Chakwera says MCP will not be intimidated: Pays homage to Malawi founding president Kamuzu

Main opposition, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday challenged that the party will not be intimidated, saying he will instead fight along with Malawians for freedoms.

Mama Kadzamila and Gogo Rosemary Chilemnba has a talk to Chakwera

Mama Kadzamila and Gogo Rosemary Chilemnba has a talk to Chakwera

He was speaking at Chilanga CCAP church in Kasungu where former head of state Kamuzu Banda family organized remembrance celebrations for the first head of state of Malawi.

“We refuse to be intimidated by our enemies. We will fight along with Malawians until the country is liberated,” said Chakwera indirectly referring to his traditional political arch rival President Peter Mutharika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chakwera came a closer second to President Mutharika during the 2014 presidential election so too his party came a closer second to the DPP in the parliamentary elections which pushed former president Joyce Banda a distant third in the presidential race.

The leader of opposition  said the MCP will remain strong and will not be frustrated by the party in power, the DPP.

He said it was pity that Mutharika failed to attend the remembrance day of Kamuzu yet  the Ngwazi was beyond party politics as he was the first head of state of Malawi as well as father and of the nation.

“I am honoured to be guest of honour at this important function. But I am a party president of the Malawi Congress Party. The head of state should have been here. Kamuzu looms bigger than the MCP. This was supposed to be a national event,” said Chakwera.

He described Kamuzu as extraordinary, saying he was empowering people economically through various economic and financial activities to make them self reliant, saying it was in contrast to present day times when leaders are stealing money from public coffers to enrich themselves and busy enjoying Mapwevupwevu  [buffets] while citizens sleep in empty stomachs.

“This is what made Malawi’s economy to grow steadily every year. Kamuzu was an action man, he was a disciplinarian, he reached discipline, he was the man of excellence, a man of standards,” Chakwera said at the function which turned out to be a political forum as both the CCAP Nkhoma Synod clergy and all those who spoke turned their tirade against the DPP led government.

Chakwera bemoaned that Malawi is now beset by numerous problems including tribalism and regionalism.

He reiterated that Malawians should forgive the party if it wronged Malawians during its 31 year old in power.

Among others who attended the function included Minister of Gender and Social Welfare, who is also advisor to the DPP Jean Kalirani, Kamuzu’s long time confidante and aide Mama Cecelia Kadzamira and former Speaker of Parliament Louis Chimango.

Two sided legacy

However, some people took up on social media to blame the government for reinstating the day, saying Kamuzu was a dictator who butchered his own people in order to silence his critics.

They said Kamuzu killed his own cabinet minister Aaron Gadama, Dick Matenje, Twaibu Sangala and MP David Chiwanga for holding dissenting views – the High Court acquitted him on the allegations.

The people noted among the victims of Kamuzu regime deaths included  Attati Mpakati, Masauko Chipembere,  while Kanyama Chiume and thousands others fled the country during Kamuzu regime when he ruled the country with an iron fist.

However, Kamuzu’s great nephew Ken Kandodo thanked the government for reinstating the day, saying his great uncle did a lot of things for Malawi from liberating the country from the federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland to massive development spread across the country.

He also thanked the government for reinstating his name on public infrastructures like Kamuzu Stadium, Kamuzu International Airport, Kamuzu Central Hospital and renaming Kamuzu Palace.

The Chendawaka family took the centre stage in the organization of the Kamuzu Day events whilst the Kazombo family, where his father came from, took a conspicuous back seat, openly a sign that the two families are still in conflict, 19 years after the death of the dictator who was removed from power at the ballot box in 1994 by former president Bakili Muluzi and his United Democratic Front (UDF).

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28 thoughts on “Chakwera says MCP will not be intimidated: Pays homage to Malawi founding president Kamuzu”

  1. KARU UNITED says:

    Mr Kazombo Mwale, was Dr Kamuzu Banda’s nephew. Kamuzu’s father was a Mr Mphonongo.

  2. Tit for Tat says:


  3. Tit for Tat says:


  4. chilangwe says:

    dont say things was oky during kamuzu era.things was very bad during that time he and tembo were the only rich pple in malawi .we were not allowed to even own at and not mentioning acar of ur choice .enanu mukungoyakhulapo app poti mwabadwa dzulo u dont kamuzu mumangomva anthu.he was a gready person .selfish.ngakhale banja lake silinapindule kanthu iye ali moyo.chuma abale ake achipeza kamuzu terms of development yes in away but just go outside malawi and see what they mean by development.mukuti development itiyo.were u expecting kuti iye asamange chipatala.we are way behind most african countries cos kamuzu didnt think that malawi will develop thats why even the town planning was poor.iknow most of u will disagree on me but am not expecting u to .but tayendani mukaona mayiko anzanu akamati chitukuko.osati kungokhala kumalingunde ndikumati kumalawi kunatukuka ndikamuzu.we are better off without kamuzu and the tembo families.

  5. Charombanthu says:

    Sober up people. Politicians are all killers. They kill directly or indirectly. Directly e.g. Gadama, Njauju, Chasowa etc and indirectly e.g. Cashgate. HKB is famous for the atrocities because he was a disciplinarian. But what happened during his time is no different from what happened when Chasowa, Gen Chigawa, Matafale, Njauju, Stambuli, OMG, the list is endless, were killed. There is no Malawian president who is clean in as far as mysterious deaths are concerned right from HKB to APM. We need to move forward as a nation and stop pointing fingers because it will not take us anywhere. All our leaders are dirty. We need to sober up and elect good leadership for this country, period. Blind loyalty will lead us nowhere. We will remain a sick nation…

  6. Nabanda says:

    Kodi inu a dpp business mwayamba yokupha ma alubhino ikanakhala nthawi ya kongelesi sibwenzi mukuti ndi Kamuzu akupha? Kuyambila nthawi ya Bingu mwapha anthu angati? Mpaka pano mukuphabe, chipani cha nkhanza cha dpp. Zinthu maka zakudya zikungokwera mtengo koma boma osachitapo kanthu. Amalawi tikukhala ngati akapolo mu dziko lathu lomwe, osangalala nkukhala ma foreigner. Kodi mpaka pano simudziwa kuti Kamuzu ankachita subsidy chilichonse maka chakudya????

  7. DOBO says:

    Point of collection, saying Kamuzu Banda as the Malawi President then was killing his own people is wrong,misguided,tribalistic ,regionalistic ,childish and political with hatred background.All those people saying this don’t know what they are talking about. They are just taking it from blues of polical statements by their preferable leaders without evidence. Talk of developments which we see with our naked eyes, not things we hear without evidence,it can take 100 year for our present Malawi to achieve the same developments by Kamuzu because of factors well known in our present Malawi. For some of us who have the opportunity to visit various districts of Malawi we are able to appreciate his developments eg Zomba would not have been as it is without Kamuzu’s structures we see. My advice is that its better to keep quite on things you don’t know and don’t have evidence. By doing so, you will avoid curses of unknown sources. Its a fact that people were killed during Kamuzu era, and is not the fact that Kamuzu Killed them.It is also fact that people went into exile but its not the fact that Kamuzu sent them into exile because we have no evidence.,Today we hear people are being killed and some are in exile and stories of public money being stollen. You can not say, president Muthalika is the one who is responsible for all this. That is total madness or you don’t know what you are talking about. It better to be schooled that Government is very big thing not as as a family. If very educated people with highest level psychology fail to know everything about their wives or children in a smallest set up organization like family.So, what more with the president who look after a very complicated organization as Government..Let us respect our leaders regardless of our tribes,region or whatever you have. Just follow what the Bible tell us about our leaders. He was our leader and he had his part done just as other leaders after him. The fact is that they are our leaders and nothing will change it and even if you gather all the vocabulary of bad words of planet, it can not change this fact. May be you can change the minds of you fellow fools. MAY THE SOUL OF KAMUZU REST IN PEACE AND GOD MAY BLESS OUR CURRENT LEADER AND ME, very honest man who like truths and evidence backed facts.

  8. Lazaruss says:

    If I were Chakwera, I would have posed to compare Kamuzu and APM. By all standards, APM is an angel to the demon Hastings Kamuzu Banda. I prudent and principled leader would desist to capitalize on the DEmon that killed our people.

  9. DPP legend says:

    mcp inalamulila kunatha………..kwatsalaku nkumangolongolola mpaka ma term kunka namalizika…….chipani chamagazi chimenecho sichizalamulira malawi..Chakwera chikhala uli ndinzeru ukanapanga zina mmalo mongoonda ndimaganizo ozalamulirapo dzikoli……uzingothokoza kut unakhala wachiwiri….2019….suzakhalanso leader of opposition koma khasala uzikalalata ku council……..ukuwona ngat kusiya ntchito yamulungu nkulowa ndale mulungu akusangalala naweee?

  10. Hastings wek Kamyanga says:

    Mwawabale wanyane lekani kutchuka pavinthu vyauchindele panji vyawaka nduvyo izo mukupeleka manyani kuti wakuwelenga mbanthu wanandi Kamuzu wakawa wachalo chose chamalawi ipo zuwa ilo likenera kudangililika na mlongozgi wachalo nanga wangaleka kuwa mlendo wapadela kweni walikuvwalikika ulongozgi wachalo sono pala peter wakiza cha manyani kuti wayuyula ise tikamuvotela kweniso wasinjuzga ise chifukwa watiphalila kuti ni hiliday tikimbuke mteweti chalo withu pamasinda wakukhala waka munyumba ya ufumu ahahahah apo vili makola cha tiyeni tileke ndyale za ubulutu tiwe nga wanthu awo wajulika sono chonde mwalongozgi withu .

  11. Malume says:

    So MCP has enemies?

    Mr Chakwera, what we need now is economic liberation and not political liberties which we already have.

  12. Moya says:

    Kamuzu fight for freedom from the colonials was completely an outstanding fit that we can’t undermine and it liberated our country from oppression and “slavery” but development there after from 1964 is what i would call “blood development” he tainted his heroism acts by red blood. It took the blood of the sangala, matenje, gadama, chisiza, ziliro, orton chirwa plus many other victims that we may not know only their families and relations know and So many suffering of displaced families and exiled ones to develop the country that MCP now claimclaim to be development. Its a pity and sad how the hero turned his legacy to a zero. We forgive but don’t forget and never to be repeated in our generation.

  13. Mapwiya murhuphale says:

    “if the party wronged malawians?” monga inu a chakwera simukudziwa kuti pali zambiri zimene chipani chanu chinawalakwira amalawi?

  14. Ngwenyama says:

    President Muthalika anachita bwino posakhala nawo pa mwambo okumbukila Kamuzu Banda. Ndikunena zimenezi chifukwa a Kongelesi tsiku limeneli analitenga ngati lochitila campaign aiwala kuti chisankho chinachitika kale ndipo analunza. Kuyambira abusa ndi Agalatiya a Chakwera anali pa za ndale osati kukumbukila tsiku limene anabadwa dictator amene amatchedwa kuti Ngwazi. Ndikuthokoza a gogo charo ndi a Ken Kandodo chifukwa cholankhula zomanga mtundu wa a Malawia. A mfumu ndi olemekezeka a Kandodo pitilizani malankhulidwe anu a nzeru, omanga komanso a chilungamo Mulungu azikudalitsani. Pomaliza ndingokuembutsa a Malawia anzanga kuti Kongelesi ndi yomweyija ndipo siidzasintha monga mmene mukuonela zochita zawo. Chipani cha magazi mmanjachi sichidzasintha ndi chokanika.

  15. p says:

    Those that speak about freedom should always elevate the importance of tracing it historically. All lives start from the beginning. When attempts to short-cut this by neglecting the past, results only in warped versions of freedom that only serves vested interests.

    If Chakwera truly cares about MCP, then only a thorough diagnosis can start the search for a lasting cure. Focusing on the here and now will only lengthen the years spent on the opposition benches. Assess what wrongs the party had a direct hand in; offer a sincere cross the board apology to the people of Malawi including especially the known aggrieved families (publicly) and seek forgiveness!

    Without that, then do not falsify freedom! People know what freedom is and it is not about forgetting the past since that is what makes us who we are. To say, we should forget is the same as calling for a stop to celebrating founders day, republic and independence days. We do remember and honour these events because they are embossed into who we are!

  16. Kk says:

    Sometimes I wonder,,,,,,,

  17. Phwisa says:

    Chakwera now has started losing direction. You mean Kamuzu did not liberate Malawians. You mean Kabwila, Daniel Mlomo and all regional MCP committees are not intimidating you for taking you and your MCP to court. DPP can not intimidate MCP which is only in central region. You better be talking of your convention.

  18. CITIZEN says:

    ma comment achuluka apa ndi ambava omwe mukuwabera ndi kupha a MALAWI GOD SHOULD PUNISH YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES.

  19. CITIZEN says:

    Malawi full of DULLS… KAMUZU adali wankhaza ndi zoona nanga ndipano zusiyana chani? mesa ankapanga nkhazazo adali makolo ndi abale anu! since attaining to MULTIPARTY your so called Democratic leaders apha anthu ambirimbiri aba ndalama zambirimbiri ndiye kumati nkhaza mukutanthauza chani? pano anthu amalephera kulankhunkhula kuopa nkhaza za DPP kumangidwa. kupusa a Malawi especially anthu akumwera you are DISGRACED PEOPLE HAVE NEVER SEEN.



  21. J. Banda Chago says:

    Surely Chakwera and MCP are contradicting themselves. Which freedom are they talking about? So they have the word “freedom” in MCP vocabulary? Which enemy does Chakwera want to fight? Just apologise to those who lost their loved ones under DICTATORIAL MCP REGIME FOR 31YEARS. In case you are not aware, this day reminds Malawians of their loved ones that MCP butchered. Freedom my foot!!!!

  22. Even if.I can be a ruler, I can ban Jehovas witnesses Moslems in my Country because they. Pray for dead Gods. It iS because of that stupidity Subjective thinking by people like Winston Msowoya and Wakale that made Malawi a poor coutry as it is. I would have killed your Gadamas And MAtenjes because they had poor thinking minds the way Matafale was murdered, the way Chasowa and Njauju were murdered. DPP will never take you people anywhere than near the foolish devil And Winston Msowoya And Wakale can vomit nasty words but God is Always in control. Did you that Bingu will die that time? Can you much Kamuzu with your foreigh educated tartered in mind profesor? If change what change do you have with this your subjective thinking leader? Too tribalistic, regionalistic, egOcentric and childsh. Wait and see what will follow very soon, Malawi will never Change With cowardice ruling, it needs strong minds who knows that truth Always prevail. If Winston And WAkale Are tAlking of murdering people then DPP And UDF governments are the greatest murders thAn Kamuzu. But Kamuzu was never such regionalistic as your professor, Kamuzu was never too tribalistic like your evil Professor, let your evil support of DPP be a curse that will befell on you with your poor minds.

  23. titakhuta tinati titero says:

    ndiye lero msonkho amakanawo adayika ku sugar soap mchere, ndiye bwanji aosaleka ugula m’Malawi muno umakagura kumene mudathawirako,, zopusa!! limakhala ndimalamulo, amboni amapita ku sukulu, amalandira mankhwala akadwala, ndiye amakana ukhoma msonkho, pamene ndalama za msonkho zimaguliridwa mankhwala, maphunziro, chakudya mzipatala. ndiye pano msonkho adayika ku soap, ku sugar, mchere bwanji amboni osaleka ugura zinthu muno m’malawi umakagula kumene adathawirako poti amadana ni msonkho.

    msonkhotu ndi kutanthauza kuti usonkha mwina simudziwa. ndiye munthu okana usonkha pagulu ameneyo mutu wake ugwira ntchito, ndiye moya ni mdyomba adavikhaulitsa msonkho ku sugar, mchere, soap tione ngati aleke uchapa

  24. B Manda says:

    A Chakwera munamiza ana inu. Amene angaiwale a MCP ndani mmalawi muno? Munthu wadyera iwe.

  25. Winston Msowoya says:

    High Priest Chakwera,has Shawn true endorsing Banda’s past evil deeds,Chakwera not only raised people’s eyebrows,but also ruined his Christian beliefs by defending and articulating Banda’s unchristian rhetorical convictions.Chakwera openly supports his master for all those unheard of atrocities carried out by his master in Jesus.Is Chakwera aware of Twaibu Sangala’s short life on earth? How about Dick Matenje,Aaron Gadama and their friend who perished in one of the most despicable carnage in the history of our country.Really,is Chakwera a worker of God whom we all know? Or he has joined politics backed by naked opportunism and greed? Does Chakwera know how much destruction Banda did to our fellow Christian Jehovah Witnesses,who heroically refused to adore a fellow human being that embraced atrocious hero worshipping and declared himself immortal (wamuyaya) what an idiot and where he is now? For sure Northerners must not be encouraged to join MCP bandwagon under the leadership of a lost sheep Chakwera he is there to enrich himself and friends after all, he has not articulated any sense of vision apart from heaping empty praises on his MESSIAH.My advise is to fellow Northerners,to work with UDF which embraced them after the victory of multiparty elections in 90s.Chakwera will be another Mphonongo Banda,he is not a true Christian,but rather a true opportunist.SAY THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL HIGH PRIEST!!!!

  26. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Perhaps for human societies, humanity tramps everything. So, it is, with Kamuzu, the few legacy projects that were completed under his regime are superseded by his evil deeds. That evil doer!!!
    He will never get rid of the ‘DICTATOR” title. That is stamped with indelible ink, on the forehead.
    And there in no point in even trying to sanitize his record.
    And, just like his ilk in political history, in Africa, Europe (think Bokassa, Idi Amin, Musollini, Hitler), he may never be forgiven, ever, by citizens of this country he so savaged.

  27. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you are right Chakwera. Kamuzu was patriotic unlike the ones we are seeing today. they are busy feeding their bellies while poor Malawians are suffering. they don’t mind. One day God will punish these hard heartened people. APM does not know that its Kamuzu who developed Malawi up to the level we see today but he thinks its his brother Bingu. pliz give him a dose of civic education kkkkkkkkkkkk

  28. wakale says:

    Mr Chakwera, which freedoms are you talking about? Was it in the name of freedom that your party sent the Jehova’s witnesses members into exile? Was it in the name of freedom tha the MCP murdered Dick Matenje,Gadama and Sangala? Chakwera ndiwe munthu omvetsa chisoni kwambiri.Shame on you.

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