwera. Mangani zanu.

  2. Nanga Times says:

    Tulo inu a congress. U should have used that to your advantage. Ngati DPP ikukuyambani, inuyo bwanji osayiyatsa moto. DPP apo kaya inapalamula chitedze, ndiye inuyo mukanayiyabwa.

    You have had three situations you could have utilised. Kuotchedwa kwa mavoti ku Kanengo, kumangidwa kwa Jesse and now this occasion.

  3. Bonongwe wa Minga here says:

    Abwana upezeni mtima dziwani ichi kulikonse mungapite ndipo chilichonse mungapange sizonse zimene zingakuyendeleni.apa ndie taona chimtima chanu

  4. abiti says:

    EEshi nanga multi party mumayilileranji? Ngati mukuopa ndi njoka luzi.

  5. a malawi we are in darkeness bcoz our leaders ride a lion so we are just tiptoening and see how they will dismount

  6. juntafi says:

    za dziii,ukudandaula chani osamajaila pa home ground

  7. Chakwera says:

    a Chakwera sangakhale president wabwino, too much kuzuzula anzawo u president wawo akhoza kukhala ndi adani ambiri.

    Osayamikilako for once mmmmmmmh olo munthu oyipayo amangoipilatu yense?

    Abusa mwatani kodi?

  8. Kanthiti Mzandu says:

    During m c p everything was just very super education our university was position 3 our kwacha was 1 to 1 with the famous dollar our national team was number 3 in Africa our education was super we had floodlights at Civil stadium and Kamuzu Stadium we hard no armed robbers we had no gays the president wasn’t a gay too people where not sleeping ndi njala aaaaaaasha kale likanati lizibwerera Malawi degree was recognised in U K don’t cheat pipo nonse ndinu amphampini

  9. Winston Msowoya says:

    MCP,it pains now what you used to treat people like n’gombe or goats when your bloody idiot Mphonongo Banda used to address public meetings.Public water taps were closed,roads were closed for public drivers,shops,bars,market places were closed,I remember one time Banda went to his bedfellow Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya,people were coerced to go to the Chileka Air Port in the morning using govt.trucks and other means of transport.We went to the Air Port at 7 AM and the plane touched down at 2.00 PM under a scorching sub Saharan sun.I remember vividly what he said on his arrival: My people Iam very happy to see you in thousands to come and welcome your Ngwazi,thank you very much my people.I stood nearby a woman who carried a small baby may be six months old,she was complaining quietly that her baby was not feeling well,but nobody including police who happened to be there helped. Standing from 8.00AM to 2.00 PM waiting for false messiah it was not only foolishness but also slavery.So Mr.high Priest,I beg to differ from you in the sense that you did not disapprove what the MCP did to its own members.You better think of other loopholes.You have joined politics you will indeed,get politics.

  10. Lyson njakw says:

    They r just stupid let Chakwera to enjoy he is our president si mbava zinazi shame

  11. Ng’ona party tsopano….ukufuna udzipanga address anthu pa Airport ngati iweyo President wadziko?? Ife Atupele akapita kunja sitipanga zimenezo
    Chakwera ndi power hungry amangwetu.

  12. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Primitive Politics

  13. badoga magombo says:

    BEWARE OF 5TH APRIL, 2012 PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. techninja says:

    mbusa chakwera …you shall never taste the sit of the president of the republic of malawi…never

  15. APM says:

    Mantha mpaka kufuna kuombera anthu osalakwa? mudzaziona mukadzaturuka mboma, anthu osalapa ngati inu sindinawaonepo…

  16. Kenkkk says:

    What can you expect from thugs? Thugs from dpp top to its bottom. Educated and non-educated savages from dpp top to bottom.

    This idiot IG is also a disgrace. How can he obey such stupid orders from dpp top thugs? Where is your professionalism and democracy knowledge,Kachama? Thugs in dpp and nib should be controlling you?

  17. kayainu says:

    God is with us my fellow MCP members. Chakwera will never be shaken. soon Malawi will have new leader.

  18. ufulu says:

    Sad news coming from the zikwanje party with thier clueless leadership. Mr Kachama will leave to be the most incompetent IG on the list of the IGs the country has had. In the 21st century you can not believe that we have a ruling party that still wants total control of the space. A party that does not allow others to operate. This is a big shame. The more you sequeeze others the more you make them popular. A good leader should be loved by what they do to the poor people and not by how much they sequeeze other political operatives from exercise thier rights. DPP complianed against PP when they were in opposition. Now they have justproved that the more things chnage the more they remain the same. I regret for voting for the DPP in 2014. What is obvious is that I will not cast my ballot for them if they don’t change the modus operandi.

  19. kk says:

    Iwe Chiphwanya, dziko ndi lomako? iwe ndi nyani eti? ndani nkadziwa kuti Bingu kapena Peter ndi kukhala ma President ana abanja limodzi? zinthu zimasintha man wanva finye iwe?
    Do you know the meaning of stupid? mind your tongue. Kuno ndikunjatu.

  20. chandiwira says:

    no no no that’s wat we call untidy politics dont blame the president ngat munakhala olondola mukunawina 2014 elections

  21. Meja says:

    Mapwevupwevu, I would rather support Chakwera than your gay President

  22. FISCHER says:

    mbewa inu a DDP,,,tikuwonera if yew wil finish your period,,,,,,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  23. chiphwanya says:

    chakwela you are so stupid why alwayz acusing Dpp&P A P M?uli ndimantha and sungazalamulile zikoli you are demoted agalatiya kumaliza ndi zaku thupi

  24. jeffrey chasowa says:

    Accidental presidents kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk from the united states of Thyolo and Mulanje.

  25. youna says:

    Misuse of the Police Service. Chakwera sakuwagonetsa ena tulo. My 2019 vote is on him. LONG LIVE LAZARUS!

  26. Omex70 says:

    Prayer: Oh God remove this burden called DPP from us. We are tired of this thing. When we read the Bible in the book of Mat 11:28 Jesus said “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” As some individuals are carrying heavy burdens of sins, we as a nation of Malawi are carrying heavy burdens of oppression and persecution by DPP. We pray that you should hear us and give us rest in your own way.

  27. Apao Kugola says:

    Iwe Mapwevupwevu ndiwe chitsiru. Do you think the police are crazy? They act upon receiving orders from above. Come on wake up and remove your stupidity. Avoid blind following.

  28. Observer says:

    I see comments like MCP will never rule this country again all the time from DPP supporters. I also recall how PP used to say you can’t loose elections when you are in government. Let us see and wait if DPP will even get 36 percent.

  29. Kuntaila says:

    So DPP is really afraid of anything? A thief will always not be sure if the stolen property will forever be his. You stole the votes and you are scared all the time. Let our Chakwera prepare for the time he will make Malawi the Wam Heart of Africa again in peace abd tranquility

  30. Tomtom says:

    This country is indeed run by idiots

  31. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Chakwera ndi bakha, why blame DPP not the stupid police?

    Thats why he will never rule this country. Bola angoyambiranso kulalikira????????????????????!

  32. Dr Chapanda says:

    Mutharika Police Service (MPS) to hell and f…k wit your master. Full of mbuli why behaving like that. Tiwona.

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