Chakwera tells Malawi govt to stop issuing threats

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has urged the DPP government to restrain from threatening citizens particularly  against the Judicial staff who are currently withdrawing labour  seeking salary increment.

Chakwera: Stop threats

Chakwera: Stop threats

Chakwera has since pushed all the blame to the  Peter Mutharika government in the ongoing standoff on Judiciary and Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB).

The leader of opposition described the government actions as ‘executive arrogance’ and has appealed for the initiation of dialogue.

“The threats and anger being expressed by the executive only displays pure executive arrogance. MCP believes in contact and dialogue and we are also asking government to take the same path, but not just negotiating anyhow but in good faith” Chakwera is quoted by the Daily Times.

According to the opposition leader, the prolonged judicial strike is punishing ordinary Malawians hence a need to end the impulse.

“MCP would have loved to see these disagreements resolved as of yesterday because we know that Malawians are paying a hard price by the prolonged strikes,” said Chakwera.

The judiciary strike has now gone into the 7th week while ACB staffs have been boycotting work for close to a month.

The staff defied the executive order to resume work or risk their offices sealed and their January perks with-held.

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iiiiih chakwera koma bwanji.iiih ayi.


Govt has said has no money to meet to the demand made hence may the offer to 25%. Dr chakwera, may you advice government where to get the money as it has already confensed that it does not have such kind of money? By doing so u will do good to all of Malawians. Other than that, people will doubt you


Don’t kno why legislature thought party leader wl automatically hav the capacity to also lead opposition in parliament.I bet Njobvuyalema would have made a better leader of opposition than the mundane mumbler dirtening the seat now. He is just an attention seeker, no ideas to offer frm Chakwera. I now buy new headsets to put on and listen to music when he speaks!


Kapindula do u know that some chief are graduates who retired frm public service, know the MALAWI PUBLIC SERVICE REGULATIONS inside-out?

Hey malawians, u r getting peanuts(change) once u vote me and my party into government we will increase your salaries to ensure that u and your families live a decent life. Seven months later, fellow malawians there’s nothing in government for you, The cake that govt has is for my second in command, ministers, mps, jounalists, chiefs and myself so we will share it willy-nilly just bear with us. Take also note that i will fire anyone fighting for a pay rise because u dont desrve it, i am the one who deserves a pay rise for spending my money… Read more »

Why can’t de govt take 40% from 80% self claiming increament & give to de audince & remain with another 40%? Bcoz I think that can help calming down de situation in de polite way.

Nkhawa Nje

Udindo olowera pa windo umavuta, moti abwana simumwa mwadzi, anthu omwe adakusankhani ndi ochepa kwambiri. Koma ma trick omwe mudapanga aja Mulungu akudziwa, koma poti Mulungu akamafuna kuphwetsa chubu amachionjeza kaye kupopa, nchifukwa chake adangolola kuti mukhalepo. Sindikunyoza ayi koma zomwe ndikunenazi ndiye zoona zake za momwe zinthu zidayendera. Kumauza anthu apempherere mvula inu mumapemphera? Kufuna kupusitsa anthu basi.


Dr. Chakwera is simply saying that there should be dialogue between the two parties instead of govt issuing threats. He didn’t say that government should bow down to their demands. Why do readers sometimes twist issues to suit their way of understanding?

James Chinkhoko.

Don’t bring biased mind here; if pipo sees hipocrisy, selfishness, racism, nepotism or anything wrong in de current govt, so whom do u think can manage to swallow up de tongue? dey must be rebuked. I voted 4 de same man but if he is doing nosense, I can’t keep pace or become a Yes man to him. One thing that we must not forget is that today’s Malawi is different from that of 5 yrs ago, now we are more civilised oky?


Mr Chakwera, please go and discuss with the president behind closed doors and not talk to us Malawians.

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