Chakwera wants revolution, visits families of Malawi martyrs in Nkhatabay

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Rev. Dr Lazarus Chakwera on 3 March,2015, visited the families whose relatives suffered during the state of emergency of  1959 in northern district of Nkhatabday and said the struggle for a better Malawi continues.

Chakwera: CThe struggle for a better Malawi continues

Chakwera: CThe struggle for a better Malawi continues

Chakwera paying respects to the freedom fighters

Chakwera paying respects to the freedom fighters

Nkhata Bay registered 31 deaths in the fight against colonial rule on March 3 1959. The fight was also aimed at pushing for the release of leaders of the Nyasaland African Congress (NAC) arrested during a state of emergency.

Chakwera was accompanied by MCP executive members, members of parliament, ward counsellors and ordinary party supporters.

During the visit Chakwera visited the places where epitaphs containing names of slain people have been written.

Chakwera also  attended the memorial service held in Nkhatabay to appreciate the role the martyrs played in fighting for the country’s independence.

He said all Malawians should emulate the spirit of patriotism the departed freedom fighters in the country had so that their deaths should not be in vain.

Chakwera said he was overwhelmed that the fighters wanted freedom and independence as a means for securing better living standards for the entire nation and the next generations.

The MCP leader said  patriotism drove them into the  fight and they never doubted their ability to succeed in the struggle.

Chakwera said he is not happy that after over 50 years since the struggle leading to independence, the plight of the majority of our people has worsened contrary to the dreams and aspirations of the freedom fighters.

“Today our people continue to be exploited, now by fellow citizens, who by using power and positions, abuse and misuse public resources meant for everyone. Today a new click of individuals continues to amass too much wealth at the expense of the majority poor. Where is the change our freedom fighters wanted? What have we done to compensate the families of the freedom fighters including the veterans that are still around?” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said there is need for a new revolution to take this country out of perpetual poverty to perennial prosperity.

The leader of opposition said as Malawi is  commemorating  martyrs’ day there is  need to re-launch the freedom fighters’ agenda.

“We cannot continue to corrupt and being corrupted, we dare not continue to defraud ourselves and think somehow a miracle will save us. We are racing against time and we cannot afford to continue with experimental development programmes that are not achieving results,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera saidthe best way of honoring the freedom fighters, is to attend to the needs of the bereaved families, invest in programmes that aim at achieving economic freedom for everyone, and by serving  people with diligence and prudence.

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe said the freedom fighters died because “they wanted the country to develop.  This is why today I am saying every Malawian should strive to do something that will help in the development of the country.”

Said Gondwe:“Let me ask all civil servants, religious leaders, business persons and all Malawians to make sure that they do something for their country and not wait for their country to do something for them because this is the heart that freedom fighters had.”.

Earlier in the day, people visited memorial site where the actual massacre took place in 1959 and while there one surviving witness of the massacre, John Chunda moved the people with his step by step analysis on what actually happened on that material day. The commemoration proceeded to the memorial cemetery at Kakumbi where the 33 martyrs were buried in a mass grave.


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46 thoughts on “Chakwera wants revolution, visits families of Malawi martyrs in Nkhatabay”

  1. Iwe Critician you have a serious mental problem, there is no you can blame Chakwera for what he did

  2. DPP people how many people have you killed secretly let’s talk about Robert Chasowa including July 20 people. What about cashgate involvement and all DPP party executive members has cases to answer . Tell us if Chakwera has a case to answer? Let him free Malawians from this Death Directors Party (DPP)

  3. In 1915 Rev. John Chilembwe fot for Malawians, 2015 its time for Rev. Dr Lazarus Chakwera to change things for better, nothing

  4. critician says:

    Chakwera and your late grandfather Kamuzu Banda now in repetance mood. How many political leaders from dead north did you Chakwera, John Tembo and Kamuzu Banda and MCP machinery in general kill from that dead poor north. So many of them. You cant be good today. you are the KILLER. Your hands are bloody. Don’t dare to score a point out of martyars. DPP will be in the government for ever. If we did it when we were outside the government who can dare us when we are enjoying inside it. I mean we did it that time why cant we DID in 2019. DPP woyeee. This government was given to us by that female dack which has sent her self in exile. A big fish for cash-gate. You will come to Malawi one day or you will know why the world has police interpol. This is the time when the world will know that it was playing with a female snake form the poorest country of the world, yes a snake that contributed to the poverty of that poorest country.

  5. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    The issue is people should respect or honor the people who fought for freedom. As for the bereaved let them work hard on their own just as good as everyone else who did this. Freedom fighters had also support from other people whose generation exists. Can all these generations be supported? I don’t think this is feasible.

  6. chigawenga says:

    What this country needs is a coup d’état. Get rid of the clueless and corrupt leaders who are in government to enrich themselves. I hope some day we will be liberated from DPP cash gaters.

  7. aphiri says:

    Haters ignore chakwera for your own risk. Free and fair elections u cant win the mcp

  8. one malawi one people says:

    am impressed with the comments on this issue. pple r honest & straightforward in their comments. I wish we had politicians of similar mentality in analysing national issues….and action oriented..

  9. visulo says:

    He should visit and compensate those killed and tortured by his master Kamuzu Mulderer Banda

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      Agreed. The call for compensation by oChakwera runs hollow, when he does not champion the same for the life and human rights abuses by that notorious, brutal and murderous regime of HKB, aka Jumani Kamuzu Banda.

    2. Greencardless Malawian says:

      Achutsilu inu, still living in the past. Tell Pitala Zomwezo regarding the July 2011 incident. Kamuzu apologised himself for all the evil things he did…go hung yourself fool!

  10. Mccarthy says:

    God bless Chakwera & MCP.

  11. zex says:

    A Good ol’ Gondwe. Have u failed to manage the taxes you squeeze from our pockets? U expect us to do more?? What the heck is going on?

  12. Mzimba Solola says:

    At No.18 let me remnd you that GOD IS THE ONLY RIGHTEOUS JUDGE. Don’t judge others because you will also be judged. We are all sinners before the eyes of God.

  13. Wakumwera says:

    I agree with Chakwera but it should start with MCP compensating those who suffered under MCP and Kamuzu brutal rule. The likes of Mkwapatira Mhango, Attati Mpakati, Yatuta and Dunduzu Chisiza, Orton Chirwa, Aaron Gadama, Dick Matenje, Twaibu Sangala, david Chiwanga, and many more who were exiled by Kamuzu like one Louis Nthenda, the Mutharika brothers and all those people whom we know. Anganya nkhani koma tiiyambire pamenepa. That’s where to start the game from!

    1. mbwaxe says:

      The mutharika brothers never suffered !!! Dont be foolish!! They used to dine and wine with kamuzu!!!! They were sell outs!!! Pa thako pawo onse awili!!! Iwenso pa nyo pako!!!!!

  14. Chenda says:

    MCP under the leadership of Dr Chakwera is indeed supporting the Government and the ruling party and is exemplary. Those who lost their lives for the freedom of the country should be remembered and may thier souls rest in peace.

  15. Mbwiyace says:

    Leadership and follow the Vision. Not just talking and doing different to the vision.

  16. Zebron h banda says:

    I think you should return John Block and ask him why did he have those people killed in the first place.The British envoy can elaborate in his absence though.My question though is:why it took you people so long to know 31 pple were shot and killed in nkhata-bay?distortion of history.MAY ALL THOSE WHO PAID DEARLY WITH THEIR LIVES TO LIBERATE ACROSS MALAWI REST IN PEACE.

  17. Masiye says:

    I also agree wth ma presdent chakwela nt enawa

  18. Nam'bwibwi says:

    Yebo Chakwela,its true we need to do something. Ndipo a Gondwe akunenanso zoona komano zimangogwetsa ulesi kuti tikati tilimbikile kutumikila dziko lathu odyelela amakhala ochepa achina Masangwi,Muli ndi gulu lawo. Tikati tiyankhule ndie timakhala pa mavuto ngati Chasowa ndi 20 July. Titani amunainu abale?


  20. PAPAYA says:

    Chakwera’s revolution is the way forward. change Malawi Chakwera.beat them again beat the drum again

  21. Paul senzani says:

    For sure this is true! May their Souls RIP!

  22. ujeni says:

    I agree with Chakwera, everything this man speaks is wisdom. Am liking him

  23. allan says:

    Pure rhetoric! Lip service at its best! Kuthawa kudyesa nkhosa za YEHOVA uthenga woyera kusata silver ndi golide za kaisala.thembelero lalikulu zedi,let me say this:what Abusa Dr Chakwera said is true but HE WILL NEVER RULE MOTHER MALAWI even with the support of nyasatimes coz munthu adagwa m’manja mwa MLENGI uyu!

  24. popapo says:

    In Karonga one person was killed by the Colonial police, his name was Phiri from Kasoba Mwambetania village. His grave is completely covered by tall grass. Several other people were injured when prisoners were released by force from Karonga prison. People were there, our Researchers should go out to get true stories osati za Kamuzu zija history was all distorted.

  25. Bravo! Chakwera This Really True And I Totally Agree With U.

  26. Yankho says:

    A revolution like in west Africa. We are ready these people stole our votes and they are busy re organizing themselves so that MCP stand no chance. My President be on the alert. These people they are crooks to the last point. See UDF moving to the government side. They are making sure that the south remains their strong hood and they don’t care who the president is. The most important thing to them is that the President should come from the South. I am so angry to see my fellow Chewa’s,and Ngoni’s supporting these theives because by the time they will realize that they have been used the account # 1 will be empty. Indeed a revolution is the most important thing whether we go federal or change the whole electoral law so that equity is achieved. I am very happy that you have started talking tough , this exactly what we want. You know these people they don’t respect the respect this day because they know it is associated with Malawi Congress Party that led the struggle to freedom and they like to put much emphasis on the 1993 revolution that led to the advent of multi party politics as the period that freedom come to Malawi. This is not correct history can not be erased in this way. We in Malawi Congress party believes that freedom to this country was brought by the martyrs period and the generations to come must know this. Malawi Congress Party brought freedom to this country through these Martyrs not these mbava who have stolen our money and our votes.

    Ameneyo ndiye Kwachaa amene ife timamudziwa.

    Kwachaa, Kwachaa. Kamuzu tate wa fuko lathu.

    1. onjoya says:

      Onse anyau amaganiza mopelewela chonchi.siiwe wekha opepela ai no wonder u r a chewa and mcp dieheart

  27. Thats a word for fro Chakwera.

  28. Mugonapamhanya says:

    I pity Nkhata Bay. Many were killed by the colonial masters in the struggle for independence. Still more died at the hands of Dr Banda and Malawi Congress Party. NB is indeed the district of martyrs.

    1. Wakwidu says:

      mgonapamuhanya,you should be grateful that people of Nkhata Bay were brave enough to fight for us. Remember,no history of Malawi can be true without a golden touch of Nkhata Bay district. Even the crowning of Kamuzu as the leader of Nyasaland African Congress was done at Nkhata Bay. Men who shaped political map of this country some came from this district. Iam also told first African soldiers came from there. Its tribal warriors are the only ones who inflicted the Mzimba Ngonis three times. Until the whites came in for truce. All these can be read in archives in Zomba.

  29. Achimidzimidzi says:

    British government should compensate the families. Our fathers were merely demonstrating.

    Our present political leaders are just too greedy. Imagine they have already strategising for 2019 elections. Yet they have done nothing to country.
    They were in America for too long as a street tighter or too

    Chakwera, you are right but be the fighter yourself. Do not let these thugs continue misgoverning.

    We still want Federal government so that no one should be bossing and coming up with coalitions just to fortify themselves.

  30. wanangwa says:

    There is a limit to which people can do. Gondwe shud not run from responsibility

  31. Mtupatupa says:

    Freedom is coming tommorrow

  32. Today much emphasis is given to John Chilembwe simply because he is from the south. 31 is a too large number to be forgotten.

  33. Makaiko says:

    What about many lives lost during MCP rule.who is going to compesate their families abusa inu?

  34. onjoya says:

    then go and visit the families of gadama, chiwanga,matenje and sangala

  35. Wakwidu says:

    MCP knows what went on during the struggle. The rest are just spongers who have no idea what struggle means. I salute Chakwera.he did what a leader ought to do. Not giving flimsy excuses of getting invitation late. Does 3rd March not appear on their calendars for them to wait for early invitation. A streak of regionalism here. But the question is,are we really free? Economically,we have turned ourselves into high class thieves.

  36. losco says:

    Ochakwela,mutsutsa mutopa .Ndale ndikumanda komwe? Mukamufuse jzu,kikikikikiki

  37. chefourpence says:

    greedy leaders? Hypocrite! How much did you skim from the church at the expense of the poor? Wakuba iwe! Patritism? Hypocrite! You are capitalising on the north-south divide to gain political mileage! Am only being fair Rev! But save us from your hypocritical political rumblings.

  38. mwale says:

    It’s true what Chakwela is saying,Malawi continue to be ruled with people who have no plans to develop the country but rather enriching them selfs making Malawians more poor than before. Look at our neighbour countries how advanced they have gone in developing their countries at our watch as if we don’t have government to propel such we must be ashamed of of our leaders.

  39. mwale says:

    We must be ashamed of leaders for leading us without any meaningful agenda to transform this country yet we say we are the warm heart of africa,very hardworking people in other countries but but lasy and corrupt when they come back they are back in malawi what a disgrace!!!

  40. Gimbogo says:

    I for one agree with Dr Chakwera

Comments are closed.

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