Chakwera says DPP has ‘moral bankruptcy’: MCP demands Kudontoni to withdraw ‘time to enjoy’ remarks

Main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has  unleashed venom on “crass and insensitive”  remarks made by ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Ecklen Kudontoni, that Malawi statutory corporations chief executive officers (CEOs) should support the government without question.

Chakwera: Claims was not among those invited

Chakwera: Claims was not among those invited

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera who is also leader of opposition said Kudontoni remarks were utterly undemocratic.

“MCP demands a retraction of such undemocratic statements and a censoring of the official [Kudontoni] by the party [DPP] leadership unless what was said reflects his master’s voice,” said Chakwera.

Kudontoni had said Saturday during a DPP meeting in Mzuzu that “it was time for those who fought for the party to start enjoying fruits.”

He went on to say that company CEOs were supposed to propel the agenda of the DPP government without question, arguing they were all appointed by the incumbent leadership.

But Chakwera warned that if DPP cannot separate party and state then they were in for trouble.

“If that’s the case then talk of reforms is an insult to all Malawians who deserve and desire demonstrable change,” said Chakwera.

“We repeat, if what is reported to have been uttered by the DPP secretary general in Mzuzu is true, then there is moral bankruptcy in the party’s leadership and Malawians should not expect that cashgate will come to an end,” said Chakwera.

He added: “Coercing CEOs of statutory corporations to dip into taxpayers’ money for partisan party support to DPP us fraudulent and bad governance as well as a continuation of cashgate.”

But the leader of opposition challenged that such “will not happen under our watch because Malawians know better.”

DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila could not immediately comment on what is the party’s stand on Kudontoni’s remarks.

But DPP insiders said some sections of the partly leadership brass were irked with Kudontoni, saying he “overstepped the mark.”

“If Kudontoni has any decency he will withdraw his comments and apologise,” said one party member.

Mustapha Hussein, a political scientist at University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, expressed his disappointment over the remarks, saying DPP should “distinguish between party and government business.”

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95 thoughts on “Chakwera says DPP has ‘moral bankruptcy’: MCP demands Kudontoni to withdraw ‘time to enjoy’ remarks”

  1. KAMPS says:

    chakwera is baseless,he wanted to be declared state of emergency instead of dissaster,useles he failed to convert pagans to christianity in the same way he has failed to change MCP to a democratic party.usless pastor

  2. AAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    DPP is the father of cashgate, PP was just adopting what the Dad PP was doing.

  3. Kokotowa says:

    Kudontoniyitu ndi wa MCP akudziwana ndi Chakwera!

  4. Amatikonda says:

    mmm zayambilanso wamoyo aona zambiri holly gost fire !!!

  5. Koma Kumeneko says:

    Ine ndikudikira mulembe kaye nkhani yolemba makoma akundende ndiye ndikomenta

  6. malume says:

    Pasto God wants you back to church kkkkkkkkkk

  7. You people you are just wasting time with DPP kulimbe anthu oganiza that stupid animal need to be booted out.

  8. John M says:

    DPP, Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Concerned citizen says:

    Mu DPP muli anthu achibwana

  10. Awkward President of Malawi (APM) says:

    Nothing will come out from the DPP whose leadership is vacant. A man touring a cell he didn’t even spend a night has probably nothing to show to this country. This a very funny president

  11. Phodogoma says:

    Kodi akulu inu mukufuna kumalimbana ndi DPP basi. Pali nkhani zambiri bwanji wosalankhula zimenezo. Bwinotu 2019 ndi patali zedi. Mupsatu. Lordship Hara akuchita saboteji yachitukuko uko ku LL bwanji wosanlkhula pankhani imeneyi. Utsiru eti, Nchifukwa chake kumwera kuno tinakupasa mavoti 20 wokha. Bakhanso iwe eti. Womangopita kukamaonera gule wamkulu mu ma rural trading centers aku LL kmweko bwanji.

  12. kodi ndizimene umathawira ntchito ya Mulungu yona? Unless you go back to the pulpit,then you will keep on barking as a rabbid dog.Dont distort the facts look around how ceos are playing damage control to hoodwink the current govt as if they are supporting its policies.Controlling officers beware of the eagles eye. Irriversible anti-development decisions you made shall come to haunt and rob off your sleep.

    1. Ochewa says:

      Hahahahaha you have missed the point boss

  13. Edgar Lungu says:

    That’s the price for having buffoons as our leaders. This country is very pathetic!!!

  14. Khumutcha says:

    In this era kumachita kulamula support from parastatals? Too sad!

    How can Malawi develop like this? Shame on DPP.

  15. Clement says:

    Even if DPP has moral,So?

  16. Liberalist says:

    My mesage is simple & clear Malawi will never develop for next 250 years & that is a fact not an error in my reasoning. Facts on the ground are 1 High illiteracy levels which greedy monsters called politicians are taking advantage on. 2 Uncivilised educated few who follow regionalistic & tribalistic view of greedy leadership. 3 Politicians secretly connive to perpetuate & influence the affairs of the state in order to create an elite of families sharing & exploiting national resources of the country to their benefit eg Mutharika, Muluzi, JB, Kaliati Chihana, Tembo, Khumbo, Mzomera, Mughogho,Chaponda, Vuwa etc families. 5 A deliberate effort to create poverty since poor people are very easy to manage socially, economically & politically. Amene ali ndi maso awone izi ndikunena apa

  17. John wa Chilungamo says:

    Koma ndiye eeh. WE people see things differently indeed but when you look at things form a 2014 elections hangover of the loss, then you would not see that a whole president commemorating a day he was unnecessarily arrested send out a message that he would not create political arrests and record and warn future leaders not to continue with this pattern

  18. Analyzer SAYS says:

    Guess what. Kudontoni was irked because their party hooligans were denied money for fuel for their DPP vehicles at MHC regional Hqtrs. Normally they fuel their vehicles at MHC and ADMARC, LCA, NIB, NAC.
    Most CEOs for parastatal organs use their fuel allowances to run DPP vehicles. If you doubt just Check qty of fuel per month vs distance covered. You be amazed to find that a CEOs vehicle is consuming more that 3 litres per one Km. Consuming fuel mor that D14 caterpillar Bull dozer.

  19. John wa Chilungamo says:

    If a party is elected to form a government how will they be ideologically separated. Can somebody school me here.

  20. John wa Chilungamo says:

    I don’t understand the rhetoric even from learned political gurus who stop at the opposition wall. What sane person would form a government hire those he believes would support his projects without the desire to see him fail and agree, apologize for encouraging the support of his programmes. Most of these comments are coming from people who want Peter to have no support and fail. I dint know there existed so much hate that made people see the wrong side of things only. When a projects objective are achieved that we all enjoy the fruits of the idea and leadership. Abale

  21. Wakukaya says:

    Fellow my Malawians just know that Chinua Achebe is back in our Country. Things are falling apart in our “Banana Republican ” So God intervention. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Whatever public service reforms which is being preached is just an irony to tell you that this reforms is about destroying this country. Now Malawi is number one the “richest country” whole world. This is why Kudodoni is busy making such utterances. Dpp want to continue putting this country make known that this country is developing faster than before. Abale koma zomvetsa chisoni amala anzanga, chisankho chimene timapanga, kaya!!!!!!!

  22. aurora says:

    i love you DPP,chakwera fake man of GOD sit down and repent your sins maybe go back to being a church elder than za satana unajoina zooo…fodya eti..anyhu all opposition members should always oppose even if what the rulling party is saying or doing is good..kkkkkkkkk glad i didnt vote for u sad u still crying..

  23. Chibanja tv says:

    The first to become a moron is this called Jessie Kabwira who showered insults to people who are on ART treatment and it was also echoed that she apologised to Malawi people but refused. Was she also sent by his masters to castgate us? If Chakwera has nothing new to offer to Malawians just shut up!.Governments are run by political parties so which is which, mwazungulira mitu eti? shupit zanu.

  24. Nabiyeni says:

    Even without Kudontonis shit, DPP is already using parastatals resources. Such companies as MACRA, MRA, ESCOM fund the party big time. There is enough information on this.

  25. Jihad John says:

    If we find pity in JK’s comments on HIV/AIDS funds and then we should stop saying ‘AIDS IS A KILLER DISEASE’ and we should not bother fighting the disease anymore. Huge funds are pumped into this fight because without ARVs, AIDS patients are dead. JK was straight to the point. Unfortunately, Malawians hate facts. Stop being hypocritical and accept facts.

  26. Zija adanena Kabwira zoti odwala Edzi ndi mitembo kale sizabwino.

  27. Hebdo says:

    Typical of team Zikwanje. Not surprising at all.

  28. Young Master Bandaranaike says:

    Two wrongs do not make it right.

    Where does MCP find the higher moral ground to stand and accuse their bedfellows in sin when they have defaulted paying city rates for 2 decades?

    You are all thieves.

  29. Njiwa says:

    Dpp is a party full of hypocrites individials who can never be trusted.They are there to enrich themselves and they will never help poor Malawians

  30. Kuchita Kulirira Jean says:

    This is what we expect of opposition leader. You have to be vibrant and watchful of every step the ruling party is taking.

    Not just sitting phwii as if change would happen on its own. Even the bible clearly states that he only helps those that help themselves first.

    For the first time Chakwera you get my tick. But put more pressure on this idiot.

    There is no reason Malawi should be bottom in the world. Under MCP we had a vibrant economy: rice schemes everywhere, our own national airline with flights to as remote places as Karonga and Monkey Bay, street lights all the way from the airport, good education system. Our civil service and our currency were admired by our nearest neighbours- Zambia.

    Why are you failing to convince the masses that that’s the agenda you stand for. Come on stop sleeping MCP, reorganise yourselves and fight for real change.

    And to all journalists (of course I am not talking about you alomwe – tachokani apa ndiponso musawelenge comment yanga) let’s oppenly support Chakwera. Its time to put on hold balanced journalism because it is time stop the madness of DPP and UDF.

  31. kaizer says:

    the way in which the DPP is now conducting itself in this country is very makes me sad to note that the ruling party has a maltitude of supporters who are offering it blind loyality.these people are not looking at real issues.the real issue here is that we are the poorest nation on earth and everyone should be busy thinking about how we can get ourselves out of this does someone or people in their rightful mind seat down and start to bang heads and split hair only to resolve that they should commemorate the day on which their leader was thrown into the cells by the PP regime.the MBC has gone into overdry blurring out some adverts over the there any development agenda in all these staged antics.this is just cheap politics which will not bring food on the table of poor malawians.members of the ruling party and all those who think that this stage managed event which is likely to have a rented crowd is a good idea are very wrong.this is just cheap politics which shows that members of the ruling party have become bankrupt of ideas that can save this country.

  32. weaklicks says:

    Even the remarks by the loud mouth kabwira that those with HIV were cospse were representation of her master because they were not withdrawn

  33. Alex Chunga says:

    Kudontoni is a moron and DPP should seriously think about the damage this man will cause to their party!

  34. Kwangwagwa says:

    That is the problem of using the same people other parties have used before. They think and behave the same way. What Kudontoni has said was what he and other fools in the parties used to do in the past. He and others in DPP want to continue plundering the country’s economy. Cahsgate will never come to an end. It is like running water. If you close its usual path, it opens another one and the trend goes on. Foolish fools!

  35. Jessie K says:

    Kodi mungoti ndinalakwa ndinalakwa kunyoza anthu a HIV Aids, what wrong did I do? Who doesnt know that Aids is a killer disease and that aliyense amene ali ndi Edzi is as good as dead? Muyambe kaye mwapita kus sukulu mukaphunzira ma semantics> ndimadana ndi anthu opanda nzeru ngati inu> Nkhani imeneyi tinakambirana ku chipani and i was supported for my cause and you think i can apologise? simukundidziwa ine, JK, mwamuna osati ngati amuna enanu. MCP cannot dare punish me for that. Kudontoni really crossed the line and must apologise.

  36. Roots says:


    Be ashamed of your uncivility. I hope u understand english either. I think ndiwe savage, tanena mfundo apa osati kutukwana munthu…UPiteso kuxul wamva

  37. mphwanye says:

    Whats wrong with this inocent statement. Chakwera is runing short of ideas pali nkhaninso apa. Its ovious nobody bites the finger that feeds him. Kudontoni should not apologise, any government agent is supposed to suport policies of the cirrent government. Does chakwera want them to serve opposition agendas? its silly and myiopic think on the head of tambala wakuda party.

  38. dadaboma says:

    The problem is not only with Kudontoni, but all DPP people. What Kudontoni said reflects what DPP is. The DNA of DPP is evil in speech and in deed. Even if Kudontoni recants or retracts or rescinds or withdraws his overtures, the DPP machinery still exists to perpetrate or peddle or orchestrate or perpetuate evil, Vuto ndi anthu ovota; anavotera chirombo. Inu oChakwera tikuthokozeni podzuzula Kudontoni koma kumbukirani kuti DPP yonse ndi satana, mdyerekezi, njoka, ndipo ifunika kugwetsa kuyambira kumutu. Prepare your party well; take advantage of the country’s economic misery and political quagmire to launch your party as the next hope. Do more, even as you’re in opposition – for e.g. rebuke “quota system” straightaway, not like what you said during presidential debate; and begin to say precisely and convincingly what you would do to fix the economy, not like the “gulugufe” economy you said during presidential debate.


  40. PUTEN says:

    What about Mitembo yoyemda yokha ( Dead walking bodies) by Kabwira remarks referring HIV / AIDS pple Mr. Chakwera .

  41. busy man says:

    muziyankhulako za nzeru.

  42. Kaliati Galu says:

    DPP madness at its best. His remarks will not yield anything in the North, DPP is just wasting time and more losing their salt now.

  43. dziko lilim’manja mwa agalu!


  45. thats the DPP we know,it cant distinquish party matters and goverment busines.Mr kudontoni those CEO’s were appointed to service the public not to be DPP servants

  46. Alungwana says:

    Kudontoni. The name itself tells us of his foolishnes. Kudontoni

  47. You are right pastor. This is not coming from top leadership of DPP. It’s coming from an overzealous guy with hungover of the past regime. Next time leave the ranting to Jessie Kabwira. So take this as an official response of the DPP top leadership.

  48. Chimbirazowa says:

    They want to start stealing from us. Shupiti.

  49. Phodogoma says:

    Kudontoni sanayankhule bwino apa and I think zinali za mmutu mwake chabe osati zochokera ku chipani kapena kwa mtsogoleri wa chipani cha DPP. A Kudontoni, apa cha nzeru ndikupepesa kwa a Malawi komanso chokhwatcha zomwe munalankhulazi. Zabwino zonse a DPP.

  50. MCP Original says:

    Abusa, anzanu akhala akunyamula kambendera mukukupizako kwa zaka 20, daily kulavula ukali kunyoza utsogoleri omwe umayendetsa boma kuyambira UDF kenaka DPP ya Bingu koma popanda chopindula. Lelo angokhala kumangoyangana mu area 10mu ngati nkango wolephera kugwira gwape. Bakhalani, nthawi ikazakwana makamaka Mulungu Mwini akazafuna kuti mutenge boma muzatenga, apo bii khalani chete kunyoza nthawi zonse kulibe phindu lenileni kupatula kuzinyozetsa iwe mwini

  51. zeze says:

    mawu opanda chigamba!

  52. Achimidzimidzi says:

    At least Dr Chakwera has said something. Though not very important issue but we need you to criticize whenever government has gone wrong.The only problem with you is that you’re too polite with your words.

    However, whatever Kudontoni said is what DPP agreed to do/say. We all know that Kudontoni was speaking as party’s secretary general. These functionaries only speak ideologies and manifestos of a party.

    Actually what was said reflects what DPP is doing and has done. In fact, they late with speech. Speech should have been made on inauguration day.

  53. Antobwito says:

    Gosh! What an excitement from the stolen and rigged votes, Stupid Kudontoni, have forgotten already what happened to Bingu over the same sentiments by your fellow stupid Masangwi on the same meeting like this? Do you, a Mr Kudontoni remember the end result? Tragedy!!!!!!!! So you want the same to your Pierre (Peter)? If politics in Malawi are being tainted as dirty game then you (Regional Governors) are the ones making and contributing to this mess. Your position are only to the discretion of your president and not papers, thats why you want to please him with your stupid sentiments so as to safeguard and please him for more favors in return! Stupid. After all we are tired of the names like Masangwi, Kudontoni and many more!

  54. Onasiwelo says:

    That is very true Dr Chakwela but unfortunately, Dpp is the party that does not learn, it does not want change at all and more important Malawians who gave them mandate to rule do not want change, after all apm said he will continue where his late brother stopped from so we can not expect any change soon.

  55. ntex says:

    Chakwera kukamwa ngati ukudya bibi unganene chani ku ntundu wa Malawi iwe

  56. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Thanks for the wake up slap Rev, DPP is in dire need of it!

  57. GUANTANAMO says:

    Kudontoni’s most senior position in any party shud be that of Branch chairman

  58. Frodo says:

    …and the rest of the population is quiet about this. We tolerate and encourage the cancer of abuse ourselves by not holding people accountable to their words and deeds…so depressing

  59. Muhiye Mwana says:

    atokweene! Mva hiviri mwaha. Akulu akulu apa palibe nkhani ayi!

  60. Patriot says:

    No.1 poorest in the World.
    For once we are good at something

  61. Chipoya LJ. says:

    Its my belief that DPP and its leadership will not walk suck talking by Kudontoni. People should also know that its all but politics all over even through this Nyasatimes. I believe that they are not all statements from also opposition parties which use to be aired through this media house are for the betterment of the country and its citizens.

    Let’s we all learn not to put in account all words which are used to be said by these so called politicians especially when they are on political podiums. All what I normally see is that these politicians use to be too excited when speaking their uncensored speeches to the crowd. I don’t need to remind you brethren of Kabwira, Uladi Musaa, Ken Nsonda and others like “Ndikuwaziwa amene amafuna kupha Mphwiyo ndipo ndikhonza kuwatchula!” Sorry sindinatchule dzina apa.

    My free advice to DPP, please learn from past mistakes. Learn to silence those ill minded and speaking individuals.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!!!!

  62. Kanyimbi says:

    Zoona. Analakhuladi mopepera.


  64. Insight says:

    This is the DPP we know, a party that is there not for the common goal of the nation but rather self enrichment and personal agrandises. Mark my words if this party remains in power, although it never won the election, nothing is going to change in this country except for mediocrity, dismissals, redeployments, and this “time to enjoy the fruits type of administration. Kudontoni here is only portraying the general picture of what they stand for. DPP……….the more things change the more they remain the same.

  65. MCP sidzatheka basi,Jessie Kabwira atatukwana odwala EDZI kuti ndima (living corpses) it was a slip of the tongue
    and Kudonton its not?
    Jessie did not apologise and she was never branded “morally bankrupt”
    If I were Kudontoni I would not apologise,apology for uttering the truth?

  66. Pimbiton says:

    Unreasonable remarks

  67. Jelbin mk says:

    So are we still searching for the genesis of cashgate? This is enough evidence that this practice has been happening for a very long time now that it (cashgate) has been exposed the party has suffered a big brawl financially hence these desperate statements coming from the whole party’s SG.

  68. social analyst says:

    between Kudontoni’s remarks and Kabwila’s remarks about NAC as Ndalama za Mitembo, which one of these shows moral bankrupcy?

  69. MCP GVT says:

    That’s the dpp we know. It cares less about people’s concern. You ‘opposition’ rejected the move to sale MSB, have u bn heard? Kudonthoni speaks for his master.

  70. Future leader says:

    Kudontoni never went to school that’s why he opens his stinking mouth with censoring his speech. If u want party publists, choose people who went to school and not fools who jusf shout ln top of their voices uttering nosense.

  71. Mulibwanji? says:

    ukhalira yomweyo Chakwera. Paja ndinu abusa akuti eti? You entered a wrong party which will never rule again this country. Remember what Tcheya of UDF said “na ngati ine ndili moyo, ndizapanga chilichonse chotheka kuti MCP isadzalamulenso mu dziko lino.” Zimvere mu ntolo.

  72. Mwama Du says:

    I say it again, that is dPP which I know. Vuwa, Masebo, Kudontoni are some of the weak minds selected to sale dpp in the north.

  73. inayake says:

    Not surprising coming from DPP and worst still having a president with no spine. APM has not gained the respect of many as he goes out pretending that all is well and lays blame on the previous regime. APM step up and and take it like a man. You are surrounded by overzealous and corrupt goons who wouldn’t create PeterGate.

  74. Kodi kudo ndi mbuzi yamunthu eti. Achoke ameneyo asatinyase asamakhale akumandikumbutsabe momwe ndina pusila povota.

  75. Nkhombokombo says:

    Retraction of the words is very easy but to stop the stealing will not be that easy. Kudontoni knows that they steal our moneys using the CEOs through threatening them. He is telling the Nation that the President chose these CEOs to squeeze these Officers to dip their fat fingers into the Gvt coffers to support their Party. With such altitude Malawi will always remain poor. Enjoyment! What kind of a joke is this? Did the people vote for you into Gvt so that you make yourselves Billioners? Ah!, ah!, ah!, you’ve just buried your face in the sand, we are watching you! So you parties are stupid thieves, shame on you!!

  76. Angozo says:

    I hope Kudontoni spoke on his own not on behalf of DPP. But I for sure knows that it is not from his master as Chakwera said, this is the same with Jessie Kabwila when she castigated people living with HIV saying they are corpes she said this on her own not on behalf of MCP nor were words from her master.

  77. ujeni says:

    Kudontoni should be expelled then fired from the DPP if not then he was sent by Mutharika. We are watching. Big up Chakwera

  78. atate says:

    Overexcitement too much kudontoni. He didn’t believe that he is a top brass of DPP. U are making more blunders. MCP has a chance of ruling this country in 2019 . There is too much lip services in Peter government

  79. Eckrain Kudontoni mwana wa malemu kalipentalayu ndi wowononga. Anthu a kwawo kuno ku Salima sitimufuna ndipo tinamuchotsa pa mpando wa MP.
    He has a mental disorder of over-excitement and Uladi Mussa can bear me witness. Kodi a DPP mumaonamo chiyani mwa mbuli yolakwa mayeso a PAEC?
    You’ll be responsible for making this party unpopular by offering this sensitive post to juju reliant nyapwisi like Eckrain. Sorry DPP.

  80. my vote counts says:

    i feel ashamed

  81. truth says:

    he has said the truth. thats wat DPP is all about.

  82. tiko says:

    Umbuli kwambiri akudontoni komanso ma members ambiri adpp

  83. opportunist says:

    U can take a Carmel to the well but u can’t force it to drink

  84. Golden mlakalaka says:

    Kukweza ma passpor k48,500 akuti ubwele after 21 dayz kupita again 21 21+21:40 then udont have coke money how much 9000

  85. chakwanuleka says:

    This is the DPP we all know. The mistake that Kudontoni has made is to utter in public what is said behind curtains. DPP ndiye cashgate imene.

  86. Jihad John says:

    I totally agree with Dr. Chakwera. We pay taxes for development and not for some people to enrich themselves. That is the disease that people have when they join politics. They want to reap where they never sowed.

  87. That’s the way to go Rt Hon Leader of Opposition, Sir. Thumbs up for you.

  88. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    DPP is rotten composed of mentally handicapped leadership.

  89. Mwena Malawi Origin says:

    Kudontoni galu ya a galu he never knows what he is talking, better to resign from the position I would love him not to apologise so that he will going to see the reaction of the people , should never be surprise at the end. BIG galu kudontoni he is not suitable to be secretary general for the party.

  90. rap says:

    This Is What Is Happening And Has Been Happening Only Time Has Come Kuti Anene Poyera Kuuza Dziko With His Mouth Not Brain

  91. Think Tank says:

    Withdrawal is not the solution. What we should pray for DPP is change of from nepotism,tribalism, regionalism and now this. Anyone can withdraw what he/she has said while still harbouring the same sentiments in heart. Our Lord Jesus said “what comes out is what makes him “unclean”. For from within,out of men’s hearts,come evil thoughts …..”(Matthew 7vs 20-23). Kudontoni is a high profile figure in DPP,so he knows what he is talking about. Let us pray and fast for this Party.

  92. onjoya says:

    bola mwamva nanga amanama, ee!. why you chakwera did not force kabwira to withdrew her statement over HIV/ AIDS petients that they are moving dead. where were you that time? apa mwayankhula chifukwa ndi dpp? kumakhalako ndi mzeru. mmesa amati munali mbusa

  93. Mlomo says:

    The best thing DPP could do to wash its hands is to FIRE KUDONTONI FROM THE PARTY

  94. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    God help Malawi.I suggest if DPP revealed its position on this uttered statement of which I believe mighty dpp could not utter such statements.This is time to purge all immatured politicians in dpp since next tripartite election APM muboma woyeee!ndi zipani zonse zozindikira.

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