Chakwera get international recognition: Voted CDI-AFRICA international Veep

Leader of opposition in parliament and president of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Lazarus Chakwera was Thursday unanimously elected as vice president of the Christian Democratic Institute International – Africa (CDI-AFRICA) at its convention in Lisbon, Portugal.

Chakwera:  Gets new post

Chakwera: Gets new post

Chakwera as seasoned churchman who was at the helm of the Assemblies God of Malawi as president for over two decades before joining active politics.

According to information sourced, CDI-AFRICA is a grouping of political parties across the globe whose principles hinge on the tenets of democracy and the rule of law at national and international level.

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Chakwera said he was “honoured” to be “decorated.”

This is the first time ever for Malawi to receive such recognition by such a high profile political institution.

According to a statement from the MCP politiburo, “the election of the MCP President to this powerful noble institution is a clear demonstration that Chakwera has a global statue than people can comprehend.”

The statement also said Chakwera is expected to meet Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa during the same tour.

Other countries represented at CDI-AFRICA include Columbia, Sweden, Norway, Egypt, Germany, Algeria, Kenya, Senegal, Cape Verde, Namibia, Sao Tome, among others.

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40 thoughts on “Chakwera get international recognition: Voted CDI-AFRICA international Veep”

  1. MKWAPU says:

    OUR PRESIDENT 2019!!!

  2. Biti Benson wa noma & mcp says:

    Congrats my president

  3. James Ndili says:

    If it were APM, decorated with this, pano bwenzi MBC itachita kunyansa. Koma poti ndi Professor Laz. kuli zii!!!! Ati kuti angakweze profile ya Laz. Nsanje ija imanenedwa mu nyimbo ya fuko lathu ndi zimenezi. Shame on you public broadcaster!!!!!!

  4. Denguzman. says:

    Ndikutha kuona Ayuda a DPP kuti nkhaniyi sinawakomere koma zikanamugwera uja amadana ndi TB. Joshua bwenzi MBC ndi TVM ikanakhala pa ntchito koma nthawi yizakwana Chakwera muzamugwadira atolankhani aku MBC ndi TVM. Congrats Chakwera and may the almighty King of the Kings kpon protecting ur family and the entire MCP.

  5. Jelbin Mk says:

    Someone was saying could not find CDI. My advice to that person, try to use a smart phone not Nokia 5210 you can’t find it with that phone or use some latest windows on the computer not windows 98, Ok!?

  6. Jelbin Mk says:

    Jealous is a sin so to avoid sinning you have my conguratulations Chakwera, be blessed.

  7. Zilani says:


  8. mwana nyungwe says:

    Nyani kumamvesa zinthu uli na suzgo umbuli wakuvuta musiye President wathu timamukonda ife nsanje bwanji

  9. Cash Gate says:

    This is indication that, Dr. Chakwera donnot loose the election, Malawians take not on that including officials from Malawi Electoral Commision.

  10. bwampini says:

    When the righteous rules people rejoice .and remember nothing for us without us .we need people with high integrity .come on chakwera may the lord arise and the enemies be scattered

  11. Andrew says:

    David was a king and a Servant of God,Malawians should knw that this country needs someone who fears God to bring back the lost glory which our dear Mother Malawi lost becoz of these thieves,mr Presdent i personally i pray for u that u should rule our country in a Godly manner.

  12. rok chunga says:

    congrants my president

  13. Chakwera is a man of God when the Sun disappear in the evening it will appear in the next morning and shine you managed to rig the 2014 elections but this coming 2019 elections you wilk not because God will be out side .

  14. Mrs Zumani says:

    Congrants Our Presidents, we wish you well.

  15. lapukeni says:

    kazitape vuto lako ndichani

  16. kasim says:

    even his looks are presidential not enawa who look like comedians my foot.

  17. zee says:

    politics is not my thing,,,,and MCP too but,,, wen it comes to you Mr president,,,, ooops,,, I really like you,,,,I guess and believe thea is something in you that God sees????????????????and I just pray that wateva plan God has for you,,,, must come to pass,,,,sometimes malawi needs someone who knows the word of God,,and the Bible too ,,,no matter wat,,,,,munthu wamulungu sangaiwale komwe wachoka,,,,God should bless you,,,, congrats,,,,,,,

  18. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    O’Chakwera, you should have decline this position, without hesitation. This is a nothing position anyway.
    You cannot have one foot in the Church and the other in politics. It doesn’t work that way: politics, especially being a leader of a Party, is a full time job. Seasoned politicians, if you ask them, will tell you it is more than a full time job!
    More evidence you should have served as an MP for several years, to learn the ropes, before even applying for the top job, never mind getting it.
    Who will solve the problems in MCP? Are you running away from them? Do you think people like Ms. Kabwila will step in to sort the mess out? So far, there doesn’t seem to be anyone with the political acumen or smarts to sort out these problems.
    2019 is not that far away. And you need to expand the party to the populous Southern Region. Failing which, forget winning: and you will be relegated to the heap of loser party leaders, and continue with the same old unfounded but predictable MCP cry that another (more competent) Party “stole” the elections.

  19. chatonda mvula says:


  20. Nabanda says:

    Congratulations my dear President Rev Dr L Chakwera. May you stay blessed!!!

  21. tombolombo says:

    ndi wanyawu ameneyo

  22. Once blue always blue says:

    I can see how desparate most galatians are in making Chakwera ahero. The same Laza the Judas Iscariot who cannot put even his house in order. Akachita msonkhano ndiye ngati funeral ceremony of a homeless person. Koma utsogoleri anthuni mumaufunatu zingokuvutani. Always second class. Imagine MCP is salavating on a veep status whose basis is questionable. Ena amvekere wakwiya amwe poison akuona ngati recognition iyi means anything to the voter!

  23. Winston Msowoya says:

    Whatever the American backed propagand for Chakwera,the people of Malawi will not be cajoled.We know who matters and that is a Malawian voter.To hell with CDI-AFRICA.We are tired of being ruled by foreign inspired puppets.MALAWIANS UNITE!!!

  24. Extorir says:

    Who cares about Lisbon capital to Portugal sao time or cape Verde this all are under Portuguese rule let them first solve Mozambique political problems than westing time with peace country like Malawi who cares about Laza &MCP paty of killers

  25. Kyalankota says:

    God is always Good and never makes mistakes and is never late we will keep playing for you God Bless you , MCP members and all Malawians

  26. munyane says:

    Congrats Chakwera !!! ……….but I think Peter Mutharika would have won it …..only that this award can not be won by people with distorted dental formular. kkkkkkk ( I have therefore come to officially open hmmmm ujeni….. hmmmm ujeni…. (Auction floors)

  27. Tamalisha says:

    Thats my leader, when God says yes who can say no? Wishing you all the best our leader.

  28. Akungolonje says:

    Man Chakwex uko ndiye kubwera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Surely the position will assist you to consolidate the MCP governance. Wishing you my President all good luck.

  29. jaunky says:

    You are a shining star Mr President and god wants you to rule this Nation,we are tired of being ruled by non believers.isreal was delivered by a prophet and malawi can only be delivered by you ,a servant of the true living God,tikufuna munthu owoopa mulungu alamulire dzikoli and is gonna bless this nation through you Mr President.we will always pray for you so that God`s plan shall come to pass no matter what.Malawi will prosper if we are going to accept a man of God to rule this nation.I prophecy that God will bless this nation if Rev Dr L. Chakwera becomes a president of this Republic,failing which eeeeh! mavuto awa sazatha, so malawians watch out,this is a prophecy, am sharing it to you to make a decision.

  30. Man of God says:

    Nanga patsalanso pati apa? Amene zamuwawa amwe poison. The man was born for this trying time. Chala cha Ambuye chikaloza palibe yemwe angachiletse. Pang’ono ndi pang’ono tikusunthira konko. Kwachaaaa!

  31. ndondwa says:


  32. kodi says:

    Mulungu apanga popanda njira kukhala njira. Zonse zonyozeka iye amazikweza. Mwala okanidwa uja udakhala mnsanamila.
    Mneneli kwa sapatsidwa ulemu.

    Ozikweza azamutsitsa. Watch this space! !!!

  33. chambe says:

    Koma ma recognition enawa atipindulira? Zingatibweretsere nsima pa tebulo zimenezi?

  34. MBC ca not recognize this and there will be no news on MBC about the son of Malawi in the name of Dr. Chakwera recognized internationally. Shame on MBC for it’s partisan politics. Mind you, you can fool some people for some time but you can not fool all the people all the time. Redemption day is coming to Malawi, kaya wina afune or asafune.

  35. munyane says:

    Congrats!!!!! I think Peter Mutharika would have won it… but his insufficient dental formular hindered his chances kkkkk “I therefore officially open ….ujeni hmmm ujeni (Auction floors)

  36. Gumbuteni Sainani says:

    Ulemu wanu Proff Chakwera, takunyadirani. Osalephera, ansanje muwamva akutokota, just ignore them.

  37. Harawa says:

    congratulations prof. Lazarous

  38. Ricky says:

    But that CDI-Africa International doesn’t even have a website. Are u sure this story is true???!!!! Seems ts a made up thing. And surprisingly, this CDI of urs is no where do be seen in the news online. The only news in which it appears is Nyasatimes.
    Don’t mislead us. Or maybe its a secret society.

  39. BOKHO says:

    We wish you well our president. We love you and will pray for you. We know God has reserved a very significant role for us in Malawi just shortly you will be there our beloved leader. Let those who think can debrief you go to hell because God is with you always.

  40. Bophani says:

    yes,yes, wina alira. You always would want to put planks on his way sothat he fails. But God above cannot be blinded. He is fighting for starving Malawians. One day the sun will shine for all of us, like it used to before the baffoons got into government

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