Chakwera says many unanswered questions on MP Kanjira’s death

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera on Tuesday pad tribute to Mchinji West Member of Parliament (MP) Billy Kanjira Banda who died Sunday after he collapsed at St Francis Catholic Church in Lilongwe’s Area 25.

Chakwera laying a wreath

Chakwera laying a wreath

Opposition MPs Kamlepo Kalua and Enock Chihana laying wreaths

Opposition MPs Kamlepo Kalua and Enock Chihana laying wreaths

Children of the late Kanjira Banda laying wreaths

Children of the late Kanjira Banda laying wreaths

In his eulogy at his funeral ceremony before being laid to rest at his home at Kamangirira village in Traditional Authority Simphasi in Mchinji, Chakwera said Kanjira was a dedicated member of MCP.

He said Kanjira’s sudden death was a big blow to MCP.

“Many questions have no answers here, Wise people wanted to give answers but no one can explain the wisdom of God,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said death can come in any form and there is no one who knows how or when they will die.

“The late Banda was one of the people who contributed a lot to the party, he was focused, fearless and open minded, a trait which made him stand out in parliament,” he said.

The Leader of opposition commended politicians from all parties who attended the funeral ceremony saying that signified unity.

Added Chakwera: “Kanjira Banda’s death has brought us together and this unity should continue, as we work towards the uplifting lives of people in the country,”

Kanjira Banda was thrown out of Parliament last Friday after a heated exchange with First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje who was chairing the Committee of Supply on the Mid-year Budget review.

In his contribution to an allocation under the Democracy Consolidation Programme through the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC), the MP alleged that some Cabinet ministers would personally benefit in millions of kwacha from such allocations.

When challenged to bring evidence, Kanjira Banda said he would do so. Mcheka Chilenje then asked him to return to the chamber Monday afternoon with evidence.

Prior to kicking him out, Mcheka Chilenje accused the MP of being personal. She advised the legislator that his emotional outburst was not good for his health.

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya in his eulogy said his office deeply regretted the death of Kanjira Banda who he described as a hardworking MP.

“His death came as a shock to all of us in Parliament because he was one of the most active MPs who had the welfare of his constituents at heart,” he said.

The Speaker said Banda belonged to three committees of parliament namely defense, transport and education where he contributed positively.

Msowoya said Banda was his advisor as he would sometimes call him for advice on several issues.

Other notable faces at the ceremony includedLeader of the House Francis Kasaila, former Vice President Khumbo Kachali, government ministers and more than 100 MPs.

On his part Kasaila urged the deceased family to seek solace in God in their time of bereavement.–Additional reporting and photos by Sarah Munthali, Mana

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28 thoughts on “Chakwera says many unanswered questions on MP Kanjira’s death”

  1. Okay says:

    Akanakhala wa DPP bwenzi ena atapha ng’ombe ndikuchita maphwando.

  2. ginja says:

    dem,that’s sad,kmano let us stop confusing Malawians with unworthy remarks on such occasions,anthu ambili amakukhulupililan,so mind how you speak,anthu musawasocheletse,people die everyday.why is that now mukuyankhula chonchi

  3. fred says:

    at mkwatamaphiri, sir, read first between the lines before you comment. what you have write is not what chakwera said. if you understand he recognise God as the all knowing, and no one could tell the reason or what has happened to the MP.THANKs

  4. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Malemu had a problematic anger management. He picked a quarrel with the deputy speaker on Friday where the deputy speaker kindly advised him not to take thing too personally for his health. On Sunday he picked another heated quarrel with a guard at a church in Area 25 where he collapsed for good. Anger management is very good for health. We can’t blame anybody here. After all some of us have come to know him after his death. He was not so much a political force that somebody can think of taking his life.

  5. wids says:

    Death is death

  6. chiswabumbu says:

    Death is death. BP is killing lots of people these days so this shouldn’t be strange

  7. Mchengasuyandama says:

    Yes we all shall die but this death is a mystery.

  8. MADIRTY says:


  9. Daa says:

    You people know the truth muunthu mwachıta kupha uyu becoz you knew come monday he would ındeed brıng the evıdence. Dausı waıt for your day! Raphael Tenthanı anafanso choncho.

  10. Mtaja says:

    Only God knows Best, I will miss the humble man.

  11. yako ija says:

    chakwera the chicken like thinking leader of opposition so what do u think killed ur boy??

  12. Gwamula says:

    Esther Mchecka Chilenje Nkhoma sent Hon Kanjira to the grave, he Hon Kanjira also had received a lot of threats from DPP guys,no wonder this stressed him up, subsequently inducing idiopathatic blood pressure that eventually killed him by rupturing the aorta.

  13. JAMES Zaliro says:

    No one is to blame nthawi imene ambuye anampasa pá dziko inakwana. We malawians lets learn not to confuse anthu akumuzi ndi nkhani zopanda umboni especially atolankhani akumalawi.Moyo wa munthu umakhala mmanja mwa mwini Jehova ngakhare munthu atakulodza ngati namalenga nthawi yake siinafike sungafe lets stop blaming anybody,ambuye wankondesesa wantenga. Stop politicizing stories

  14. therere says:

    there are so many ways to die, sickness,accident, and this man was lucky he collapsed at the church

  15. v masanga says:

    no way to accuse someone- it was his day to die no matter the situation was-so dnt think its wise to accuse the speaker

  16. Maclean says:

    For sure DPP knows something. Zoti ndalama zambirimbiri zathu zikugawidwa kwa ma Ministers and DPP MPs’ it is true.

  17. Mkwatamaphiri says:

    Honorable Chakwera is supposed to be a mature man.
    Being the Pastor we know he is, he needs to be examplary. If he can not understand that God can call thise He loves, and lets remind ourselves he says he is a pastor, trust me its difficult for us to believe he is an honest man.
    Leave politics aside. Poeple die and they die in different ways. That was a natuaral death. Rodwel Mhnyenyembe, a coulle of ministering pastors in Lilongwe and many others and u dint say tis crap. Bingu in the privacy of a meeting and the nation rediculed his death in many ways. lets learn to accept we will all die and that how we will die is God’s choice.

  18. Late Munyenyembe says:

    Death is death. Even if you ask my fellow friends, Late Chafukira, Late Kamanya, Late Bingu, Late Bishop Zuza they will all agree with me. Not even that man from Nigeria has no power over death. He will also die. Musamude Mcheka. She just gave a piece of advice. It’s foolishness out there that some of you think of slaughtering cows when your enemy dies.

  19. Duputy Speaker Mcheka Chilenje should be accountable for the death of Late Hon Billy Kanjira Banda, She must explain to entire Malawi nation, What kind of personal grudges she was talking about before she sent out of Parliament Hon Kanjira Banda? DPP government on other hand out should be accountable as well as Hon Kanjira was expected to present evidence in Parliament about DPP Members of Parliament and Ministers pocketed bribes inorder to pass the budget, The trueth must come out, May His Soul RIP.

  20. chakhala says:

    Sad. This could have been a case of high blood pressure.

  21. Liabunya Patirisha says:

    I thought he collapsed! He died and in everything its death and no one no matter how smart, coal, or intelligent this time will come to pass. Those of you who feel this gentleman did not deserve to die are missing the point. No one is to blame! Its now him and his creator where the works he did on this earth will be the best judge!

  22. Aningo says:

    He should have heeded the wise advice of the Hon Dep Speaker in this era of sudden deaths

  23. Chimjanes says:

    Nde mwati anawuzidwa kuti……. “His emotional outbursts were not good for his health”…..and a day later he dies….. Ine zandiopsa. Very true there are plenty of unanswered questions here.

    Nde ena akumatitchulanso ife kuti ma “IDIOTS”……… Anthu openga mwapanga bwanji??

  24. BOKHO says:

    We satanists in this country who have killed honorable Kanjira Banda.

  25. amangwetu says:

    the two deputy speakers are beasts it was a mistake for MPs to trust them I now believe wopunduka ngwamakani and mfiti yayikazi sikhululuka

  26. Kamtedza Mwale says:

    She advised that his emotional outburst was not good for his health….and then he died. What is the implication of this statement.

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