Chakwera should fire Jumbe: Malawi Congress Party

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera should stop molly-cuddling detractors such as Felix Jumbe in the party and instead should act decisively by firing them without qualms.

Chakwera and Felix Jumbe at MCP meeting

Chakwera and Felix Jumbe at MCP meeting

MCP is one of the few freedom fighter movements in this part of Africa that have been out of power and if it is not careful it will remain there forever and die into oblivion just like UNIP in Zambia.

Malawians will never give power to a party that they feel is not ready for it but is instead full of immature leaders and political nonentities like Jumbe who are causing unnecessary trouble.

Such leaders think they are ready for leadership when in fact they are still woodpecker novices who still have a lot to learn under the feet of those who have been in the business.

Jumbe is a first termer MP. If I were him, I would slow down and limit my ambitions to gain experience until such a time I am ready for leadership.

Yet, for him, even before he became MP and known to Malawians on the national scene, he was already up in arms looking for MCP leadership and candidacy in last year’s elections.

As luck would have it for him, he still made it into the MCP national executive committee. But that does not seem enough for him that he is all over the place backstabbing Chakwera.

Let me make this clear. Ambition is good and should be encouraged but at the end of the day, it is the organisation that matters.

Jumbe can be ambitious for all I care but if he loves MCP, there is nothing to be gained from back-stabbing and detracting its leadership.

MCP is supposed to be a government in waiting and should behave like one. But I am afraid at the moment this is a far cry.

There are so many problems that Malawians are confronting on daily basis and they need to hear the voice of MCP audible enough.

There is just something wrong with our kwacha that it is losing value against other currencies at a time when the tobacco season has just ended amid government insistence that we have enough foreign reserves.

What is the alternative and what would MCP do differently? There is deathly silence from MCP although there is somebody– I don’t know who—to speak to Malawians on economic issues.

There are debates raging on critical national issues affecting the future direction of this country such as homosexuality and abortion but again MCP is hiding its head in the sand like an ostrich when it is supposed to be making its position clear to define itself in the eyes of the voter and other interested groups.

The only noise is that of Jumbe castigating its leadership and talking highly of himself so much so that you would think he matters in our lives.

But Chakwera should be more forthright to impose himself on the party. People such as Jumbe should never be allowed to run the rule.

Merely shunting between portfolios was not enough. In fact, it was appeasing them and they are taking advantage of it to cause more trouble. What they needed was a boot.

MCP has a strict code of discipline and it should not tolerate dissent especially that which comes from sulkers who think they deserve leadership when they are not ready.

Unless Chakwera is firm, MCP will forever remain in the opposition and wilderness. Is the party not ashamed that it is one of only a handful of freedom fighter movements in this region that are no longer in power?

Founding parties in Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana and Zimbabwe are still trusted with power in those countries.

What is wrong with MCP? Individuals like Jumbe should be put in their proper place and Chakwera should not be afraid to crack the whip.

  • The article appeared in Malawi News under the column ‘Hitting the nail’
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30 thoughts on “Chakwera should fire Jumbe: Malawi Congress Party”

  1. Chigawaneni says:

    Jumbe may not be an honest MCP. He’s only a fortuate seeker from government. Unfortunately, he is just denting his CV and digging his own political grave. I used to respect him but now I ………

  2. Luke says:

    Frankly speaking, i disagree George Kasakula’s opinion for our mighty MCP to remain in opposition forever just because of confutionist and immature leaders like Jumbe. Whatever this idiot is doing we already know that is driven by DPP with an aim of gaining something. Come 2019 whether you like it or not MCP will rule this land.

  3. OBAMA says:

    Please fire him

  4. Brino White says:

    Jumbe amaoneka munthu wanzeru komaso amene angadzatenge unduna wa malimidwe mcp ikadzalowa mboma m 2019 koma zimene akuchitazi a!a!a!a! akutikhumudwitsa. Ndimapempha inu a Jumbe tangodzichetsani ndi kuthandiza kumanga chipani cha mcp pokozekera kudzalowa mboma m2019 muno. Mukachuluka zeru mudzagwa chagada ngati pusi. Tafuseni azanu amene amoneka ngati azeru Kayembe, Gwengwe, ndi ena lero aliku? Samalani ndi dzikotu ili!!!!!

  5. baba says:

    Ajumbe asamanene za azawo zoyipa ngati akufina wudindo. AZikamba zabwino zawo osati zopusa.Anthu otete sangalamulile dziko .Ajumbe mukuziwononga nokha

  6. MOG (Man of God) says:

    Rabison is right. What jumbe wants is just to win tender for seed supply to government, having in mind the fast arriving growing season, at the expense of MCP. But what he shoul know is that the whole nation is watching him. He will regret his actions. The nation does’t want such self- centred people. Aonanso.

  7. Willie Chimseu says:

    You would like to tell the nation that o pulesidenti o Chakwera should practice ndale zothana? Kkkkkkk Mypic thinking but it is perpendicular to the party`s principles

  8. What about? says:

    Inu a MCP tabakanganani ife mipando tikutenga. Zomba mayor DPP woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. bob mzunga says:

    mmmmh this is a misplaced opinion. very dangerous. unfortunely writers like kasakula have always been responsible for creating dictators in Malawi. i don’t think Felix Jumbe is commiting any crime by challenging. what Chakwera needs to show is that he has leadership skills and is in class of his own. i have a problem with bootlickers and mercenary journalists like one George Kasakula. by the way, i am not a supporter of Jumbe. i don’t admire him and i can follow him as a leader. i have better things to do with my time. but i don’t agree with Mr. Kasakula’s bizzare opinion!

  10. Rabison says:

    ha ha haaaaa and tamuoneni jumbeyo kupanda manyazi ukulimbana ndi amuna aphamvu akugwensa iwe. tangopita ku (DPP) usatisowese tendere ife udzikaperekera mbewu zakozo.

  11. Che Ngana says:

    Heheeeeeeeee Ulamuliro Oopana Ulipobe?M C P Sizasinthanso.Ndipo Jumbe Aziyamika Kuti Izi Zikuchitika Mcp Isakulamulira.Ikanakhala Kuti Ikulamulira Tikanangomva Kuti Jumbe Wasowa.Wake Up Chakwera And Mcp We R Living In Times Of Democracy.Wa Mcp Akangoyankhula Ndi Wa Chipani China Ndioukira?Iyayi Sichoncho.

  12. Chitsulo cha Njere says:

    When DPP replaced Jean Kalirani with Kudontoni unceremoniously as S.G. it wasnt a big issue. Jumbe u r being used by Dpp. Ukufuna akupatse business to supply seed. Please just leave honourably. Ukudziwa wekha kuti Salima central sifuna zopusa.we shall c come 2019.

  13. Analisti wamkulu says:

    The failed Dpp must stop using this owner of peacock grocery.I have nothing with Jumbe,but he is not a leadership material.Mcp cannot have two leaders at once.He should probably wait for 2040.We had enough for this jumbes.This Jumbes name was associated with slave trading.It must be a curse from the ancestors.At the moment he should just simply shut his gobble like his prodigal son friend Solsten Gwengwe who is still licking his wounds in shame after being floored head down in 2014.He should leave alone our 2019 president.

  14. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    You are correct there, Mr Kasakula, when you insinuate that MCP is apparently NOT ready to govern. Not by a long shot.

  15. wa ku Mitchesi kujaaaaa!!!! says:

    You are correct there, Mr Kasakula, when you insinuate that MCP is apparently NOT ready to govern. By a long shot.

  16. myao says:

    Much as I dont support Jumbe,kasakula too should be reminded of how unpopular he was as a boarding master in mzuzu, that replicated itself in his failure during Namisa elections mwina enanu simuziwa, phuma nkuzimva.Times group and TV yopanda ma innovators kayatu.

  17. Ahoy says:

    Jumbe need experience is a first time mp etc kkkk, that what u said, nanga chakwera govt experience? how many times elected to parly. This article is partisan

  18. Semani says:

    Kasakula kasakula are you in African? People in Zimbabwe are tired with Mugabe and people Mozambique they want opposition party but power corrupt, If you want MCP to in government 2019 tell you brother Chakwela to step down he doesn’t believe in contact and dialogue

  19. International Observer says:

    If anything, it should be Chakwera himself who should step down and pave-way for a live and ticking leadership in the party other than fighting progressive and foresighted members in the likes of Jumbe. Basically Chakwera is a disgrace and will indeed bring the already dead party into non existence. Instead of him dealing with real issues he is in turn causing confusion in the party by organising an infight against suggestions; where is democracy if he cannot accommodate debate? Hope in the next election you won’t cry that votes have been stolen yet you are unorganised starting from the leader himself.

  20. Mzungumbuli says:

    Jumbe is finished. The DPP will just use him as a condom, and throw him away into the toilet after fornication.

  21. PoWer hungly Jumbe want to divide MCP and Let DPP rule again keep him though uSeless.

  22. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

  23. Kampalapata says:

    Typical of the party of death and darkness. Any body with dissenting views is labelled a rebel. Typical of Kamuzu’s mentality that any body having ideas that seem to be parallel to his was labelled chigawenga. This party will never change with media mercenaries in the likes of Kasakula whose family members and off-course himself is MCP.

  24. Revolutionary says:

    Kasakula you are not well informed.who told u first termer MPs cant vie for presidency?obama was only senator for 4 years but rose to be head of USA.i didnt expect u to support chakwera firing jumbe.chakwera lost coz pipo had no confidence in him period.we need convention in mcp unless u tel me chakwera has a 10 yr mandate

  25. mtumbuka1 says:

    Just fire the baboon he is a rotten tomato and he might well be sitting on dpp’s payroll to frustrate chakwera and destabilize the Malawi congress party ahead of the coming general elections since it is the only serious threat to that mapwevupwevu government.

  26. opportunist says:

    Just fire Jumbe. What impact can he cause? minimum

  27. Chifundo says:

    Firing Jumbe will not solve problems, MCP is such a big party hence it should able to accommodate views from different sectors. If you start firing people, how many are you going to fire, if I’m to ask? Stop the fighting work on the strategy how you are going to win many votes from Southern region.

  28. titus Scoti says:

    This is how dictators are created. Dissenting minds are stifled. Just see what is happening in America. The Republicans have over ten candidates selling their ideas to people in their party. After some time others will fall off due to poor performance and at the end of the campaign, one candidate will be triumphant to contest the in the presidential elections next year. Kuno simufuna munthu with opposing ideas you call him/her a traitor. Look at how MCP is demonising Jumbe. That’s not democracy. All the so called District Chairmen have ganged up against Jumbe. And kasakula has the audacity of calling Jumbe a novice! This is a pull-him-down (PhD) syndrome. Ruling by fear creates a monster like we had in Kamuzu. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  29. RoyK says:

    Power hungry chewa fighting while in opposition influenced by lhomwe to disturb them

  30. captain says:

    Jumbe is bn sponsored by DPP , we heard it from the inner circles. He ll be sponsored to fight chakwera during convention, he has bn dealing with Ben phiri for the past months. Ben is very active silently, he doesn’t want to be seen. Chakwera must not fire him but keep him and already jumbe knows that he has bn caught with his plans. He is a big crook this peacock supperete guy

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