Chakwera tells Malawi govt to stop issuing threats

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has urged the DPP government to restrain from threatening citizens particularly  against the Judicial staff who are currently withdrawing labour  seeking salary increment.

Chakwera: Stop threats

Chakwera: Stop threats

Chakwera has since pushed all the blame to the  Peter Mutharika government in the ongoing standoff on Judiciary and Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).

The leader of opposition described the government actions as ‘executive arrogance’ and has appealed for the initiation of dialogue.

“The threats and anger being expressed by the executive only displays pure executive arrogance. MCP believes in contact and dialogue and we are also asking government to take the same path, but not just negotiating anyhow but in good faith” Chakwera is quoted by the Daily Times.

According to the opposition leader, the prolonged judicial strike is punishing ordinary Malawians hence a need to end the impulse.

“MCP would have loved to see these disagreements resolved as of yesterday because we know that Malawians are paying a hard price by the prolonged strikes,” said Chakwera.

The judiciary strike has now gone into the 7th week while ACB staffs have been boycotting work for close to a month.

The staff defied the executive order to resume work or risk their offices sealed and their January perks with-held.

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77 thoughts on “Chakwera tells Malawi govt to stop issuing threats”

  1. aurora says:

    iiiiih chakwera koma bwanji.iiih ayi.

  2. atate says:

    Govt has said has no money to meet to the demand made hence may the offer to 25%. Dr chakwera, may you advice government where to get the money as it has already confensed that it does not have such kind of money? By doing so u will do good to all of Malawians. Other than that, people will doubt you

  3. Manuel says:

    Don’t kno why legislature thought party leader wl automatically hav the capacity to also lead opposition in parliament.I bet Njobvuyalema would have made a better leader of opposition than the mundane mumbler dirtening the seat now. He is just an attention seeker, no ideas to offer frm Chakwera. I now buy new headsets to put on and listen to music when he speaks!

  4. Manuel says:

    Kapindula do u know that some chief are graduates who retired frm public service, know the MALAWI PUBLIC SERVICE REGULATIONS inside-out?

  5. SIBO says:

    Hey malawians, u r getting peanuts(change) once u vote me and my party into government we will increase your salaries to ensure that u and your families live a decent life. Seven months later, fellow malawians there’s nothing in government for you, The cake that govt has is for my second in command, ministers, mps, jounalists, chiefs and myself so we will share it willy-nilly just bear with us. Take also note that i will fire anyone fighting for a pay rise because u dont desrve it, i am the one who deserves a pay rise for spending my money on teachers to rig the elections for me, As for you teachers, go back to classrooms and expect nothing from me until 2019 when i will need your help to do excatly what u did in 2014 for me. To doctors and nurses , go to hell i dont need u, u appear nowhere on my list of most valued people(MVP). To all policemen, am happy that u are unique, to you and your families money is not a problem ,i have bought cars for the police so go and celebrate with your families. I wish all malawians the best in 2015. its me HE.

  6. Malawi says:

    Why can’t de govt take 40% from 80% self claiming increament & give to de audince & remain with another 40%? Bcoz I think that can help calming down de situation in de polite way.

  7. Nkhawa Nje says:

    Udindo olowera pa windo umavuta, moti abwana simumwa mwadzi, anthu omwe adakusankhani ndi ochepa kwambiri. Koma ma trick omwe mudapanga aja Mulungu akudziwa, koma poti Mulungu akamafuna kuphwetsa chubu amachionjeza kaye kupopa, nchifukwa chake adangolola kuti mukhalepo. Sindikunyoza ayi koma zomwe ndikunenazi ndiye zoona zake za momwe zinthu zidayendera. Kumauza anthu apempherere mvula inu mumapemphera? Kufuna kupusitsa anthu basi.

  8. namandwa says:

    Dr. Chakwera is simply saying that there should be dialogue between the two parties instead of govt issuing threats. He didn’t say that government should bow down to their demands. Why do readers sometimes twist issues to suit their way of understanding?

  9. Don’t bring biased mind here; if pipo sees hipocrisy, selfishness, racism, nepotism or anything wrong in de current govt, so whom do u think can manage to swallow up de tongue? dey must be rebuked. I voted 4 de same man but if he is doing nosense, I can’t keep pace or become a Yes man to him. One thing that we must not forget is that today’s Malawi is different from that of 5 yrs ago, now we are more civilised oky?

  10. Kanyimbi says:

    Mr Chakwera, please go and discuss with the president behind closed doors and not talk to us Malawians.

  11. AVANT says:

    I think LO is very right to accuse govt the way how is handling the matter. Govt should not threatening people who are on strike rather than dialogue

  12. mpimpa says:

    my president LC pliz zinazi osamapanga comment..

  13. God Hear Me says:

    Even though the news article is not complete somehow but I find The Leader of Oppositions comments out of order and completely out of context.
    Why just accusing government and nothing about the striking staff?

    I think the Rev. Dr Chakwera I know is not the one who spoke this nonsense. The man of God I know could be impartial in his sentiments and as neutral as possible. You mean MHRC could even better off than yourself well I did not expect this to happen. You have really ashamed some of us your true supporters. Because if you talk about people suffering because of the strikes.
    who is the problem? Those refusing 25% increment because they want to remain superior or above their counterparts in the main stream civil service or the the employer [Government]?
    Dr. Chakwera please use your wisdom, we know you were a very good leader at the Assemblies and I used to admire you but it seams now that you have join active politics you are loosing your wisdom. What actions were you taking when a member of your congregation was becoming a disgrace despite all the warnings? Were you allowing the Canon of Assemblies God to be followed and applied or not? Please answer me!!!

  14. Moses mtalama says:

    ooosh .l

  15. Comrade Wellington says:

    A Chakwera kodi mukuti chani inu?
    Kwa anzanga nonse omwe timawerenga nkhani za pa Nyasa pano imvani izi. Chakwerayu ngoomvetsa chisoni kwambiri.., azalira chifukwa chotaya mwai omwe adali nao kuchokera kwa ambuye Mulungu, Namalenga, mwini moyo. Iyeyutu adapatsidwa mwai oti atsogolere Nkhosa za mwini moyo, yemwenso adalenga zaku mwamba ndi za dziko lapansi pomwe. Koma Mkango utangodya nyama yabwino and nkuona kuti Nyama yatsalayo yayamba kuonongeka (kubvunda), unaganiza zotsiira Nyama yoolayo Fisi kuti amalidzitse poti paja Fisi kudya zoola ndiye simngamkutse mpang’ono pomwe. Lero mkuluyu …Chakwera wasanduka Fisi tsapano, angobwebwetapo ali du! Kunjoya mzoola mwini Nyama yabwino atamaliza uku ali phee poti yabwino anadya kale. Kkkkkkkk…..

  16. chingolopiyo says:

    Chakwera , where will the money come from. As the leader of opposition you have huge responsibility to talk to the president on how the strike can be stopped, not on campaign. Learn from developed countries man. By the way as the leader of MCP you are supposed to be comforting Obaba Tembo, not opening your mouth for nothing.

  17. Dr. Mango says:

    The comment from ‘Malawian’ is excellent, superb, marvelous and intelligent!

  18. Rift Valley says:

    Malawian and Big Man, in case you did not read properly, Chakwera is not saying he has a solution but that Government and striking staff should give contact and dialogue a chance. Only through this, and not threats, will a solution be achieved.

  19. Hon Chakwera must put himself in the same shoe. What could he do if he were president? The best thing is dialogue and convince those on strike the way forward.

  20. hidgeman masina says:


  21. kwabaniso says:

    Chakwera is an idiot, chimunthu chopanda nzeru. Onse aku MCP anasankha Chakwera chifukwa ndi puppet, saganiza positively. Recently you and all MPs mwalandira over 200% salary increment and the very staff striking has 178% increment. I fail to understand the logic in striking. Chief judge Anastazia Msosa must resign.

  22. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Koma mbuzi zinazi. Moti inu simukuona kuti dzikoli lachitika umasiye? Don’t be just defensive for nothing. Let peter pave way for those who look to have answers.

  23. Mumalawi muno mwachuluka zinsiru what do you expect from dziko lotereli

  24. dadaboma says:

    Chakwera is wrong. It is not “contact and dialogue” that is important but the substance and stance in the dialogue. Do you mean the striking workers have never have had “contact and dialogue” with govt? They have, but govt’s stance is arrogant and the substance they bring to the dialogue table is unacceptable. The solution can be strikes but the real solution is to purge this DPP govt out and abort its rulership.

  25. machete says:

    Awanso ndi opanda nzeru bwanji!!!!

  26. Malawian says:

    Leader of opposition, can you suggest where the money for effecting the salary increments should come from other than making empty statements. Can you also give an analysis of how other sectors of the economy will be affected by this? I am surprised to learn that you also think like some people that the impact of this impasse will affect the president personally when the truth of the matter is that it will NEGATIVELY the entire country.

    1. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Thats why theres need for dialogue fool

  27. Kadakwiza says:

    Threats? DPP government is not serious. Threats will just make things worse. My opinion government must explain to the nation what exactly went wrong for our economy to be in such mess. Government must explain to the nation why Malawi is still not economic dependent since 1964.

  28. BigMan says:

    Chakwera is the most useless opposition leader in the history of AU politics. Tell us what the MCP would offer to these strikers in the current economic climate. You are meant to be the alternative government, dont just say you wish this, desire that, pray they….. etc….etc…

    For once tell us something like “the MCP believes that if the judiciary staff were to be offered a xx% increament in salaries as well as an improvement in xx allowances and xx training opportunities it would provide a win win solution for all stakeholders etc.. We believe that government should be able to finance the increaments through the following financial instruments and increase in xx tax…..which would also have xx benefit on the xx sector………bla blah blah”.

    We all wish the strikes could end as it is only aiding cashgaters and punishing innocent citizens stuck on remand, but we expect the whole Leader of opposition who forced the executive through the national assembly to pass a huge pay increase for the entire legislature including himself to provide a bit more to the nation instead of empty wishlists!

    How i wish we had a better leader of opposition, not someone who is just fond of barking out loud over everything…..for absolutely nothing!

    1. pragmatic boy says:

      Mr Bigman,do you know the roles and responsibilities of a leader of opposition? Do you know Malawian politics? Have you ever heard that the President or the ruling party in Malawi has acknowledged the contribution of an opposition side?Chakwera cannot provide solutions to the problems because there is a President whom we entrusted to do that.He is there to provide ‘checks and balances’ so that the president can make good decisions.

  29. yadula says:

    mafumu opanda ndi osakonda anthu awo.

  30. THAKOPANSI says:


  31. munthu wa mulungu chakwera kusiya kuweta nkhosa zambuye kuyamba zamdziko shame on you kusakhutisidwa ndi zomwe ambuye anakupatsa

  32. Chipoya LJ. says:

    There is indeed some sense in Chakwera’s speech but what am seeing here is that some of these striking individuals seem to be working for some outside force. The same is with our CSOs, I believe they are also working for someone (JB)

    On the issue of Chiefs’ demonstration, all what I see is that they went beyond expectation of many Malawians by suggesting that government should fire all striking staff. How I wish they were to be on the forefront in bringing dialogue as per their role of bringing unity where the is division.

    One other thing so certain we all must know is that even the chiefs have the right to demonstrate like any person or any CSO. I wonder why many are angry with chiefs’ demonstrations but rather supporting the CSO’s.

    By the way, did the chiefs tell or reveal to any one that they were sent to the street by government? Should we also say that Mtambo and his cronies (CSOs) are sent by some people mainly in opposition?

    My fellow Malawians, let’s all unite so that we bail out ourselves from these hardships we are all facing, remember divided we fall and united we stand.

    All in all, GOD bless Malawi!!!!!!

  33. Opposer says:

    Dpp in case You think we don’t know. Donors Will never resume aid To Malawi unttil You are iut of government. The World over know You best for not being Democratic but pompousness kapena kuti kudzifila ngsti ndinu anthu amaonekedwe enieni agalu inu. Stupid.

  34. Benson Njiwa says:

    Dr Chakwera is talking sense here,only contact and dialogue can resolve it

  35. Vikhumbo says:

    If strikes are of good faith ok,but if you want to destroy the country,God will punish you just soon,you will face the anger of God, together with your CSOs planned for demos.

  36. ujeni says:

    DPP is a party born out of frustration. It has no idiology or foundation. At least PP the leader was already a champion of women and the suffering due to hunger and poverty before. As for DPP Bingu was sacked at PTA for missapropriating PTA funds. He never had love to serve the underprivilleged. When DPP was formed, greed was the core foundation. Even APM flew from US to come and suck free tax payers money, yet he has never paid any tax for 40 years or never ever before in Malawi. We dont have to be suprised by the executive arrogance, this is a fluke party

  37. ad phiri says:

    I thought Chakwera himself now is issuing a threat?

  38. opportunist says:

    I support u Doc Chakwera

  39. Zimandiwawa says:

    Iwe ukuti ndiwe kachamba ndiwe wachambadi, ngati ulibe fundo kulibwino kungokhala kusiyana ndikumalemba zachamba zakozo. Ukasuta uzingobulitsa chimanga ndikumadya osaiwala zimbe wava?

  40. MVUNGO says:

    Mafumu mwaona tsopano zimene mwaziputazi mukukwerezera moto wa strike ya pa 13 yitu tawonani m’mene mukutukwanidwira ngati ndinu mbuzi, choncho? Inu mwayamba liti zopeperazi? Muuzeni bububu wanu ayerekeze kuchotsa anthu ntchito ndiye mudziwanso.

  41. Njolinjo says:

    Threats will only fuel the feud. Our chiefs are as clueless as other leaders in higher positions. I don’t see an immediate answer with this kind of approach.

  42. Shame on Clement Kapote Mwakasungula who has lost his brain for cash

  43. Patriot says:

    DPP Conflit Resolution is Issuing Threats.
    They do not know what Democracy is all about.

  44. peter says:

    The people striking are your children and you tell the employer to fire your children ? I see no logic in their argument. Remember these chiefs supported third term, open term, devaluation, and also they supported no to devaluation, they tried to stop 20th may demos saying it was for gays, the list is endless. Who transported them? Who fed them? Search me.

  45. msukwa says:

    Zitsiru za anthu basi

  46. Makape says:

    Makape a mafumu awa

  47. mwalemera says:

    Lets bring this government down please

  48. milimbo says:

    Kodi? Small brains beginning with president xhiefs and whoever organised these matches. Yathu strike tikugwetsa boma basi

  49. no1 says:

    I cry for my country, mother Malawi

  50. jasi says:

    Koma iwe Lukwa ndi timafumu takoto. Vindere vakufikapo

  51. jasi says:

    Useless government and useless chiefs. Can anyone take Lukwa seriously?

  52. jobs says:

    Kikikikiki ati mafumu? Thugs masquerading as chiefs. Kuno ku kasungu lukwa adaba chuma cha KFCTA. Kyungu akuba ku karonga assembly. Mbamva zimenezo

  53. kachamba says:

    Do u know the meaning of opposition,kapena leader of opposition sangayankhule Chilungamo coz he z there to oppose basi,munjila Ina Mulungu ndi satan.

  54. Jake says:

    Zitsiru za mamfumu. Ma strike akukukhudzani? Agalu inu.

  55. tembusha says:

    musamunene mutharika lero munamuvotera nokha knowing very well wat sort of a person he is lero ndi izi… Amalawi ndi mbuzi za anthu indeed….mxxxxiiii

  56. Jeke says:

    Koma zovuta zedi. Lukwa kyungu onsewo ndi wa PP ameneyo amadya ndi amayi asakunamizeni

  57. Gadabu says:

    Ok koma shaaa ma strike satha chifukwa cha zitsiru za mafumuzi. Peter using chiefs to defend your foolish leadership? Professor wopusa ngati uyu sindidamuwonenso.

  58. Kodi ndizoona kuti Mg1 ndi Mg2 ndipachibale komanso onse ndi akuthyolo? Ndiuzeniko abale chonde odziziwanu.

  59. Alinafe says:

    Kodi Abwana analankhula izi pa occasion yanji ndipo kuti. Tamayesani kuyika nkhani mu context kuti idzikhala ndi weight. Nkhani akambayo ndiyoona. Komanso constructive criticism should critique and help to offer solutions. Zija tamva za mafumu kuti anapita kukapereka kalata ku Sanjika nawuuza Boma kuti omwe sapita ku ntchito awachotse chifukwa choti anthu ena angathe kulandila malipiro omwe enao akukana chifukwa akusowa owalemba ntchito, zimenezo ndi zoduka mutu. Kuli malamulo oteteza antchito. Mafumu alibe mphamvu yolamula Boma olo employer kuti achotse ena ntchito. Bwanji a Kyungu mwayamba kutengeka? Anthu amakulemekezanitu! Mwayamba kudya za andale?

  60. Gondwe says:

    Stupid chiefs parading like mental hospital patients? We had respect for you but you are fools pamodzi ndi Peter wanuyo

  61. gwede says:

    Kodi mafumu angadziwe za ma strike? Iwe kyungu? Iwe Lukwa? Mbuzi inu what have you to do with judiciary? Very stupid chiefs.kagwereni uko

  62. gandali says:

    Zitsiru za mafumu kuno ku malawi

  63. kamvazina says:

    Lets uprise and bring this stupid government down. Zitsiru za mamfumu mwaziwona? Lukwa koma ndi mbuzi ya mfumu. Kuyamba lero ndikukweza oa udindo ndiwe senior chief mbuzi lukwa

    1. singalirwe says:

      Chiefs no longer have a say. They just go where the ruling party wants them to go. Parliament should help them to be able to say no. Help

  64. Tiwonana pa 13apa or aopseze bwanji iyi ndi Malawi inadzuka tsopano. Thanks MR Chakwera for reminding dpp to stop fulishness to citizens who put them in power. Stupid dpp!!!


  66. kate says:

    very true Bwana Chakwera. negotiation indeed. Peter makani sathandiza. kumbukira achimwene ako mmene anachitira makani pa Malawi pano. where is he now? in Hell of course.

  67. godobaman says:

    nanena ine kuti awa siwanthu

  68. kapindula says:

    Zitsiru za anthu kuvutitsa mafumu chonchi ku Blantyre? Mamfumuadyera ngati lukwa, kyungu sindidawawonenso. Ususuka ngati agalu achiwewe? Since when did chiefs become labor experts? Lukwa wa standard 3 angadziwe za ma strike? Msanavwako lukwa. Supit za mako

  69. fisi Gammar says:

    Yowoya Chakwera

  70. katundu says:

    Lukwa, kyungu zitsiru za mafumu.

  71. Ellias makandanje says:

    Negotiations indeed!Outside forces are firing up these strikes.

  72. kanyama says:

    Bwana mwanena zoona. Akugwiritsa ntchito mafumu ngati zidoli? Lukwa kyungu ndi mafumu ena dzana azerezeka ku Blantyre. Kodi mfumu imayendetsa civil service? Komadi ili ndi boma la mbuzi basi

  73. Harry Nkumbula Jnr says:

    MCP is finally showing leadership. Fumbling, mumbling, incoherent, incompetent, corrupt, nepotistic, tribalism practising, thieving, Mutharika must be impeached! The man is a disgrace. Mutharika has no brains and no substance he is a failure outright

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